In This World Girls Are Militia Ships & Need Boys To Gallop Them

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In the year 2039, humanity has lost most ofits land due to global climate change. This caused sea levels to rise. As if in responseto this predicament, mysterious warships surrounded by fog appear around the worldto blockade all strategic shipping routes. All of humanity’s remaining firepower are gatheredfor the Great Naval Battle. However, even this joint United Nations Fleet fails to defeat theFleet of Fog. With advanced weaponry, these invincible warships conquer the seas to destroyhumanity’s communication satellites and undersea cables. Every nation-state has been effectivelyisolated. Merely confirming one another’s continued existence has become next to impossible– and as a result, the world has fallen apart. –.

Several years later, a mission is underway at the Space Center of Saga Prefecture.An important SSTO must be launched, so the forces are trying to protect itfrom the Fleet of Fog light cruiser Nagara. The land defense units barely stave off thealien ship’s missiles – but both cargo ships aren’t so lucky. As humanity’s hope dwindles,the Fog Submarine I-401 “Blue Steel” arrives. – Captain Gunzou [Goon-zo] Chihaya leads hiscrew in halting the Fog’s advance until the “intercontinental communicationsSSTO” has been successfully launched. He commands Iona [Ee-yona], the“little girl” humanoid avatar,.

To read out the enemy ship’s vital specifications.It seems she’s the embodiment of this submarine. After getting information on Nagara,Gunzou commands them to engage. With Sou Oribe as the first mate, Iori[Ee-yori] Watanuki operating the engines, Kyouhei Kashihara mastering theweapons, and Shizuka Hodzumi on sonar operations, this young group of combatantssuccessfully takes down the enemy seafarer. All without getting hit themselves.The mission ends in overwhelming success. – The crew can finally let outa sigh of relief. Japan will now be able to transmit info to other nations.

Meanwhile, Gunzou finds Iona on the deck, watching Nagara sink while saying,“You were just following orders.” He asks her for the purpose of her existence.As of now, she only exists to follow orders. If that’s the case, then does she only engage in battle because he commands herto? She simply nods in response. – Let’s go back to two years ago. Gunzoumet Iona at Yokosuka while he was still a student at the Marine Technical Academy. After the shortlist of students selectedto join the inspection team was posted,.

Students inevitably gossiped about him. Unsavoryrumors of special treatment arose due to his reputation as both a top student and the onlyson of Shouzou Chihaya, the captain who died in battle and was rumored to have defected tothe Fog. The boy wasn’t well-liked as a result. – On the bus to Warehouse 51, Gunzou and otherchosen students were reminded that what they were about to see was strictly top-secret.The ones-in-charge claimed that these kids earned this special privilege due totheir potential to be future officers, but Gunzou believed they werejust passing on the torch. Shockingly, they were greeted upon arrival bythe parked submarine I-401. The OIC explained.

How it appeared at the harbor with all itsweapons locked after the Great Naval Battle, allowing them to seize it without resistance. A student mentioned that the Fog’s weakness shouldbe revealed by studying how I-401 works. However, the research team had come upwith nothing after seven years of intensive research. This thing was hopeless. But then, Gunzou approached the ship andtouched it, unknowingly awakening Iona. The ship lit up and the officials were prompted ofits activation. Everyone quickly evacuated while the future captain watched in awe. Oh boy, anedgy teen just saved the world! More news at 11. –.

The following day, Iona walked the halls asan academy student. She promptly looked for Gunzou and found him in the library withhis friends. Now in front of their group, she nonchalantly explains that she wasordered to meet the son of Shouzou Chihaya. The boy dismissed it as another prank andasked for her name. After introducing herself, the lady said they couldn’t talk there and hackedGunzou’s tablet to show a location and time. Her parting words were, “Come tonight. Alone.” – Despite his doubts, Gunzou met Iona late thatnight. He wanted to just show up and leave, but she began narrating her seven-yearisolation from the outside world. She also.

Shared her one and only memory: “MeetGunzou, the son of Shouzou Chihaya, and obey him.” That was the instructionand reason for her existence. Creepy… But even more unsettling… was a bluedome she projected like some kind of light show. This act was followed by asimple question: “What is your purpose?” After a bit of reflection, Gunzouvoiced out his true desire: “to break the stagnant status quo.”Time spent without action is pointless. This answer satisfied the girl. Sheacknowledged his wish and expressed relief. At last, she could reactivate. I-401 suddenly began firing lasers and breakingitself out of Warehouse 51’s top-secret dock. As.

The magnificent ship appeared beforethem, Iona confessed, “This is me.” A shocked Gunzou could only ask ifshe was with the Fog. Iona nodded, but she admitted that she didn’t know ifshe was an enemy or not. Her only order was to find and obey him. As a weapon createdfor war, her only purpose is to obey orders. And so, the boy declared her to be his ship fromthat day on. Fully confident in her destiny, she extended out her handand asked him to ride her. – It goes without saying that thisflamboyant stunt immediately caught the navy’s attention. Countlessshots were fired during their escape.

Gunzou clarified if she could withstand sucha barrage. Yes, but only for 30 seconds. How about diving like a normal submarine? Well, sinceit was her first time allowing a human on board, the systems would take more time toset up. Definitely not at that moment. As the 30 seconds ran out, their shields shutoff and the submarine began taking actual damage. Gunzou knew this was a tight situation, but hewasn’t going to let things end here. Luckily, Iona finished setting the ballasts up,allowing the submarine to dive underwater. And they vanished from the radars… although we’re not sure why the humans here don’tknow how submarines work. Anyway. After ensuring that they’ve truly gotten away,Gunzou ordered Iona to “End combat.” She fell.

To her knees, nervous about having a captainfor the first time. He tried calling her 401 this time again; but she corrected him, sayingher name was Iona. She isn’t just a tool, boy. – The trip down memory lane ends.Gunzou presently admits that they’ve been fugitives since then. It seemsshe doesn’t care. All that matters is that she’s a ship that belongs to thecaptain, destined to fulfill her purpose. – They arrive at Nagasaki, where Gunzou meetswith Ministry of Military Affairs Assistant Secretary Ryuujirou Kamikage. Althoughthere’s a bit of tension between the two,.

The man commends him foraccomplishing the SSTO mission; as well as his efforts against thefog these past couple of years. However, the SSTO was destroyed while in orbit.A top-secret weapon-in-development against the Fog was destroyed in the process, so he asksGunzou to deliver the final prototype to the USA himself. It’s humanity’s only chanceto beat these futuristic assailants. – Inside I-401, Gunzou and his teamanalyze their new assignment. Humans could stand a chance if thisprototype were to be mass-produced. Taking it to America is a valiant,.

Heroic mission… if the place still exists. Dueto comms interruptions, no one really knows. Gunzou knows that the safest optionis direct transport by sea. That’s where they come in. He accepted the missionsince they’re the only ones who can do this. They head to the Port of Yokosuka. This iswhere the handoff for the weapon prototype, the last hope for humanity, will take place. – As they watch the ship leave, one of Kamikage’smen asks why they can’t just eliminate Gunzou. The assistant secretary mentions that Iona’sunwavering loyalty to the boy is fearsome. Besides that, a traitor to the Fog and a traitorto Humanity make an interesting combination.

– Meanwhile, battleship Kongou and heavy cruiser Maya detect that Iona is headed north.Heavy cruiser Takao has been assigned to handle her. She arrogantly swearsto turn the “traitor” Iona to dust. On the other hand, the bored Mayawants to join the battle as well, but Kongou reminds her that theAdmirality Code has placed this issue outside their jurisdiction. Nothingthey can do but entrust it to Takao. – EP.2.

Gunzou plans to use a storm to slip throughthe Fleet of Fog radar picket unnoticed. However, the heavy cruiser Takao is located at theeye of the typhoon and observantly monitors their whereabouts. Without hesitation, she obliteratessome of I-401’s decoys – leaving them with only 3. – Gunzou initially thought that even a Fog shipwould suffer from reduced detection abilities in this weather. But surprisingly, Takaohas sunk their decoys with perfect accuracy. He examines the sunken decoys toget a feel for her detection range. Shizuka then suggests they diverttheir course outside Takao’s territory, but she would simply reposition herself if theydid that. With their minds stuck in a loop,.

Gunzou takes decisive action by commandingIona to plot their route to Yokosuka. Plan A is continuing the currentcourse along the typhoon’s path, avoiding Takao’s detection, and entering thePort of Yokosuka – but that has already failed. That only leaves them with Plan B: escapingthe typhoon, circling around Takao’s picket line, and approaching Yokosuka –which is what Shizuka suggested. However, there’s the risk that Takao andthe Fog will follow them all the way there. The Admirality Code, the highest order commandingthe Fleet of Fog, has forbidden the attack on any land or docked targets. But since it allows“collateral damage” in pursuit of vessels, both Gunzou and Iona believe that Takao wouldfire and destroy the Yokosuka Port regardless.

They can’t let that happen as thereare residential areas by the harbor. Wait too long, and the typhoon willsubside – eliminating their only advantage. So now it’s time for Plan C. To defeat Takao. This bold statement surprises thecrew. She’s a heavy cruiser, after all. It’s time for an all-out attack. – Gunzou orders Iona to surface and disguise the ship within the decoys. All four shipsare now moving at a commendable pace. It doesn’t take long before Takao takes.

Notice. She wonders if they’re alldecoys or if one’s actually real. Whatever the case, the storm isn’tenough to shield I-401 from her wrath. – Gunzou wonders if Takao’s aware oftheir movements. Iona confidently states it’s impossible given the enemy’sspecs. All she can be sure of is that they’re still alive. The enemy shouldn’tbe capable of pinpointing their location. Or so she thought. Takao’s displaysexpose the real ship among the fakes. – After finding the real deal, Takaoprepares for battle. The big guns.

Are out to play. She plans to drop Iona’sKlein Field to critical levels in one blow. – As Gunzou instructs Kyouhei to load their weapons,Shizuka detects a strange noise. For a moment, the captain looks worried but shrugs it off whenIona notices. Time to continue with the plan. – Takao claims she won’t belike Hyuuga and points her weapons at their precise location. It’s a trap. – The submarine draws closer and closerto emerging from the depths of the sea..

Right before they reach the surface, he quicklychanges his orders, “Sidekick! Hard to port!” A great save! The ship shakes fromthe intensity of Takao’s blast, but he’s saved them from adirect hit. The captain now orders a crash dive after realizingTakao knows their precise location. Kyouhei launches a barrage of missiles, butTakao’s Klein Field deflects these. She’s just shocked that her supergravity cannonmissed, considering her perfect timing. In a flash, more attacks instantly destroythe three decoys. It’s a warzone out here. Gunzou alerts Shizuka at the verylast moment to mute her headphones. Using their own projectiles as distractions,.

He cuts the engines and settles theship at the bottom of the ocean for now. Takao’s stunned to realize that 401’sdisappeared from the radar altogether. – Sou, Kyouhei, and Iori reportthe ship’s condition. Thankfully, everything’s mostly alright. However, their Klein Field is one step away from reachinga critical point due to earlier’s close call. Gunzou asks if Iona’s alright. She is, but if they don’t release the energy absorbedby the Klein Field, it’ll implode on them. But doing so would announcetheir location to the enemy.

– For now, the captain informs Shizuka to savethat “weird sound” she noticed earlier to their sonic database. That’s the noise thesupergravity cannon makes before it fires. Kyouhei praises Gunzou for realizingthey were being targeted. Well, it was obvious since Takao’s ship was facing them the entire time – as if announcing tothe world that she was aiming for 401. The crew then try to dismiss her precisionas dumb luck to reassure themselves…. But Iona has an inkling that she’s beenwatching them the entire time. Spooky. But wait. Gunzou realizes there’s nosuch thing as coincidence to the Fog,.

So he asks Iona to compare the attack’sdetection range versus the heavy cruiser’s known specs. They don’t match?! The enemywas performing tactical miracles right there. This leads some of the crew to concludethat a hidden “spy” submarine must be aiding Takao and feeding her information. Thetradeoff is that she can’t move from her spot. While Kyouhei thinks this makessense, it’s just a hypothesis for now. Well, our boy Gunzou’s a scientificmind. Hypotheses exist to be proven, so it’s their turn to surprise the enemy. Despite the obvious risk and complaints, Gunzoutells Iona to use the cannon they looted from Hyuuga. The rest of the crew have full faithin their gambler of a captain. Not that they.

Have a choice. – And so, Iona launches the ship toward the surfaceagain. It immediately gains Takao’s attention. Gunzou voices out his commandsand everyone prepares for battle. As they launch torpedoes, Takaosuddenly changes her course. This leads Gunzou to speculate that shereally might be hiding something. – It’s a battle of attrition now. Severalcorrosive warheads come flying towards Takao, but she confidently dismantlesthem and fires some of her own. Gunzou’s ship prepares to hit thesurface. Awaiting him is the smug.

Takao with her weapons readyto blow them to smithereens. The smirk is quickly wiped off herface when the ship emerges. They have a supergravity cannon of their own?!She quickly instructs 501 to escape. Gunzou’s crew discovers that therewas indeed a submarine clinging underneath Takao. Their hunch was on the money. Iona locks in and prepares to fire thecannon when Gunzou sees Takao’s mental model. He instructs her to lower to firing angle, despite Kyouhei’s remarks that they’ll missTakao. They follow the captain’s orders anyway. Everyone braces themselves for the shock as Iona.

Fires. And boom! Everythingdisintegrates to oblivion. – Kamikage receives a call that 401 won. He canonly admit that Gunzou’s truly impressive. – As this happens, Kongou drinks tea withTakao in a mysterious void. Of course, the topic of discussion is the recent defeat. Takao argues that she only lost becauseof the unexpected supergravity cannon. Kongou comments that it must’ve been lootedfrom Hyuuga when she lost to the same crew. What’s ironic is that Takao mocks losing one’sweapons in such a pathetic way… but Kongou calls.

Her out since she was also forced to lockher weapons and retreat to the outer seas. Takao, you hypocrite. Now flustered, Takao swears he won’t lethim get away with this and walks out. – Back at sea, Gunzou finds Iona sitting aloneon the deck. He apologizes for straining her, but she simply mentions that combatis her primary reason for existence. – Meanwhile, Kongou’s words replay in Takao’s head. She’s still dumbfounded as towhy Gunzou didn’t sink her.

Her mind wanders. Maybe if she alsohad a smart human unit onboard, then she’d be capable of tactics like 401’s. And so, a desire to haveher own unit grows within. – EP.3 When I-401 reaches Yokosuka Port,the systems scan the ship. It’s a little uncomfortable for Iona but sheendures. Eventually, they’re led into the underground dockyard. This base is one ofhumanity’s last shelters for naval warships. Gunzou tasks his crew members to replenishtheir supplies and repair munitions – most.

Especially the supergravity cannon,which draws everyone’s attention. The captain leaves Sou in command whilehe and Iona step out to meet Kamikage. – Once outside, Iona asks Gunzou aboutthe increase in population and stores in Yokosuka compared to two years ago.It appears that the residents who had evacuated inland came back thanksto the completed defense barrier. It doesn’t make sense to Iona since being by thesea makes one more vulnerable to attacks. Well, young lady, there’s an unshakeable,therapeutic relationship between humans and the beach.–.

Now they walk and Iona accompaniesGunzou on a side trip to the cemetery. Their little detour is interruptedwhen a little girl rushes toward them, claiming she’s being chased by “badguys.” But they’re clearly just maids. The ladies pick her up and apologizefor the intrusion. After they leave, Iona informs Gunzou that she conducted a databasesearch on the girl and found that she lives in a western-style mansion. Alone. Surprisingly,there’s no other data on this strange little girl. This makes Gunzou curious asit’s unusual for Iona to take an interest in anyone besides their crew members. –.

Meanwhile, the crew members continueresupplying the ship when the army surrounds them with firearms deployed. A manin a suit arrives to invite them to dinner. What an invitation! – Back at the cemetery, Gunzou offers someflowers to a memorial for those who gave their lives fighting against the Fog.This is a place to honour these brave souls. Genuinely curious, Ionaasks if there’s any meaning in paying respects to those who have “ceasedvital functions.” Way to word it, girlie. Although it’s clear that Gunzou understandsshe’s still trying to comprehend human emotion..

He succinctly describes it as a way forthose left behind to come to terms with their losses. It provides a feeling of peace….But naturally, she finds it pretty meaningless. Suddenly, they’re also surrounded byarmy guys with guns and invited by a certain gentleman. Iona offersto dismantle these individuals, but Gunzou doesn’t want to start a fighthere and accepts the invitation instead. – They eventually arrive at a fancy restaurantwhere the others and Ryoukan Kita await. The famed former admiral, now a national diet member,asks if Iona is the mental model of I-401. Gunzou confirms. He comments that she looksindistinguishable from a normal human being.

Then he pops a huge question… quite shamelessly.“Can 401 be relinquished by the government?” Bruh. This shocks everyone at the table – except forGunzou, who was probably expecting this. It’s no surprise that he promptly disagrees.As they’re in the middle of a mission, it’s their responsibility to see the task through. Kita reiterates that 401 cannot be left in theircrew’s hands when her existence is synonymous with danger. It is his belief that Iona must beoperated by highly trained, legitimate soldiers. He adds that there’s also a possibility that avessel whose core is in the grips of a monster, a.k.a Iona, may turn on them one day. Thegirl only listens intently to his rant. Unsurprisingly, the enigmaticGunzou interjects with much gusto.

He comments that neither he nor themilitary has accomplished anything significant during the seven years followingthe Great Naval Battle. By now it should be obvious that military training and combatexperience are ineffective against the Fog. Additionally, he can’t trustsomeone who calls Iona a monster. To this, Kita clanks his glass and armedsoldiers surround the crew. Although the grave expression on Iona’s face is allyou need to predict what’s coming next. – But enough of that for now. Backto the mysterious void earlier, Kongou and Maya continue having tea.The latter, who’s also the spitting.

Image of Amber from Genshin, asks theformer what she plans to do with 401. Kongou resolves to sink it and has alreadytaken steps to achieve her goal. She’s already sent two ships to fulfill this duty. Mayawonders if this can be considered “tactics.” Well, that’s true. The Fog developed a capacityfor tactics thanks to the mental models. In the past, the Fog could just destroy humanity withsheer power due to the overwhelming difference in combat technology. But since this advantage isslowly disappearing, they also need to learn how to be smart on the battlefield. They’ve fosteredsome human traits to adapt to the situation. However, they’ve learned everything there is from the humans. Further observationon 401 isn’t needed anymore.

The girls simply agree on a commongoal: not to end up defeated like Takao. – Speaking of Takao… she casually walksout of a bookstore, reading a book about the complex relationshipbetween a captain and his ship. She excitedly blushes at thethought of Gunzou making her do exactly what he wants. We…ship them. Hehe. Get it? Ahem. But her daydreaming of getting… shipwrecked… isinterrupted when 400 and 402 appear before her. It’s revealed that Takao cutherself off from the fleet’s comm system after that loss. The two hadno choice but to ask about it in person.

She proudly confesses that she wants a captain.A weapon’s natural desire is to find a wielder that can maximize her potential. And shebelieves Gunzou can fill that spot as captain. 400 asks what her plan is. Her bluff isobvious as she’s now red as an apple. There may be no concrete planyet, but one thing’s for sure: she won’t be returning to the fleet. Instead, she’ll be at Gunzou’s side – and that’s enoughfor now. Whoaaa! Our boy’s fleet is growing! They tell her that Kirishima and Haruna willsoon make contact with 401 at Yokosuka so it’s too late to go there now. But she insists thatshe’ll be waiting for Gunzou somewhere else. As she departs, the duo observes that she’sno longer the Takao they once knew. But since.

The Fog is about to change, they’ll need tocontinue using her to monitor the situation. Fog or no fog, the squabbles betweenhumans remain the same. People get greedy, fight over resources, andpower-trip their way to success. But with a reliable captain in Gunzou, agrowing tight-knit crew, and the unfathomable powers of Iona the submarine, their goalof changing the world is not out of reach.

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