In This Utopia Finest Females Exist & One Man Helps Reproduce #3

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Years after biological warfare killed 99%of men, women have created sustainable societies but have banned any relations with their malecounterparts. Only a few chosen men are accepted to helpthem reproduce, while others are treated like primitive beasts. Rada, a teacher in Two Hills, gets capturedin one of the men’s camps until Gera saves her. However, Gera is forced to escape his campand accidentally switches places with Yuliy, who was chosen to become a Keeper of the Seedin Two Hills. Gera enjoys the luxurious life as a Keeperbut realizes that their movements there are.

Restricted. During this, Yuliy finds his strength in themen’s camp, making him a threat to their leader, Baron. When Rada discovers that Gera is in Two Hills,she gives him time to escape before she reports him. This is her way of returning the favor forsaving her life. However, the man discovers that the communityis covered by an invisible dome, which prevents him from escaping. Unbeknownst to them, Baron has a secret relationshipwith Two Hill’s Mother of the City, Vera,.

And he reports to her that they have the realYuliy. Because of this, Vera later recovers Yuliy’sfile, proving that Gera is an imposter. Meanwhile, Gera discreetly gets Rada’s attentionto ask her for help in escaping. Before they can do anything, however, a stateof emergency is announced, and the residents are ordered to return to their homes. Officers begin patrolling the area, forcingGera and Rada to hide. The man’s ring communicator blares, warninghim that he’s wanted by the police, so he throws the device away. Hoping to save the man who protected her,Rada guides Gera, unaware that her treacherous.

Friend, Iya, has spotted them. The two retreat to the home of Rada’s grandmother,Zoya, who supports equal rights for men and women. Meanwhile, Baron returns to his camp afterspending time with Vera. He asks for the loot that his gang was supposedto collect, but the men have already consumed them upon Yuliy’s encouragement. The man just smiles, claiming that he’sglad that his men finally found the courage to decide for themselves. However, when his right-hand man, Krysa, asksif he means this, Baron hits him.

Yuliy takes responsibility for their actions,and when Baron moves to kill the man, his comrades defend him. They recount how Yuliy protected them fromtheir enemy gang, so they urge their leader to find a compromise with him. With no choice, Baron speaks to Yuliy in private. Since the other man has only been a Keeperof the Seed until he arrived at the camp, Baron looks down on him. The leader asserts that he has led their communityand managed to deal with Two Hills to provide them with electricity.

Yuliy praises him for this but highlightsthe importance of democracy. He insists that decisions made by everyonewill give them a brighter future. Baron thinks that providing the others freedomto choose will be chaotic, while the other man just encourages him to try it. With this in mind, Baron encourages Yuliyto try other things in camp, like the tea he brewed for him. However, the tea’s scent is unpleasant,so the man just thanks Baron and leaves. Pissed, Baron tells his comrades to cleanup their meal before leaving. His bodyguard, Giant, thinks this means theycan eat what they left behind, so he sips.

The tea meant for Yuliy, only to get killedsince it was poisoned. At Two Hills, Zoya’s A.I. assistant warns her that cops are arriving,so she hides Rada and Gera in her closet, along with her cat, who’s also not allowedin her residence. Soon, an official arrives, interrogating Zoyaabout the “primitive man” who infiltrated their community. When she denies knowing about this, the womanasks her about her granddaughter since Iya reported seeing Rada with Gera. While the two talk, Gera gets an allergicreaction from Zoya’s cat, leading to them.

Getting discovered. With no choice, Zoya knocks the official outto protect her granddaughter. During this, Yuliy’s talk of democracy hasinspired the other residents, so they begin to revolt against Baron. Their leader mocks them for following someonefrom the eco-towns, stressing how life there is bland and boring. Here, they’re free to eat and sleep withanyone they want. Still, Yuliy declares that they’ll voteon what kind of community they want, which the others cheer for.

Baron then points out that someone has toprotect them from their enemy gang, but people believe that Yuliy can do that since he’sproven his strength. Driven to a corner, Baron secretly contactsVera, asking for political advice. She suggests showing force, but the man doesn’tthink violence is the way. With that in mind, the sneaky woman adviseshim to give them choices but only within his own rules. Meanwhile, Zoya presents Rada and Gera withan old motorcycle. She notes that the city’s dome only givesway to things that come at 88 kilometers per hour; therefore, they can drive against itto escape.

However, Rada worries about being reducedto zero social points, which is their currency in Two Hills. This would force her to clean up the world’soceans of plastic until she restores her status, though the women know that those who’vebeen sent there have never returned. Because of this, Zoya urges her granddaughterto escape with Gera. She asks the man to take care of Rada, whichhe promises to do. With that, she packs them some clothes tosend them away. Before they can leave, Yelena, Rada’s mother,arrives. She berates Gera for putting her daughterin danger and forbids Rada from going with.

Him. With no choice, Zoya tackles her own daughterto let the other two escape. Putting their faith in the motorcycle, thetwo brace themselves as they reach the invisible dome. Luckily, their speed breaks the barrier, allowingthem to escape, though all their clothes disappear. This makes Gera feel conscious about his body,but Rada, who’s not affected by physical attractions, just fetches the clothes thatZoya packed for them. Elsewhere, Baron meets with Krysa privately. He treats him to liquor to appease the manbefore proposing his plan.

He knows that many will vote for Yuliy tobe their new leader, but he urges his former right-hand man to run for the position aswell. Unbeknownst to Krysa, this is Baron’s wayto remain in power. Soon, the election debate starts with Baron,Yuliy, and Krysa as the candidates. Yuliy encourages the people to have freedomof choice and treat each other equally, but Baron argues that the man is clueless aboutpolitics. He stresses that Yuliy has only experiencedtheir lives for three days while he has been managing their community for years. The people agree that Baron has helped thema lot, but seeing him take credit for these.

Accomplishments encourages Krysa to revealsomething: all of their leader’s success was his idea. Krysa stresses that he’s the brains behindBaron’s operations, and this angers the man, surprised that his former underling woulddo this. Pissed, Baron punches Krysa, and this leadsto a brawl, which Yuliy easily ends. With the debate over, Gera’s grandfatherannounces that they will start voting and use a porta-potty to cast their votes privately. Meanwhile, in the woods, Gera and Rada warmthemselves by a campfire, which the man takes as an opportunity to get close to the lady.

He coyly points out that she wouldn’t havehad to escape if she didn’t report him too early, but Rada asserts that she didn’t. She rants about how his presence confusesher, leading her to lose control over her life. Exhausted, she decides to go to sleep, thoughshe eyes the man suspiciously when he snuggles up to her. Gera excuses that it’s to keep themselveswarm, and the woman just accepts it. While casting his vote, Krysa notices thatthere aren’t many votes for Baron. Learning this, the man comes up with anotherway to win.

He soon casts his vote, but people noticethat he’s taking a long time. Suspicious, Yuliy opens the voting booth butfinds Baron using the toilet inside. Once the vote is counted, Krysa wins. This surprises Yuliy, but his previous supportersadmit that he doesn’t know anything about their community, so he isn’t the right personto lead them. At the end of the night, Krysa meets withBaron, still surprised that he won the elections. However, Braon declares that the man willbe his puppet so he can continue controlling their camp. Morning comes, and Gera wakes Rada with asquirrel he roasted.

This causes the vegan woman to scream andalert nearby scavengers. Gera quickly pulls his companion to run, butthe woman isn’t used to uneven terrain, causing her to trip and hurt her leg. With no choice, Gera carries Rada, but itdoesn’t take long before they both trip and knock themselves out. The scavengers bring them back to Baron’scamp, who’s happy to see the beautiful Rada. Scared, Gera weakly attempts to defend hiscompanion, so the former leader yells at him, recounting how the man hit him to let Radaescape days ago. Gera’s grandfather reminds Baron that he’snot in charge anymore, so he can’t just.

Take any woman he wants. This triggers a debate amongst the lonelymen who are also interested in Rada, so Krysa uses his new position to declare a tournament. Still, he thinks Gera should be punished sincehe hit Baron when he was still their leader. Gera corrects them that, technically, it wasGiant who hit Baron after he evaded the bodyguard’s attack. Since he’s dead already, Krysa decides thatthe issue is resolved. Later, the people witness Yuliy lift a bathtubfull of water and splash himself with it to clean up.

This reminds everyone of his strength andhow he’d most likely win any tournament. Meanwhile, Zoya and Yelena are on trial fortheir involvement with Gera and Rada. The judge sentences Zoya to ten days in prison,Rada will have her social points nullified, and Yelena is terminated from her governmentposition for not guiding her daughter well. At the camp, the few women who chose to jointhe men eye Rada with scrutiny, making her feel uncomfortable. She joins Gera and Yuliy for a meal, wonderingwhy the latter chose to stay in the camp. Yuliy shares how awesome it is to be free,but when the meal is served, Rada is horrified by the fish’s head.

Just then, some of the men raise how the tournamentwill be unfair given Yuliy’s strength, so they suggest competing for Rada through cardgames. Scared for his companion, Gera asserts thathe brought the woman to their camp so he should keep her as his wife. Since there are no such relationships withinthe eco-towns, Rada is confused by what they’re fighting about. Still, the woman doesn’t want things tobe decided for her, so she lectures the men on how they can’t simply treat their femalemembers like objects. She encourages the other ladies in the groupto speak, so one awkwardly admits that she.

Doesn’t like their treatment there. Supporting this, Yuliy highlights how menand women lived equally long ago, and Gera recounts how the ladies of Two Hills treatedhim well. Baron orders Krysa to put an end to this discussion,so the man asserts his position and tells the woman to be quiet. To his surprise, Baron declares that he agreeswith Rada, asserting that they must evolve as a community. This makes the others reconsider, leavingKrysa with no choice but to do so as well. Later, Gera and Yuliy compliment the woman’scourage for standing up for herself, but Rada.

Is unsatisfied, given the awful conditionsof women there. Because of this, she’s determined to leavethe camp. She asks Gera’s grandfather to smuggle herback into Two Hills, but he reveals that he won’t be sending moonshine to the eco-townuntil two weeks later. This frustrates the lady as she can’t handleliving in such conditions for that long. Gera insists that she should appreciate hernew freedom, so he encourages her to take a deep breath of their fresh air. Instead, Rada ends up inhaling an insect,pissing her off. Blaming him for her predicament, Rada ordersGera to find her a place to stay where she.

Can be alone until she can return to Two Hills. She then storms off with Yuliy running afterher. Alone, Gera asks his father why he lied toRada about the moonshine shipment, knowing that he’s scheduled to deliver another batchin three days. The older man admits that he did this to givehis grandson a chance to impress the woman he likes. Meanwhile, Krysa confronts Baron about settinghim up and humiliating him earlier. To explain, the man gives him a book of lawshe’d written for their community where a line requires the current leader to transferhis authority to his predecessor after a week.

The simple-minded Krysa accepts this law sincehe won’t have to carry that much responsibility for long. After he leaves, Baron contacts Vera, who’swaiting for news about Rada and Gera. However, the man spots the pretty woman outside,so he lies that he hasn’t found them yet. Outside, Gera asks Yuliy why he likes theircamp, so he compliments their freedom, the nature around them, and their food. Gera then asks him to convince Rada to appreciatethem, too, so she’d stay. With that, Yuliy goes to Rada’s makeshiftroom, which the woman doesn’t seem to like. He notes that she’s idealizing Two Hillswhen everything they do is restricted there.

Rada points out that they’re safe therewith many luxuries like medicine and equipment. This reminds Yuliy of the amenities he hasn’tenjoyed since arriving at the camp, making him miss the eco-towns. Having a common goal now, the two decide toreturn to Two Hills together. Rada worries that she’d be treated likea criminal there, so Yuliy promises to defend her. Just then, Krysa gathers the community foran announcement. During this, Gera asks about Yuliy’s talkwith Rada, and the man lies that he’s convinced her to stay.

Krysa declares that he has written laws thatthey will follow as a democratic society. Amongst the laws are equal rights for menand women and a violence-free society. Soon enough, people get tired of listeningto the laws, so Krysa has their announcer jump to the final paragraph. This states that everyone who agrees to hisrules will be awarded food and moonshine. This excites everyone, so they all mark theagreement with their thumbprint without hearing the rest of the laws. While everyone does this, the announcer continuesreading on his own, leading him to discover the loophole Baron placed there to returnto power.

Before he can read it aloud, Baron takes thebook from his hands and dismisses him. At night, Yuliy goes to Rada’s room, allpacked for their journey. However, he warns her to wait since everyoneis still having their celebratory drinks. When this confuses Rada, he gives her a tasteof moonshine. Unbeknownst to them, Gera’s grandfatherlends his grandson a suit to impress Rada. He also packs a nice dinner and wine for thelady before heading to her room. While waiting for everyone to sleep, Yuliyand Rada get bored and drunk. The man then tells his companion that he hastried the ancient method of reproduction, which they were told was forbidden.

However, he insists that it’s wonderful,so he encourages a tipsy Rada to try it with him. Realizing what he means, Rada becomes suspiciousif he really wants to return to Two Hills. She rejects him, but Yuliy asserts that he’snot used to hearing no for an answer. By the time Gera arrives, he finds the mansobbing as Rada has kicked him where he keeps his seed. Confused, he leaves the man and finds Radaby a campfire outside. Finally, she asks why everyone there wantsto mate with her. A guilty Gera tries to excuse that he doesn’tunless she also wants it.

Instead, he insists that he just wants toprotect her. With that, he gives her his jacket to keepher warm. Meanwhile, Baron and Krysa have dinner together,with the latter wanting to give up his authority already since he’s exhausted. Suddenly, a drunk and pissed Yuliy arrives,asserting that he should be in charge. Baron grabs a knife to strike the man, butYuliy slaps it off, causing it to be embedded into a wall. This breaks Baron’s wrist, so he backs awayas the crazed man asserts his authority and demands all the women to be his wives, includingRada.

Krysa tries to recover the knife to fightthe man, but this leads to him getting thrown out the window. Elsewhere, Gera tries to appease Rada withthe dinner and wine he prepared, but the woman refuses to drink anymore since she doesn’tlike the feeling of getting drunk. Still, she admits that the cooked chickenlooks better than the squirrel he roasted earlier. Having had nothing to eat since leaving TwoHill, she takes a bite and is amazed at how the meat tastes. Suddenly inspired to try things out, Radawonders about intimacy and chooses Gera as.

Her partner. Before anything can happen, however, Yelenaappears with a couple of cops. She declares that her daughter and Gera canreturn to Two Hills without punishment since she’s made an agreement with Vera.

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