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This is Place Mr seven years look at dentists leave me he grabs young onehand with saltco but let's go come on you said why does your father want you to go back atthis hour nothing good of course at most house you called all after us here commentedusing broke that family real what's going on please be patient Grandpa you will know whenmy uncle is here what the hell stay out of this here he comes what an entrance Uncleyou kept us waiting for so long push the wheelchair there you have an integratewith the world family completely but now you saw no respect to us all you did not even greatgrandpa what's the matter what's the matter so surprisingly you know there is a matter orwhat else could it be you wouldn't call me here.

For dinner what you you did better conferencephone scenario what you have done or things worn and well for you I didn't ask you you enough yousay that you got something to say in front of us now everyone's here and talk now before I sayanything I want to ask my Uncle one question have you been to the stone gambling halls inMyanmar I don't know what you are talking about you don't know or you pretend not to know whyshould I present drop the ax do you think no one would find out about your whereabouts in thestone gambling house if a news not in it hmm Grand Palace 100 million in a stone gamblinghouse in Myanmar that's why he has his dissident gambling gloomi just wait to see how Grandpa willpunish you on yourself is cell phone telling the truth you said if you call me back only for sucha boring matter I see no point in staying here.

He want to live but Wanna Live do you think I didn't make such adrama in front of Grandpa without proof I use kernel of course I have the Smoking Gunto defeat you once and for all you are done on yourself I told your uncle you did better confessmaybe Grandpa will forgive you for your disability Converse what do you want meto confess how stupid you are how dare you since Europe is to admitit don't blame me for what comes next I wonder whether for you will still beso confident after watching this Uncle this is the security footage from the stonegambling house in Myanmar they make a copy of the security foot Tech at intervals and ask someoneto get me the food Tech that full in my uncle.

This is evidence using what else do you have tosay no thanks for watching see you next video bye

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