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In a self-reliant metropolis, implanting cybernetictechnology into the body has become common for people. It can be used for medical purposes, combatenhancements, or even fashion statements. Unfortunately, it sometimes brings out theworse in some folks. Meanwhile, a boy struggling in life loseseverything he has and becomes a mercenary called Edgerunner. One rainy evening in Night City, several copsare called to a crime scene. Then, former second lieutenant James Norris,a big man equipped with cyberware, goes crazy and shoots a cop inside a police car.

This immediately gets the attention of theother officers, so they open fire at James. However, thanks to all the weapons installedinto his body, James easily manages to fire back and kill a few more cops. One cop then realizes they're dealing witha Cyberpsycho, an individual with psychopathic tendencies enhanced by cybernetics. Cyberpsychos eventually lose their sense ofidentity as a person, and as a result, they become dangerous. The cops continue firing at James, but theman refuses to back down and kills more police officers.

Unfortunately, James not only has guns butblades as well. James mercilessly kills anyone who tries tostop him, and the Sandevistan on his back allows him to move swiftly as time slows down. When James kills a number of cops in justa matter of seconds, the MaxTac members in the chopper decide to fry his system. They also notice that James is sporting military-gradeICE. Wasting no time, the MaxTac members paralyzeJames with a quickhack. They then descend from the chopper and repeatedlyshoot James, eventually putting a bullet in his head.

At home, David Martinez streams illegal Braindanceto enjoy the intensity of the Cyberpsycho's death. With the Braindance technology, David is ableto experience James' physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts. Talking to a Ripperdoc he calls Doc, Davidlearns that he got the footage from someone named Kurosaki. Then, David starts feeling sick, so he endshis conversation with Doc. The next day, David tries doing the laundry,but the washing machine breaks. He then checks on his sleeping mother, Gloria,who soon wakes up and complains a little about.

Her night shift. After that, Gloria asks David if he stillneeds money for his wreath update for class, but David replies that his Ripperdoc alreadyhandled it. Unconvinced, Gloria makes David promise he'llget the update he needs. As David is about to leave for school, a newsreport about a military-grade implant that's been stolen from James Norris' body is shownon TV. David also sees that his mother was one ofthe EMTs who responded to the scene. Annoyed, Gloria orders David to go to schoolbefore calling a guy named Maine and checking the Sandevistan on her lap, revealing shestole it from James’ body.

Moments later, David sees a white-haired girlon his way to school. However, the girl quickly vanishes when David'sabout to approach her. Then, David finally arrives at school, theprestigious Arasaka Academy. He takes his place and puts on his wreathto prepare for class, only to get a call from his mean seatmate, Katsuo, who makes fun ofhis outdated hardware. So, David tells him he's made it compatible,but as he logs into the Green Room for meditation, his modified wreath crashes the school's system. At the same time, he ends up frying his classmates'hardware, forcing Gloria to promise to pay for the damages after their class.

But to make things worse, the principal scoldsDavid for modifying his wreath with back-alley software to avoid paying for the licensedupdate. He starts wondering whether Gloria can reallypay for her son's studies, and although Gloria assures him that she can, the principal suggeststransferring David to a different school. On their way home, Gloria confronts Davidabout his wreath while driving. But David only blames Doc, pissing Gloriaoff since it will now cost them ten times more. Gloria makes it clear she'll pay for the updateand says she's only waiting for payday, but David thinks about dropping out and findinga job.

Of course, this doesn't sit well with Gloria,finding the idea ridiculous. Sadly, David reveals that he's also been havingproblems with his classmates, saying he's struggling to fit in. He's also sure that no one will accept himeven if he graduates, pointing out that no kid from the poor district of Santo Domingowill ever be a suit. At that moment, Gloria cries and says Davidis breaking her heart. She reminds David that everything she doesis for him, wanting him to have a good education. Feeling bad, David apologizes to his mother,but their conversation is cut short when he notices an armed man inside the car to hisright.

Suddenly, the man repeatedly fires at thelimousine next to them, and another guy eventually shoots the vehicle with an RPG. Unfortunately, as the limousine explodes,David and Gloria crash into it. Later, David awakens inside the car that'sflipped over. He's trapped in his seat because of the seatbelt,but Gloria is lying motionless on the highway. The Trauma Team soon arrives, but they ignoreGloria and David upon learning from their gadgets that the two aren't policyholders. They only take the limousine driver and quicklyleave, so David does his best to get out of the car.

Afterward, David manages to take Gloria toa back-alley clinic, where she receives medical care. Her surgery was successful, but although she'sstable, she needs to stay there a few more nights. The doctor also reminds David to pay the clinicbefore giving him Gloria's stuff. That night, David breaks into their apartmentafter the landlord locked it due to their failure to pay rent. Then, David searches for Gloria's savingsto pay the medical bills and finds the Sandevistan cyberware his mother kept.

He immediately calls Doc to know how muchit is, but he says he's not selling it. The next day, David still goes to school andgets picked on by Katsuo and his friends in an alley. The boys hate David for being poor and wanthim gone, insulting his mother and wondering how she manages to pay his tuition. Although he's mad, David tries to walk away,but Katsuo stops and pushes him back. Fed up, David attempts to fight back, onlyto be beaten by Katsuo, who uses his kung-fu chipware. When David returns to the clinic later, helearns that Gloria's condition worsened, and.

She died shortly after. David then chooses to have Gloria cremated,and he soon heads home, heartbroken. As he walks, he receives calls from severalpeople and learns they have so many bills to pay. Breaking into their apartment, David callsthe Ripperdoc again and asks for the Sandevistan's price, which is now lower than what the guysaid the previous day. As if that isn't enough, Katsuo calls Davidto insult Gloria once more. Enraged, David finds Doc and states he wantsthe Sandevistan cyberware implanted into his body.

Although Doc initially refuses since the cyberwareis military-grade, he eventually gives in. However, Doc makes it clear that the Sandevistanwill be his if David returns one day to have it removed because it's poaching his brain. Afterward, Doc starts the surgery, and itisn't long before the cyberware is attached to David's back. Wasting no time, David goes to school to beatup Katsuo after class, removing his mother's yellow EMT jacket to show his body. Of course, the arrogant guy tries to fightback, but he's no match for David, who uses the Sandevistan cyberware to have the upperhand.

Soon, Katsuo is all bloody from David's punches,but he still threatens David and says his father is an Arasaka executive on the Academyboard. Despite that, David remains unfazed and eventuallyleaves, going home to sleep. Meanwhile, Katsuo's father, Mr. Tanaka, watchesthe footage of David beating up his son. He also learns everything about David througha call, including the incident with his wreath and the fact that he used James' Sandevistancyberware. Mr. Tanaka's assistant tells him that Daviddisplays no apparent side effects stemming from the implant, unlike James. The assistant believes that David's tolerancefor cybernetics could make him a prime candidate.

To test their product, so Mr. Tanaka ordershim to summon the boy with promises of financial aid. Later, David receives a call from the principal,mentioning something about Katsuo's parents. However, David simply ends the call, takesa shower, and washes his clothes before leaving the apartment. David then just wanders around the city, notsure where to go. While on the train, David spots the white-hairedgirl he saw the other day. The netrunner girl or hacker easily stealsdatashards containing personal information from other people's necks by hacking intotheir systems and ejecting them, which amazes.

David. David also feels the girl is stealing hisdatashard, but thanks to his Sandevistan, he manages to stop her. So, the girl takes David to a corner and pinshim against the wall, using her abilities to find out whatever she can about the boy. Then, when she learns about David's Sandevistanand that he used to go to Arasaka, she proposes they work together and steal from Arasakasuits. After taking the Monowire off David's neck,the girl leads him to the next train car and says they'll split the haul 70-30 in favorof her.

Then, the girl introduces herself as Lucy,and the two immediately get to work. Through a call, Lucy instructs David on whichguy to target. As soon as she hacks into that person's system,David quickly steals the man's datashard, made easier by his Sandevistan. They continue stealing people's datashards,but they soon get off the train at the next stop. As they talk about their job, David's nosesuddenly bleeds profusely. It isn't long before he loses consciousness,so Lucy quickly calls an ambulance. According to the EMT, David hasn't taken anyimmunosuppressants since the implant was installed.

The EMT asks Lucy basic questions about Davidfor his record, eventually learning he used to go to Arasaka. Then, when David awakens strapped to a gurney,Lucy asks him which pills he's taking, only to be alerted when the EMT drives the ambulancefaster. After that, the EMT points a gun at David,determined to get his Sandevistan and sell it. Without warning, Lucy kicks the gurney Davidis lying on, hitting the EMT. Then, she unlocks the ambulance and gets ontop of David, kicking the doors open and busting out of the vehicle.

As the gurney rolls on the highway, Lucy controlsit and easily avoids cars. Unfortunately, when they finally stop, Davidcan't help but throw up. Still, David manages to tell Lucy to bringhim to Doc's clinic. Later, David wakes up in Doc's clinic, wherethe Ripperdoc learns he used the Sandevistan eight times. Lucy also asks the Ripperdoc where the boy'simmunosuppressants are. But when David makes it clear he has no money,Lucy decides to buy his medication for him using the datashards they stole and goes outside. Meanwhile, Doc reminds David to only use theSandevistan two to three times a day, saying.

It will scramble his brain. Thankfully, that makes David realize thata single implant can turn him into a Cyberpsycho. As David leaves the clinic, he tells Lucyhe needs more Eurodollars or “eddies” for rent. So, Lucy takes him to her apartment for thetime being, and the two share a drink. Then, Lucy borrows David's jacket and projectsthe word “Edgerunners” on its back, which is another word for cyberpunk. Edgerunners are people who live on the Edge,determined to oppose megacorporations with the help of cyberware.

She knows that David wants to become one,but the boy isn't sure yet. Then, David starts talking about his motherand how she used to work hard for him. He also confesses that he only stayed at ArasakaAcademy for his mother, wanting to climb the corporate ladder for her. A bit confused, Lucy tells David to find hisown dream since it's obvious that he's different from his mother. At the same time, she admits that Night Cityis a prison for her, revealing she wants to leave someday. Afterward, Lucy invites David to join heron a Braindance experience, wherein they virtually.

Go to the moon. It's Lucy's dream to visit the moon one day,and David enjoys the moment with her. However, David is interrupted by a big guywho claims that the Sandevistan cyberware belongs to him. David can only look at Lucy, who's nonchalantlysmoking and not doing anything to help him, and the huge man soon attacks him. Moments later, David regains consciousnesswhile being held upside down by the man, who talks to his friends about the Sandevistan. The man, whose name is Maine, simply wantsto rip the cyberware off David's body to avoid.

Spending eddies. But Lucy, who's actually a member of Maine'sEdgerunner crew, stops him, asking him not to get blood all over her room. As it turns out, Lucy is the one who calledMaine to her apartment, and Maine asks the boy why he's parading the Sandevistan around. Maine also adds that he bought and paid forit, but his supplier disappeared after the transaction. Maine continues talking about the woman who'ssupposed to give him the Sandevistan, and at that moment, David realizes that the sellerwas his mother.

Then, upon learning from David that Gloriadied in a car accident, Maine finally releases him. Maine feels bad for David, but he remindsthe boy that the Sandevistan cyberware still belongs to him. David insists he's unaware of that, askingMaine and his friends, Pilar and Dorio, if they're cyberpunks. David also asks Maine to let him keep theSandevistan since he can't pay him back but promises he'll work it off, one gig at a time. However, Maine refuses since the cyberwareis military-grade.

Despite that, David asks them to give hima chance, saying he'll fire up the Sandevistan. Of course, Maine and his buddies don't believehe can use it without keeling over, so David uses it for the ninth time that night to quicklygrab Pilar’s cigarette and return it. As he wipes his bleeding nose, David onceagain asks Maine to give him a chance to prove himself and return whatever he paid Gloria. David wants Maine to take him out on a job,and after careful consideration, the big guy finally agrees. He says David only has one chance, and ashe leaves with his crew, Lucy gives the boy a tracer.

Afterward, Lucy reveals that he informed Maineabout the Sandevistan after they went to see Doc. David can't believe that Lucy was lying tohim the entire time, but he eventually goes home. The next day, the principal once again callsDavid to inform him that Arasaka Academy has decided to grant him a scholarship for hisexemplary academic performance. The principal also tells David that he needsto apologize to Katsuo, so the boy still refuses to go to school. Then, he receives a call from Maine, who instructshim to go to Aldo's.

There, David meets Kiwi, another netrunnerin Maine's group. Wasting no time, Maine instructs David toinsert a datashard into the slot in his neck, which shows him footage of the Arasaka Corpdriverand bodyguard, Maxim, betting at a fighting arena. Maine wants them to swipe the navigation datafrom the limousine Maxim drives, making sure the man's favorite fighter will be defeatedby someone they know, which means he'll also lose his money. Of course, this will lead Maxim to go to abar to drink, where David will make his move. As Maxim gets drunk and passes out, Davidtakes his key and gives it to Dorio, who makes.

A copy of it to open the limousine. Then, David must return the key to the unconsciousMaxim while Maine and Kiwi steal the navigation data. Unfortunately, Maxim wakes up when his bosscalls him, and Dorio isn't done with the key yet. With no other choice, Maine instructs Davidto grab the key and head to the car. He also orders another crew member, Rebecca,to distract Maxim, so the girl spills her drink on him. Meanwhile, David gets inside the limousinewith Lucy, who starts hacking into the car's.

System. Inside the bar, Maxim realizes the key ismissing and rushes to the car. Kiwi immediately informs Lucy and David ofthe situation, and Lucy eventually hacks into the system. However, security quickly goes back online,and the two get locked inside the car. Maxim also finds them and shoots the window,so Maine orders David to drive. Despite not knowing how to drive, David startsthe car and speeds away. But as Maine tells him to head to Aldo's,Lucy states they can't use the GPS. She also points out they will be tracked soon,but Maine makes it clear that going to Aldo's.

Is the only choice they have. Then, Lucy sends David the route. Soon enough, Tyger Claws bikers go after themto take the car, making Lucy realize that Maxim put a bounty on the vehicle. Still, David continues to drive, only to bestopped by traffic. That makes him remember the car accident withGloria, so he swerves to the other side of the highway. Because of that, one of the bikers crashesinto the car in front of them. The other one continues to pursue David andLucy, but David, who's using the Sandevistan,.

Gets rid of him by avoiding an oncoming truckand causing him to collide with it instead. Then, David returns to the other side of thehighway and eventually reaches Aldo's with Lucy. The two get out of the car, but the otherbiker follows them there and attacks David. So, Lucy engages in a fight with him, allowingDavid to use the Sandevistan to knock the biker down. Still, the biker gets up and kicks David,forcing Lucy to use her Monowire to cut off the guy's arm. That doesn't stop the biker and prepares tokill David, but Maine shows up and blocks.

His attack with the car. Then, Maine gets out of the vehicle and punchesthe biker, eventually shooting the man with his gun and obliterating him. That night, David celebrates with Maine'sgroup. The big guy praises David for doing well andwelcomes him to the crew, but he reminds the boy not to trust anyone too much. Then, Maine gives David enough immunosuppressantsfor a month, also giving him his cut and advising him to upgrade his cyberware. Afterward, a man named Faraday arrives, andthe three eyes on the right side of his face.

Make him look intimidating. As it turns out, he commissioned Maine's crewto steal the navigation data, and he's not happy with the team's improvisation. He states that he needed to learn about Mr.Tanaka's routines and the places he frequents, but because Maine's crew stole the limousine,the man tightened his security and already switched sites. This means the data that Maine's group stoleis now useless, but when Maine asks Faraday to explain further, the man refuses. Maine is enraged that they’re being leftin the dark, but Faraday points out that he's.

Paying them to do whatever he wants. Then, he tells Maine they'll wait for Mr.Tanaka to lower his guard again, saying he'll be in touch before leaving. Once Faraday is gone, Maine informs Davidthat the man is a top fixer, and they get their gigs from him. Moments later, David receives a call fromthe principal, who wants him to apologize to Katsuo before returning to school. However, David has no intention of doing thatand ends the call, determined to start a new life without letting anyone walk all overhim.

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