Immortal Lives By Remodeling Into Things That Dies Discontinuance to It

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An orb, known only as “It”, is released ontothe Earth with no identity or emotions. It has the ability to change its shapeand imitate anything that exists, yet it has no specific form of its own.At first, it was a rock until the surroundings grew warmer and took the form of moss.When winter arrives, an injured white wolf dies on the moss. It takes its form next.Without knowing how to walk, It stumbles before eventually replicating the wolf’s behavior.Unfortunately, It also copied the wolf’s injury – the first discomfort and pain Itexperiences. It’s no big deal because the wound healed within twenty seconds.It starts wandering aimlessly, experiencing the scent of the snowand the cold wind for the first time..

–The wolf arrives at a ghost town where an abandoned white-haired boy lives.“Joaan! You’re finally back,” the boy yells upon seeing It. Of course, he doesn’t see It forwhat it truly is, he just sees it as his wolf. His beloved Joaan.This boy was the wolf’s master, and he goes on about how worried he was since thewolf was gone for two months. The boy hugs It, happy that his companion didn’t forget him.Inside the small shack, It encounters more unfamiliar things. Everything about this isdifferent and alluring. If the wolf could speak, it would have said it wanted to stay here forever.As the night gets deeper, the boy ties Joaan to his wrist and gets into bed. The wolf laysdown and sleeps beside the first person It.

Has ever met.– The next day, the boy looks outside and talks toJoaan. He tells him about the people he used to live with who all went to find a “paradise.”They say that in Paradise, there are plenty of fish and even tasty stuff called ‘fruit’!Smiling, the boy reminisces about how he tried to go with the grown-ups, but the wolf held himback by biting his leg. As a result, he had to stay behind and watch over the older folks.His people said they’d return with gifts once they found paradise. But it’s been fiveyears, and no one has returned. He stares at the small tombs he made for the elderly.Now, he and Joaan are all that exist there. Suddenly, the chime-like shells he set up byhis front door rattle. The boy perks up, and he.

Promptly runs towards it. Could it be? Is someonefinally there?! He begs quietly for this before finally opening the door. With an enthusiasticwelcome, the boy smiles at his empty house. His still-empty house.Disappointment settles in him as the rattling continues. He checks on theline and realizes it’s just a fish. He brings it home and slices its head off,giving it to Joaan. The wolf stares at the fish, curiously sniffing it. The boythinks the wolf must’ve forgotten how to eat it, so he shows him how.He munches on the fish meat he’s holding, showing his empty mouth to the wolf afterswallowing. Joaan imitates him, then opens his mouth after, catching the boy off guard.After dinner, the boy starts drawing faces.

On his wall. They’re his relatives andneighbours, he says. He wants to make sure he doesn’t forget that other people were here.He then talks about his plan to leave the place, too. In the following days,they work hard to prepare for the journey and set off once they’re ready.As they walk, the boy recalls when his uncle told him to go straight and head south. Soon, he’ll seea wall-like mountain. And beyond that is paradise! Suddenly, he sees a small rock with anarrow mark. This “message” excites him, thinking it’s for people heading to “paradise.”At night, they set up camp. The boy talks to Joaan again, asking if the animal knows whatvegetables are. He thinks about not understanding what “sweet” tastes like, even if he had askedhis uncle about the taste of fruit before..

He’s so excited to try one. “It’ll bethe ultimate freedom!” he exclaims, as he stares at the starry sky.They continue walking, only stopping at night to eat and rest. The boy is thrilledwhenever they find another rock with an arrow, thinking they’re closer to their destination.When the snow starts falling heavily, the boy hears Joaan whimper and tells himtheir journey has just begun. Suddenly, he spots a small leafless tree, which makes himhappy as he thinks they’re close to the mountain. He takes the small branches to use for firewoodand sees another rock. As he walks towards it, the ice breaks, and he falls into the water.That does nothing to deter his enthusiasm, though! He gets up and tells Joaan it’sgood that there’s a river. They can catch.

Fish! The wolf stares at him as he realizes thebranches broke from his fall and pierced his leg. That night, he wraps his wounded legand assures Joaan that he’s okay. He says it’ll be embarrassing to go back, so they’llcontinue walking as long as they have strength. –Unfortunately, a snowstorm throws a wrench in the boy’s plans,making their journey more arduous than it needed to be. As they brave through the cold winds,the boy tries to convince Joaan – or maybe himself – that they can’t give up just becausethey don’t know if the others are still alive. He thinks it’d be foolish to return now sincethey’d just rot away with his house. The boy still believes his people are now living great lives.When he spots another rock, he limps towards.

It and wipes the snow away.A bloodied ‘X’ over the arrow, with the wrecked wooden carts and scatteredtombs nearby. His heart shatters, and reality is starting to beckon him. Still, he fights againstit and feigns optimism, saying it’s evidence that people were there. But in the end, he can’t holdback his tears anymore. His heart weighs heavy in his chest, so heavy that he drops to his knees.“Will we make it?!” He asks Joaan, begging him to answer like he always has. When he receivesnone, he slowly says that’s right. Joaan can’t respond to him. He’s only been talking to himselfall along. The boy breaks down, crying, cursing, and punching the ground. All he’s done is believein the world. And this is all that it had for him? Soon enough, he slowly gathers his bearingsand forces a smile for Joaan. He apologizes to.

Him. Even though he’s had him for a long time,he’s still saying these things. The boy hugs his companion and whispers they should go back.Their journey was all for nothing. The boy sobs harder when they arrive home.– Joaan watches him that night as he strugglesto get up from bed and prepare their food. After eating, he tells the wolf theywill try again once his leg heals. But his condition worsens, and that same night,the wolf gets woken up when he falls from the bed. He slowly makes his way to sit on the chair.He says it’d be embarrassing if he’s sleeping when everyone returns, so he chooses the spotwhere he looks best – his chair. “Because determination is what makes me cool,” heforces out, as he puts his gloves on. To.

Make himself look ready as he always is.The boy’s face is red, his eyes are heavy, but they never lost his light. Slowly,he looks back at his beloved companion. “Joaan, I have a request to make of you,”he says weakly, yet with the same softness he’s always had. “Remember me… Forever.”With a smile, the boy leans back in his chair, before gradually losing consciousness. Joaanwatches him for a while, and eventually, he falls to the floor. He takes theboy’s hood between his teeth, trying to pull him up, but he’s not strong enough.Suddenly, Joaan collapses with a whimper, and he—no, It—begins to take on the boy’s form.Time passes, and the boy can be seen walking out of his door with a bright smile. He’s readyto head out to paradise one more time! But.

When he looks forward, he sees him. Joaan!And behind him are all the villagers! The boy is so happy that everyone’s been waitingfor him! They journey once more to Paradise, and he’s glad that he won’t be alone anymore.Now, he can do his best! It takes a while, but he finally meets the other people in paradise.He has so many questions! What’s the place like? Do they know about this thing called fruit?“Hello! It’s nice to meet you! My name is…” And thus, the vision of the nameless boy fades.He’s still dead. But his body is no longer on the floor. He’s sat on his chair again, while It—whohas taken his form—staggers away from the boy, and out into the door. It takes one lastlook at him, its red eye turning pale green. Thus, it acquired the form of a human.Conditions must be met to obtain a new.

Form. It needs stimulation, so now, itsets out to seek an even stronger stimulus. [2]It gains knowledge, and through stimulation, it can replicate that information.It was previously a rock and a wolf. Therefore, It knows nothing about being human.So as It walked southward, it soiled itself. It hadn’t eaten or drunk, so It died.But death is just a change in state for It. It happened five more times, but It regenerated eachtime. The first regeneration took five days but could soon resuscitate itself in twelve hours.Creepy, huh? But it’s okay because pain promotes growth. None of its deaths are wasted.As It reaches what the nameless boy called paradise, a gigantic bear withspines eats him. It has died. Again..

No biggie.– Somewhere in Ninannah, a girl namedMarch dreams of becoming an adult. One day, while playing house, she seesone of the girls who just had her facial paint removed. In Ninannah customs,children wear dark paint on their faces. When they reach adulthood, it’s removed.As March watches her, Parona, her friend but more like an older sister, arrives with a gift. Thegirl takes the crab doll from her and hands back balls of mud, the “food” for her “family.”Parona plays along, pretending to eat them. When her parents arrive, they thank Parona forlooking after her. She tells them it’s alright, as the younger brings her comfort.–.

That afternoon, March’s parentstease her that she’ll become a grown-up only when she stops wetting thebed and after sleeping 3,000 times more. March rants about how she wants to bean adult to become a mom. The girl next door has become a grown-up! The onlychildren left in the village are her, her little sister Lisa, and her friend Lalah.Her dad tells her she can’t become a grown-up if she doesn’t behave.– The next day, a signal goes off in theirvillage. Parona takes March into the forest to play. But before they can walk any further,Hayase, the official from Yanome, stops them. She knows that Parona’s trying to take March awayfrom the village – because Parona knows what will.

Happen.– Yearly, a pure girl is picked by the Yanomepeople as the gratitude offering to the Spirit Bear Oniguma, said to bring peaceand prosperity to the Ninannah region. The villagers look grim as an old womanchecks on the little girls and picks March. After the ceremony, people congratulateMarch and her parents. Unaware of what’s actually happening, she feels elated by therecognition. Not until they arrive at their house and her parents cry on their knees.March asks what’s wrong when Hayase arrives, casually telling her she’lldie as a sacrifice to Oniguma. Hayase introduces herself. She’ll look afterher until the ritual is complete. She quickly.

Shoves March’s father away because no menmay come near her. She can’t be tarnished. Hayase explains their schedule: A banquet will beheld the day before they leave so her family can bid their goodbyes. Three days will then be spentclimbing the mountain. She assures March’s parents that they’ll travel safely…It’s no use, of course. The woman finishes by saying they’ll leave Marchasleep atop a mountain before Oniguma arrives. Her remains (if any) will be retrieved after ayear and returned to her parents. How lovely. –March declares she doesn’t want to die. Hayase nonchalantly acknowledgesher misfortune, and the child throws a fit. Everyone outside hears her and feelssorry. But March’s tantrum is stopped by.

Her father. He forces a pained smileand tells his daughter to behave. The ritual proceeds, and the villagers visitMarch, bearing gifts. Lalah gives her a flower clip, telling her to wear it on her last day.Later, March does her thing by the river. Hayase warns her that she’s keeping an eyeon her until the final day to ensure she’s in pristine condition. If she ever triesto flee, Lalah will die in her place. If Lalah does the same, they’ll go for the onethat can’t run away – her baby sister Lisa. –The day to leave for the mountains arrives. March’s parents sob as they bid farewell.The little girl waves goodbye as she’s taken away, but she notices Parona doesn’t even glance at her.–.

During the trip, Hayase comforts Marchwith a saying: “The world beyond death is one of freedom.” There, she canbecome the grown-up she couldn’t be. Suddenly, an arrow flies from adistance and hits Hayase. March takes this as an opportunity to escape.She runs through the forest and trips, falling straight into the water. She looks ather reflection, apologizing to her father for not behaving. After returning to her senses,March finds an eyeball under her hand. When she tries to hold it up, it movesand connects to a boy’s mangled body. Two soldiers chasing her sees her.Before they can take March again, they see the emerging monster-like body and flee.March watches as the body “heals” itself. The.

White-haired boy, It, has regenerated again.March startles when their eyes meet, but the boy just walks away, leaving her dumbfounded.But even if that first encounter seems scary, she follows him.– March walks beside the boy, asking him what he is.She recalls seeing a bug that was stepped on come back to life. It’s called imm… im…Immortal! After introducing herself and still notgetting any answer, March yells and asks if he can’t talk. The boy suddenly stopswalking and looks up at a fruit on a tree. March follows his gaze and tells him she’s goodat climbing trees. She’ll pick some for them! She tries to hand him the fruit and is shocked whenIt launches himself and eats like… well, a dog..

The little girl thinks he’s pitiful.Did his parents not teach him?? She tries teaching him, but it’s futile.March picks more fruits for herself, but the boy steals the food from her every timeshe descends the tree. After repeated attempts, the little girl bursts into tears. She climbs thetree again and just starts tossing the fruits. The boy eats like the wolf he used to be.– March fondly looks at the boy as his eyeschange from green to purple. She gets off the tree and lets him eat the fruit in herhand. She teaches him how to thank someone, holding his mouth and making himmouth out: “a-ri-ga-to-u.” with her. However, the boy takes his face fromMarch’s grip and walks away. She follows.

And sees him sleeping, so she eats onthe side and eventually falls asleep. March dreams of reuniting with her parents. But itbecomes a nightmare when she sees Lisa and Lalah take her place. Parona and the other villagersalso appear, blaming her for running away. When she awakens, it’s already dark. Shestarts crying and leaves the boy behind. –When the boy wakes up in the morning, he finds March again. She asks why he’s followingher but realizes he wants food again. She tosses a few fruits to him, but he still follows her.– [3]As March has always dreamed of becoming a mom, she gets excitedat the thought of the boy following her like she’s.

His mom. She says, “I’m not your mommy, you know!”She extends her hands, teaching him how to hold the fruit again, to no avail. She tries to askthe boy again where he’s from, but he ignores her, so March thinks of a name for him.Since he is immortal, “Fujimi” may be a good name. March ponders and tries toshorten it: Fuji-san? Fushi-san? Fu-chan? The boy continues eating asMarch introduces her crab doll. –In another part of the forest, two soldiers watch over Parona, the attackerfrom earlier, while Hayase and the rest look for March. She planned to fake March’s deathand take her away but was caught by Hayase. Parona tries to free herself byusing a weapon she hid in her shoe..

As she cuts the rope, they hear a loud noise, andthe soldiers look up to find Oniguma, the huge bear with spines. It eats one of the soldiers.Parona almost gets caught too, but successfully escapes. She tries to shoot an arrowbut fails and falls off a cliff. Just as she thinks of March, Hayase and thesoldiers find the little girl with Fushi. –March tosses a fruit to him one last time, joking as she says, “Mommy’s going now!”She shouts, “arigatou!” making Fushi look up and watch as she cries while being taken away.Fushi may be human, but his characteristics are still that of a wolf. Most animals can’t choosetheir own environments. Therefore, to adapt, they need to change themselves. March may have startedthe change that the boy required – emotion..

–As Parona discovers traces of fruits, she spots the boy and asks him if he has seen a little girl.Clueless Fushi only looks at her and walks away without a word. Confused, Parona watcheshim and sees the altar in the distance. –Upon returning to the main path, Hayase hands March a weird-tastingblack cube to eat to induce her sleep. Hayase asks who the boy is, and March lies, sayinghe’s a traveler. One of the soldiers calls her out and says it was the monster they saw yesterday.Just then, the soldier that survived Oniguma’s attack relays the news to them. The others brushhim off as Oniguma’s supposedly just a legend. Hayase decides they should head straight tothe altar to complete the ritual even though.

The soldiers proposed returning to the villagebecause they fear the “monster” and the bear. –March finishes the cube and immediately falls asleep. Hayase carriesher on her back to the top of the mountain. They paint her face and place her on the altar aftertaking the remains of the previous sacrifice. Throughout the process, March decides not tobecome a grown-up anymore. Her nightmare must’ve stuck to her as she thinks this choice is forthe best. Hayase tells her it’s commendable, and the little girl falls back into a deep slumber.They tightly tie her arms and feet, surrounding her with flowers and fruits.– Before Hayase and the soldiers leave, theyhear a rumbling sound from the forest..

To Hayase’s surprise, Parona arrives atthe same time as Oniguma and rushes to take March off the altar. A soldier triesto stop her, but Hayase holds him back. With this, they’ll have two sacrifices!Parona struggles to cut the ropes as she tries to wake the little girl. As Onigumaapproaches them, she yells, “If you want to become a grown-up, that’s your decision to make!”Parona shields March’s body with hers as the bear claws at them. Hayase smugly tells the soldiersit’s time to go, reminding them to lock the gates. As they walk out, Fushi shows up.– Hayase and her team climb the walls to watchand see Oniguma gobbling up Fushi’s head. The boy, supposedly dead by now, slowlystands up and pushes himself off Oniguma..

As his body flies to the other side, theheadless boy gets up but is immediately struck by the bear again. However, he landson his feet and transforms into a wolf. –Everyone watches in disbelief as the wolf attacks Oniguma. The humongous bear dodgesit, but it’s no match for something immortal. Fushi’s wounds heal quickly, and he bites offOniguma’s nose, sending the bear into fury. As the spectacle happens, a maniacal grin appearson Hayase’s face. Is this an act of the gods? –When the fight is over, Parona rushes toward March. Hayase and thesoldiers return, surprising Parona as they free the little girl. She explains that they’llreport the ritual was a success and March has.

Died. But in exchange, both of them, the bear andthe wolf, will be taken away to Yanome instead. –Suddenly, Fushi walks toward March. The amused little girl calls the fierce wolf “puppy”and asks if it’s hungry, offering the fruit she’s holding. But as she sits on Parona’s lap, thefruit drops on the ground when the older panics. To everyone’s surprise, the wolf eats it andlooks up at March. Fushi, the boy-turned-wolf, their savior, slowly opens his mouth. Stilla wolf, he tells March, “A-ri-ga-to-u!” A rock, then moss, then a wolf, thena boy. Fushi has already had many experiences in his short existence, butthis is just the start of his journey.

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