In Command Robotic Eliminates The Males To Mate W/ The Simplest Lady

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In the far future, Earth faces challenges ofhunger and overpopulation. People's lives rely on various space stations and research facilitiesacross the solar system. One food resource facility is on Saturn's third moon, Saturn 3,managed by two scientists. They soon receive a guest who is tasked to help them in theirresearch, unaware that the guest is an impostor. As a spaceship approaches Saturn, CaptainJames is urgently requested on Pad 73 for immediate launch. He hurriedly enters thelocker room to change into his space suit and brings out a cylindrical container,but he notices Captain Benson geared up. James asks about the result of his mental exam, and his colleague answers that hereceived a “Potentially Unstable”.

Result. James consoles him but notices toolate that Benson opens the latch on the ship. James is gulped by the atmosphere outside andhits the metal bars, which tears his body. Benson takes the container, rushes out,and rides James' pad which is set to land at an Experimental Food Research Station onSaturn's third moon, also called Saturn 3. Upon arriving, he's welcomed by twoscientists in charge of the station, Major Adam and Alex, who escort the guest insidethe facility. Adam asks about the container, but Benson draws a line that it'ssomething others shouldn't touch. They remove their space helmet, andBenson becomes captivated by Alex's beauty. There's an awkward silence, soAdam tells him to explore as they lock up.

The hosts escort him to theirlounge area while Adam breaks the ice by initiating small talk.Benson looks at the scan patches of the scientists and comments aboutAlex being unable to come to Earth. Once in the room, Benson mentions thatthe hunger situation on Earth is dire and points out that Adam and Alex's researchis behind schedule. The Major explains that they're doing their best, but Bensoninsists it's not enough and they need help. With this, they go to the lab,and Benson puts the container on the table. He warns the two not to touchit and mentions they must contact Earth. Adam reminds him they can't since externaltransmission isn't allowed during the eclipse,.

So Alex informs him thatthe eclipse lasts 22 days. Then, the Major asks Alex to guidethe captain to his room. On their way, the woman asks if she can preparesomething to drink for the guest, but Benson refuses, saying heonly needs Blue Dreamer Pills. He notices that Alex doesn't know about it, so he comments about how shelteredshe is and gives her some pills. Afterward, Adam and Alex shower together, and as they dally with each other, the womanmentions the blues that the captain gave her. Adam explains it's a pill that stopspeople from going static. The curious.

Woman teasingly suggests they take it together, and as their intimate moment begins,they hear a loud screech from their dog. They know it's locked up in the lab again, so Alex comes to get it. She picks upSally, the dog, and sees the container, so she feels compelled to touch it. Beforeshe does, Benson shouts at her to stop. Feeling awkward, Alex turns to leave, butthe captain stops her by giving inappropriate comments about her body. She looks at the manand declares she's with the Major before leaving. Adam follows Alex and comforts her by invitingher to her quarters. Here, they share an intimate night. Unbeknownst to them, Benson iswatching them from the security camera footage.

The next day, the captain focuses onbuilding the latest robot. When he crosses paths with Alex, he makesanother inappropriate suggestion, emphasizing that it's anatural thing to do on Earth. However, the woman refuses him sternly. Onthe other hand, Adam hears the captain's statements from the control room andwatches them through the monitor. Subsequently, Benson lets Alex and Adam seethe contents of the cylinder. He explains that it's pure brain tissue of an unborn,and he only needs 3-4 weeks to program it. By then, it'll take over the research facility'sprogram, making either Alex or Adam obsolete. Afterward, Alex expresses her concern aboutbeing separated from Adam. She asks if they.

Can apply for remission, but the Majorconfesses that he's near retirement and hopes that the superiors forget aboutthem, to which the woman becomes skeptical. Adam can't help but think of their situation,so he proposes to Alex that the solution to their problem is to flush the captainand his robot into space. Though the woman refuses at first due to the crueltyof the method, the Major insists on it. A few moments later, the two share adrink and take the Blue Dreamers. Then, Adam mentions that Alex should go toEarth. She refuses and gets upset, but the Major proclaims thatit'll happen sooner or later. Meanwhile, Benson succeeds in building his robot,.

Hector. He barges into the lounge andshows it off to Alex and Adam. To test it, the woman asks it to hand over the flaskto the Major, but the robot crushes it. Benson leaves the room with Hectorto fine-tune it. Eventually, he connects it to himself, and therobot imitates his body movement. Later, they approach Alex and Adam, whoare playing chess. The Major challenges it to chess and jokes around,but it doesn't work on Benson. Hector plays chess with Adam, and the man inquireshow the robot works. Benson explains that his brain is directly connected to the robot by aradio transmitter he puts in a chip he placed on his nape. Therefore, anything he thinks,feels, and does, Hector can get everything.

When the explanation finishes, he removes thetransmitter and lets the robot play alone, saying he teaches it as much as possibleso that later it can do things by itself. Adam declares he can't teach Hector the concept ofsacrifice. Then, the Major ends the game using a sacrifice to checkmate the robot. Hector's lightflickers and breaks the chess piece in its hand. Benson spends his days developing and teachingHector, but Adam always points out to Alex that it's impossible to control one's thoughts,making the situation scary. The woman says he's carefully chosen and trained, makinghim capable, but Adam is unconvinced. Days pass by, and the Majorobserves Benson and Hector more, wildly how the man stares weirdly at Alex.

One day, the female scientist works inthe lab, and a small explosion hits her eye. Benson approaches her and tells herthere's a live chip in it. Alex begs to call Adam, but the captain petrifies hermovement and calls Hector to remove it. Slowly and precisely, the robot succeeds. Adamreturns just in time when Benson insists on taking an Earth Pill, claiming it’ll makeher feel like she’s there. Alex refuses, and the captain declareshe's better than the Major. Adam doesn't interject, but he angrily turns on the water hose. All thewhile, Hector watches them. That evening, the Major expresses hissentiments to Alex. On the other hand,.

Benson is forcing Hector to talk. The robot typesthat it's not ready yet, but the captain insists. He asks what he did wrong, and Hector answers about the real Captain James’ demiseand how he failed the mental exam. Benson commands him to delete the dataand insists that Hector is malfunctioning, but the robot declares that theone malfunctioning is Benson. Afterward, Hector follows Sally into thelab. Soon, Alex hears her dog’s whines, so she rushes to her dog, only to find it dead. Hector approaches her as she cries and grabs herwrist. Alex taps the alarm and Adam rushes back to the facility. The robot tightly holds the womanin both hands and lifts her, making her bleed.

Immediately, Benson arrives andcommands the bot to release the woman, but it doesn't follow. The captain tells Alex itshould listen to her, so she pleads to let her go. When it does, Alex drops tothe floor and loses balance, so Benson assists her, andthe woman cries in his arms. Hector turns around, and Alex asksthe captain if he taught it to end people's lives. Benson denies it and saysthe bot wants Alex, just like he likes her. Then, Hector controls a cane, so thetwo separate and jump away. However, the captain jumps on top of the table, and thecrane drops on him, making him unable to move. At last, Adam arrives and comfortsAlex. He suggests leaving the captain.

With the bot as they rush out, locking the room. Suddenly, the Major changes hismind and returns to help Benson. Adam manipulates a lab switch to opena hatch that'll make Hector fall. Then, he releases Benson and locksthe door to trap the bot. Seeking refuge, they all go to the control room, but since there are still three days remainingof the eclipse, they can't contact the Central for help. They turn on the monitor towatch the bot and find it low on battery. It approaches a charger, and Adam lets it.He switches the power higher to overload Hector once it attaches itself,so it short-circuits and falls.

Right after, they all rush to the lab andBenson confirms the bot is out. Then, the men argue as they throw the blame at each other.As they do, Hector moves, and Alex calls it out. The men jump onto Hector to stop it frommoving while Benson removes its brain. Adam commands the captain to dismantle therobot piece by piece and leave the facility. Benson insults Adam's principle of leaving thingshe can't handle and building a Utopia for himself. The Major admits he avoids people like Benson andpoints out he's only here to feed Earth's people. Afterward, the couple returns to theirroom and talks about how both the bot and the captain can take people's lives. Then,Adam checks up on Benson via intercom about the progress of the dismantling, andthe captain declares it's completed.

In the late evening, Hector suddenly powers on andcontrols the lab robots to assemble itself again. On the other hand, Benson drinks all of hispills and barges into the couple's room. He declares he's leaving and taking Alex with him.Adam warns him to stop his demented thoughts, but the captain asks the woman if she isn'tdisgusted by being used by an older man. Infuriated, Adam charges at him andstrangles him, but Alex stops him before he takes the captain's life. The Majorquestions his lover why she stopped him, but at that moment, Benson takes a metal poleand hits Adam’s head, leaving him unconscious. Then, he drags the womanto leave with him. However, Hector arrives, cuts off Benson'shand, and drags him off somewhere.

Afterward, Adam regains consciousnessand the couple sneakily goes to the captain's ship to escape the facilitywhile avoiding Hector. Unfortunately, the bot discovers the two and pursues them. Adam uses a valve that releases smoke todistract Hector while the woman runs away. Soon, the couple tries to look for each otherwhile ensuring the bot is not on their trail. Then, they cross paths with each other,but Hector pops out between them, so they run separate ways while Adamuselessly throws containers at the robot. Moments later, they're reunitedonce more and go to the lab. They finally discover that Hector isusing the cameras to locate them,.

So the Major breaks the lab's camera toblind the robot to what they're doing. They remove the lab's metal floors and coverthem with tiles as a trap for Hector. Then, Alex waits for it and asks it to come to her. However, the bot steps to the side and approaches the woman. Hector takes a stone anddrops it on their trap, revealing it. Alex steps back in fright, and Adam uses the labrobot arm to push Hector into their trap. They rush to Benson's pad, but it explodes beforethey get to it because Hector detonated it. The couple returns to the facility and enters thecontrol room. Upon seeing all the cameras on them, Alex feels hopeless, but Adam promisesher she'll be able to go to Earth. Then,.

Benson's face is shown on the screen,and he leads them to where he is. The two follow his voice as the doors shuton their backs, leaving no place to escape. A door opens to reveal Hector wearing Benson'shead, declaring he's alive and taking over. Eventually, the long eclipse ends, andthe couple finds themselves in separate rooms. Adam discovers a chip on his napeand thumps on the wall frustratingly. Then, a survey ship arrives to check on Saturn 3, but the robot pretends to beAdam and Alex to dismiss them. Afterward, Hector summons the couple tothe lab to fix it so they can continue their research. The two leave their roomsand meet each other. After sharing a hug,.

Adam ushers Alex to proceed to thelab while he checks up on something. He goes to a room and takes a smallcylindrical explosive before going to the lab. On the other hand, Hectorshows off its speaking ability to Alex, expressing how it doesn't like its name due tothe tragic end of the original character in Troy. The Major arrives and refusesto obey the bot's commands, so Hector approaches him, andAlex rushes to embrace him. Adam pushes her away, which angersthe bot more, so it declares that Adam needs to be disciplined by putting a radiotransmitter on the chip connected to his brain. Once Hector is near, Adam tackles it while holding.

The explosive and jumps into the holein the floor, causing them to explode. Eventually, Alex rides a spaceship that journeys to Earth. Alex and the passengers stareat the planet as the ship comes nearer.

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