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Ever since I made that video about beinga pro gamer, you all keep asking me if I'm ever gonna make another. But I'm not about topromote something for free, so I got Genshin Impact to sponsor a video that you all wantedme to make anyway! Ha! Take that, capitalism! So my closest friends live… really far away fromme. Sure we talk all the time, but that doesn't really do it compared to actually hanging out inperson. If I bake a cake, how do you expect me to share it over a video call? Oh, I didn't thinkthat'd work. The point is, I'm not Mr. Beast, so I can't afford to hop on a PJ to go chill for theweekend. The closest thing I have? is video games. So I asked my buddy Gary, who you may rememberfrom the sick flips he did in my parkour video, if he wanted to join me. And he was all “Meh, I can'tright now, I have responsibilities.” And I was.

Like “But Gaaaarrryyyy, don't you want to explorethe magical world of Genshin Impact with meeeee?” And it turns out that if you soundlike you're on the verge of crying, Gary will do what you want him to. So, this may be a sponsored video, but that'snot gonna stop me from being honest about my experience. I think it's dumb that you have toreach level 16 before you unlock multiplayer. There, I said it. The whole reason I play gamesis to hang out with friends and I didn't want Gary to have to spend a whole day leveling up beforewe could even get in a game, so I let him borrow my account, and I borrowed my friend Bella'saccount so we could play sooner. I am impatient. The thing about Bella's account is thatshe has attained god-like power levels,.

While I… have not. So I wassuddenly given the power of 1000 suns, while Gary had hardly thepower of a birthday candle. My favorite type of game is anything that letsme just mess around with my friends. Sure we cold do quests, or puzzles, or whatever else thegame wants us to do, or we could just… frolic. So Gary and I were running aroundaimlessly, we'd get a little separated, and then he'd get attacked by a badguy. I won't say he was struggling. I'm sure he was doing the best he could,but after like 10 minutes of him whittling down their health I'd come over anddemolish them with a single click. Gary's goes “I was working on it!” …Sir, youhave 4 hp remaining. Both of your legs are broken,.

And you're missing a finger! But no, you'reright, you totally had that under control. Then I got a phone call (in reallife) and had to step away for a second. Gary's job was to keep me alive. Now I wasn't present for this next part, butI'm told that hordes of enemies descended on our position from every angle. Gary was masterfullyslaying dozens of snarling beasts. All of them with incredibly high levels and… reallycool weapons. I hear it was a battle for the ages. And from the carnage emerged onemighty warrior… The one, the only, Gary! When I got back, his health bar was almost empty,and he was fighting just one low-level guy holding a stick. I offered to help, and Gary shouts “LETME DO IT!” But I had already clicked. His fate.

Was sealed. I came down on that guy like 12,000feet of water on a poorly designed submersible. Then it started to rain. So, I had to teachGary something about Genshin Impact that I totally knew already. Each character in thegame has control over one of seven elements, Cryo, Dendro, Pyro, Hydro, Anemo, Electroand Geo. Pyro is the fire element, so if you want to light a fire to cook things,you have to switch to a Pyro character. And as luck would have it, Gary was playing asa Pyro character! So it was his job to light a fire the rain had put out sowe could cook some food and heal up. I may be the most powerful being to ever exist, but even little weaklings stillhave something to contribute.

Gary: Hey! As we explored the vast open world,we'd come up to a pack of bad guys, and while I was busy totally demolishingthem, I'd see arrows fly by, completely missing. every. single. one. I'd turnback to Gary like “you're doing great!” But then! One time I saw something that I hadn't seen before. A cute littlesquirrel! I got really excited, and we both ran up to it, but before we couldbecome friends… Gary clicked. NOOO!!!! *pop* Anyway. Then we decided to climb to the top ofa real pointy cliff, and when we got to the top, Gary just hurled himself off with recklessabandon. I watched him fall. Any second,.

I'm sure he'll pull out his glider andfloat to safety… Any second now… And that's how he learned about fall damage.Welcome to the club, pal. Have an egg. So, not only does each character inGenshin have an element, each Region does, too. Everything gets an associated element.You get an element! You get an element! Small child: I'll have to ask my daddy first. I'm your daddy now. Anyway, I felt bad that I didn't teach Garyhow to glide, so I thought I'd make it up by showing him some cool stuff on Inazuma, whichis an island region with the Electro element. Since it's on an island, the easiestway to get there is just to teleport,.

So we did, and pretty immediately got struckby lighting. Gary… did not make it. My bad G. That's when we decided instead to climb… TheSummit… of Dragonspine! So, we teleported to the mountain only to find that it was very cold,and our health points randomly started dropping. I'm sure that's unrelated.Gary: Uh, I think we're freezing to death. gasp GARY! I think we're freezingto death! Quick, light a fire! And that's how my quick thinkingand decisive action saved us both. We made our way to the top, and after enjoyingthe view for a moment, we jumped. This time, secure in the knowledge that our gliderswould carry us to safety. Those of you who play Genshin probably know where this is going,but for those of you who haven't yet… there's.

This little thing called stamina. And when itruns out… you die! 🙂 Unless you fall into water. Which we did. Lovely, freezing cold water,surrounded by… bad guys. Great. But I swam to shore confident that a few clicks would “fix” any”problems” we came across. By which I mean “Kill” the “People I don't like” But when I launched mymost powerful attacks, they did… almost nothing. I probably wasn't using the right elements,because that battle was way harder than it had any right to be, and I hate to be thebearer of bad news, but… Gary didn't make it. It's gonna sound like they're payingme to say this, because they are, but Genshin Impact really is a beautiful worldthat's fun to just explore with your friends, and the upcoming Fontaine update is supposed to be.

One of the biggest updates they've everdone. I bet Gary would have loved it. Gary: I'm still alive, you know? It's like I can still hear his voice. Fontaine, the cultural heart of Teyvat, is the newest region in Genshin Impact. It'sa world filled with technological prowess, a place where you can dive deep into notjust waters, but the intriguing storyline. You'll have the chance to wish for newcharacters like Lyney, Lynette, and Freminet. Unleash their unique abilities and playstyles as you uncover the mysteries of Fontaine. Make sure to participate in new time-limitedevents, and if you want to immerse yourself even.

Further, don't miss the Endless Adventurein Teyvat: Fontaine Edition exhibition. Happening from August 19th to 27th atMoonlight Studios, 330 Hudson Street, New York. This event willgive you an exclusive sneak peek at Fontaine's landscapes,architecture, weapons, and more. Can't make it in person? No worries; there'll be an online exhibitionstarting from the 28th of August. Genshin Impact is available on PC, Android, iOS, and PlayStation 4 & 5. Click the link belowto download right now. Your adventure awaits!

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