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Welcome to the Here’s MyStory channel. I’m Ariana. The attorney opened the envelope, and tookout a document. It was my grandfather’s will. She cleared her throat, and began reading. “I’m leaving everything to UNICEF.” My dad said, “Is that all?”.

And grabbed the document from the attorney’s hand to read it once more himself. Then he asked, “What is UNICEF?” “Dad, it’s a charity organization thatworks to improve living conditions for children. Grandpa did a wonderful thing by donating his fortune to UNICEF.” My dad got mad.

“Your grandpa was a billionaire. I obviously knew he didn’t like me very much but he didn’t leaveanything to his own daughter and his only granddaughter. And you stillthink that he did a wonderful thing?” We went back home. Mom said, “Honey, I understand yourdisappointment but it was my father’s money.

He is entitled to do whatever he wantswith it. We need to accept his decision.” With fireballs coming out of his eyes, Dad screamed, “The guy was a billionaire but he didn’t leave us a penny. Because ofhim, I’ll have to wait tables all my life!” “My father helped us many times.

But allthree restaurants you opened with his money failed. Last time, when he found out yougambled away all the money he gave you, he refused to help any longer and I think he wasright about that,” Mom responded in an even tone. Dad was still mad when we gothome.

They argued all night. The next morning, when I woke up, I realizedthere was another, smaller phone next to mine. “What is this?” I said picking it up. It wasn’t a smartphone. I’d neverseen such an old cell phone before.

Mom was already up, gettingbreakfast ready before going to work. “Mom, I found this on my nightstand. Did you leavethis for me?” I asked her, holding the phone up. She glanced at it briefly andsaid, “No, honey, it wasn’t me.” “Could it be Dad?” I wondered.

She replied, “I don’t think so. Atsome point, your dad left last night.” Every time Dad has a fight with Mom, he goes to the restaurant he works at and sleeps there. He doesn’tcome back until he’s calmed down. As soon as I got back from school, Itook it out of the drawer I’d put it in. Maybe if I turned it on,I couldfind a clue.

As to who it belonged to. Suddenly, the screen lit upand said, “1 New Message.” I tapped on the message, and began reading. “You don’t need to work for the exam. :)” What? Was someone playing a prank on me? I had a math exam the next day. Iwas planning to study until late.

But someone had sent me a text messagesaying I didn’t have to do that. Whoever sent the text was someone who knewme, someone who knew that I had an exam. I began laughing. It had to be my friends. They were trying to prank me. But of course, I didn’t fall for it. That night, I studied evenmore than I normally.

Would for that math exam. When I walked into school the nextmorning, I saw an ambulance. The paramedics were carrying our mathteacher, Ms. Colette, on a gurney. I asked a friend, “What’s going on?” “Ms. Collette suddenly started havingcontractions. They think she’s going to go into labor.

Earlier than expected.” Ms. Collette was pregnant but shewas still teaching her classes. As the ambulance was leaving, my friend complained. “The math exam was cancelled. I can’tbelieve I studied for hours for nothing.” I felt the same. I’d studied eventhough someone texted me and said,.

“You don’t have to study for the exam.” But Ms. Collette started having contractions this morning. How did the person who sentme that text know about that before? When I came home from school, I checked the phone for new messages. I got excited whenI saw “2 New Messages” on the screen. The first message said, “Don’t tell anyoneabout me.

Or my predictions won’t come true.” Predictions? I didn’t get it. The second text said, “Test me. Yourmom will be home in four minutes.” This was a weird text. Normally, my mom would be home in twohours. I started waiting nervously, keeping my eyes on the time. Four minutes later, I heard thekey turning inside the lock.

My mom was home! Shortly after, I sawher in front of my bedroom door. “Honey, I left work early today. Your dad isfinally coming home. Now that he’s calmed down, let’s have a nice dinner as a family. Willyou come and help me with it?” she asked. I was in shock.

I pickedup the phone once Mom left. There was a new message: “Your dad will behome in twenty minutes. Go tell your mom.” The phone wanted me to test it. Even though it sounded ridiculous, I went to the kitchen and said to her, “Dad will be home in twenty minutes.” “Oh, did he call you?.

That’s great,” she replied. I set the table. Since I told my mom what the message said, it wasn’t going to come true. So Dadwouldn’t be home in twenty minutes. I was waiting anxiously. Twenty minutes passed. Dad was nowhere to be seen.

Mom called him. But he didn’t pick up. The old phone was telling the truth! It was predicting the future and ifI told anyone about that prediction, it would no longer come to pass. My dad came home really late that night. After a while, I heard my mom crying. She wassaying,.

“No way! There’s no way that can be true!” I went to their bedroom door to eavesdrop on them. Dad said, “Why do you think I married someonelike you when I had so many women chasing me? Because your daddy was rich. I’d bea billionaire when he died. That's why I stayed with you all these years.

Thatgrumpy old guy left everything to a charity so I no longer have a reason to be in thishouse. I’m filing for divorce tomorrow.” He saw me as he was leaving with a suitcase. “Dad, please don’t leave us,” was all I could say. Without even looking at my face, he said, “If you want to be angry with someone, try your grandfather.

I can’twaste my life on you,” and left. When I woke up the next morning, I didn’t want to go to school. When I saw a notification on theold phone’s screen, I clicked on it. The text said, “Don’t go to school.” “OK.

I wasn’t intending to,anyway,” I said in a sad tone. What was going to happen? Curious, I began waiting. After an hour or so, my momran into my room in a panic. “Oh, thank God you’re here!” she said, hugging me. “What’s going on, Mom?”.

I asked. With tears pouring out of her eyes, shesaid, “The school bus had an accident. Most of the students were hurt. I was so scared because I thought you were on that bus.” Then she pointed to the old phoneand said, “Did it tell you that?” “Mom?.

Did you know that this phonepredicted the future?” I said surprised. She nodded. “Yes, Ariana. But I just found out. That was yourgrandpa’s phone. I put it on your nightstand. When he was hospitalized, he revealed to me the secretof this phone.

And asked me to give it to you after he passed. You were his favorite. It made perfectsense to leave his phone to you. He said to me, ‘I have only one condition. You won’t tell your golddigger husband about this phone.’ That’s why I kept it from your father. Last night, we found outyour grandpa was right all along,”.

She explained. This was incredible. It was going to take me a while to digest all this. But firstthere was something I needed to do. I found out which hospital my friendswere at and went to visit them. It was a pretty bad crash. Most of them had fractures. I was saved from the accident by the old phone.

But, naturally, I couldn’t say anything about it. This was the first time I took my mysterious phone with me. I checked it as Iwas leaving the hospital. Right at that second, I sawthe “1 New Message” bubble. I clicked on it immediately. It said, “Eleven – Seventeen – Twenty nine -Thirty – Forty seven – FiftyThree with a Powerball: Sixteen”.

I screamed with glee. This dear phone had made my grandpa rich and now it wasgoing to do the same for me. For those that don’t know it, Powerballis a lottery game. You pick six numbers. Because it’s extremely difficultto win, the jackpot is very high. I found a store immediately.

I picked up a lottery ticket and wrote out the numbers from the text message. The funny thing was I was sureI was going to win but how much? I went to my mom’s office, andwaited for her at the door. If I told her about Powerball, I wasn’t going to win, but I could tellher after the numbers were announced. I followed the game online.

When my mom was about to come out ofthe office, I gestured for her to stop. The winning numbers were being announced. The screen was filling up withthe numbers, one by one. “Eleven – Seventeen – Twenty nine – Thirty – Fortyseven – Fifty Three Powerball: Sixteen” I screamed. “What’s going on?” My mom asked, laughing.

They were about to announce the jackpot. When I saw eighty two milliondollars on the screen, I began dancing around her. “We’re rich, we’re rich!” I sang. My mom was surprised. “I was expecting this but not so soon,” she said. We went to collect the jackpot together.

The company’s CEO gave us a giant check that said eighty two million dollars. The next morning, my mom and Iwere on all the news channels. As you might have guessed, my fatherimmediately found his way to our doorstep. But there was something he didn’tknow. We no longer lived there. As we left, we placed a camera above the door. When he rang the doorbell,.

Mymom watched him on the camera. “I know why you came. Butit’s too late,” she said. He was taken aback to hear her voice. When he figured out the voicewas coming through the camera, he put on his best fake smile and said, “Honey, I missed you and our daughter very much.

Will you open the door? I want to give you both a big hug.” My mom couldn’t speak because she was crying. I grabbed the mic. “Dad, we’re not in that house right now. Youwill never see us again, and you will regret leaving us for the rest of your days. We set upthis camera just to see how upset you would be when we told you.

We will always remember you with this expression on your face,” I said. “Ariana, please. I… I was joking. Where are you now? Please tell me. I want to be with you. Please.

Forgiveme. I missed you so much,” he begged. I turned off the camera. These werethe last words I heard from my father. It felt fantastic to be rich, butwhat was even better was seeing my dad regret his decision – all thanks to my phone.

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