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The previous episode of Immortality has been explained, if you haven't seen it, go and watch it. In the beginning of this episode, we see that Fan Khan and the girl are going to Chuan Gan Academy, then Hifajahan stops at a place and sees the girl. Says to little sister are you making me join the class then that girl drags him away and they go to a place where he is fanning the wall then we see that They both believe the wall and are going to enter the academy, then they see some disciples going ahead, then they become silent at a place and then they come to a place and there they lift the little girl up and lie down . The girl climbs inside and tells the storm that everything is fine inside.

The girl says that you do not have to speak to anyone for all these things here, then when they reach a place, then they tell her to speak a little slowly and only then they let us hear something in the background that someone there When she is giving a speech, then the little girl's box which she is carrying collides at one place due to which there is a sound, then we see Jiang, who is sitting at another place, then she gets a little shock, only then there A girl sitting is telling that now all of you students are in Inner Immortal Academy, so you have fun here and only then there and those little boys both say to each other that are you feeling good here, only then we see the eyes. who is thinking something here and in the background the same girl is giving some speech the family and that little girl are standing there watching the storm says luckily brother Jilan.

Was there in al he The teacher is telling her student there that there is no difference between kung fu and our technique, we are teaching only, standing there thinking that earlier I had taught yohan spirit art formula and I feel like sister I can explore what GLN is telling but I will have to listen to Gain's speech here because I also have to learn all this now the girl says let's play together it's all in me then suddenly there sister Jialan If there is caste then only sister Jai hai while taking bath says to double your work today or make her listen . Says if I have done something wrong then Jeevan there says that you follow me and then she tells the family that you will have to work very hard to pass the inner far toast saying this much she.

Seems to be fine from there Hai Sister Jilan then we see that she seems to be dying from there with the little girl then she turns back and says when I come again we will play with you then we see the one who is thinking that I should also become an inner disciple No matter how hard I have to work for it, only then Yasin changes here. I am shown the next scene where Jiangcom A is coming, only then I have to block his way. And make yourself powerful, then what are you doing here, only then we see, he gets angry and he says that you attacked me many times with flying shots in the day, then you have to say something about it. Yes, you can kill me, only then Ji says that I have a silver shot in my hand, if I want, I can kill you here, but I am letting you live. Irfan Khan tells him that you cannot kill me.

Because you If you are very weak or want to put your hand to your Seven Evil God by saying Phangan, then don't be so careless seeing him, because on the night of being disappointed, you trust him with the Treasure of the Demon God, don't you feel ashamed, only then it says there that You feel like you know that I still need to do this to the stranger, only then he says that it is okay now, if such people have dinner, then he should become a disciple or by saying that he secretly takes his hand behind and places his hand there. By using power, Farhan attacks Fanghan, but Farhan blames his attack and goes ahead, then he says that you will not consume him here, to the Evil Ghat Treasure, then Khandaan says as you say, after listening to this thing of brinjal. He says that now you will not be saved or what to do, he attacks him, then we see that Farhan is doing golden body here and lower technique and there he is holding his attack with his own hand.

Seeing whom he gets very nervous and then we see that he destroys him from here and there . He also uses the lotion technique on his gym and attacks him, creates a send here to stop the attack of the storm, but only then he is attacking him repeatedly in the field, due to which he is in a lot of trouble. Sangan is standing there, then by using his full strength, he hits five there, due to which he destroys the field there and takes five and he goes and falls away, due to which his condition is very bad. That's why the family attacks him again without thinking and attacks him near his garden, due to which his condition becomes worse, then this family is about to kill him, so he starts eating the courtyard.

Here . You are doing him of Dhiman power, if you don't do him of this power then you can't defeat me or after hearing this, Khandaan gets very angry, then Khandaan picks him up and gives him the reader again there and hits him very fast. Because of which he falls too much tanker away then the family says to him you will tell here what you can do I am in front of you you show what you can do you will kill me here so this is happening to you what you did He was a b-boy over there in the desert, you are getting the fruits of it here today that I am not like you, I am less late with a cold mind, but don't ask for Neha here, what will I say. Hai ki bano be honest and do your bit by yourself look into my eyes doing here he leaves from there courtyard going there he says you killed sister mo and you left your friends and joined them big.

Things Was and its result is now in front of you do you think you can back here what is the matter Jiya's eyes get very angry after hearing that and there he is scribbling his hand on the ground and calling Fankhan's name there After which Yasin is not recognized I am shown wrong scene TN Jin master has brother fan standing and then there he says girl master says now how can I return the disciple like Hanuman ji in eyes and It will not be right to fight at this time, at this time we have to fight against those demons together and here we can't beat it with all the head of human, so I am waiting for this, saying this or the scene changes here. The next scene is shown where Jeans Tiger's father is standing and Jeans is crying over there.

Child, why did you do this, only then the jeans type that I am afraid that I am not with you, then someone can defeat you, then remove the jeans and the father says, become powerful and help us in fighting the demons, then he starts doing it alive. That if there was no strong advance there, I would not be here now, then Jeans Tight tells and says that you will stay in this now or by saying that the young man goes towards the mountain, seeing which Jeans Tight runs very fast. Looks and says father don't wait for me, don't, then jeans, Tiger's father leaves from there, after which Yasin changes here, we are shown Farhan who will be there, watching him leave and he It is said that for tight jeans, a very appropriate punishment has been given, only then the family.

Thinks about its immortal punishment, only then it starts eating that the next test is coming soon, so I have to make myself very powerful because demons and humans The fight is about to start and it is very dangerous because of this the short comes out and with this or the episode ends here if you like this video then definitely subscribe to the channel do it

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