In 2043, North The US Started World War III and Carry out an Military of 1000 Children

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What is up you guys we are back with yet another amazing movie and today's movie starts with a mother and daughter Duo niska and wasisi and yes that is their names and they're walking through the woods in search of food while CeCe sees a bird but instead of killing it and eating it with her mom she talks to the bird and the bird just flies away they.

Then kept walking through the woods in search of more birds or any animal that they can hunt but while CC accidentally steps on a bear trap her mother helps her with the Trap and she carries her back to their home or should I say trailer and in their trailer her mother didn't really have any medication and while CeCe was already getting a fever.

Because her feet was getting infected and even before while CeCe could spend the night sleeping in her trailer all of a sudden they hear something that sounds really familiar niska walks out with her rifle and it was apparently some kind of drone and she manages to shoot it down but then she rushes back to the trailer and she tells what's easy that they need.

To leave and they burn down the trailer before leaving and even though while CC's leg is injured and she's infected they walk on foot for a while but when they get to the city we witness that it's almost completely destroyed almost as if it was destroyed and abandoned on purpose after they get there we also see niska trying to hide ycc because she for.

Some reason didn't want anybody knowing that she was traveling with a child but as they walked through a ghost town we hear some kind of PA system announcing how it's illegal to have miners but niska wasn't the only one in town who had a child as they meet a middle-aged man who also had his son with him the next morning after wasisi and niska.

Spend the night in some abandoned house was easy goes out of the house in the morning as her mom was asleep and the old man's kid takes her to this drone that was shot down ages ago while CeCe was scared to get close to the Drone as she's never really seen a drone up close but the other kid tells her that it's been shot down ages ago and that it's.

Not functional anymore but she tells him that the Drone is breathing and in that instant the Drone lights up and starts is moving and cops show up out of nowhere but why CeCe quickly hides inside a garage but the cops catch the old man and his kid because his kid was only 15 years old seeing this niska realizes that she can't stay here.

Anymore with her daughter and they keep moving they go to niska's old friend Roberta who's helped her in the past before and once they get there we notice how Roberta has gone a little crazy after the military took away her son to the academy and as their conversation goes on we learned that there was a war that almost destroyed everything and.

Killed everyone and they also talk about a place called Emerson apparently Roberta and niska were on the opposite side of this Emerson group and since they've lost the war now they're living under their Administration niska asks Roberta about getting medication for wasisi but Roberta tells her that that's going to be impossible since now all the.

Clinics have guards and checkpoints and since they're no longer citizens they can't really acquire any medication in the morning while CeCe was very very sick and a bunch of guards from the Academy were there to check for minors and niska tried to carry her and Escape but they were everywhere and so she did the only thing she could do pretending.

Not to be wasisi's mother she passed by the guards and told him that there was a minor inside Roberta's house because she knew that the academy had the medication that wasisi needed and it's now been 10 months later and niska is living alone in some abandoned building she still misses her daughter very much but at this point she realizes that there's not.

Much she could do and speaking of her daughter wasisi she's now joined the academy and she's being trained to join their military from this scene we understand that this Emerson group are a bunch of colonizers and they've taken over their land and are now integrating the citizens into their own culture and tradition on our next scene we see niska.

With Randy apparently he's a new friend that she made and he told her before that he had this big surprise to show her and he invited her to this place and when she went over there he secretly tells her that he'd spoke to some guy that got him his citizenship niska doesn't really believe him because it's almost impossible to get citizenship.

There unless you're a child who's been integrated into the Emerson program and if Randy is not lying and he's actually telling the truth this will actually mean that niska can get to see her daughter again and even though she's spectacle niska wants to believe Randy because she no longer has power to do anything to see her daughter again and.

Randy has now given her a glimmer of hope at night as she was sleeping near the academy where her daughter was being held and brainwashed she notices some stray horse in the middle of the field she then goes to it and tries to calm it down and she notices a group of other horses nearby and when she gets close to the group of horses she sees some guy.

With a computer sitting under a tree giving instructions to a bunch of people and when she turns around she notices a bunch of adults smuggling children from the academy she tries to fight them thinking that they're going to do something bad to the children but they overpower her and take her with them they question her as to who she is and.

Where she's from and they're also speaking a very strange language but niska recognizes it as she is part of the same tribe these people that took the children and took her as well are the cree people and even though niska doesn't speak the language well she's still one of them their leader Ida questions her and is very curious about.

Niska and after she asks her a bunch of questions she gets her escorted out of the tent and she refers to her as ogun wikiwin and she tells the rest of the people that they may have found what they were looking for and that their search might be over that very same night as the tribe gathered around the fire telling stories their Elder.

Chachigi has woken up so she can take a look at niska after seeing her up close she tells her that she's the one that they've been looking for and that she is the ogon whiskey with that word ogan richkin translates the guardian and the Elder explains the niska that long ago that they've been told that somebody might come from the north and save them.

From their oppressors and colonizers so that they may once again again live free on their own land just as their ancestors did this tribe decree referred to these soldiers and military people from Emerson as jangos and in the morning the tribe's leader Ida tells niska that they need her to do something and in order to get her to cooperate.

They tell her that they can sneak her daughter out of the academy and all she has to do in return is take all the smuggled children that they have to a place called Big Stone up North but niska is resistant to go up north because she doesn't believe that this big Stone Place exists and she thinks that it's just some kind of myth she.

Also doesn't just want to take her daughter from the academy as she left her there because the academy can provide for her daughter when she didn't even have food to feed her but Ida and Leo tell her that she needs to get her daughter out of the academy fast before the academy assimilates and doctrinates and re-educates her to a point where was.

Cece forgets who she is but hearing this didn't really change niska's mind and she leaves decree free to deal with their own problems meanwhile back at the Academy while CeCe tries to make a run for it but she gets caught and her mother niska who's completely unaware of what's going on and just trying to forget and move on with her life and.

Notices how her entire neighborhood has completely died off because of this virus but before she could stay in mourn the death of her neighbors Randy was there and tells her that he's got everything together and that they can leave this place before all the borders close as they were making their way they meet Roberta and decide to take her with.

Them but they get caught by The djangos Who make them board a bus but before the bus started moving Randy already had a plan to throw a smoke grenade and Escape through the back the plan was a good one and it would have worked but Roberta notices her son Pierre from the window she gets up and tells the jangos that she needs to go see her son but they.

Aimed at repping at her and tell her to sit down and niska calms her down and as soon as they take a seat Randy throws the smoke grenade and runs to the back but Roberta runs to of the front and tries to see her son Pierre and as the djangos were about to shoot her niska comes to her rescue Randy comes back to help niska and he takes out one of the.

Jangos then they all leave the bus and Roberta tries to talk to her son Pierre but apparently just as Ida and Leo told niska a couple days ago the indoctrination at the Academy was so strong that Pierre was completely brainwashed and when he saw his mom he just saw a freeloader who was dirty and gross and he ended up shooting and.

Killing her Pierre was also about to shoot niska but Leo was following her and manages to shoot him before he shoots her Randy also got shot in the process and after things calmed down he asks niska to come with him so they can escape but niska has made up her mind and now she wants to go to Leo to attempt to save her daughter wasisi from.

Being brainwashed just like Pierre was at the Academy wasisi who now goes by Elizabeth is shown a video of how her mother abandoned her to the djangos the Handler who shows her this video has figured out that wasisi is very talented and tries to brainwash her into committing to the Emerson group and after showing her the video and telling.

Her that her own mother abandoned her wasisi becomes incredibly frustrated and she ends up beating up one of the kids at the Academy but thankfully for what CeCe her mother has now rejoined the cree and they plan to break her out that night the cree managed to get inside the academy after hacking their system and they also managed to take more kids.

Along with wasisi but they get found out and an alarm goes off plus the academy figures out what the tribe is hiding and they head over there to subdue them once the djangos get there with their weapons Leo was Cece and niska have also made it to the crease Camp the jangos asked the cree to surrender but the cree were ready to fight to the last man but.

Before any fight ensues wasisi can hear something coming from afar and when they look up it was hundreds of drones that were sent to back up the djangos decree seeing how numbered and outgunned they are didn't even Flinch a bit as they were ready to die for what they believed in and their way of life but suddenly an incredible thing happens as wasisi.

Stretches out her hands and she somehow spiritually communicates with the drones and orders them to come to her side the Django's fearing of being attacked by their own drones all Retreat except for one who sneaks around and shoots niska in the shoulder while he was aiming for wasisi it's here that we understand that niska was indeed the ogon wichuan the.

Guardian to her daughter who was to save her people and lead them to Salvation and that is how our movie comes to an end and if I butchered the Native American words I'm so sorry I'm really new to the Native American language I hope you guys enjoyed this recap make sure to leave a like leave me a comment subscribe to my channel anyways I love.

You all and I promise to see you on my next recap bye

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