In This World All Babies Are Made In An Man made Pod Womb

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In the near future, people can chooseto grow their babies in pods, but one couple battles through the philosophyand morality of the procedure. In the bedroom, Rachel admires herpregnant belly in front of the mirror. Suddenly, she wakes up and realizes that it wasjust a dream. Then, she starts her morning by eating the breakfast her smart home preparedand takes her daily gut intelligence test. Elena, the cognitive AI assistant, notesher decreasing serotonin levels in the past few days and suggests adding a NaturePod session to her schedule. However, the woman declines the suggestionbecause she's busy at work. Later, Rachel wakes her husband Alvyand tells him she's heading out. .

On the train, she sees a woman with anartificial womb pod strapped to her body. Meanwhile, the husband spends his morning inthe apartment greenhouse potting plants. In the office, Rachel leads thepresentation of the newest cognitive assistant AIs called Mashas.Minutes later, the HR director calls the woman into the office toinform her about her promotion. The HR director asks what her husband does fora living, and Rachel says he's a botanist. The older woman suggests that the couple seriouslyconsider starting a family, especially since the Womb Center now belongs to the Pegazus company.She adds that the company will cover the downpayment should Rachel andher husband wish to conceive..

In Rachel's office, Masha schedules a NaturePod session for her during lunchtime. Suddenly, she receives a call from the WombCenter to inform her that a spot opened up, and they'd like her to call them back tosecure her spot and arrange a tour. When she calls back, they agree on aThursday tour of the facilities. Then, the woman enjoys her calm NaturePod session, where she dreams of holding a baby by the beach.In his workplace greenhouse, Alvy's students are apprehensive about tryinga fig from a tree since they're accustomed to eating food manufactured by machines.That afternoon, Rachel tells her colleague Alice that she and Alvy got a spot at theWomb Center. Delighted for her friend,.

Alice says they should celebrate the news withtheir respective husbands, but Rachel admits she's unsure how to proceed since she hasn'teven told Alvy they were on the waitlist. After work, Rachel speaks to her AI therapist,Eliza, who asks why she never told Alvy she was on the waitlist. The woman says it's becauseshe's worried about her husband's reaction since he wants a natural child. However, theAI assures her that even if their baby grows inside an artificial pod, it won't be any lessnatural than one born inside a human uterus. Later, at a breathing bar, Alice tellsher friend that she needs to tell Alvy about the Womb Center before Thursday.In the apartment, the wife is about to open the conversation, but the husband recountshow his students were initially apprehensive.

About interacting with nature earlier buteventually opened up to the experience. He adds that the world unraveled when companiesbegan treating nature like a commodity, leaving people emotionally starved.On Thursday, Rachel attends the tour by herself. The clients watch a video ofthe Pegazus founder talking about how he started the company to allow women to haveflourishing careers that aren't hindered by laborious pregnancies while addressing thedeclining birthrate in first-world countries. Then, Womb Center director Linda Wozcheckwelcomes the clients before starting the tour. In the incubation room, Linda shows theclients a pod with a baby growing inside and shows them how they can use their phones ortablets to expose the child to different audio.

Media. She also says they can choose the types offlavors their baby feeds on, suggesting various options so the child isn't a picky eater.A client asks how long the pod's autonomy is when disconnected from the base, and Linda says itcan be separated for up to 48 hours, which allows the parents to take the pod when traveling.Rachel asks if the baby can hear the outside world in utero, and Linda says yesand encourages them to speak to their child even when it’s inside the pod.Later, Linda asks Rachel for a deposit to confirm her interest in the procedure.That evening, Alvy tells his wife that he got a notification about an $8,700 deposit and asks ifthey should notify the bank. However, Rachel comes clean and says she was the one who transferred themoney to the Womb Center after taking a tour..

Confused, the husband says he doesn't know whatshe's talking about. So, the wife admits she placed them on a waitlist last year becauseshe never expected them to call back. Upset, Alvy expresses his disappointment thatshe went on the tour and agreed to grow their child inside a pod without informing him.Remorsefully, the woman apologizes and says she only did it because she wants to have a babywith him, so he hugs her and says it's okay. To appease his worries, she suggeststhey talk to Alice and her husband, Ben, to learn more about the experience.The next evening, Ben shows the couple his pod carrier while Alice talks about how having theoption of growing a baby in a pod allows a couple to have equal child-care responsibility. When Ben asks when they'll take the tour, Rachel.

Lies and says they don't know. Then, he asks Alvyif he wants to hold the pod, but the man politely declines, still wary of the procedure.In the apartment, Alvy expresses his concern about the pod's plasticky material,but Rachel says all that matters is that the baby thinks it's a real womb.He says that if he could get pregnant, he'd carry the baby himself, and his wife reminds him thatBen literally carried the baby in a carrier. However, the husband reiterates that he wisheshe had more time to ponder the decision, but Rachel says they could lose their spot atthe Womb Center if they asked for more time. Then, she tells him to speak to Eliza becausethat's what she does whenever she feels stuck. During the therapy session, the manargues with the AI, whom he believes.

Doesn't have a soul and isn't qualified tounderstand human emotions and problems. After the session, Alvy lies and tells hiswife that he had a great chat with Eliza. At a restaurant, the husband continues listinghis concerns regarding the pod baby, so Rachel defeatedly says they don't have to do it sinceshe doesn't want to keep arguing with him. That night, after the couple makes love, he sayshe changed his mind and thinks they should do it. She asks why, and Alvy says it's becausehe can see how much it matters to her. The next day, the couple meets with Linda,who asks if it's important to them that Alvy is the baby's father. When they're confusedabout why that's even a question, the woman explains that all they need to conceive the babyis Rachel's ovum and her skin cells, which means.

They won't need any DNA from a male donor.However, she adds that if they wish to have a son, they will need the Y chromosome from Alvy.Without hesitation, Rachel insists her husband be the child's father, and they agree thatthey'll let nature decide regarding gender. Eventually, the couple nervouslywatches the ovum's fertilization while Linda narrates everything happening onscreen. After the successful insemination, Linda congratulates the expectant parents.Minutes later, a worker shows them the zygote inside a canister.In the apartment, the couple receives a call from Rachel's parents, and herfather tells Alvy to think about selling his property on Shell Island since they coulduse the money now that they're expecting..

Aware of how her husband feels about the topic,the wife tells her father to drop the subject. For the next few days, Rachel has accessto the baby's progress on her gadgets and also uses them to feed the child.One night, Alvy tries to initiate lovemaking, but the wife politely asks him to give her a fewweeks since she's preoccupied with the baby. The next day, Rachel asks her husband if hewants to join her in listening to the baby, but he says they won't hear anything since it'sonly been a few days since its inception. Later, in the incubation room, she asks the nurseif she can see their baby because the window won't open, and the nurse explains that they keep theembryo in complete darkness for the first seven weeks or until the first heartbeat is detected.Suddenly, one of the pods beeps, and the nurse.

Says it's ready for delivery. She adds that thedevice detects special proteins and hormones in the amniotic fluid, indicating the baby is ready.When Rachel asks what the stated due date is for, the nurse says it's just an estimationbecause nature still knows best. That night, Rachel dreams of havinga C-section and birthing an egg. The next day, she tells Eliza about thestrange dreams she's been having lately, and the AI reminds her that dreamsaren't reliable analytical material. Weeks later, the couple listens to thebaby's heartbeat, and Linda informs them that they can take the pod home fortwo weeks at six months of gestation. Then, they open the tiny viewingwindow and stare at the embryo..

Months later, Alvy sees the baby's roomthat Rachel decorated and suggests placing a live plant. However, the wife thinks it'sbetter if he designs a hologram version. Offended, the man walks out of the room, andhis wife follows. She says it might be a good idea to sell the property on Shell Island likeher father suggested since they never go there anyway. Alvy argues that it's because she neverwants to visit, and she says they don't need to because the city has nature pods. Nevertheless,the husband insists he won't raise their child with pods as its only experience with nature.At the public pool, Rachel curiously watches a pregnant woman. In the changing room, thewoman takes Rachel's hand and places it on her belly so she can feel it kicking.That evening, Alvy sees their baby's pod.

In the living room, and his wife says shebrought it home because it's their home period. She thinks spending time with itin their apartment might do them good. Unsure how to proceed, they carefullytransfer the pod to the bedroom. While making love, Alvy says he can't continueknowing their child is in the room with them. He carries it toward the nursery, and he almosttrips and nearly drops it. Seeing that it upsets his wife, he explains that she'll have toaccept that their baby will stumble and fall at some point in its life.As they prepare for bed, they hear the pod emitting a noise,and they rush back to the nursery. Alvy accuses his wife of forgetting tofeed the baby, so she reminds him that.

He has access to the same apps and shares equalresponsibility for the child's well-being. The next day, they visit the Pegazus company'sprivate school. A man mentions that his nephew, born in the Womb Center, doesn't havedreams. So, Linda says it's a side effect they're working on but assures all theparents that it's nothing to worry about because dreams serve no evolutionary purpose.The next day, while Alvy works in the apartment greenhouse, he's alerted when the pod runs lowon food, so he replenishes the supply. Then, he allows the baby to listen to whale sounds beforeopening the window so he can see the child. In the office, Masha mentions Rachel's decreasedwork productivity in the past few days. In the apartment, Alvy secures the babyon his body using a pod carrier..

For the next few weeks, the man spends most ofhis time taking the pod all over the city while reading books aloud so the baby can hear him.After class, Alvy's boss tells him that they've decided to slowly downsize the greenhouse becausemaintenance costs them too much money. The older man says they can replace the real plantswith holograms, upsetting the botanist. That evening, the husband gets emotional whilewatching a documentary about penguins. Suddenly, Rachel opens up the possibility of bringing thepod back to the facility earlier than expected, but the husband says having itin the house has been great. The next day, while cleaning the pod, Rachelfinds dirt in the nooks and crannies. At Alice's house, Rachel tells herfriends that she worries her husband.

Might be reckless with the pod, but the womenassure her he's just excited to be a father. That night, she dreams that the pod is no longerbeside her. So, she frantically searches the room, but when she stands in front of themirror, she sees her pregnant belly. Days later, Alvy says he received booksfrom his mother about Attachment Therapy, which is a belief that spending time withthe baby helps the child develop empathy. Rachel argues that the entire point of having apod baby is for detachment, so the husband says acknowledging differing ideologies is healthy.Seconds later, the wife opens up about how she isn't doing well and asksthat they speak to Eliza. During the therapy session, Rachel tells theAI they're having difficulty adjusting because.

Everything seems to revolve around the pod. Sheadds that her husband is successfully bonding with the child while she isn't. Alvy thinks sheneeds more alone time with the baby, but she argues that maybe she isn't ready to be a mother.So, for the next few days, Rachel carries the pod around on a carrier but feels self-conscious aboutwhat people think when they see her in public. One day, she brings the pod to a work meeting.Later, Alice tells her that HR might not like her bringing the pod to work and that peoplemight label her as a “distracted mom.” So, the co-worker takes Rachel to asmall room in the office where the others place their pods while at work.Hours later, the woman realizes she's late for a workshop at the Womb Center.After the workshop, the couple places their.

Pod back in the incubation room, and Rachel saysshe wishes they could spend more time with it. For the next few days, the couple feelsincreasingly lonely due to the pod's absence. One night, Rachel dreams of holdinga baby while walking on a beach. The following day, she heads to the apartmentgreenhouse. She takes a plant and places it in the nursery, to Alvy's delight.In the office, the HR director speaks to the woman about her decreased productivity at work,and Rachel denies that she has depression. Soon, the couple meets with Linda, whoasks them their preferred date for the induced birth. They wonder why, so the womanexplains that the pods are in high demand, so they need to induce at 39 weeks.When Rachel asks if they can keep the.

Pod at home until it's ready for birth,Linda says the rule forbidding it is in the fine print of the signed contract.As they exit the building, Alvy tells his wife to wait for him outside. He returnsto the nursery and steals their pod. After waking from a dream where she takes a babyhome from a supermarket, Rachel enthusiastically tells Alvy they should go to Shell Island andhave the baby there. When the husband asks why, she says she doesn't want their child'sfirst moments to be in the Womb Center. So, the man speaks to Linda and explainsthat his wife is in a bonding phase with the baby. The woman reminds him that thepod should've stayed in the facility. Alvy argues that the baby is under theirjurisdiction, but Linda reminds him that.

The pod is the Womb Center's property.Then, he admits that he and his wife are considering a home birth, and Linda says they'llneed a self-generated birth code to open the vessel, and she advises against their plan.However, the couple pushes through with their decision to head to Shell Island.For the last days of gestation, they spend time with the pod in thepeaceful cabin near the beach. One night, Rachel notices thatthe pod's base isn't turning on. Alvy realizes that the Womb Center remotelydisconnected their access to the facility. So, to calm his worried wife, thehusband reminds her that they have 48 hours of autonomy and must trust thatthe baby is ready for birth before then..

The next day, the pod alerts themthat the baby is ready. Rachel tries to enter the baby's conception date asthe birth code, but it doesn't work. Panicked, Alvy says he'll break the device openwith tools. He removes the screw top, but the opening is still too small for the infant.So, he pries the two halves open, then Rachel wraps their child up in a towel, and thecouple stares lovingly at their offspring. The next day, the woman packs theempty pod in a box, then she bikes to town and drops it off at the post office.After the errand, she heads back to the cabin, and she happily lays down nextto her child and husband.

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