In an replacement future, we can invade diversified people’s dream[Anime Recap]

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In the midst of a circus show a detective seems to be cautious while looking for someone he is then magically transported to the middle of the stage and is surrounded by people with the same face as him the scene keeps changing from one location and scenario to another ending with one where he saw a man falling from.

His run in this timeline there's Psychotherapy treatment using dreams has been invented using a device called DC mini it allows people to view other people's dreams and the man wakes up from his session he is then welcomed by a woman who seems to be counseling the meaning of all his.

Dreams the detective called kanakawatoshimi is plagued by recurring dreams that seem to be incomplete causing him to feel anxiety this kind of therapy is not officially out yet and only a few people actually have the knowledge about it Dr Chiba atsuko who is one of the.

Leading members of the development for DC mini is secretly doing these sessions using her Alter Ego called paprika she uses the Persona when she goes to explore the dream world in the morning as she arrives at her office she is welcomed by Dr kosaku Takira who gives her really bad news Takeda is an obese scientist with a.

Childlike attitude and is also the genius who invented the DC mini that morning three of their DC Minis that are currently still being developed are stolen all of them are still incomplete meaning that the capabilities of the machines are still not restricted they can intrude into any mind connected.

To any Psychotherapy machine Takeda and their Chief Dr toritaroshima go to report to the company's chairman the chairman is actually against the idea of DC mini as he fears the power of Dreams deeming it too dangerous especially for these three stolen DC Minis that still have no restricted access.

During the conversation Shima suddenly starts initiating an absurd rant and jumps through the window he luckily survives the jump and his colleagues investigate the cause through his dream they find him stuck in a ridiculous parade with weird objects and creatures they recognize takida's assistant himiro.

K and deduce him to be the suspect this leads to their confirmation of someone from inside might have been responsible for stealing the DC mini paprika manages to save Shima but when the other two scientists fall victim to the dream attack the chairman completely stops the development and bans the device.

Chiba Takeda and Dr Mario osanai investigate himuro's house but he is no longer there instead Chiba is put into a dream and almost gets herself in a lived they finally find himuro in an abandoned amusement park that Takeda loves however through his dream they also find that the current himiro is just an empty.

Shell and is being controlled by another person Takeda decides to dive into himiro's dream alone to save him but was consumed by it instead the crazed parade in himiro's dream also breaks the boundary between dreams and goes through into kanakawa's dream paprika Dives in to save them as well.

But is attacked by a figure resembling their chairman inside and immediately wakes up they confront the chairman who claims to be the guardian of Dreams who protects them from the harsh reality of the world apparently paprika is still in the dream and has fallen into a trap by the chairman who is aided by osanai.

Osanai agrees to give his body over to the chairman so that they can rule the dream world together after a long confusing Chase paprika is finally captured and is pinned to the table like a butterfly osunai literally rips paprika's skin to get to Chiba and quickly Embraces her however the chairman shows up and.

Demands him to quickly finish her they immediately go into a fight for control as osanai has a strong feeling of love for Chiba and refuses the Chairman's order to dispose of Chiba kanakawa who has been seeing this dream from his own dream due to the lack of boundaries between dreams tries to enter in order to save Chiba he immediately.

Takes Chiba into his own dream but is quickly chased by osanai during the dream sequence he finally realizes that all his anxiety in his dream is coming from his guilt of never finishing a film he was making with his best friend who died a long time ago after this realization he decides to finish the film by shooting osanai and.

Get himself a happy ending for the film that shot actually affects osunai who also receives the gunshot in real life the dreams in reality have finally merged and the nonsensical dream parade has entered reality and is running amok in the city just like how dreams become reality reality itself also starts to unravel.

Into dreams a giant Japanese doll from the parade attacks Chiba and Shima but is luckily saved by paprika who can now appear in the real world seeing Takeda uncontrolled in a form of a giant robot Chiba refuses to abandon him and goes by herself to save him despite paprika telling her to abandon.

Him paprika is glad to see that Chiba is finally honest with her own feelings however Takeda instead eats Chiba and tries to find paprika as well when Takeda is about to get paprika Chiba appears in her dream and manages to confess her love to Takeda and calms the giant robot down.

Chiba also manages to make peace with her repressed emotions and desire she finally reconciles herself with the part of herself that is paprika from the abyss formed due to the collision between the two worlds the chairman appears in the form of a giant nightmare he Reveals His objective to completely control the dream and even death.

Paprika then enters takeda's body and merges herself once again with Chiba a giant baby who looks like a combination of paprika and Chiba emerges from takeda's robotic body and sucks the wind formed by the abyss she ages herself the more she sucks the dream and eventually sucks the entirety of the chairman and all the nightmare.

Becoming a fully grown woman and completely disappear all the dreams have disappeared even though the damages unfortunately still remain takita finally wakes up with Chiba at his bedside with Shima and kanakawa leaving the two as Chiba holds takita's hand as the two walk down the street.

Shima asks kanakawa if he has figured out the cause of his dreams kanakawa sees the reflection of his friend who tells him that he has become the main cop character of the movie they were working together and he has finally come to terms with his guilt and anxiety kanakawa then visits paprika's website.

And receives a message from paprika telling him that Chiba will change her surname to Takeda and suggests he watched the movie dreaming kids the film ends with kanakawa going to the theater alone and purchasing the ticket for the movie paprika suggested so that concludes the recap of paprika what do you guys think.

As the film is said to have inspired the film Inception watching this movie has been a roller coaster of mixed feelings full of questions its narrative is complex and thought-provoking as it explores themes of identity Consciousness and the power of Dreams the film constantly challenges viewers.

Perceptions of what is real and what is a dream characters are all well developed and intriguing with Paprika herself embodying both vulnerability and strength it may not be suitable for all audiences especially those unfamiliar with Satoshi Khan's Style.

However for those who appreciate intellectually stimulating films with stunning visuals they will find paprika offering a captivating cinematic experience please tell us what you think through the comments section if you like this content please leave us a like and share them with your friends.

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