(IN 4k) He died conserving two women and receive’s a second likelihood with god-esteem expertise… ep 2

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Hello and welcome back to and I'm Hannah without any delay I'll continue the story after Kane declares his intention to be an adventurer add his debut party the family later gather for some food and his father tells him that he will need to study a lot more if he wants to achieve that goal to help San his father decides to arrange a tutor cyan gets.

Excited as he turns to Sylvia who grins happily for him too he later reads in his room while waiting for his tutor wondering how if they're going to be ripped like an ogre or more Magic based like a witch his thoughts are interrupted when the maid notifies him that his tutor has arrived the kid rushes to the window and uses an instant.

Move spell to get a closer look but he misjudges his bearings and ends up landing on the natural pillows of Millie Nina was standing next to her so she too gets knocked over he apologizes and introduces himself to them the tutors make their way into the house where Millie gets nervous presenting herself on the other hand Nina is short and.

Sweet with her in introduction to the point that her partner rebukes her for being rude to the Nobles cyan notices that Nina is an elf when her hood is removed briefly and gets fascinated his father calms them down affirming that they are his tutor cyan adds to his father's statement and explains that they don't need to be formal when.

Addressing him this puts them at ease as they breathe a sigh of relief garm states that they will teach his son for three years so they should take good care of him he hands him over to them as they go outside to get started right away the student and teachers go to the practice area where they begin with swordsmanship training million strikes.

Him to try a few swings so that they can get a gauge of his level cyan takes his stance and begins some swings Millie is shocked by how refine his skills our DOT Nina makes a cheeky comment that the boy might be better than the teacher this offends Millie who is certain that she wouldn't lose to a five-year-old since cyan is beyond beginner level Millie.

Steps up and suggests that they have a mock battle the young lad charges it or which she blocks but finds it hard to believe that he's five years only cyan confirms that he underwent his baptism couple of days earlier he carries on his bombardment of attacks as Nina comments more on his Keen swordsmanship she asks him if he has the protection of the God.

Of War while keeping his teacher on the back foot cyan turns to his other tutor to verify her assumptions he also comments that his father told him not to let anyone outside the family know Millie can't keep up any longer so she instructs him to stop she admits that she will not be able to last if things kept up at that pace so she suggests.

That he goes to Nina who will start teaching him magic while she takes a break the Mage starts by revealing that she has level 3 protection from the god of magic she wants to start with the basics but Kane tells her that he has already learned all of that he practiced what he read from books and shows her as he conjures a water and Fireball he then.

Finishes the show off by shooting a couple of rock bull it's at the Target but the spell is so powerful that it breaks the Target and the wall behind the tutor looks shocked as he states that it's only these beginner level things he can do for now Nina points out that he just used unchanted magic which is unprecedented because even for one to.

Use shortened forms of incantations it takes intense training so for him to use unchanted magic at such a young age means he must be a genius not to mention that he knows how to use all four elements Nina dropped some Exposition again pointing out that even among the palace Mages of the sage class not one of them can use all the elements and.

With such power she asks cyan if he has protection from the god of magic as well to which he confirms Millie feels like they might not be able to teach him anything because he's so blessed the two teachers get more shocked when he offers them a towel from his item box they refuse to get surprised by anything else this kid does does or they will not be.

Able to cope Millie points out that they can't teach him within the castle walls anymore as the place won't last against his power cyan pleads that they can have their lesson outside the wall other than the baptism he has never been outside this could be an opportunity for him to explore the larger world the two receive that with his talent real world practice.

Would be more challenging later on the teachers explained to his father that Kane's ability is far beyond beginner level in both swordsmanship and Magic if they are to keep practicing in the Mansion it might not be standing by the time they finish Graham understands the situation and permits them to go but cyan must return before Sundown the.

Following day the student and his teachers head out to cyan's excitement they stop when they get Far Enough From The Mansion Nina instructs him to try an intermediate level spell on a boulder he decides to try Fire magic first and casts a firewall spell that explodes The Rock which sends his teachers flying it leaves a giant crater as he apologizes.

Nina points out that that spell was Way Beyond immediate Millie is certain that his magic must be drained since he used so much power when casting that spell he assures them that he's f ine so they conclude that he has an insane amount of magic too their session is interrupted When a Killer rabbit Jets out of the forest and attacks it evades Millie.

Slash and darts towards cyan who Dodges encounters with wind magic they congratulate him on his first score the kid decides to put it in his item box to show his sister and mother later Millie is fascinated seeing an item box at work she reveals that she is planning on buying a magic bag when she has enough money saved up they explain that it's a.

Magic item with the same abilities as the item box for those who are not blessed with the skill but the bag is crazy expensive she changes the topic back to their session suggesting that they do some more hunting since they have time to kill Nina uses a search spell to locate some enemies cyan is interested in learning the spell and.

After a brief explanation of how it works he tries it and gets it the first time not only that he takes it a step further and can tell the number and types of creatures he runs ahead to deal with them the trio takes out the group but some Escape into the forest so cyan wants to go on a hot pursuit his teachers stop him and explain that it is.

Dangerous there every few decades the Ferocious monsters and their charge out and try to destroy the city which is why it has such high walls this only gives cyan another incentive to become an adventurer so that he can help if it's to happen again that night before he goes to Betty checks his stats and is shocked to see that he's at level 8.

After doing so little he blames the gods for making him too overpowered the following day the Tudor's surprise Siam by taking him to the Guild Hall to find contracts for stronger monsters as they feel like their student can handle it is it me or are they trying to use the kid as free labor however the kid gets excited and runs after them insight as.

They interact with the receptionist to find the right contract they are interrupted by a bigger adventurer who tries to bully them because they are d-rank he teases them and asks if they're doing a babysitting Quest since they are with cyan his crew laugh in the background he then gets into Millie's face and orders her to ditch cyan and.

Pour him a drink you can tell from her expression that she turned her face away because his breath is kicking she tells him to go to a bar that offers that kind of service Nina informs him that they are on duty at the moment which gets him angry as he takes her hand the other two party members apprehend Nelly cyan is having none of this Behavior so he grabs.

The sea ranks hand alerting him that he's interfering his teacher orders him to run but he slaps the bully's hand which sends him crashing to the floor in pain the man gets up irritate ready to teach the kid a lesson but cyan slips his punches and knocks him off balance twice the C rank draws his sword to fight the kid let that sink in for a.

Moment cyan Dodges all his strikes as he demands that he apologized to his tutors he then comes down with a an attack that the kid grabs with his two fingers the guy tries to pull the sword back but he's not able to until the kid tosses him out like the piece of trash that he is the other two get scared and hold Millie at knife Point cyan doesn't back.

Down and kicks them out too his teachers thank him as their attackers lay outside unconscious Millie points out that he's good at martial arts as well he tells her that he studied it in books and with that deal taken care of they head to the forest where he continues to train every day the trio even squeeze in some time to have picnics the end of three years.

Of training finally comes Sylvia brings clothes to Kane's room with the news that his tutors decline to extend the duration of their contracts he understands that he can't tie down two Adventures for too long but he wonders if there is a way he can thank them they have been so good to him over the years cyan remembers that Millie wanted a.

Magic bag and that night he heads into the forest to gather materials from Monsters to make the bags he knows Millie likes the color red so he defeats a blood ogre Nina Lake green so he does the same to an Earth Dragon to get what he needs a guard at his station sees his attacks from the city wall and thinks that it's a monster outbreak so he.

Sounds the alarm garm assembles his men and rush into the forest to Halt them but when they arrive all they find is a crater in cyan's handkerchief with no monsters in sight cyan completes the last part of the training as they officially graduate him they acknowledge that he already knew everything but it was still nice to teach him cyan uses.

This opportunity to give them the magic bags that he made when he tells them the materials he used to make them they Enlighten him that even a party of A-Class adventurers would struggle to defeat Monsters of that caliber he tells them that the storage capacity of the bags is not too bad as it can fit the Mansion this shocks the two and they.

Inform him that the bags he has crafted will be considered beyond the National Treasure level if people found out the anti-theft Tech alone is unprecedented he believes he learns so much from them including how fun adventuring is they say goodbye as they leave when he gets back home his dad berates him for his actions in the forest as his branded.

Handkerchief gave him away that brings the episode to an end kindly check the connected video at the end screen or visit my channel for more content thank you for watching

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