In this country 16-year-outdated younger of us had been ordered to marry by the authorities

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Foreign at the beginning of the story we saw a wedding one of the invited guests was seen at the event wearing a high school uniform and looking very young it turned out that the marriage was part of a government program to increase the birth rate the government looked at the genetic information of the population.

And matched 16 year olds with Marriage Partners the event was a lot of fun many of their friends also wanted to see the bride and groom and at the end of the event as usual the bride threw a bucket of flowers that her other friends would catch when the bride and groom threw the flowers a handsome male student named.

Yudo siba was the one who caught them sibo gave the flower to a girl named Elena Saka who was also a student when his other friend saw this they were all happy to then while owie was in school she and two of her friends started to learn how to get married young this was required because the student would be 16 soon and the three students agreed that.

The pair chosen by the government was a good match Allah herself couldn't wait to find her partner when she turned 16 years old always plan to buy snacks in the Park after school but she wasn't alone this time siba was there with her siba has been always friends since they were kids then they started to order snacks with different tastes and then.

They went for a walk in the park on the way it turned out that the women who passed him were starting to like him Siva on the other hand only liked always so sisiba didn't even care Siva started to remind alloy that she would be 16 soon as they walked through the park Siva began to wonder if Ella was ready because she was going to get married.

Soon oh I wasn't really ready for the wedding yet because she didn't want to let her partner down later siba tried to help her when he heard this because he knew Ellie was a good woman siba also started to tease AWA by talking about her childhood which turned out to be always first kiss it was also their first kiss together but when Ellie.

Heard this she felt badvin started to explain to seabar right away what the first kiss meant so that siba wouldn't get wrong siba couldn't help but laugh when he heard the explanation and saw how scared away was after that they kept going on their way home however before they went their separate ways Siva said again if Ewa could fulfill her dream of.

Becoming a princess when Ellie heard these words she thought back to when she was a child and played a princess in a play the next day owie was very happy at school because it was her birthday then as soon as she got home from school she had a birthday party with her family at that time eloy's uncle gave her a gift and she was.

Told by her uncle to wear it when she met the person she loved after the event Elway was seen in her room and that was when she started to worry because she was waiting for the government to tell her about her partner but then out of the blue seabach called and asked her to meet him at a park oh was very happy about wanting to meet him before Elway.

Left she remembered to wear the clothes that her uncle gave her earlier when they got to the park oh we should see by the clothes that her uncle had given her and siba praised her right away siba asked owie to meet him at the park so he could give Ali A Present oh was very happy when she got the gift siba on the other hand was getting antsy because OE.

Was ignoring him it turned out that at the time Elway was waiting for the government to tell her about her future partner and because she was so young at the time Eloy even asked siba to teach her how to introduce herself to her partner as her little friend siba couldn't say no at that point they both started to try out how to meet each.

Other sibo was so into his role that he got excited when he heard always expression even though they were just pretending to show how they felt at that time siba told Eloy how he really felt about her even so siba grabbed alloy and kissed her right away always stopped him right away because c-ball wasn't her partner.

But that time Siva told away again how he felt to show her that you really liked her even though siba wasn't her soul mate it was clear that he had told her how he felt and it was also clear that you would continue to support Elway along with her partner when Ellie heard this she couldn't say anything because she didn't think her little friend would.

Love her not long after that I was cell phone suddenly rang which meant that the government had sent her a message before Elway could read the message she heard someone calling her name from a distance and a man came right up to her siba asked the man right away what his name was and it turned out that he was the person the government had chosen to be.

Always partner it was known that the man was so tsukacha when Ellie heard about it she was very shocked but siba who also knew about it looked happy even though his heart was really broken siba congratulated them right away and he also said goodbye right away so he could go home after seba left sojuk asked.

Elway to meet him at a cafe the next day and he also left right away the next day they both started going to a cave together at that time Iowa was looking very worried even when she was worried Ellie always tried to get closer to sosuke even so sosu was very cold to her and he didn't even respond to the chats that.

Ewe always opened then all of a sudden so suit grabbed Ellie's hand and took her for a walk however sosuke never warmed up to owie even when the two of them were walking together at that time so she was planning to leave La again but before he left he started planning a date with hallway after that he just got up and left the.

Next day at school o was still thinking about social's cold Behavior which she didn't understand oh it was sad and at the same time she looked at soster's information on her phone to find out more about him but all of a sudden I always female classmates started to make fun of her by taking her phone away her girlfriends found out right away that.

Elway had found a very wealthy partner soon after siba also started coming into his classroom when always saw siba she immediately greeted him on the other hand siba didn't seem to be as close to her as he usually was the next day Eloy and sosuke went on another date and as usual sosuke was still cold to her in fact sosuke often ignored her until one.

Day away thought that sosuke's behavior was strange so I always started to change how she looked to get sosuke's attention the way she looked was actually too much which made so soup dislike her when we found out this it hurt her oh it was hurt so she went to a park by herself and bought snacks like she always did while oi was choosing.

Siba was also in the park and bought the snacks at the same time then they had a private conversation in the garden where siba told Elway that he knew she was sad because she wasn't really happy with sosuke at that time oh we tried to cover it up and she even had time to lie to see by if she was okay however siba who had.

Been with her since childhood was not easily fooled after Owen got caught lying she started to tell siba about sosuke which made all we think that social didn't really like her when seba heard always ran he kept trying to cheer her up and even told her to keep going after her love the following day all we did what siba told her to do and she was.

Set on meeting sosuke in person at his house but when Eloy went to sosuke's house she was shocked to see that it was so big and fancy soon after social's parents showed up and always started talking to her future parents-in-law but before it went too far so sick showed up and stopped them from talking started to be rude to his father too.

Because he thought his father would only use away immediately sosu grabbed owie's hand and took her away from the house sosu planned to take away home at that time on the way eloi who began to be curious about sosuke began to ask about the relationship between sosuke and his parents because OE felt that so suit was not very close to his own family hearing.

That so should began to be honest with owie if he really didn't like his parents because he was too mentally in his life's Affairs and always prioritize their own happiness so suitcated his parents because of this sosuke also told Elway he was sorry after that the two of them started to get to the bus stop and sochuk planned to leave La again at that.

Time but all of a sudden always stopped sosuke and said she was trying to understand how so shuk felt and would trust him more all of these things were done by Eloy so that so she would be more open to talking to her and so that so she would think her existence was important.

When sosuke heard of eoy said he couldn't help but be quiet because the bus they've been waiting for had finally come always said goodbye to sosuke right away but at that moment so Stu Grant after aloe and kissed her until the bus that was waiting for her left sosu had to walk home with away because of this the next day at school always told siba.

Again about her love problems and she thanked seba for helping her but right in the middle of what they were saying Ella was called from behind and it turned out that someone in the government at that time was in charge of keeping an eye on every young couple the officer started to tell OE off because she was alone with another man siba who.

Knew this went up to them right away and told the officer not to worry too much because they were just friends and nothing more then it was seen that Elway and so Suk were dating again and sosric's attitude toward AOA started to change a little heat again friendlier toward her but owie changed her date schedule in the middle of the trip.

Because she wanted to go somewhere else first it seemed that at that time Erie was looking for a gift for because siba's 16th birthday was coming up however after oh we found the gift social got annoyed with AOA because she always talked about siba even though she was dating him at the time sozuk really didn't like how close aowway and siba.

Were but he tried to hide it when sojuk started to change oh I was very happy and she started to pay more attention to her until they kissed again the next morning Ewa gave the gift to see bar right away on his birthday just then oelian asked about sea boss couple too seba on the other hand said his partner was far away oh I knew this so she tried.

To cheer up seba so that he could soon meet his partner at that time away also planned to take siba out with sosuke on his birthday to celebrate Siva turned it down right away because he knew that today was owie and sosuke state day but aoi still made him do it to keep siba interested in going out with her until the three of them finally started to.

Meet at that time always started to introduce socio to siba and it didn't take long for them to become close friends they started having fun with each other however in the middle of all of their fun Siva started to look very tired they still had fun with each other until late at night in the middle of the trip always stopped to look at a gift.

Shop which she went right into siba told sosuke about aoe's habits at that moment if Ellie often touched her bangs it meant she was lying siba's real goal was to get sosu to care more about owie and pay her more attention at that time it turned out that sosu didn't know very much about hour this made siba angry because he thought that social would.

Never be able to make owie happy when Sosa heard those words he also started to feel angry that siba was getting in the way of his business then he started fighting but luckily Ella came out of nowhere and split them up right away then siba quickly said he was sorry and he also left them right away so she found something that fell out of siba's.

Bag at that time at that time nobody knew what he found after that happened siba stopped going to school and was hard to get in touch with because of this always started to worry about him later that night Soul should began to tell alway that he was going to go to medical school for six years in Kyoto at that time oh it was very happy but she.

Was also sad because she had to spend a long time away from sosuke even though that was how things were I always still wanted so soup to reach his goal in short sosu was now going to school in Kyoto at the same time always took the time to come to the Department of medicine for an Open Class seminar they also took time to walk around the city.

Of Kyoto together Soju took her to a church one day and it seemed that sosuke started proposing to evely at that time without her knowing it he gave her a cat statue that had a ring in it always immediately ready to get married dim then always started telling the class about the good news and when her friends heard it they were also happy however.

Sibo was still not seen going to school at that time even though Elway felt like she was happy it turned out she wasn't really happy actually a few days later sivak called Elway and asked her to meet the park this was the first time away had heard from seba I want to read over to meet him right away always very worried about siba so as soon as she got.

There she asked him how he was doing siba also quickly told he was sorry for what he had done to sosu the last time Siva also told aoi that he was happy for her because she was going to marry sosuke soon at that time oi told siba that after she got married she would move to Kyoto with sosuke and be happy there however always said that while.

Touching her bangs when siba saw this he knew that ewe had been mined him but here sibo was still trying to help ewe and convinced her that so she was the right man for her our plan to go seeing sozuk's parents the next night however sozuk always said no which only made him more upset sosuke always said no when aoi asked him he is parents that made.

Elway want to meet them even more the next day after school OHA decided to meet soshuk's father in the hospital she knew that social's father was a doctor and the owner of one of the hospitals there at that time always started to talk with sosuke's father about his son from here Ella could see that sosu would take over the hospital one day and it.

Turned out that sosuke's father wanted to have a lot of children too when Ellie heard this she immediately wondered how social felt because she knew wanted his own future the father said no right away because he already knew what sojuk's future would be and so Suk had no right to choose for himself I also understood why so-su hated his parents when she'd.

Heard How firm sosuke's father was then as Ella was about to leave the hospital she saw sosuke start to go into his father's room because of this oh we went back to the room of sosuke's Father however when she was standing in front of sochuk's Father's room she overheard sosu talking to his father at that time so stupid's only reason for going to see.

His father was to ask for a letter of recommendation signed by his father for siva's treatment of a tumor disease when that happened sosu begged his father to sign the letter even so before writing the letter sosuke's father asked him if he was willing to do everything he asked sosuke also wanted to obey him but he did it hardly because he did everything.

For the sake of aweh sosuke also asked his father to keep it from aloe before he left the room but Elway had heard everything which made her sad as well Soju went straight to see siba after getting the letter her and he told him to go to the recommended Hospital right away for treatment it turned out that siba's illness made.

It hard for him to find a partner however sochuk still gave him hope so that siba could keep living his life at that time they decided not to tell Elway because they didn't want her to find out later which made her sad siba also told sosuke to take good care of away before they left then soshuk also asked owa to go to a park which was where they had.

Their first date sojuk also gave her a gift that he had picked out for always at that time sozu wanted to bring her there because he wanted to try to start all over again with how he met away at that point sosik started to decide that he would follow the rules of the government no matter who his partner was the more sosu got to know aoi the.

Happier he felt and he hoped that one day he would be able to celebrate his wedding anniversary in that place sosuke also started to hug away at that time however the hugs seemed like a goodbye because Sochi was starting to realize that Elway liked only siba now that their wedding day has come the ceremony would start however the bride and groom.

Have not yet been seen coming into the room where the ceremony was taking place it turned out that ayoi was seen outside of the building at that time and all of a sudden sosu walked up to her and asked if sibal wasn't coming when Ellie heard that she didn't agree but I always said that while playing with her bangs sosuke already knew this so he knew right away.

That ewe was lying then sosuke asked Elway to go after seba right away which Ali did when Ellie heard this she began to cry because she didn't want to break sosu's heart sosu did that though because he also knew that siba was the only person who could make her happy so sukin gave away a ticket as well right away random meets.

Seba at the airport and sawshuk also apologized right away to all they always family members and to his father then when Ewa got to the airport she scared siba who was sitting there waiting for his flight Siva immediately asked Elway to go to her wedding when he saw Ali there Siva knew it was her wedding day so he asked Ellie to go but at that time.

Elway finally told siba how she really felt feeling she had been hiding for a long time she also told siba that she would be with him until the end of his life

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