I Might Possess Too Many Husbands – Episode 51 Contract With Eleven Sq. (Segment 1)/第51集 和十一坊結契(上)

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Young master, am I so unbearable in your eyes? Zhao Li was full, too much snacks and she felt tired, she began to drink tea to relieve her boredom Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw that the young master's teacup was also empty, and poured a cup for the young master casually. This action directly led to the horror scene that followed The young master helped the cup with both hands, and said thank you to Zhao Li After he finished speaking, the two people in the box were stunned. Zhao Li could hardly believe his ears After reacting, he smiled and said, “You're welcome.” She knew that this was definitely not the young master's original intention.

It's just an instinct cultivated in a good environment Zhao Li made a good guess The young master regretted that thank you so much that he almost gritted his teeth and killed himself to show his ambition by death. The incident happened suddenly just now, it was completely out of the etiquette teaching he had received in the past ten or twenty years Without reacting, I spontaneously said polite words. I don't really want to thank Zhao Li at all. You, pretending to be passionate, the young master is furious In order to skip this stubble, hurry up and say Even if it is your pattern, those embroidery items are also embroidered by you.

Zhao Li likes watching other people blow their hair Seeing the young master's furry now, she felt a burst of joy No, it was embroidered by my husband. She answered truthfully and finally smiled. But what are you asking? Eleven Square sent you here as a commercial spy to find out the news Then your technique is too bad, right? Zhao Li naturally knows that spies are impossible She just couldn't help but want to make the young master angry.

Sure enough, the young master immediately scolded indignantly, You are a commercial espionage, and you are the only one who can do such a dirty trick. stop slandering people ok then what do you want Zhao Li propped his face with interest and looked at the young master young master look back Facing Zhao Li's quiet and clear almond eyes, he was in a trance for a second Is this Zhao Li really as unbearable as the rumors say? If such a miserable person.

How can you have such a pair of radiant and attractive eyes he calmed down Suppress the deep prejudice against Zhao Li in my heart and introduce myself My name is He Qi, and I am the person sent by the Lu family to inspect the business of Shishifang. I came to you today to talk about more than half a month ago The business cooperation you talked about with Eleven Square He Qi not surnamed Lu Such a pampered young man is really just an errand runner Shouldn't he be the son of the Lu family?.

Zhao Li quietly concealed his doubts The expression on his face became more serious, seriously, I am extremely honored As you said before, provide the original drawing design and samples to Elevenfang The mode of obtaining profit and dividends from it After thinking about it, I think it is feasible I'm here now mainly to discuss some details with you. He Qi also became serious, and he was very organized. He was completely different from before. Of course, if Shishifang is willing to cooperate, I will provide you with the original manuscript You can use it on any product of Elevenfang.

In addition to embroidered handkerchiefs, it can also be used on items including ready-to-wear, embroidered shoes, shawls, etc. But just to be clear, as long as my manuscript is used I have to get a profit share for the products that use the original manuscript Of course if the manuscript doesn't satisfy you I will make adjustments to the manuscript according to your requirements The original pattern is used on any product and I will also arrange the design Strive to perfectly display the product style Zhao Li explained his requirements and cooperation mode The rights and interests of both parties.

After hearing this, He Qi's eyes flickered dimly The perception of Zhao Li has undergone earth-shaking changes just disgust After listening to what Zhao Li just said He Qi decided that she was by no means the illiterate as rumored Once this woman gets serious, she will change from her foolish appearance just now So calm and self-possessed, brilliant and logical not a simple person yes i have no objection.

All the details will be specified one by one when signing the contract Let's decide the ratio of profit sharing first, He Qi said lightly Well, Master He Qi is also a cheerful person. What do you think of the 28 points? Zhao Li has rehearsed the details of the cooperation countless times in his heart Straightforward at this point As soon as He Qi heard Zhao Li's words, his face became angry again, and he raised his eyebrows and looked at Zhao Li Twenty-eight, why don't you grab it? Shameless Master He Qi must have misunderstood something.

I mean you eight and me two Excluding all costs and labor, I get two for the simple profit sharing Zhao Li couldn't help crying or laughing, because of He Qi's prejudice against her She concluded that He Qi must have misunderstood the proportion of dividends He Qi froze for a moment, looking a little embarrassed He did misunderstand because of the pre-investigation When he approached Zhao Li, he was ready for Zhao Li to open his mouth like a lion So when Zhao Li said the outrageous 28 points, he immediately didn't want to talk about it. I think this woman is too shameless to dare to take eight.

I don't want Zhao Li to let them account for eight and himself account for two This really surprised He Qi It also made him suspicious of the information about Zhao Li that he had inquired about. If Zhao Li's manuscript is really popular and sold Their cooperation is a win-win situation, which is a very reasonable percentage. he has no objection at all Zhao Li, what kind of person are you? He Qi couldn't help but said. Zhao Li smiled obscenely Resuming the usual idleness, leaning back in the chair.

Lazily said, it's naturally the country scumbag that Young Master He said He Qi secretly rolled his eyes and stood up let's go Where are you going? Zhao Li followed closely behind. Go to Shishifang to make a contract

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