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Episode 127 (Emperor Chong has unparalleled talentas a descendant of humans and immortals) (The current descendant of the Naixian Temple,not to mention the same generation of Tianjiao) (Even ordinary divine firewarriors are far from their enemies) (This person has just enteredthe realm of veneration) (Can compete with it.) (Over time, one can trulysurpass the upper bound) Indeed, he is a strong player (Knowing that I plan toengage in physical combat).

(But also willing to accompany) (However,) (I don't believe in your physical body) (is stronger than me.) (This mysterious armor) (Mostly second to cicada clothing that day) (It seems that you wantto defeat this person) Some difficulty I used to care so much about hairstyles.

I can do it Physical confrontation You are still not an opponent He was also injured The familiar aura of thunder Although the moves are different But I always feel that It seems like I've seen it before My blood will never flow in vain.

Today, I will bring you into the Demon Hall Immortal King Nine Seals As an honorable person The blood in the body has alreadybegun to form immortal blood No wonder they're called the Immortal Hall Trigger Thunder Do you still want to die together Don't come over here I can withstand it.

I have Xianyu Battle Armor next to me Even if you're willingto sacrifice yourself Can't buy me either Is that really the case Not able to activate all thepower of the Immortal Tomb Earth. Even a few secrettreasures won't save your life, Crisis management here. If you let go of your handsand feet, have a great fight. Fears that someone mayprofit from the situation,.

Besides, A terrifying force israpidly approaching Unknown enemies and friends I'll take your life again tomorrow I have learned about yourstrength in today's battle. auf wiedersehen I won't let you take advantage of it grandpa The one who came here should bea powerful demon blood ghost tree.

Let's go too This young demon king Which Taoist Brother is it from If he really is thatsuddenly rising wilderness I'm afraid no one knows its origin This sub identity It's very mysterious If it's a casual repair I would rather lead him under my door.

Chant and chant You have a good abacus unfortunately Such a genius I'm afraid it won't be your turn There must be even more powerfulold antiques planning to take over How rare it is If we could just activate all thepower of the Immortal Tomb Earth Already won.

Not just now You've been sleeping for a few days now Lingquan can heal wounds But it couldn't help me break through Don't rush You just need to work hard now Given time, we will surely defeat him00:07-14.320–>00:07-14.639Mmm grandfather I plan to renovate the spiritual realm.

To reshape oneself with the act of nirvana Transmutation nirvana. It's all a way to die and be reborn. You have experienced the Ultimate Bone Two tortures with suspended animation Do you really want to continue A dear and respected senior once told me Only by taking a different path It's possible to traverse the world.

Aspiring Undoubtedly, it is theblood of my Shi family This wine It is to suppress the Yin Qi inthe Demon Lord's true blood Specially formulated Can help people heal A strong wine Ha Yin Ha Chant and chant.

This wine can only suppress Yin Qi But it cannot be completely eradicated In the future, I will definitelyfind the true divine brew Helping you completely eliminate hidden dangers Ju Er Tuan Zhen good Blind One When that happens, you, mygrandparents, and grandchildren Give it a good drink again.

Drinking alcohol You just shut up I will protect you from the law With the help of Golden Ginseng I have recovered a lotfrom my secret injuries Hao'er has not yet passed the level The transformation of thespiritual realm has been completed The physical realm has been raised again The body is like a sharp sword.

My eyes seem to beseeing something different Is it… Wu Daofu's Eye is about to open Hao'er You're awake I just discovered a tenthousand year old purple ginseng It will be of great benefit to you Need to pick and eat now Now you're awake.

Let's go now Little Rabbit You're too wasteful, too It's easy to say that this purple ginsenghas a medicinal age of ten thousand years You just chewed it off like this The target appeared here a few days ago I shouldn't be able to escape far The owner put in a lot of effort Introduce that person into a secret realm.

You and I must not let him run away Breath extraordinary It's still a beginner Watch me scare it, scare it You said this rabbit is not big What dishes are suitable for cooking Travel to the Southwest Land of Abundance Learn how to make spicy rabbit heads You can give it a try.

Don't eat me Don't eat me This year is the Year of the Rabbit How can I eat bunny paper I just came by to pick herbs' Why are you eating me Just be willing tospeak, it's easy to handle Who the hell are you I am Taiyin Jade Rabbit Who are you.

Dare to do this to me Be careful when I learn the attack spell Thunder Protector Isn't it that young demon king wasteland Do you perceive it The aura of thunder is verysimilar to that of Demon Island Set as a goal Right ahead I have eaten everything from Dongdong.

Otherwise, I'll compensateyou with the most important news Is that okay When I was picking herbs earlier I heard that the Qinpeople are planning to cooperate with the HeavenlyKingdom to surround you Be careful and on guard The Heavenly Kingdom Killing Kingunexpectedly pursued him here to commit murder It seems that what thelittle rabbit said is true Set.

I'll teach them a lesson Let them not rely onfate to do what they desire Since the secret realm is opened You and I really thought wecould completely block this place Just allowing your peopleto come and go freely There are more conspiratorsand unscrupulous individuals Same example as this Who was that person just now I have seen this person before.

He is the wastelandnamed after the stone tablet So strong Worthy of the name of the Demon King He's the wild one Cooperation between the Qin ethnicgroup and the Heavenly Kingdom Send these two people to testthe strength of the Demon King Unexpectedly, he wasinstantly killed here in person This person repeatedlybeheaded the first generation It can be said that it is acompetition for opportunity.

Now chasing this placecan harm people's lives What do you say You Qin ethnic groupopened this secret realm Always give everyone an explanation Yeah Don't indulge that youngdemon snow like this That's right I am of the Qin ethnic group I will give you an explanation.

Qin Hao This person is your destiny test But it's also… The opportunity to becomefamous around the world

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