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The public is weary in the aftermath of the SwordArt Online incident which prompts this shift from VR to AR augmented reality one company dominateswith the agma the most popular peripheral used to play ordinal scale it's like LARPing but witha fancy headpiece and an insanely realistic AI Idol Yoona who everyone loves and knows her songsyada yada Idols Kirito gets sucked into playing by Asuna and Company when einkrad bosses beginappearing around Tokyo one night they joined Klein in Akihabara to fight kagachi the samuraiLord before the event starts Yuna shows up to serenade the players giving them all a buff it'sKirito's first real activity after being stuck in bed for two years due to Sao so he has sometrouble keeping up physically and can't RP to save his life Asuna and Klein don't have that problembeing prolific OS players suddenly a rocket veers.

Off course heading straight for Yuna but a playerwatching from the Shadows Springs into action and saves her before helping out with the boss rightbefore Asuna lands the final blow she passes the mystery player who Whispers switch everyone gets abig points boost for defeating the boss and Asuna gets an additional reward for being the eventsMVP it turns out the mystery player AEG is ranked second overall the number one spot is oddly emptyhe also seems to know us enough from Sao and calls her by her real name the following night Asunajoins Klein and his gang to battle another boss cut off from his friends AG appears and startssadistically toying with the isolated climb after the battle Yoona tries to congratulate Asunaagain calling her by name this time and Klein is nowhere to be found on the MMO Network theyfind out that there's a book about Sao and what.

Happened during the two years it was online thebook contains a detailed list of players who were trapped in Sao the next day yui encourages anout-of-shaped Kirito to Practice Sword skills in AR when he activates ordinal scale a girl hoodedin white appears seems to speak but not audibly points in a direction and then quickly disappearsAsuna shows up and confirms that AG was in her Sao Guild Knights of the Blood Oath under thename Nautilus the gang meets an alfheim online and yui grabs everyone's attention to announce herfindings looking into ordinal scale and the reason behind the iron crad boss cameos by overlaying amap of Sao dungeons on top of that of Tokyo she found they overlap with the recent appearancesof the bosses she uses this information to predict where the next boss events will be andthey're all concerned about Klein's absence.

Elsewhere agey talks with Yuna while crossingoff names in his copy of the Sao book that night Kirito was paid a quick visit by the hoodedvirtual girl again who's again super cryptic and points again and disappears again Kirito thenreceives a call from agil who breaks the news about Klein's hospitalization meanwhile Asunasilica and Liz attend another boss event AEG and Yuna are there again he talks to Asuna andconfirms his identity before he reverts back to cracked out psychopath mode katito shows upwhile the battle is underway just in time to watch silica get straight up pranked when Pina her petfrom Alo appears but it's not Pina and it quickly morphs into another powerful boss from The 91stfloor AJ pushes silica to the ground and stands there waiting to watch her get finished off butAsuna jumps in and protects her taking the attack.

Herself this triggers a flash of her memories fromSao while a drone flies by and collects a glowing sphere from asuna's aguma completely oblivious toall of the weirdness of what just happened Yoona bids farewell to Asuna and leaves the hooded girlwatches them from a distance Kirito drops Asana off at home beginning to forget her time in Saoshe asks him about how they first met later that night she realizes how serious the gap in hermemory is contact Kirito to meet up in Alo and admits her memory loss the next day they go to thehospital where they learn that many Sao survivors have been affected by memory loss presumably dueto some unknown function of the agma later they tore aincrad as it's recreated in Alo but nothingjogs her memory she breaks down in their cabin and tells Kirito that she's afraid of losing him andtheir memories together elsewhere agey Strokes his.

Own ego about how he's better at AR than the twobest Sao players Kirito visits Klein who's still in the hospital with a mangled arm and sufferingthe same kind of Amnesia as Asuna he decides to take matters into his own hands and attend moreevents to figure out what's going on he warns his friends not to play OS until he solves themystery despite his warning Xenon shows up at the next boss fight she reminds him that she doesn'thave any Sao memories to lose anyway she's a GGO girl during the boss battle someone is taken outand a drone swoops in and Scoops up the glowing orange sphere that is their extracted memoriesyui sees it and jets off after it into the Drone but before she can discover anything she'slocked out by a firewall after the battle Kirito sees the mysterious girl hooded in white again heis pissed she doesn't respond to his questions she.

Just pops up out of nowhere points and disappearsXenon notices his frustration and asks him what's going on at last Kirito puts it together thatall the pointing was in fact communication and asked yui to sort out what she was pointingat from each location that she appeared bam all the pointing intersects at the Toto Instituteof Technology where the augmas Creator tetsuhiro shigemora is a professor Kirito attends one ofhis lectures and afterwards in his office accuses him of being behind the memory thefts shigemorafeigns ignorance and tries to spin losing Sao memories as a good thing for the survivorson his way out Kirito notices a picture on his desk that looks exactly like Yuna the AI Idolhe realizes that she is shigemora's daughter who died in the Sao incident Kirito visits Asuna ather place alone in her room he finds her diary and.

Without hesitation completely invades her privacyhe discovers that she doesn't remember his promise to take her camping she catches him reading itbut doesn't mind and even invites him to read it all elsewhere Yuna is excited about her upcomingStadium concert she asks AG to read more of the Sao book to her specifically about him but he'sembarrassed to say he's not even mentioning it at all he admits that he was weak and cowardly in Saohence his current overcompensation in AR meanwhile Kirito walks home and gets ambushed by the hoodedghost girl who turns out to be another version of Yuna she transports him to a virtual space thatresembles aincrad he starts questioning her but she just breaks into song he wants to know whathe needs to do to get asuna's memories back and the only somewhat useful thing that ghost Yunasays is that he's not strong enough to do that.

Yet she then tells him to wake up and snaps herfingers sending him back to reality he comes to in a bush with a cop standing over him whodoesn't even get his name or question him at all apparently it's a normal enough thing for kidsto be waking up in the bushes katito continues his quest for answers and hits up every boss battlehe can fighting recklessly risking his memories but leveling up like the Dickens AEG finallyshows up and Kirito tries to fight him but he can't match his speed and strength since AG isusing Elite hacks the night of the concert the gang finds their seats and wonders where Kirito ishe's in the parking garage about to face off with ag again he calls him by his Sao name Nautilusand he gets butt hurt and whines that his name is aging now instead of dealing with the very realproblem of people's memories being Christ they.

Decide to settle things by LARPing in ordinalscale meanwhile shigemorta watches the concert from his lab and talks to himself or to kayapa'sForce ghost or maybe it's his fantasy of kaiba's Force ghost ego stroking his plan to revive Yunausing Sao survivor's memories aegy tells katito that he loved Yuna in Sao and that he wants tobring her back to life and reveals that he's working with shigemorta to collect Sao memoriesfor yoona's Revival project now that Kirito has some idea of what's going on he disables aeg'sop hack device wrecks him and goes to join his friends then shige Mora tells aiji that he'll beusing his memories of Yuna as well since he has the most data on her a predictable betrayal thesame boss he sicked on silica appears and attacks AG who doesn't take off his agma because becausewell the plot requires that he doesn't shigemorta.

Waits to steal the memories of everyone at thethe concert causing panic as monsters filled the stadium after Yuna finishes a single song Some ofthe audience think it's a special event a part of the show and start fighting hooded ghost Yunaconfronts her father and tries to stop him but he says it's too late he's come too close to stopnow her father's a lost cause so she Zips down to Kirito and fills him in he tries to get people toremove their augma devices but that would be way too easy Yoona tells him that they need to usethe augmus hidden full dive capabilities to dive into aincrad and defeat the hundredth floor bossbecause that will stop shigamorta's plan somehow he agrees and leaves Asana to watch over theirunconscious bodies Kirito and the others full dive into aincrad and face the boss but theyare overwhelmed by its power Asuna despite not.

Remembering anything from Sao seems to intuitivelyunderstand that nothing properly gets done without her and involvement she and yui gather theirfriends from Alo to join the fight and they transfer their old gear and skills from Sao givingthem an advantage they managed to defeat the boss with pure unadulterated friendship and clear Saofor real-ish ignoring like 24 other bosses Kirito receives the strongest sword in the game as areward and everyone else gets nothing but the friends they made along the way they returnedto the stadium having stopped shigimota's plan kikuoka finds the professor in his lab and arrestshim the gang meets in egg yields bar while Kirito and Asuna go on their camping trip finallyproposes to her in the real and a meteor shower lights up the night sky thank you for stickingUntil the End subscribe for more videos like this.

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