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Hello Guys Welcome Back to R Anime Moments Guys Please Like the video andSubscribe to my channel Thank you.. Today is Explanation of UpcomingEpisode of Perfect World Based on Novel So let's StartIn the following days, the secret realm became more and more intense.Immortal Palace’s young great one took action, defeating the heavenly geniuses from all differentplaces and leaving the entire secret realm shaken. It also triggered quite a commotion in theoutside world.As Shi Hao and his grandfather looked for opponents, they unexpectedlyencountered Immortal Palace’s young great one and fairy Yue Chan. To Shi Hao, this wasclearly an exceptionally great enemy!As soon as.

The two sides met, it triggered the attentionof the nearby creatures, making them excited. They recognized the young devil king, as well asthe Immortal Palace inheritor on the other side. Immortal Palace’s young one had a tall build.His figure was tall, slender, and sturdy. Hazy symbols surrounded him, obstructing his trueappearance. There was only a pair of intimidating eyes that released a lightning-like gaze. Hewas extremely extraordinary. His eyes were like two dazzling symbols!This was a terrifyingheavenly genius that was like a divine king. He was known as one of the higherrealms’ most powerful supreme beings. His divine appearance was otherworldly withsymbols shining brilliantly all around him. His black hair scattered downwards. Inhis hands was a void battle halberd..

He overlooked all of his peers, hisfigure exuding an intimidating pressure. At his side, fairy Yue Chan’s style was unmatched.Her white clothes fluttered about, beautiful like something out of a fantasy. Intelligenteyes rested on her sparkling white face. She looked forward. This perfect pairwere like daoist immortal companions. Shi Hao was unmoving like a mountain. He stood inthe void, his eyes clear and his skin sparkling. His only heavenly passage surrounded him,releasing an undying radiance! At his side, Grandpa Fifteen’s figure was imposing. Hisaura was oppressive like that of a demonic god. Both sides encountered each other. This triggereda great scene. The surrounding creatures were all startled. This signified that a world shockingconfrontation might erupt! Now that they.

Encountered each other like this, there was no wayfor reconciliation. For Shi Hao, this was going to be a life and death great battle! ImmortalPalace’s young one raised the void halberd with one hand, pointing it south towards the sky.The symbols in his pupils shone brilliantly, and his head of black hair scattered about. Therewas an unbeatable aura to his figure. In the higher realms, in this generation of youths,he was known as an insurmountable mountain. Only a few old inheritances’ hidden geniuseshad a chance of contending against him! Chi!The great halberd flew across the sky,bringing with it a hazy void force. Resplendent killing energy erupted, hacking itself towardsShi Hao. There weren’t any words exchanged. The battle begun just like that!The Great Demonic Godtook a step forward, blocking in front of Shi Hao..

Black and white energies appeared, forminga gray body protection array. He was going to take action in Shi Hao’s place, becausehe felt that this person was too terrifying. “Let me take him on alone!” Shi Hao said. Hebrought out the pill furnace, his killing intent surging.“You just entered the Supreme ExpertRealm, while he is already at the great circle. You are not his opponent right now.” The GreatDemonic God frowned, feeling incomparably worried. Shi Hao shook his head. He insisted on takingaction. How could he not know the difference in cultivation realms between the two of them?However, he didn’t want his grandfather to take risks either, because the elder only had asingle arm. The yin energy in his body hadn’t been purified either, so he was in an even worse stateto fight. At this moment, that battle halberd.

Slaughtered over. Deafening divine sounds ranthrough the air. Even though there was still quite a bit of distance between both sides, ImmortalPalace’ young great one was too extraordinary. The void halberd shone, becoming sparkling andtranslucent as it hacked forward! Shi Hao was insistent on taking action, using the pill furnaceto face this attack. The Great Demonic God sighed and could only back up. However, he was carefullywatching. He couldn’t let anything happen to this grandson of his no matter what. The world trembledlightly. Dao sounds rang through the world. A frigid divine rainbow erupted,scattering out like a blossom of blood. It was extremely indistinct. The void halberd wasincomparably terrifying. It hacked down, striking on the fist-sized pill furnace and causing beamafter beam of brilliant auspicious light to erupt..

It was as if blood was flowing throughthis place. Shi Hao was greatly shaken. He met this attack head on with the pill furnacein his hand. His arm felt extremely numb, a great pain wracking through it. It made him feel a waveof alarm. This person was formidable after all! This was the greatest enemy he encounteredever since he revealed himself to the world. Forget about everything else, just his fleshalone was already incomparably terrifying. He was just like a human shaped True Dragon withundying flesh. Immortal Palace’s young great one was shocked. He strike was actually unable toinjure the other party. From his perspective, his opponent’s cultivation realm was lower than his,so he should have been directly hacked to death! After that collision just now, there wasn’t anypause. The great void halberd changed directions..

Hazy mists surged, and like something flyingin outer space, it released blinding radiance before hacking down once again. This was astunning radiance that lit up the entire sky. Many people couldn’t even react in time to whatwas happening and directly had their heads sliced off. It was because the great halberd wasrefined from a priceless void beast bone, so it could quickly slice open the voidand directly appear in front of the enemy! This several hundred zhang of distance, forthe halberd, was the same as a few inches! A cold and brilliant immortal lighterupted. The great halberd descended, seemingly hacking Shi Hao’s neck. There wasscarlet multicolored light that scattered down, causing one’s mind to tremble. “This is just toofast… Immortal Palace’s young great one really.

Is too terrifying, truly unrivaled.” Everyoneshivered inwardly. Who could fight against him? Was even the young devil king going tobe defeated? One has to understand that Shi Hao had defeated a few ‘exceptional talents’,yet now, he actually met this type of conclusion. However, a few people watched silently, forexample, Grandpa Fifteen, fairy Yue Chan, and other exceptional talents. “No,you all are mistaken,” an elder said. Scarlet light flowed about. Even thoughit looked like blood, it wasn’t blood. There was still a figure there with its head stillon its shoulders. A few people were astonished. They stared in that direction, revealing looksof shock.“What kind of precious artifact is this? It actually looks like there is bloodflowing.” An exceptional talent was shocked..

Then his eyes began to shine brilliantly ashe stared at that fist sized pill furnace. Shi Hao’s left hand held a furnace, whilehis right hand held the furnace lid. He even held that cover by his neck to stopthe void halberd. This cover had a True Phoenix resting on it that was vivid. Within the earthencolor was a scarlet multicolored brilliance. It was as if blood was flowing withinit, making it look extremely lifelike. The great halberd came too suddenly. If it wasanyone else, they would have definitely been hacked to death. This was where ImmortalPalace’s young great one was terrifying. It could decide life and death in a moment,slaughtering the enemy in that instant. Its divine might was unmatched! Only, ShiHao stopped it! He was fast like lightning,.

His hand that held the lid blocked the halberd,making the phoenix on its surface seem to revive. Its feathers opened and closed, andscarlet multicolored light erupted. Multicolored mists pervaded the air; itwas as if blood was sprinkling everywhere. The pill furnace was simple and unadorned.The furnace body had a True Dragon coiling about its three legs. Meanwhile, there was a TruePhoenix resting on the lid and looking downwards. They were all extremely lifelike. even went on theaggressive to kill Immortal Palace’s young one. He truly was brave and powerful. The furnacelid enlarged, turning into a sparkling True Phoenix shield. It was brandished by ShiHao, crushing downwards like a mountain. Immortal Palace’s young great one moved thehalberd horizontally, using the pole to block this.

Strike. His movements were extremely fast, farsurpassing that of normal people’s comprehension. Ear-splitting divine sounds rang through the air,to the point where others found it hard to endure, as if their ears were about to split. Divinemulticolored light continuously surged, accompanied by terrifying miststhat resembled chaotic energy. An extremely intense great collision occurred,and then it repeated eight or nine times! It was as if the heavens were sendingdown their divine punishment from above! Shi Hao was quite shocked as well. He knew thathe encountered an unimaginably powerful opponent. When the other party’s hands moved,divine force would shake the world. At the very least, in the younger generation,it was hard for him to find an opponent..

Someone as powerful as him had his hand shakenuntil it was numb and sore. He could feel waves of pain from them. Immortal Palace’s younggreat one being able to overlook those in his generation was not just empty rumors. Thegolden lamp youth didn’t appear, and the secret inheritors of the great ancient inheritancesnever made an appearance either, so who could contend against him?! However, Shi Hao believedthat the other party’s hands weren’t feeling all that great right now either, because he could seeflickering symbols within the other party’s eyes. It was clear that he was quite shocked as well. Inshort, both individuals’ flesh should be powerful to the extreme! Shi Hao understood his intentions,because he decided to pull close the distance as soon as they began to attack to fight in a contestof physical power instead of choosing to get.

Further away and fight a battle of symbols. It wasbecause he was clear on the fact that the other party’s cultivation realm was higher than his,and his magical force was powerful like an ocean. If they were truly going to use all types ofsymbol mysterious techniques, then he would be at a disadvantage. Even though the other party’sdivine force was worldshaking, his flesh wasn’t weaker than anyone else’s either. Comparativelyspeaking, this was an extremely short distance where physical attacks reached, which was why hecarried out close combat. Immortal Palace’s young great one didn’t reveal joy or worry. His face wascompletely expressionless. Even though he already spoke about Shi Hao’s circumstance and methods, hestill didn’t pull apart the distance, continuing to fight this close quarters battle. Of course,they were also activating symbols. All types of.

Mysterious symbols erupted. However, this typeof power was resisted by the two weapons. Blazing radiance erupted within the pill furnace and voidbattle halberd, and then it all vanished.“How formidable, he already exchanged over ten attackswith Immortal Palace’s young great one!”Yue Chan stood in the distance, her white clothesfluttering about, giving her an otherworldly appearance. Her beauty and style were unmatched.She was extremely shocked, her intelligent eyes sparkling with divine multicolored light as theystared at Shi Hao. She felt like this person was a bit familiar, as if she was feeling some deja vu.However, she couldn’t see through this person. He used lightning and thunder to protect his body,and these techniques had never been seen before. She really was shocked. This person had justentered the supreme expert realm, yet he.

Could already compete against Immortal Palace’sinheritor. His flesh contained such world-shaking divine power, truly being able to overlook thehigher realms. Her eyes flowed with radiance and erupted with five-colored divine multicoloredlight. She carefully stared at Shi Hao, watching his every move. On the other side, the GreatDemonic God frowned. He was extremely worried. His grandson’s cultivation realm was a bit lower afterall, so he feared that he might suffer a disaster. This battle startled the entire secret realm. Itwas unknown just how many creatures hurried over. Meanwhile, when those conceited and arrogantexceptional talents obtained the news, those that could come all appeared. In addition, news ofthis battle quickly spread into the outside world. At the entrance of the secret realm, when someoneappeared on the altar and brought news back,.

Everyone became stunned. The young devil kingdared to compete against Immortal Palace’s inheritor? What? He is fighting against ImmortalPalace’s inheritor? A great battle unfolded?” “We still underestimated him. We thought that he wasformidable, but we never expected that he would actually dare to challenge Immortal Palace’syoung inheritor!”“Wrong, it isn’t a challenge, but rather a chance encounter. The two directlyerupted into an intense battle, and he didn’t back off!”There was a huge commotion atthe entrance of the secret realm. Everyone was discussing this matter.These news were extremely astonishing, stirring up all of the experts’ emotions. Theywere all extremely excited for the result. From their perspective, the young devil kingwas a new rising force that was too ferocious..

He advanced forward valiantly, each battlemore shocking than the last. What was his limit? If one said he could fight againstexceptional talents and contend against the greatest individuals among his peers, perhaps evenwinning, everyone could still understand this. After all, there was more than one exceptionaltalent, so perhaps he was an ancient sect’s divine child that secretly entered and that was why hecould have such glorious battle achievements. However now, he was fighting a great battleagainst Immortal Palace’s young great one. This was definitely not normal. The sectmasters sat in the void, also discussing quietly among themselves. As they talked,their expressions were all extremely serious. They were cautious no matter which legendaryancient inheritance was brought up. “Actually,.

I am hoping that he is a loose cultivator. Thatway, he would be breaking an undefeated legend.” A sect master said. If Shi Hao was as a loosecultivator and not from any ancient inheritances, it would definitely create even more of an uproar. Many great sects might hurry over tofight over him to become their disciple. “I am hoping that it is a ‘wild’ outsider,hehe…” An old sect master roared with laughter. His eyes flickered with radiance. His expressionwas abnormal. He really wanted to accept this kind of disciple. However, he also knew that it hewas a loose cultivator without any inheritance, he likely wouldn’t have the chance to take him asa disciple, because too many formidable ancient inheritances would be fighting over him. Ofcourse, if everyone knew Shi Hao’s true identity,.

Many people would likely be stupefied, and notmany people would dare to offer their protection. It was because he had previously overturned afew undying inheritances in the lower realm, even killing the seven deities the higher realmgiants sent down into the lower realm, ruining their great plans. Right at that moment, a hazyfigure appeared. Someone else had unexpectedly been killed, appearing here. “I will killed bythe shockwaves of those two’s intense battle” He was indescribably ashamed and resentful. This waswhat he said in a soft voice when he was asked. He came from one of Five Elements Province’sgreat sects and wasn’t an exceptional talent. The pill furnace was scarlet red. A True Phoenixdanced about, its feathers beautiful and releasing resplendent immortal multicolored radiance.Shi Hao was incomparably courageous. He had.

One hand hold the furnace body and the other thefurnace lid as he fought a great battle against this powerful opponent. Metallic soundscontinuously rang through the heavens. The two individuals’ intense battle already lastedmore than sixty exchanges. For ordinary people, this wasn’t much, but against Immortal Palace’sinheritor, this was a rare event. At first, a few people thought that Immortal Palace’sinheritor would kill his opponent in several tens of strikes, never expecting that this young devilking would actually be so deep and unmeasurable. Of course, some people also saw some clues.Neither of the two had let their secret methods or magical powers erupt, and so far,it was mainly just a battle of physical power. Despite this being the case, it wasstill incredibly shocking. It made many.

Experts’ eyes dazzled! A weng sounded. The voidtrembled lightly. The great halberd disappeared. The sky split open, and then it suddenlyappeared at the base of Shi Hao’s arms. He was going to slice off one of his arms. Divinelight erupted again. The resplendent great halberd turned around, firing endless streaks of divineradiance. It turned into an eternal heavenly sun and suppressed downwards. Shi Hao’s gaze wasintimidating. His left hand held the pill furnace, allowing endless multicolored light to crashdown. He also aimed the entrance of the cauldron at the mysterious halberd to seize it. ImmortalPalace inheritor’s eyes blazed with radiance. His thick hair danced about, appearing asextraordinary as a heavenly deity. His heroicness was unmatched. He released a light shout, andthen he fiercely pierced into the pill furnace..

He erupted with power, activating the void halberdto directly destroy this pill furnace that had astonishing defensive power, triggering a hugeexplosion here. Heavens!” “This is the great void slice!”Everyone cried out in alarm, feelingincomparably shaken. Many people immediately backed up. It was like a great stampede asthey all left this place in fear. This was why the void halberd was terrifying. Once it wasactivated, it would display power at its peak. It could produce an incomparably terrifyingdestructive force, slicing open the void and creating a huge explosion. This type of greatattack was unimaginable! It was because the void explosion could kill even deities. As for magicalartifacts and other things, they would even more so directly break apart into little pieces. Thepower was too great. Everyone trembled inwardly..

As a result, no one believed that Shi Hao couldremain alive. Even though his pill furnace looked extraordinary, it likely wouldn’t be able todefend against the void’s explosion. In the past, many divine level magical artifacts had beenruined under this unrivaled precious halberd’s power, forcibly blasted to pieces. Their symbolswere wiped out, turning them in scrap metal. “Good, great one, kill him!” Someone shouted.It was a male who looked unordinary. However, right now, his face was overcast, and his facewas rather sinister. His fists were clenched as he shouted with joy. It was precisely Chen Qing,one of Immortal Palace inheritor’s two servants. He had previously been killed by Shi Hao. Hislife symbol had already been destroyed, but he was extremely unwilling to accept his defeat, sohe came back in. From his perspective, now that.

The great void slice appeared, no one could defendagainst it! At this moment, everyone retreated into the distance and avoided this place out offear of suffering a disaster from being too close. However, what was shocking was that even thoughthe void exploded and a great void crack appeared, about to display its power, a streakof blazing lightning erupted first. This conclusion left many people shocked.The pill furnace contained lightning, and its power was unimaginably great! Great one!”Chen Qing cried out loudly. How terrifying of a lightning was this? He originally thought thatthe young devil king would be quickly killed, never expecting that there was still thisvariable. The lightning covered the void halberd and rushed towards Immortal Palace’s inheritor,attacking viciously at his body. At this moment,.

His body erupted with endless symbols that turnedinto a divine armor and protected in front of him. This left Shi Hao’s mind shaken. This person wasindeed formidable after all. His magical force was like an ocean. In addition, he had a mysteriousarmor around him that shouldn’t be inferior to the heavenly cicada clothes. It would be extremelydifficult to kill him. The pill furnace shone and released a draconic cry. An indistinct TrueDragon appeared, coiling about the furnace body. It raised its head and released a cry, refiningthe void and imprisoning endless divine might! Shi Hao began to think carefully. This pillfurnace was mysterious after all, just like what he expected. It could actually face off againstthe void halberd! This was a priceless precious artifact! Even though the void had been blastedapart, it was imprisoned again, not allowed to.

Extend outwards. It was even more so unable toharm the pill furnace, nor could it harm Shi Hao. Kill!” Shi Hao shouted loudly. He used the pillfurnace’s body to smash into that void halberd. In addition, the furnace lid suspended itselfabove his head, protecting him. He himself turned into a streak of human-shaped lightning, rushingforward to fight in close combat again, using his fists to blast towards the other party’s flesh.Immortal Palace’s young great one used the halberd to face off against the pill furnace. Meanwhile,he reached out a fist to meet Shi Hao’s two fists. His expression was extremely cold. He hadthis type of self-confidence, and even more a type of pride and arrogance. He was goingto overlook all of his peers in this worlds. If he couldn’t easily kill all cultivatorsin his generation, how would he have the.

Confidence to challenge the uninhabited area?The two individuals’ fists smashed together. Divine radiance shone in all directions,releasing power that was just too great. Right below their feet, a mountain peakexploded along with the wind from their fists. It was incomparably terrifying. At this moment,blood splashed outwards, dying the sky red. The area between Shi Hao’s thumbs and forefingers bothruptured, and even his fists were a bit worn out. n the distance, the witch also came. Her skin waswhite like jade, and she looked just like a fairy, lively, intelligent, crafty and cunning. Sheblinked her large eyes and said to herself, “This really seems quite familiar…” Soon after,news quickly traveled to the outside world. Those that predicted Shi Hao would be killed wereall stunned, and then their faces were all covered.

In shock. “This generation’s demon lord has risenup, actually able to compete against Immortal Palace’s inheritor!” The old sect masters allnarrowed their eyes. They felt extremely shocked inwardly, becoming more and more astonished. Thedroplets of blood shone like diamonds. Both hands were tattered. This was the heaviest blow Shi Haohad traded with his fists since he had emerged in the world. Cracks had even appeared in the bonesof his fingers! On the other side, Immortal Palace’s young great one’s fists loosened. Theywere also seriously damaged. His blood carried silver radiance. It was rather strange, and itpossessed a rather special and terrifying power. Silver light appeared from time to time in hisblood. The dense spiritual essence pervaded the air like immortal mist, and the fluctuationsit released made others shiver uncontrollably!.

What was this? Everyone became shocked. Rumorshad it that Immortal Palace’s people had ‘immortal blood’ inside of them. This inheritance wasincomparably ancient and transcended this world. It contained the mysteries of long life andthe natural luck of immortality!“My blood isn’t so easily spilt.” Immortal Palace’sinheritor said. He stood in the void, wrapped around by blazing symbols. Blood trickleddownwards, releasing silvery light into the air. It then turned into a human shape that releasedan undying aura of life. Then, it transcended the shackles of space, closing the distance in aninstant to hack Shi Hao apart. This silver essence blood formed humanoid lifeform had a specialtype of energy fluctuation to its existence. Its skeleton and blood vessels were all formedfrom symbols, making it incomparably powerful..

“Suppress and kill!” ImmortalPalace’s young great one shouted. This was the power of his bloodline, the‘immortal blood’ everyone was talking about. The silvery radiance carried a trace of goldenpatterns that were blazing and powerful. Shi Hao immediately supported his heavenly passageto weaken this symbol attack. A domain was formed here! The space around them trembled. Shi Hao’sonly heavenly passage shone, locking down space. Even time seemed to have come to a standstill.It was as if this place was completely isolated from the outside world. The furnace covershone, becoming bright red like blood. A True Phoenix roared, beating its wings as thelid blocked the great halberd. The two individuals were locked into a momentary standstill. Everyonebecame astonished. The sphere of light around Shi.

Hao’s body was too resplendent, and its defensivestrength was absolutely ridiculous. When combined with that furnace cover, it could actually blockthis type of attack. One has to understand that this blood is not an ordinary thing. It is aform of the ‘immortal blood’!There was a legend in this world which said that Immortal Palace’speople’s blood could not be touched. Otherwise, one would immediately be burned into ashes, ortheir cultivation and symbols would be completely wiped out. It was incomparably tyrannical. “Myblood isn’t pure enough. I still need to evolve it further.” Immortal Palace’s young great onesaid softly. mmortal king nine seals!” He shouted. Hazy silver radiance swirled about, and afew golden patterns were released as well. Immortal dao energy diffused outwards, leavingeveryone shaken. At this moment, forget about.

The battlefield, even the crowd in the distancefelt a chill run from their heads all the way down to their feet. This was a strange type of power,one that resembled the opening of an entire world. It was going to seal everyone within. Thiswas a cage that couldn’t be broken out from! In the void, a drop of blood corresponded to asymbol. Silvery light and golden patterns erupted, becoming incomparably dazzling. It wasas if a burning sphere of immortal light was surrounding Shi Hao. These droplets of bloodwere transforming. They produced a tangible cage. Symbols rushed into the heavens. “Yi, thisshape it resembles an ancient palace!” Everyone became horrified. They all took stepsbackwards, because this wave of mysterious force left them frightened. They felt that if they gotany closer, their souls would be devoured as well..

Immortal Palace’s young great one’s hands formedan imprint to control this symbol entrapment. It was incredibly clear and resplendent. Immortalflames burned resplendently. It formed an ancient palace. Silver true blood symbols flickered about,wrapping around Shi Hao and his heavenly passage. All of the symbols interweaved together to form abronze palace, sealing Shi Hao within and carrying out a refinement. Immortal Palace’s inheritor’shands continuously produced complex magical imprints. They formed innate dao fire againand again to set this ‘bronze palace’ aflame. He was going to refine his opponent intoashes.“Protection against ten thousand methods!” Shi Hao said softly. He sat down and used hissingle heavenly passage to protect his body. In addition, he circulated bone texts, withthe True Primordial Record as the base..

He was currently thinking of a way to absorbthose droplets of silver true blood. He wanted to seize the legendary ‘immortal blood’. Thatyoung devil king is most likely in great danger. It will be difficult for him to escape thisdisaster.” Someone sighed and said. Once this secret method was used, it could suppress manygreat enemies at the same cultivation realm, perhaps even being able to suppress and killthose of a higher cultivation realm, let alone the young devil king whose cultivation realm waslower than that of Immortal Palace’s inheritor! Outside the secret realm, everyone obtainedthis extremely shocking piece of information. The two individuals were most likely evenlymatched in a physical battle, so now, Immortal Palace’s young great one finally began tooppress his opponent through magical force!“Will.

He be able to stick it through?” Everyone thoughtto themselves. Then, they all shook their heads. Since the beginning of history, the numberof heavenly geniuses that dared to go against Immortal Palace and as a result diedunder this precious technique was too high. It was hard to ignore this reality. Afterspeaking up to this point, he pointed outwards. Symbols poured out like a sea, and now completelyexploded outwards, flooding everything as if ten thousand volcanoes erupted at the same time.The dazzling brilliance made everyone tremble inwardly!All of the symbols swarmed over together,merging into that ‘bronze palace’ inside the void to jointly suppress Shi Hao. It was as if a sunwas condensing, but also as if countless stars were merging together to release undying radiance.This was actually a person’s pupil! This pupil.

Fired out endless silver radiance that carriedgolden multicolored light. They all rushed towards that ‘bronze palace’. Dao flames blazed fiercely,burning this entrapment formed from symbols down. In that instant, power overflooded into theheavens. It was terrifying to the extreme. Many people couldn’t help but shake uncontrollably,and even their souls were shaking. This ancient palace Everyone took steps backwards. All oftheir fine hairs stood on end. This palm sized ancient palace quickly enlarged. It was as if itcould suppress the heavens and ten thousand daos! Shi Hao revealed a look of shock. Theother party used some of the methods he had been holding back as expected, wishingto quickly suppress him and end this battle. He sighed. He truly didn’t want to use his trumpcard, because if he used it while being watched by.

So many people, it wouldn’t be as useful nexttime. He had great plans in place. Not only were there exceptional talents here, there werecreatures that ignited their divine flames here, so he wanted to save it for the crucial moment.“A decisive blow it is then!” He said softly. Meanwhile, Shi Hao also shouted loudly andactivated the pill furnace. Regardless of whether it was immortal tomb’s earth or theheavenly river, he had sent out quite a bit. Right now, they both submerged this place.Lightning covered the world boundlessly, and thunder rumbled chaotically. The entire sky wascovered in electricity, so bright that it almost made one blind. Their eyes felt as if they werebeing pricked by needles. This was too shocking! The power of the lightning was unbelievably great,and it was incredibly terrifying. It was also.

Accompanied by mysterious and terrifying cursepower! Shi Hao grimaced in pain. He did everything he could to protect himself, using the furnace lidto block ninety percent of the lightning. However, the leftover amount still lacerated his flesh,causing blood to drip outwards. All of his fine hairs stood on end. An electrical current crackledabout, making his entire body shine brilliantly. Electrical radiance continuously flowedout from his pores, mouth, and nose. This was an attack that hurt him first beforeit affected the opponent! This lightning was too vicious. It contained immortal dao energy thatwas terrifying to the point of making one tremble. Its power far surpassed one’s imagination.One has to understand that back then, Shi Hao used up many days to place drop afterdrop and chunk after chunk of heavenly river and.

Immortal tomb’s earth into the furnace. Despitethis being the case, he was still struck until he was hovering between life and death. And now,everything suddenly happened in an instant. No one could control it. This was a greatdisaster! Immortal Palace’s inheritor was the first one that suffered an attackfrom the lightning, blasting him head on. His body was immediately charred black,and a strand of smoke rose into the air. He coughed out large amounts of blood. Thisfellow is not only ridiculously strong himself, even the precious artifacts he has are extremelyshocking. Any one of these treasure can stir up a great storm in the outside world.” Shi Hao said tohimself. However, the power of lightning was still useful, submerging the immortal feather armorwithin. Electrical radiance shone resplendently,.

They all landed on Immortal Palace’sinheritor’s body. At this moment, everything was exceptionally beautiful. Feathersflew about in a sparkling and translucent manner. It was as if a rain of light was descending, as ifone became as light as a feather and transcended. The precious clothes were shining. However,Immortal Palace’s young great one still coughed out blood. Lightning slammed down on his body likea waterfall, descending from the void. This power alone was difficult to endure. This was especiallywhen the immortal tomb’s earth released lightning. It made the ‘immortal feathers’ dim quite a bit.There was a strange type of power inside of it. “Curse!” Someone cried out in a low voice. Inaddition, a pair of lightning wings appeared behind him, carrying him through the air. His fistbrandished about to send out a ferocious attack..

Blood blossomed everywhere. The two individualsimmediately exchanged several dozen attacks. All four fists were in bad shape. Blood trickledoutwards, scattering down brilliantly. This was a struggle of the physical body. Neither of themwere able to gain an advantage over the other. Both sides were evenly matched, because theyhad both reached the limit of this path, vajra and unbreakable, their flesh undying. ImmortalPalace’s inheritor’s pupils became ice cold. He activated symbols and displayed precioustechniques to kill Shi Hao. Shi Hao sighed. The other party’s immortal feather divine armorwas too formidable. If not for him having the heavenly cicada clothes on his leg, he wouldhave likely paid a great price. Fortunately, the defensive strength of the pill furnaceon the side was sufficiently extraordinary..

Immortal Palace’s inheritor’s expression wasunpleasant. The curse power was spreading, and it was affecting his fighting strength.Meanwhile, the other party’s blood energy was becoming more and more powerful. It was hardfor him to control the pace of this battle. He had an advantage in magical power,but it wasn’t easy for him to use it. He was completely suppressed by the endlesslightning and stopped. After the final strike, both individuals were sent flying. They staredat each other from the distance. “I will kill you another day!” Immortal Palace’s inheritorsaid coldly. He didn’t want to continue. The other party’s pill furnace was extremely strange,with too much curse power and lightning inside. After today, you won’t have another opportunity.When my cultivation realm becomes higher,.

Who can compete against me?” Shi Hao saidextremely narcissistically. News of this battle would definitely travel to every sect andleave all directions shaken. Immortal Palace’s inheritor fought against someone, but was unableto kill his opponent. This was a major event, and the one that was his opponent would inevitablyhave everyone’s attention focused on him. Yue Chan’s body was graceful and elegant.Her fine black hair scattered downwards, and her intelligent eyes looked over. She hada wonderful body and jade bones, her appearance pure and intelligent. Someone said softly. Wheneveryone heard this, they all suddenly understood and revealed a look of shock. “You’re right,that should be the water inside that river!” “He actually dared to collect the heavenlyriver! He truly is reckless and daring!”.

Everyone knew that that was an extremely sinisterplace. The more powerful the individual who went in, the more dangerous it was. They would beinfected by the curse power and die. Being weaker didn’t mean that it was safe, as they would behacked to death by the lightning. There were many divine corpses that flowed along the river,but not many people dared to fish them out. However, this person dared to collect waterfrom the heavenly river! This left everyone feeling completely stupefied! “Why do I feel likethere is still a bit of yellow earth inside that pill furnace? Don’t tell me that he dug thatfrom the immortal tomb?!” Someone muttered. One has to understand that the immortal tomb was asacred ancient land that only existed in legends. Since the ancient times, how manypeople actually reached the end?.

There were no records on bone books, but itwas rumored that it wouldn’t exceed a handful. “He is so powerful, could he be… Huang?!” A fewpeople were roused up. They immediately thought of that mysterious individual who left his nameon the Demonic Sovereign’s monument The young devil king’s origins were strange, unknown to thisday. No one knew what inheritance he came from, but now, they finally had some clues. Yue Chan’seyes erupted with divine multicolored radiance. She stared at Shi Hao, feeling that he lookedquite familiar. She felt quite distrustful. This person was Huang, but that definitely stillwasn’t his true identity. Exactly what kind of inheritance did he come from? The witch’s skin wassparkling white, and her large eyes were moving about. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Thisfella isn’t bad, so I should drink a cup with him..

Only… why do I feel like he is more and morefamiliar?” The other exceptional talents were all extremely shocked. He was Huang? Immortal Palace’sinheritor and Shi Hao stood facing each other. There was quite a bit of distance betweenthem. Both sides maintained their silence, neither of them taking action again. Suddenly,the void trembled. A branch thrashed over, warping space as it swept across like a divinewhip. Even though Immortal Palace’s inheritor quickly evaded, he was still struck by the tip ofthe branch and sent flying out. Blood continuously flew out from his mouth. This left them allshocked. Why did something like this suddenly happen? The great halberd shone. Immortal Palace’sinheritor sliced open the void and stepped inside, thus disappearing from this place. Shi Hao and theGreat Demonic God activated their lightning power,.

And then they disappeared from this place. Itwas incredibly noisy at the entrance of the secret realm. News was quickly spreading, andeveryone was discussing this passionately. The Devil Blood Ghost Tree’s unexpected appearance,as well as the disruption made everyone shocked, but also puzzled. Why was it not affected bythe secret realm’s regulations? Not far away, there was a spiritual spring that releasedspiritual essence in spirals, as if pure white immortal energy was pervading the air. Shi Hao satinside, washing away his bloodstains and using the spiritual spring to help his body recover. “Child,there’s nothing wrong, right?” Grandpa Fifteen was protecting him by the side. When he saw thatShi Hao finally opened his eyes, he asked this. “Grandpa, don’t worry. I am perfectly okay.”Shi Hao stood up. His pair of tattered fists had.

Already recovered. When he clenched them, theywere sparkling and translucent. “That person’s magical force was like a sea, already reachingthe consummate level of the supreme expert realm. If he didn’t purposely suppress it, he wouldhave long become a divine flame expert. Before your cultivation becomes high enough,it is best if you do not fight with him again.” Grandpa Fifteen warned. During these past fewdays, they picked many spiritual medicines. If they took them all out, they wouldform a huge pile of flowing colors. The medicinal fragrance would be sostrong it would leave one intoxicated. “Grandfather, this is extremely important.You have to restore your natural laws and reconstruct your great cultivations realms. Itwill be extremely helpful for you.” Shi Hao said..

Grandpa Fifteen obtained the Demonic Sovereign’sblood, which cleansed his physical body and refined his primordial spirit. He onlyabsorbed a small amount of the divine essence. There was still a large amount that wassealed inside of his flesh and bones. This time, Shi Hao had his grandfather reconstructseveral great cultivation realms to help him unleash even more of his potential, drawing outmore of the Demonic Sovereign blood’s essence. Moreover, he himself had to reconstruct theSpiritual Transformation Realm! Even though he had said before that the Heavenly PassageRealm was the most important and reconstructing this realm alone was enough, that was because hedidn’t have enough spiritual medicines back then. Now that he had so much, what was the point ofsaving them?Medicinal fragrance wafted through.

The air. Sparkling green spiders floated up anddown, old ginseng flowed with spiritual essence, a meter long silver centipede shone like a dragon…this was a large pot of medicine. It could be said that it was quite extravagant, because there wasalso the holy medicine golden ginseng inside. Normally, even great sects would only usethem for their most precious core disciples. Meanwhile, if the grandfather andgrandson weren’t in the higher realms, there was absolutely no way for them to gather somany rare plants, divine bugs, and other things. But here, they could satisfy all of theirwishes and reconstruct their dao bodies. Grandpa Fifteen sat within the cauldron,bathing within the precious liquid. He began his isolation training. Meanwhile, on theother side, Shi Hao was going to begin as well. He.

Took out a sparkling purple bone cauldron, the onehe had seized from the Scarlet Feather Crane Race. It was also a divine level medicinal cauldron. Alltypes of spiritual medicines were placed inside, and there were many many ancient bugs aswell that floated within the cauldron. However, there was no fishy stench, butinstead a surging spiritual essence. These were all descendants of divine bugs. Anhour later, the cauldron’s liquid began to boil. The medicinal liquid turned into a sparklingpaste. Shi Hao sat inside and began to refine his body, reconstructing his dao self. The SpiritualTransformation Realm was divided into three stages: flesh into spirit, reconstruction of thetrue self, and heavenly passage nurturing spirit. A night later, Shi Hao sighed. On the cultivationof flesh, he had already reached the pinnacle..

Reconstructing his body like this indeedstrengthened his constitution a bit further, making it shine even more brilliantly. However,it wasn’t like in the past where it underwent a great transformation, as if it was reborn. “Itwas me who was too greedy. How can one person always undergo rebirth? If that was the case,wouldn’t they become invincible?” Shi Hao laughed. If one could always transform and continuouslyundergo rebirth, becoming stronger and stronger, then one would definitely become a sovereignof this world. No one would be that person’s opponent in all of the nine heavens and tenthearth. This wasn’t realistic! A heavenly silkworm abandoned its outer self, breaking through itscocoon to become a butterfly, but that was a single transformation that was sufficient.”Suddenly, Shi Hao began to mutter to himself..

He thought a few methods that might allow himto undergo another rebirth, one similar to a snake shedding its skin and a silkworm turninginto a butterfly.“It’s not like there is no way, only, it will be extremely difficult tomake it out of it alive” He said softly. Willow Deity had said before that thedisappearance of supreme being bone and true blood was just like cutting a chinese leek,or like the withering and regrowing of plants. They would become even more ‘sturdy’ afterwards.Perhaps I can try this type of method!”Shi Hao was stirred up. His eyes erupted withdivine multicolored light. The second time, after suffering Immortal Palace’s green rust curseand lost his true bone, it was just as terrifying. He had died for an entire year. The entireworld thought that he had already passed away..

Even now, the primordial supreme blood did notshow any vitality, still dried up and withered. Doing this was just too dangerous. He made itthrough the first two times, but that didn’t mean that the third or fourth would go as smoothly.This path was truly one of nine deaths and one life! The Spiritual Transformation Realm’s laststage was the most mysterious process. It was the same as natural luck and life, seizing the world’smost extreme and ever changing mysteries. However, in the end, he had to regain these life imprintsand couldn’t have any more spiritual bodies. It was clear that he needed an extremelyhigh cultivation realm. Extreme and changing, ultimately becoming his own true body! Thiswas an extremely strange transformation! Then, the surface of Shi Hao’s body shone. Smallcauldrons covered every inch of his flesh,.

Protecting his body. Meanwhile, he himself seemedto have turned into a cauldron that was suffused with the aura of the great dao. In the nextmoment, Shi Hao’s essence energy changed again, changing from the flesh to spirit. Everythingglistened brilliantly. Within his flesh and divine senses, patterns took form, creating immortalswords one after another. Then, he immediately erupted with power. With a raise of his handor feet, great strength was released. It was as if his body was a heavenly sword flying throughthe sky. Under his exterior and inside his body, endless small swords were moving about like blood.This was produced by divine light and patterns. He himself seemed to have turned into an immortalsword! Then, a long and drawn out bell sound sounded from within his body. The small swordsturned into dao bells. Endless small golden bells.

Gathered together, swirling within his body andalong its surface. He continuously transformed, but this could actually be considered a great artof both offense and defense! Several days later, Grandpa Fifteen emerged from his isolation.Scarlet radiance shone brilliantly. His inner potential was opened, changing all of his whitehair towards becoming jet black again!However, Shi Hao didn’t emerge. He was immersed in hisown world, transforming himself again and again. An earthen colored little bird dropped onGrandpa Fifteen’s shoulder. It chirped with jiu jiu sounds, giving it information. This wasan auspicious bird that they tamed. Out of fear of missing out on the time limit of this secretrealm, they subdued a few rare birds and had them monitor the situation inside the secret realm.These birds reported back from time to time..

After so many days passed, even though a fewgreat events happened in the outside world, with exceptional talents falling and deities dying,the place of inheritance still never opened. Grandpa Fifteen sat down, standing guard forhis grandson and calmly waiting for him to come out of isolation. Finally, after Shi Haounderwent who knew how many transformations, he reached the very end of the SpiritualTransformation Realm path!He could produce cauldrons, immortal swords, heavenly pagodas,dao bells there were endless transformations. He opened his eyes. They were deep and powerful.There was a dao bell rumbling within his pupils, immortal swords hacking about, and ancientcauldrons releasing chaotic energy. The world’s profound mysteries were completelydisplayed. Then, everything became calm again. Shi.

Hao calmed down. Even though there wasn’t a truemarital dao heavenly eye yet, he now had clues. He felt that sooner or later, there wouldbe a day when he would be able to open one. The grandfather and grandson duo got up.Their benefits this time were enormous. It was because they came from the lower realm.Now that they completely fixed their deficient natural laws and reconstructed their bodies, theyharmonized more with the higher realms, and their bodies became a level stronger too. “Origin SkySupreme Being’s inheritance hadn’t appeared yet. It is better if we use this period of time tocontinue our isolation training and increase our strength.” Shi Hao suggested. This spiritual realmwas rich with spiritual essence and old medicines. It was perfect for reconstructing the self andcultivating all of the cultivations realms again..

The Great Demonic God nodded. This secret realmhad exceptional talents like Immortal Palace’s inheritor as well as powerful creatures thatignited their divine flames. It was full of danger. Once the struggle for the supreme beinginheritance began, it would definitely be an event filled with blood. Power was the most importantthing. They got up and silently walked over. They saw… a rabbit! This was a palm-sized snowwhite little rabbit. It didn’t have a single blotch of different colored fur, sparkling andtranslucent, white like jade. Its eyes were like rubies. It was full of spiritual essence. At thismoment, it was currently hugging a purple colored radish, no, it was more correct to call the thingit was nibbling on a purple golden ginseng.“Aiya, rabbit… you really are a wastrel. This plantthat is almost a holy medicine is being wasted!”.

Shi Hao stamped his feet. They were soclose, yet he didn’t discover it before. That was a purple golden ginseng, one with atleast ten thousand years of age and was about to become holy medicine. It was clear that thisrabbit was scared. With a ba ji sound, it threw away the purple golden ‘radish’ and jumped highinto the air. It began to beat its own chest in an extremely alarmed and careful manner. It blinkedits large ruby eyes and looked towards Shi Hao. “This rabbit is not ordinary.” Grandpa Fifteensaid in a soft voice. Shi Hao nodded. Just how rich of a spiritual essence could it endure forit to be able to chew on a purple golden ginseng like a radish? It was definitely not an ordinarycreature.“Even though it doesn’t look that large, cooking it as stew shouldn’t be bad. Right,does rabbit meat taste good?” Shi Hao asked.

His grandfather. “It depends on what kind ofrabbit. This one most likely will taste good.” The Great Demonic God said. It was becausethis one was full of spiritual essence. Its body was shining, and there was a faintwhite mist curling about it like immortal energy. “you are the devil king — Huang!”“Idon’t taste good, too skinny, all bones. You can’t even chew through me!” It began toplead pitifully.“Why is this rabbit a bit strange? I feel like it is several timesstronger than regular supreme experts. Don’t tell me that it is dressed up as a pig toeat a tiger?” Grandpa Fifteen asked. “I also feel like it is quite weird. Could it be that itwants to eat us? Why don’t we eat it first.” Shi Hao revealed his snow-white teeth, givingthis little rabbit quite the fright.Aiya,.

Don’t eat me!” When it saw that they were catchingup, the little rabbit tossed the ‘purple golden radish’ away. Its red eyes were widened as ityelled pitifully, “I really do not taste good!” It looked like it was so scared it was going tocry. Shi Hao instead looked more interested. “What kind of background do you have exactly?”“I…Am a Lunar Jade Rabbit.” It said softly. It then turned into human form, turning into aten or so year old little girl. Her white hair was like snow, and her red eyes were like gemstones,clear and lovely. Shi Hao was shocked. This was an… exceptional talent!Taotie, Golden Luan, LunarJade Rabbit, Black Orchid, and others all came. They were the exceptional talents of their uniqueraces, and he unexpectedly met one here. However, this little girl was just too weak looking. SHiHao and Grandpa Fifteen were speechless. The.

Exceptional talents they met were all cold andruthless, all of them taking action viciously. Now, however, they encountered this typeof rabbit. “Even someone like you dares to come inside the secret realm to look for naturalluck?” Shi Hao said. “I came while impersonating my older sister…” The little girl seemed ratherembarrassed. She then added, “I only wanted to come here to look. I wasn’t going to fight againstthe others.”“Alright, just keep eating your radish then.” She Hao didn’t want to talk to her aboutanything else. This was clearly a pure little fella. Being able to survive this far was quitesomething in itself. “I am not eating a radish!” The little girl became angry and grumbled, “I onlyeat purple golden ginseng and spiritual medicines. Also, don’t look down on me. My cultivation mightbe weaker than yours, but I just didn’t learn any.

Attack techniques yet and am still consolidatingmy foundations. In the future…” When she saw Shi Hao reveal his teeth, the little girl grabbedthe radish and ran for her life. When she pulled open some distance and saw that he didn’tchase after her, she angrily waved her fists. “Just go. There aren’t many people who are kindlike me. If anyone else sees you, they will most likely eat you.” only you would think about eatingme after seeing me. No one else even noticed me!” The little girl was discontent. Shi Hao became abit embarrassed. He stared at her to frighten her. The Lunar Jade Hare race was extremely unordinary.Their numbers were few. When their race’s experts died, they would turn into moons and lightup the night sky. It was extremely heaven defying. The little girl’s divine senses werepowerful, able to flee preemptively from danger..

That was why she was able to move around likea fish in water inside this chaotic place. This Video Will End Here…Thank you for Watching….

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