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Chapter 68 the title is the hippy Turtlefamily if you like my video don't forget to like comment and subscribe thank you wakeup and pick up I will take you home now sorry to bother you it's only past six o'clockit's time to wake up also yesterday I sent someone to contraction site where your father was andus no injuries were reported thank you I will go home today and ask about the situation what'sgoing on could it be that my mother lied to me don't say thank you sorry in the future this ismy obligation if I hadn't been in contact with him for a while Who would know that there is awarm heart hidden behind this word and hour later then I will go back first you Drive slowly shehas too many burdens at another place at zero cost hello you are back you said you haven'tcome home to take a look for so long.

But it's only been a few days and have lost weight where is my dad if it wasn't for my dadI might never set food in this home again don't worry your dad is fine he will be workingon the construction site right now look what happened before was because my mother wasconfused for a while and she asked you to come back just to apologize you so you are usingmy dad as an excuse to trick me into going home now wonderful [__] said that there was no newsor forecast being injured at the countryside mom has what do you have for breakfast sister why areyou back your brother misses you too our family hasn't had dinnertogether for a long time.

You sit Mom puts for you son come here in this house even when she cooks for me I used to be SBC as a spinning top in the kitchenand I did not see her showing any softness son talk to your sister well let her sugar daddygive you some money mom his all four year old my sister is not the kind of personyou imagine I can't open my mouth thanks for watching see you next video bye

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