Impossible Anecdote: Bollywood Actor’s Unexpected Resolution with his Mercedes Automotive! 😱🤔

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There was a time when only 8 people in India hada Mercedes car, at that time a famous Bollywood actor destroyed his Mercedes car just to make ascene perfect in the shooting of his film. Who was that actor? Before knowing this, please likemy video and subscribe to my channel. The actor who broke his Mercedes car for the shootingof a scene, the name of that actor is Firoz Khan. Sacrificed his Mercedes car After the scenewas over, he gave the car to his driver and said that if you sell this car in this condition, itwill easily cover the expenses of your daughter's marriage. Actually in those days that driver'sdaughter was about to get married and that's why Feroze Khan helped that driver and not only this,his Qurbani film became such a big hit as soon as it was released, the first note counting machinein India was also Feroze Khan. It is said that.

After the success of the film Qurbani, Feroz Khanbecame the owner of not one but four Mercedes.

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