In Depths profound, under the ocean’s embody,A boy lay sound asleep, encased in time’s label| Recap .

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Future sea levels will rise dramatically due to global warming wiping out coastal cities all over the world governments use licensing pregnancy to combat overpopulation because millions of people have been displaced and the current crazy climate is causing a global famine in order to make up for this scientists.

Develop a class of robots called Mecca which don't need as many resources to survive as do humans Professor hobby the creator of these meccas disassembles a female Mecca while explaining how robots are designed to react to injury or pain and to remember to avoid the source of the injury like a human would.

A robot child that has been programmed to love its parents is Hobby's Next Step couples who wish to have children but are unable to do so will be targeted by the marketing of this Mecca 20 months after the presentation Henry and his wife Monica visit their son Martin in the hospital Martin was given a rare disease.

Diagnosis and placed in suspended animation until a treatment is discovered Martin's doctor is concerned about Monica who frequently visits Martin to read to him and still holds up hope for that cure he advises Henry to assist Monica in processing the grief she is currently.

Repressing Henry submits an application for cybertronics beta testing program in the hopes that this will enable his wife to move on hobby selects Henry to test his recent creation a child Mecca named David this robot is a Mecca child prototype that has been designed to feel love.

Henry is challenged by Monica who objects to the notion and claims that Martin hasn't even passed away and that Henry is trying to replace him later on though Monica comes to the realization that she needs to take care of a child once more even if it's a Mecca in order to fill a hole in her heart.

Henry explains the principles of the imprinting protocol after finally convincing Monica to reconsider when they decide to keep David they have the option of activating his imprinting which will make data obedient to them like a typical child who adores their parents since the imprinting is permanent David.

Will be destroyed if the couple ever decides to take him back therefore it's crucial that they wait to imprint until they are certain later that night Monica and Henry give David access to Martin's former bedroom David wants to fit in and please his parents but when he asks Monica to dress him she refuses because she becomes.

Uneasy about the fact that he isn't really there the following morning David with watches Monica make breakfast no matter how hard Monica tries to ignore him he keeps watching her as she completes her chores for the rest of the day David watches his parents eat dinner and.

Is so fascinated by it that he imitates Henry by pretending to drink from An Empty Glass and then eats pasta the same way Monica does David laughs when Monica's lips get stuck with noodles which causes his parents to join in later on in the evening when it's time for David to go to bed Monica finally.

Takes care of him like a real son she starts to cry because this also makes her think of Martin in the hospital the following morning Monica makes the decision to start the imprinting protocol after realizing she needs David to handle Morton's circumstances after she is finished uttering the.

Secret phrase that will make David fall in love the boy's expression softens and he for the first time addresses Monica as Mommy because of this Monica is already growing closer to him especially when he gives her a hug one evening Monica is excitedly preparing to join Henry at an event.

Henry worries that Monica is too attached to David despite the fact that he is a Mecca David has used up all of Monica's pricey perfume which the parents discover when he arrives to say goodbye David queries Monica about her eventual demise despite Monica's assurance that she will.

She gives David an old robotic bear named Teddy that was once Martin's because she doesn't want him to be alone while they are away a few days later Martin returns home with Monica having recovered from his suspended State and been cured of his rare illness Martin begins to treat David like a toy.

As the days go by asking him to break things and asking him how he was created David draws a picture of a bird with feathers poking out of its tail when asked to depict the first thing he can recall Martin asks Monica to reap Pinocchio to him and David one afternoon in an effort to tease David with a tail.

David however finds the notion of a puppet becoming a real boy to be fascinating Martin challenges David to an eating competition during lunch Henry and Monica are terrified that David might be broken by the ACT but the boys ignore their advice and carry on eating.

When David finally stops everyone is startled by the drooping side of his face

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