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God of Deception begins with an aerial viewof the city of Feisi. In that city lived a man named Wu Minglu who liked to deceive people. Thatday Minglu tricked his friend in his class while they were gambling. He jumped out of the windowand stole their money while mocking them. Without realizing it, behind him there was a male teacherwho caught him and brought him to the teacher's room. The teacher then asked why he playedgambling in class. Minglu replied calmly that he wanted to be rich. Hearing Minglu's answer,the teacher told him to write 5000 words and kicked him out of his room. Unbeknownst to him, amysterious man was watching him when Minglu came out of the room. In the evening, Minglu finishedhis freelance work and went home immediately. On the way, he saw a silver clock tower in Feisi,which was the residence of the rich. It turned.

Out that all this time, Minglu had been collectingmoney so he could live with the rich people in the tower. As Minglu was walking home, somered Karma followed him because they smelled evil from his body. Suddenly Karma appears infront of Minglu. He is surprised to see it. Then came a man named Zhelian who attacked the Karmaand said to Minglu that he was the guardian of Feisi. They regard Minglu as a criminal becauseof all his evil behavior that causes Karma to come. When the crimes are many, Karma will becomea giant monster. Zhelian then gave Minglu a crime meter. There is a green line indicating theperson is not evil. The yellow line means the person is evil and Karma will follow that person,while the red line means the person is dangerous, so he must kill him. Zhelian's job is to protectthose with yellow stripes from Karma and make.

Them good people again. While they were talking,the Karma and Minglu ran away, leaving Zhelian, so he tried to chase Minglu. Suddenly some straydogs attacked Zhelian so Minglu could escape again. Arriving home, Minglu put the money he gotinto his piggy bank. Suddenly came the gigantic Karma that entered through his bedroom window andwanted to attack him. When Minglu had a hard time dealing with the Karma, Zhelian only saw him fromthe roof of his house because he was still annoyed with Minglu's attitude earlier. After Mingluwas cornered because of a lot of small Karma that attacked him, he apologized to Zhelian andasked for his help, and he promised to obey all of Zhelian's words. Hearing these words, Zhelianwent down to help Minglu and managed to eradicate the small Karma and prepare to fight the giantKarma. Zhelian explained that giant Karma is.

Very powerful because it has absorbed too muchnegative energy from someone's body. Minglu asks Zhelian not to fight there as many people will gethurt, so the two provoke the Karma to follow them to an abandoned building. Minglu devised a planto destroy the building so that the Karma was buried in the ruins of the building. Minglu knowsall the points that can collapse the building, he puts an X at each point so Zhelian can destroyit. After Zhelian finishes destroying the X mark, he loses track of Minglu and finds only the evilgauge. It turned out that Minglu trapped Zhelian inside the building so that Zhelian and the Karmawould be buried in the ruins of the building while he was already outside the building. Mingluwas happy that he managed to trick Zhelian, but soon Zhelian was able to get out of the ruinsof the building without being injured and was very.

Angry at Minglu's treatment of him. Zhelian saidif he wasn't assigned to protect Minglu, he would have killed him by now. Zhelian then asks aboutMinglu's promise that he will follow his words, but Minglu simply says that he never promisedhim anything. Zhelian, who felt very angry, issued his Pinocchio curse, which every timePinocchio lies, his nose would get longer. However, every time Minglu lies then, his genitalwill grows longer. Hearing this, Minglu panicked and asked him to withdraw the curse. It turns outthat Zhelian is just teasing Minglu because when he lies, his hair grows longer. Minglu asks how tomake the curse disappear. Zhelian said the curse would disappear after the person who deceivedhim forgave him. While Minglu was sleeping, he dreamed of a boy asking his brother to playwith a hoarse voice. Then he woke up from sleep to.

Get ready for school, but he was surprised to seeZhelian cooking in his kitchen to make breakfast. Zhelian explained that while he was in charge ofprotecting and monitoring Minglu, he couldn't be more than 100 meters away, so he decided to stayat Minglu's house. Minglu ignored Zhelian's words and immediately went to school. But when hewas walking, suddenly he seemed to hit a wall so he couldn't continue his steps because he andZhelian were already 100 meters away. Seeing this, Zhelian just laughed happily. Minglu then beggedhim to go to school with him because he would be late. Arriving at school, Minglu apologized toall his friends on who he had cheated. Then a female student approached Minglu and asked whyhe was talking alone, and Minglu explained that he was chatting with his friend, Zhelian. But shecouldn't see where Zhelian was, so Minglu lied to.

Cover it up, and his hair grew longer becausehe didn't tell the truth. At night, a lot of Karma appears to attack Minglu, so Zhelian hasto fight against those Karmas. After the fight, Zhelian explained that all the Karma that attackedMinglu was still weak compared to the Karma that resembled a human form. On the other hand, thereis a man named Gedhe with his Karma about to enter Feisi. Arriving home, Zhelian reads out Minglu'scrime report and says he just needs to apologize to someone one more time, and the curse will beremoved. When Zhelian lay down, he thought about why Minglu was considered a criminal when he onlymade a small mistake. Shortly after, Zhelian got a phone call telling him that ultimate Karma wasattacking Feisi, so the guardians on duty were asked to immediately gather there and end theirmission. That meant the guardians had to kill.

The person they were protecting. When Zhelian wasabout to kill Minglu, he remembers when he told a man that he hated humans because they alwayscome to gods when they are in trouble. But when they are happy, they forget about the gods. Theman replied that it was a task he had to do with all his heart because the bad people were lost,so Zhelian should be able to give them a chance to become good people again. Remembering theman's advice, Zhelian didn't kill Minglu. He told Minglu to quickly apologize to the last person.Therefore, Zhelian takes Minglu to the house of his male teacher, Wen. However, when Mingluapologizes, Mr. wen doesn't believe his words and punishes him for writing 5000 words of apology.Minglu agrees but asks permission to write it at his teacher's house. Zhelian waited for Mingluoutside Mr. Wen's house because he couldn't stay.

Away from Minglu for more than 100 meters away.Then Gedhe appeared behind Zhelian. Meanwhile, at Mr. Wen's house, Minglu has finished his sentence,but Mr. Wen still doesn't believe Minglu's sincerity, so he asks him to rewrite it again.While outside, Zhelian faces Gedhe and says he wants to play with him. But Zhelian, who couldn'tbelieve it, attacked him with his punch. Gedhe, who felt angry, issued a small amount of Karmato attack him, and the Karma had enough power that Zhelian felt overwhelmed. Zhelian issued agiant his Pinocchio that was able to defeat the small Karma. But Gedhe issued a giant Karma thatmade Zhelian lose badly. While at Wen's house, Minglu was constantly asked to rewrite his apologyagain. He saw Zhelian's condition outside the house through the window. He was surprised to seeZhelian was being attacked by some Karma. Minglu.

Apologized to Mr. Wen, but he still wouldn'tforgive him. Minglu, who was very upset, then beat Mr. Wen until he fainted. After that, he ranout to meet Zhelian. Arriving outside the house, Minglu saw Zhelian who was already helpless. Gedhetold Minglu that he wanted to play with him too, but Minglu ignored him. Gedhe goes to Minglu andsays that the guardians are just a puppet created from a god's artifact as their battery whileshowing Zhelian's god stone that he had taken. Minglu asks Gedhe to return the divine artifactto Zhelian, but when he tries to retrieve it, it turns out to be so hot that Minglu's handburns. Minglu asked why he did that to Zhelian and Gedhe said because Zhelian hit him when he wasplaying with him. Minglu then hit Gedhe and ran to take Zhelian to his apartment. Arriving at theapartment, Gedhe appears behind them, then Minglu.

Runs towards the roof of the apartment, carryingZhelian's body, but Gedhe manages to stab Minglu until his blood drips down Zhelian's face. Whenthey were on top of the apartment, Gedhe looked at the silver clock tower while saying it washis real destination. Suddenly Zhelian wakes up because of Minglu's blood, but he has a differentpersonality. He even invited Gedhe to work together to destroy the tower. Zhelian thankedGedhe for removing the god artifact because he could use another personality now. After Gedhetrusted him, Zhelian attacked Gedhe so hard that he cut off his arm. But Gedhe changes his form,and Zhelian introduces his second personality as a woman named Marie Yanie, who is famous forbeing a fraud guardian. Hearing these words, Gedhe recalled his past when he approached awoman named Marie Yanie who was sitting on a.

Swing. It seemed that he had a bad past withher. When other guardians came to the place, Zhelian took Minglu away while Gedhe was caughtby the guardian with a seal. But Gedhe who is the ultimate Karma, is not a worthy opponent for theguardians because he can create Karma to attack them even though his body is confined. The Karmaattacked the guardians while Gedhe was evolving. Shortly afterward, came the ultimate Karma ofa woman named Xiao Siren, which stopped Gedhe's evolution process because it was too dangerous.Siren took Gedhe away because their teacher was looking for him. Siren apologized to them for themess that Gedhe had made, but she actually still wanted the guardians to die. Elsewhere, Zhelianand Minglu managed to get out of there. Zhelian asked Minglu to enter the divine artifact so thathis personality returned to normal. But before.

Minglu put the artifact into his body, he advisednot to tell anyone about Marie Yanie's appearance. Minglu thanked Marie Yhanie's personality, andZhelian disappeared for a while. Elsewhere, when Siren and Gedhe are traveling on a flyingcarpet, Siren says that Gedhe must be able to control his emotions and always take the medicineshe gives. It is revealed that Gedhe wants to go to the silver clock tower to find out abouthis past. When Zhelian's body was found, Minglu took him to a hospital in Feisi. But Minglufound it strange that all the relevant departments in the city didn't care about the chaos that hadoccurred. It turned out that the guardians had told all the departments in the city to keepwhatever was going on there a secret. Three days passed, and Zhelian was still hospitalized.However, Minglu, who was outside the hospital,.

Complained that Zhelian's treatment costs werevery expensive because he paid all of these costs using money from his savings. This made himwant to collect all his money from Zhelian when he recovered. Suddenly a luxury black car stoppedbehind him. Then a man gets out of the car to kidnap Minglu. In the car, an old man was sittingopposite him. Minglu felt strange because he and Zhelian were already more than 100 meters away,but nothing happened. Until they arrived in front of a luxurious mansion and the old man said thathe was just a caretaker of the mansion while the person who wanted to meet Minglu was the mansionowner. When Minglu opened the mansion door, he was greeted by several beautiful girls who called himyoung master. At the same time, Zhelian seemed to have realized and looked for Minglu's whereaboutsby running away from the hospital. At the mansion,.

Minglu meets a man named Auze, the ownerof the mansion and the vice president of the largest company in Feisi city named Ao ShiInc. Even their family was one of the founders of the silver clock building. Currently, theirfamily is having a problem because Auze's older brother died about three years ago. He left allhis wealth to his son, but his son disappeared. So based on city regulations, all of his family'swealth will be inherited by the city government of Feisi. Auze asks Minglu for help disguised ashis nephew, but Minglu says that Auze's action is a scam. It turns out that Auze knows Minglu isalso known as a fraud and he is collecting money to be able to live in the silver clock tower,so Auze will reward him and make him stay in the tower. Minglu then asks why he chose him tocarry out his plan. Auze explains that Minglu.

Has a resemblance to his nephew. UnexpectedlyMinglu refuses Auze's offer and chooses to leave his mansion. Seeing this, Auze was angry andordered all the beautiful women to kill Minglu by shooting a bazooka at him. Fortunately, Zheliancame. Unexpectedly, Zhelian's presence was not to help Minglu, but he wanted to ask for his crimemeasurement tool. Because if the tool disappears, then Zhelian will be punished by the surveillancesystem. The tool fell from Zhelian's pocket while the two of them were being chased by Gedhe. Sincethe device had disappeared, the 100 meter distance system between them was no longer valid. Whilethe two of them were having an argument, Zhelian was attacked by one of the girls in the mansion.But he didn't fight her and chose to run away with Minglu to hide. While hiding, Zhelian rememberswhen Minglu was helping him from being chased by.

Gedhe. He then asked if the two of them were nowfriends and Minglu replied that they were friends. Hearing Minglu's answer, Zhelian emerged from hishiding place to protect Minglu. But at that time, Zhelian was cornered because the surveillancesystem didn't allow a guardian to harm humans, so he couldn't attack them. When the girls provokedhis anger, Zhelian used all his strength to attack them. But Minglu takes him away from there toavoid a fight. The girls continued to chase them, so Zhelian shot his gun at the roof of the wallso the debris could block them. But it actually made Zhelian and Minglu trapped behind the ruins.Shortly after, Zhelian made a video call with Auze using one of the women's cell phones. He threatensAuze that if he doesn't release them, the system will send their guardians, who are not bound bythe rules because they are allowed to attack and.

Kill humans. The guardian was a legendary mannamed Ivan. Auze replied that he was not afraid of Zhelian's threat and challenged the guardian tocome. Elsewhere, there is Ivan, who is getting a task from the system to punish Zhelian becausehe has removed the crime meter. Before long, Ivan arrived in front of Auze's mansion and wassurrounded by the guards with the mansion's guns. But with one attack, Ivan was able to beat themuntil they were blown away. When Zhelian found out that Ivan had arrived, he panicked because he knewthat Ivan's purpose in coming was to punish him, while his words to Auze were only to threatenhim. Zhelian tells Minglu to do whatever it takes to escape from there until they both raisetheir hands as a sign of truce to the women. Ivan who was sent by the system, was not only orderedto arrest Zhelian, but he would simultaneously.

Capture the owner of the mansion and all thoseinvolved in the chaos. Even though the Auze family was one of the founders of the silver clock tower,their highest law was the Feisi city control system. So they must obey the rules of Feisi.Zhelian told all the women to get out of there. The female servant leader named Aruba thankedhim for warning them, then they all quickly left the mansion. On the other hand, Ivan enteredAuze's room along with his masked troops, who were tasked with punishing Auze. Then Ivan erased thememory of Auze and his other guards. Meanwhile, Minglu and Zhelian are hiding from the censorshipsquad whose job is to erase human memories, and their position is higher than Zhelian. One ofthe censorship guardians managed to find the two of them and detect Minglu's identity, so he wantedto erase Minglu's memory. Not long after Ivan came.

And told the censorship guardian to leave them,Ivan immediately beat Zhelian. Minglu tries to stop Ivan and explain what really happened tothem. Luckily Ivan listens to him. The crime measuring device was lost during the attack onthe city of Feisi by Gedhe, so Ivan wanted to help Zhelian explain it to the system so that hissentence was canceled by the supervisory system. But Zhelian must remain under Ivan's supervisionso that Ivan will always be with Minglu and Zhelian. Then the system tells Ivan to carry outthe next mission but Minglu and Zhelian have to go with him. It turned out that Ivan got a missionto kill 13 criminals in their headquarters. When he got there, Ivan immediately attacked them allwithout a fight. While Minglu and Zhelian wait for Ivan in front of the headquarters. Zhelianexplains to Minglu that Ivan is programmed.

To be able to kill and injure humans. AfterIvan's mission is complete, he advises all the criminals to make them realize even consider himas their boss. Ivan asked Zhelian to go somewhere because the system gave him a new mission whilebeing shown a photo of a boy named Oukeke. But Ivan warns him to be careful in carrying out hismission this time because the system has sent two other ruthless guardians to complete the mission.Zhelian was reminded of a pair of twin guardians with the nicknames of life and death. While inthe middle of the city, Oukeke was running while shouting that his parent had returned. But theresidents who saw him felt sorry because he had been doing this for the last three years afterhis parent disappeared. In the evening, Ivan, Zhelian and Minglu arrived before Oukeke.Zhelian said that for the past three years,.

The system read that Oukeke had been lying becausehe was always shouting around town saying that his parent had returned, so the system ordered Zhelianto be Oukeke's guardian. Zhelian tried to read Oukeke's past memories. At that time, his parentwho worked as a doctor, suddenly got a call from the hospital where they worked because therewas a patient who needed surgery immediately. Before leaving for work, they promised Oukeke tocome home soon, but they haven't returned. The scene moves to the present. A hospital directoris seen holding a photo of the Oukeke family, and twin guardians are in the room. The followingday, Oukeke with Minglu, Ivan and Zhelian went to the hospital where his parent worked to findinformation about his parent's disappearance. Upon arrival, Ivan told the female receptionist theywanted to meet the hospital director. But she said.

That the director was busy, so they decided tosplit up and look for information independently. As Minglu and Oukeke walked down the hall, a malehospital employee recognized Oukeke's face and said that his parents had left something for himto give to Oukeke. Then they both followed the man. Meanwhile, Ivan and Zhelian met one of thetwin guardians named Yuri who was in charge of supervising the hospital director. Still, Zhelianand Ivan felt suspicious, so they followed Yuri to the basement and Yuri's twin named Kirara suddenlyappeared and attacked Ivan. Yuri wanted Zhelian to step down as Oukeke's guardian, but he refusedbecause it was a task given by the system. She then felt angry and attacked him. Zhelian wasconfused as to why the two of them would help a criminal. The twin guardians are tasked withsupervising the killers who are on the run..

Their task is heavy because the fugitives donot want to surrender. They purposely help the killers so that the crime gauge becomes red linedso they can kill them or deliberately let them be eaten by evil Karma. The hospital director wasa serial killer, and Yuri said she just wanted to see how he would die. That was the reasonYuri protected him. Meanwhile, the man brought Minglu and Oukeke to an empty building. Arrivingthere, the man took out a weapon to attack Oukeke, but Minglu managed to block it and made the manfaint. Surprisingly, a small amount of Karma came from the man's body, and several people arrestedMinglu and Oukeke until they were brought before the hospital director. Minglu sees a parasiticKarma in the director's body which is attracted to Minglu and wants him to be his servant. Oukekesaw that his parent was there but both of them.

Lost consciousness, so when he hugged them, hismother instead hurt him. The parasite said that, in fact, the hospital director had died a yearago but right now, his body is controlled by the parasite. He wants Minglu to be his servantbecause the parasite wants to rule Feisi using the people they control. The parasite luredMinglu to cooperate with him. In return, the parasite will give him everything he wants.In addition, Minglu has a different smell from other humans so the parasite is attracted tohim. Minglu immediately attacked the parasite, making him angry, and ordered Oukeke's parents tocatch it. Meanwhile, Yuri explains that Kirara can control poison, while she can heal any wound.But Ivan paid no heed to their words and began to change his form to fight against them. Afterchanging his form, he continuously shot Kirara.

And Yuri with his bazooka, but because Kirarajumped in front of Yuri, and they merged into one. Zhelian, who saw the guardians fight feltinsecure because his strength was very weak when compared to theirs. Then Marie Yanie appearedin Zhelian's consciousness and warned him to be careful of Ivan because Ivan could threatenboth their existence. Before Zhelian realized it, Ivan had managed to beat the twin guardians untilthey both fainted. Shortly after, Ivan and Zhelian took the twin guardians up to the top of thetower to see the situation. They saw a lot of parasitic Karma surrounding the hospital, so Ivanawakens Yuri and Kirara to help him. Because all this time, the twin guardians did not know thatthe director was being controlled by parasitic Karma. Even Yuri felt furious at having beentricked all this time. Ivan said they couldn't.

Kill the parasites one by one, so they had to lurethem to a place to fight there. Zhelian took out his Pinocchio doll to lure the parasites togo somewhere. Meanwhile, the twin guardians followed the parasites when Zhelian called Minglu,but his cell phone couldn't be reached. Elsewhere, in the director's room, Minglu is fighting withsome Karma until he manages to come face to face with the parasite that controls the director.Even the parasite blocks Minglu's cellphone, so he can't communicate with his friends forhelp. Minglu says it's not a problem because he can face them alone. Then he threw his knifeat the parasite until the parasite felt angry and changed its form into a big monster. Meanwhile,the two twin guardians were battling the parasites outside the hospital building. However, Ivan, whowatched their fight from the top of the building,.

Realized that the more parasites he killed,the more powerful the remaining parasites would become. While in the hospital, Minglu continues tobe chased by the parasitic king until he is caught and will be made into a new body controlledby the parasite. But Minglu's body gave off a white light which made the parasite's bodyinstantly disappear so that the other parasites also disappeared. Zhelian thought that theparasitic king had escaped, but according to Ivan, the parasite king had been defeated by someone.Then Ivan entered the hospital to investigate the matter and left Zhelian with Yuri and Kirara. Yuriand Kirara prepared to attack Zhelian for revenge when Ivan was gone. However, Zhelian warned themboth that Ivan would punish them, but they didn't care and prepared to attack Zhelian. Suddenly theywere both attacked with spears by a red monster..

On the other hand, Minglu just woke up afterbeing exhausted because he had expended all his strength, and he hoped no one would see him. Thenhe saw that the parasitic king did not perish but transformed into a caterpillar. Minglu immediatelycaught it and put it in a jar. The parasite king warns Minglu that when he loses power, someof the parasites he previously controlled can form new forms and have their own consciousness.Even that parasite could become a new parasite king. Meanwhile, outside the hospital, the strongred monster tried to attack the twin guardians, but Zhelian blocked it. It turned out thatthe monster's strength was so strong that Zhelian's attacks didn't work against it. SuddenlyYuri, who had regenerated her body, attacked the monster from behind and managed to knock themonster down. She thanked Zhelian for buying.

The monster time so she could regenerate her bodyand then heal Kirara's and Zhelian's wounds. When the monster rose again, Yuri asked Zhelian andKirara to attack the monster repeatedly and not have to think about what if they got hurt. Becauseshe will heal all kinds of wounds that they will receive. Then the three of them and Zhelian'sPinocchio teamed up to attack the monster. When they get injured, Yuri has prepared to heal it, sothe fight continues. Zhelian feels insecure again because his strength is very weak when compared toYuri. After that, Marie Yanie's figure reappeared to incite him and said he was just a tool forthem. But after winning later, the twin guardians will get the praise. Hearing those words, Zhelianimmediately showed his strength. On the other hand, Minglu was on top of the building watchingthe guardians fight. He tried to help them with.

His power from above. Because he saw that theguardians were already overwhelmed. Meanwhile, Yuri injected a poison that she took fromKirara's body into the monster, and Zhelian blew his Pinocchio until the monster burned. Butthe monster can regenerate the body indefinitely so it can continue to rise again. After that,Ivan came to shoot at the monster until he felt like there was another force helping him so hecould eliminate the monster. After the incident, Ivan told a woman that he was suspicious ofMinglu's powers and would investigate. But she reminded him not to forget his duty to investigateZhelian. If it is proven that Zhelian is related to Marie Yanie, he must kill him. After arrivingat the apartment, Minglu asks Ivan why he is still considered a criminal by the system. Ivan repliedthat a fool would come who would help Minglu..

Meanwhile, the parasitic king who managed toescape reported everything to Siren, but she was angry that the actions of the parasites againstthe guardians could get her into trouble. Siren punishes him as food for other Karma until anew karmic figure is born. On the other hand, Minglu who was with Zhelian was visited by a llamaand a male guardian named Canon. After Zhelian saw Canon, he immediately hugged him and asked hishelp for revenge because he had been beaten by several people. Canon said he was helping a boybeing beaten by thugs once. He gave courage to the boy until he challenged the thugs and was beatenby them. It turned out that the power transferred by Canon could not enter the boy's body becausehe was so cowardly that he could not fight the thugs. After that, Canon introduced himself as theboy's guardian from now on. Because Canon's job is.

To protect cowards who are always afraid so thesystem detects that fear as a crime. The boy was declared a criminal because he always followeda girl but did not dare to express his feelings to her. Canon promises to help the boy tomorrowbecause now he has to go to Minglu's place to help him. After all, Zhelian has lost his crime gauge.On the other hand, Ivan had gone to investigate something. Likewise, Canon asked Zhelian andMinglu for help finding the person in the photo he brought. Because that person is the key tothe success of his mission. Minglu thinks it is a photo of a woman, but Canon replies that it wasa photo of Minglu when he was hit by Pinocchio's curse. Just then, Minglu lied to Zhelian, so thecurse happened. Minglu, who felt embarrassed, immediately ran from there. And that's when thecowardly boy saw Minglu and thought he was a.

Woman, thus making him fall in love at firstsight. Canon asks Minglu to disguise himself as the woman again and meet the cowardly boy. Ofcourse, it was rejected by him, but Canon showed a lot of money in return so Minglu was willing tohelp and even called Canon as boss. The next day, the mission began. Minglu had disguised himselfas a woman and met the cowardly boy. After that, three thugs come who will torment them. Canon thenencouraged him to show his courage in front of the woman. Even though it was actually Zhelian, whowas not visible and beat up the thugs. After that, the cowardly boy dared to invite Minglu to gowith him to a restaurant. When Minglu got there, the cowardly boy told him that he had always beenconsidered useless. Minglu then encouraged him to have confidence, and they parted ways. On theway home, Minglu asked Zhelian why Canon was.

Not affected by being 100 meters away from theboy. Zhelian explained that Canon is a level 4 guardian who doesn't have to follow therules. Because the guardian is divided into 5 levels. He and the twin guardians are at level2, Ivan is at level 3, while Canon is at level 4, a guardian with rare abilities that can bedeveloped to influence the city. But level 4 guardians couldn't fight effectively, so they hadto cooperate with level 3 guardians to keep their position safe. Therefore Canon cooperates withIvan. After that, there was his female friend, Cheng Ru, who called Minglu to give him aleaflet. But when she saw Minglu dressed as a woman, Cheng Ru misunderstood and immediately ranaway from him. Arriving at the apartment, Canon gave money to Minglu for completing his mission.He saw a leaflet in Minglu's bag that Cheng Ru.

Had given him. The leaflet contained an appeal notto leave the house at night because someone with Allotriophagy syndrome had killed many people andwas still roaming the city of Feisi. Canon said that at the beginning of the construction ofFeisi, many residents starved to death because the city did not have a large supply of food. Butnot all residents could get it when the city began to develop, and food supplies sufficed becausethe syndrome makes them cannibals. But the last syndrome sufferer died several years ago. Atthat time, an old man was being treated at the hospital trying to eat his own child, so he wasshot by the police, and supposedly because of that person's death, the syndrome had disappeared fromFeisi. In a dark place, a man eats a girl, saying he hates Feisi and the guardians. Then he saw thesilhouette of a woman who looked like Marie Yanie.

And said she would soon come out of there to killeveryone. The following day the thugs that Zhelian beat up yesterday came to look for the cowardlyboy. They took him to the streets and beat him. Zhelian wanted to help him but was forbidden byCanon because this was the final test for the boy. When the thugs left, the boy got up and saidhe would fight them all. But one of the thugs said that he was a tough kid. Then the thugs decided toleave from there and left him. Canon then appears and says his criminal system will be abolishedbecause he passed his final test. Shortly after, came a motorized man who tied the cowardly boywith iron chains and dragged him. Canon uses his power to summon the horse and chase the man.After that, he overtook the motorized man, blocked the road in front of him, and attacked him.Meanwhile, the cowardly boy had to be hospitalized.

For serious injuries. Canon, who felt he had tobe responsible for the incident, looked for the perpetrator's whereabouts until he managed to findhim. The perpetrator explained that he was ordered by his boss because he really hated the guardians.Suddenly the man turns into a big monster and attacks Canon, but he manages to counterattackuntil the monster's arm is severed. After that, Canon arrested the perpetrator for interrogatinghim about his boss. Canon immediately called Ivan who was investigating something in an abandonedhospital. He said that there was a man with the syndrome who managed to escape and live tothis day. In addition, he has the power of immortality so that it can change a person's forminto a monster. The guardians refer to the people with the syndrome as the dame. Canon tells Ivanthat this dame seems to know Marie Yanie, so he.

Orders him to keep Zhelian from meeting thedame. It turns out that Ivan is investigating Minglu in the abandoned hospital. On the otherhand, Cheng Ru, who was pasting flyers on the city walls, was suddenly surprised by Minglu'spresence. Minglu said that he would help her, but suddenly they saw a shadow that turned outto be a monster eating its prey. After that, the monster saw Minglu and Cheng Ru, so the monsterattacked him and made a hole in the ground so that they both fell. Meanwhile, Zhelian, who had justarrived at the apartment, received a call from a man telling him that Minglu and Cheng Ru were indanger, so he had to help them. But Zhelian didn't believe it, which made the man angry and used hispower to hurt from a distance until Zhelian could feel pain. After that, Zhelian went to lookfor Minglu's whereabouts. On the other hand,.

Minglu and Cheng Ru are still running from themonsters in a city sewer. Minglu tries to reassure Cheng Ru that her father, who happens to be apoliceman, will definitely find and help them. But she said that her father didn't care about hereven when her mother was very sick and died in the hospital. Her father didn't come because he onlycared about his work. Since the two of them were still talking, Minglu was caught off guard, sohe was attacked by a monster and felt that this was the end of his life. After that, Cheng Ruattacked the monster with the ax from Minglu, so the monster disappeared. Then came the othermonsters who surrounded the two of them. As there was no other way, Minglu pulled Cheng Ru over tothe sewer. Meanwhile, Canon uses his strength to find Zhelian, who is looking for Minglu at thedame's headquarters. Canon made many small mice.

Look for Zhelian in the ditch until one ofthe mice managed to find him. The mouse asks Zhelian not to continue his search, but he isdetermined to find Minglu. It wasn't long before Canon got there too. On the other hand, the damesmelled their arrival. He had waited for 70 years to take revenge until he had created thousandsof monsters to attack Feisi. Meanwhile, Minglu and Cheng Ru found a staircase leading to thetop, but it was blocked by an iron door. Luckily, Minglu managed to help Cheng Ru out of that door.But when he wanted to go out, the monsters came. Minglu told Cheng Ru to go upstairs and ask forhelp, while he would face the monsters alone. Then Minglu remembers when Cheng Ru protectedhim as a child when another child was bothering him. That's why he wanted to protect her now. Whenthe monster was about to attack, Zhelian came and.

Immediately killed all the monsters. But the damecame there because he smelled Marie Yanie's scent from Zhelian's body. The dame told him that 70years ago, he had taken control of the city of Feisi. However, two guardians arrived, who turnedout to be Ivan and Marie Yanie, and they messed up his first plan. The dame attacked Zhelianand caught him, but Canon came and attacked the monster until Zhelian's hair tie was untied, sohe looked very much like Marie Yanie. Canon then remembers when Marie Yanie became his mentorand when she massacred everyone, including her own students. Canon asked Zhelian to protect himwhile he gathered his strength. Meanwhile, Cheng Ru arrives at the police station, and she asks forhelp. However, she fainted before saying anything, so the policeman called her father and asked himto take Cheng Ru to the hospital. At that time,.

Her father is investigating a murder casecommitted by monsters near the city channel. Then a woman came along with a boy who said tothe police that they would take over this case. Back in the fight, Canon uses his power to seethe movements of all opponents so that he can guide Zhelian toward the monster and manages toslash it until the monster emits a poisonous green liquid. After that, Canon took Zhelian flying tothe room's roof and asked him to make a shield. The dame made two leech monsters that attackedthem from behind. Luckily, Zhelian managed to slash the leech monster, but another leech monstercould attack Canon, so he ran out of energy and couldn't fight anymore. Canon finally releaseshis last power to be transferred to Zhelian so that his power is tripled. But the monster insteadattacked Canon, who had no more power. Luckily,.

Minglu can save Canon and take him away fromthere. Canon immediately contacted Ivan, and Ivan informed him that the demolition teamfrom the R&D division would soon be there. So he asked them all to leave the place. Meanwhile,Ivan is still investigating Minglu's past in a place called Black Water Street. There, he met agrandmother who told him the place had a fire 8 years ago. Then Ivan asked about Minglu's father,Wu Kua, but she was scared and ran away. The grandmother warned that if Ivan looked for Wu Kua,bad things would happen to him. She told him that 10 years ago, a beautiful woman with her two sonscame to that place. Many men wanted to marry her because of her beauty, and she chose Wu Kua whowas a drunkard, to be her husband. After marriage, Wu Kua often tortured her, but the woman could notcry. Until people think of her as a woman who has.

No soul. In addition, the two children witnessedher mother being beaten very calmly and did not cry either. Soon the woman fled from there andleft her two children with Wu Kua. Reportedly, the first child grew up to be a good personand was well-liked by local residents, while the second child grew up cruelly and often causedtrouble. Until one day, the second child injured several residents by using his power, called blackart by the people. He was then beaten by Wu Kua, and he sold the boy. After the child wastaken away, a big fire broke out, killing many people. Meanwhile, Wu Kua and the first childdisappeared. After the grandmother told the story, Ivan gave her a gold card containing money. Buta woman shot the grandmother in the back and said Ivan was too good as a guardian. Back in theunderground channel, Zhelian knew that the dame's.

Real weakness was in his real body. After that,Canon immediately took him away because the system had sent a destroyer guardian there. The guardianswere very cruel and had the heart to kill anyone, including the other guardians. Not long after, thetwo people who had met the police arrived before the dame. They said they would arrest the dame asthe object of research. Then the dame attacks them both, but the boy can easily pierce the dame'sbody. When he was about to attack his real body, it turned out that the dame had already fled.While Ivan was already in the city center, the twin guardians called him and said they'dbeen told to help him. He then asked them to come to the sewer. The dame, who is on therun, remembers his past when he was killed by Ivan and Marie Yanie and then resurrected byan organization called Genesis Star. It turns out.

Genesis Star wants to realize the dame's dream toexpose the rottenness in Feisi to the residents. But just as the dame was about to arrive at theexit, Ivan suddenly appeared. The dame felt very angry, so he immediately attacked Ivan. But hemanaged to strike back until the Dame said that he had already released thousands of monsters intothe Feisi so that the truth of the city would be revealed. Ivan replied that they were not afraidbecause the city of Feisi already had security and systems to save the city from the disturbanceof the monsters. It turned out that Ivan's words were true because when the monsters arrived inthe middle of the city, the guardians were ready to destroy them all. Meanwhile, the destroyerguardian who was in the ditch took out a mass destruction stone named Aurora. Just by seeingthe white light, the monsters were instantly.

Annihilated. The dame was then captured by thedestruction team while Ivan immediately left. On the other hand, Minglu and Zhelian who had justarrived at the apartment, were surprised because the guardians had gathered at his apartment. Yuriinforms that they have a mission to investigate an abandoned amusement park because many peoplehave disappeared there. Meanwhile, the police were not allowed to investigate the place becauseit would be dangerous for ordinary people. So the city system ordered the guardians to investigatethe place, and it turned out that the amusement park belonged to Ao Shi Inc. Ivan informs that thesystem has set Minglu free from criminal status, so his memory of the guardians will be erased.He did this on purpose to keep Minglu away from Zhelian. Hearing that, Zhelian ran and criedbecause he had already considered Minglu his.

Friend. After that, Minglu approached Zhelian andthanked him for the memories so far. But it turns out that the one who answered Minglu's words wasMarie Yanie, who had taken over Zhelian's body. Marie says she had to show up because she neededMinglu's help. After all, Zhelian was going to get a task that would get him killed at the amusementpark. Because there are insects that can kill anyone, Marie wants Minglu to help her. Because ifZhelian dies, she will also die and in return, she will not erase Minglu's memory. Marie asks Minglufor help in finding Zhelian's whereabouts. If he doesn't come back in a few weeks, she says thatshe will find out who Minglu really is and leaves from there. The next day the overseers prepare togo on their mission while Minglu returns to his normal life. The moral that can be learned fromthis anime is that a crime can bring bad karma.

To a person's life and even the negative auraaround him also surrounds that person's body.

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