In This World, The Earth Is Atomize up Half By 4000 Meter Wall Hiding Horrible Creatures (2)

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The wounded Mal returns to camp. The deer, however, is not with him. The manager leads a group of new artists intothe city. The guards explain to everyone the rules thatit will not be easy for them to get into the palace, for the safety of the Summoner comesfirst. Alina herself is preparing for the feast,and in this she is once more helped by Genya, the court dressmaker. Her friend informs the Summoner that thereis no news from Mal again, but Alina asks her not to speak of it again.

A servant brings to the girl's room the glovesthat the General gave her to improve her performance, but Alina refuses the gift, believing thatshe can manage without them. Meanwhile, Kaz, disguised in his guard uniform,explores the palace. His plan is for them to kidnap the Summonerwhen she is moved to the chambers for a break. Alina persuades her friend to go to the fair,Zhenya hesitates, but nevertheless agrees to her friend's request. Her friend and the girls sneak out of thecastle. Gazing at a performance in her honour, Alinabetrays herself and is spotted by Jasper, but the girls are saved in time by a courtofficer.

Mal tells the commander that he is strongenough to personally deliver the message that he has found the magical stag to the palace,and the soldier is permitted to do so. Kirigan visits Alina in her chambers. The girl confesses to the general that shenow feels like she belongs in the castle and even a little more. In confirmation of her words, the Summonerkisses Kirigan, pleasantly surprising him. Alina shows up too early, drawing the eyesof the gathering to herself. Kirigan brings her to the stage to show thecourtiers her gift and give them hope that the canyon will soon be destroyed.

The General summons darkness, which the girlmust dispel by summoning the sun. Everything turns out perfectly, and the raptaudience falls to their knees before the Summoner. Mal arrives at the castle. At this time, Alina is taken to her chambers,but she is detained on the stairs by an old monk librarian. Kirigan accepts Mal and immediately recognizeshim as a rival. After making sure that the boy really knowsAlina, he promises to arrange for him to meet the Summoner. One of Grisha's courtiers informs the oldwitch that the one who found the Deer Morozov.

Has come to the castle. The old woman orders that the General be preventedfrom finding the animal – a powerful force must not fall into his hands. The guide, Arken, disguised as a guard, getsinto Alina's bedroom and tries to kidnap her, but Genya succeeds in preventing him. When the criminal is seized, the dressmakerapproaches the Summoner and sees a mortal wound on her neck. The girl runs her hand over the girl's face,removing the mask – the fake Alina was in the bedroom to distract the kidnappers andit worked.

Kaz doesn't move his eyes from the true Alina,trying to get her out of the castle, but the company's path is blocked by Kirigan. The General says nothing to the girl aboutMal, and the boy himself is taken to the old witch's cave, where the old woman's assistanttries to get rid of an unnecessary witness. The General brings Alina to his room, intendingto spend the night with her, but the pair are stopped by a knock on the door and a reportthat the Summoner's double has been murdered. Kirigan plans to deal with everything in person,the old witch Baghra leads the girl out through a secret passage, assuring her that Kiriganwants to distract her and expand the canyon. To finally convince the Summoner, Baghra confessesthat she is the general's mother and knows.

Him very well. Returning to her chambers, Kirigan does notfind Alina, who by this time is already in the stables. The General finds her mother in the yard andlearns that she is responsible for Alina's disappearance, but Baghra does not say whereto look for the girl. This conversation is heard by Mal. Jasper sees Alina leaving the stable and climbinginto the cargo box of the wagon, hoping to get out of the castle. As soon as Kaz and Inej run out of the castle,he hurries to hide.

Starkova tries to sneak out of the hidingplace, but the group of kidnappers is already waiting for her nearby. The girl asks to let her go amicably, buthaving been refused, she uses her magical powers and escapes again. The ship on which the hunters are transportingGrisha crashes, and Nina finds herself in the water. She makes the guard come to senses and offersto help each other until they can be rescued. Kirigan assembles a posse to go after Alina'scaptors. He entrusts Zoya to choose the best ones,and the girl takes the opportunity to try.

To turn the General against the Summoner,hinting that she may have escaped of her own free will. But Kirigan declares that now he only wantsto be with Alina. Nina makes her way to an unfamiliar shorewith her mate. The boy continues to call her his prisoner,but the witch laughs and offers to find shelter for the night. Alina has to run to the forest. The girl slips and falls into a ditch, whereMal finally finds her. Nina throws off her wet clothes and advisesthe boy to do the same.

The guy realizes that he won't last that longand, agreeing to the witch's terms, he undresses and climbs under the hide. Touching the hunter, Nina applies witchcraftand makes him warm. After breaking away from the chase, Alinaand Mal finally get to talk. The couple discovers that they've been writingletters to each other, but someone has been making it impossible for them to receive themand Alina guesses that Kirigan did it all to keep the friends apart. The pair find shelter in a stone cave. To keep her friend warm, Alina shows him hergift.

Kaz's company is about to leave the city,but their crew is found by Kirigan and the friends have to flee. Kaz comes face to face with the general, andtells him that they did not kidnap Alina – she escaped the castle on her own. The Summoner puts medicine on Mal's woundsso that the pair can continue on their journey. Alina is going to find and destroy a deerto increase his powers. Nina and the hunter continue to find theirway, and the guy admits that he likes the witch, but he considers it a punishment – hisjob, to get rid of witches. At that moment the ice cracks under the girland she is about fall into abyss.

The hunter rescues the witch and gives herhis name – Matthias – realizing that she has finally captured his heart. Inej finds her friends, and mercenaries stealKirigan's carriage. The general is not worried about this, orderinghim to focus on finding Alina. Kirigan chats with the town guard and learnsthat the girl has recently fled the town. In addition, the guard says that an unknownsoldier was looking for her shortly before and the general realizes that it is aboutMal and the pair set out in search of the deer. Kirigan recalls how he once already lost hisbeloved – a witch healer died before his eyes.

At the order of the king. It was then that the general decided to protectGrisha using darkness, and he created a canyon of filth, contrary to his mother's prohibition. Alina and Mal find a deer. Looking at it, the girl refuses to destroythe magical animal and decides to find another way to gain power. She succeeds – by touching the giant, theSummoner is covered in sunlight and feels her powers grow stronger. At that moment, the General's mercenariesemerge from the forest.

After destroying the deer, they fire an arrowat Mal. Alina tries to save him, but she has to abandonher friend in order to shield herself and the deer from the filth of the Kirigan thathas appeared. The general offers to give the Summoner thedeer in exchange for his healer to save Mal. Believing the villain, Alina runs to Mal andKirigan destroys the animal, keeping his promise and ordering him to heal the tracker. Alina finds herself held captive by Kirigan. The girl resists, but the General remindsher that Mal's life is in his hands and she must resign herself.

Kirigan's servant performs a ritual that foreverunites the prince of darkness and the Sun Summoner. Now, the general has full access to the girl'slight and can control her gift. Kaz is about to steal the car that Arken usedto transport them across the canyon, but the guards of the city blow it up. Alina is taken to the camp and is visitedby Genya, but her joy at the meeting quickly fades – the girl realizes that all this timeher friend has been spying on her and helped Kirigan to separate her from Mal, destroyingletters. Kaz's team learns of the general's plans totransport the Summoner across the canyon,.

And Kaz plans to get lost again among hisguards to return home. Kirigan visits the captive Mal. He tells the boy he won't touch him, but hedoesn't stand a chance anyway – the mortal tracker will soon grow old and leave, whileAlina will live forever and sooner or later she herself will realize that the generalis the only one she's meant to be with. After waiting for the watchman to fall asleep,Mal frees himself from his shackles and escapes. Alina agrees to play along with the generalonly if he lets her lover go. Kirigan tries to win back the Summoner's trustby assuring her that he has never lied to her, but the black magician's actions speakfor themselves.

Crowds of tourists gather to the ship, eagerto watch the general and the Summoner destroy the canyon. Kaz and his crew turn out to be among them. Kirigan doesn't tell the girl that Mal hasescaped, lying that the guy is under guard and if she wants him to be let go, she shouldmake it perfect. But in the meantime, Mal is hiding in thehold, about to rescue her beloved. The ship enters the black fog of the canyon. Above the ship, cries of volcras can be heard. Alina wants to light the way, but it seemsto her that the general has other plans for.

It. Knowing what is about to begin, Kaz and hisfriends descend into the hold, preparing to attack. Hunter and Nina reach the first village andfind lodging. The boy admits that he will have to leavein the evening. Nina suggests that he run away and start hislife anew, but they both realize that this is impossible and that they will have to breakup. Trying not to think about it, the couple godownstairs to find some food and then decide what to do next.

At the inn, the pair are found by the general'sservant. Disconnecting Matthias, he asks Nina to surrenderand return home, turning the hunter in to justice, but Grisha pits the village men againsther former comrade, saying that Matthias is her slave trader, who is trying to sell herto the general's soldier. Matthias is carried off, and Nina goes afterhim, hoping to rescue the boy later. Alina tries to light a light to scare offthe Volcras, but Kirigan reminds her that he now commands her gift. Kaz overplays the plan and plans to kidnapAlina to get revenge on the general and ensure her safety.

Mal hears these words. Once out of hiding, he tells the gang abouthis connection to Alina and Kaz takes him in. The Summoner doesn't understand why they don'tfinally destroy the canyon, to which Kirigan explains – now he can create safe tunnelsand only he will decide who can pass through them. The generals, who meet the ship in Novokribirsk,realize that Kirigan and Alina Starkova must be gotten rid of, or the entire world willlose its independence. Having guessed that this might be the case,Kirigan sets about the demonstration – he.

Casts darkness over the city, wiping out everythingin his path. Alina tries to confront him, but her powersare not enough. Kaz thinks it's too soon for them to comeout of hiding, but Mal isn't going to wait and Inej supports the guy, together they goup on deck the moment Kirigan declares himself ruler of the world. The assistant general strips the guy of hispowers and Alina has no choice but to do Kirigan's bidding by protecting the ship with light. Some of the passengers realize they have beendeceived and are about to confront the general, but his mercenary drops everyone to the floor,robbing them of their senses.

Inej struggles with one of the guards, tryingto make her way to the helm. Seeing this, she is aided by Zoya, who hasalso managed to become disillusioned with her master. Kirigan tries to stop Zoya, but Inej launchesa dagger at him. That doesn't help – pulling out the knife,the villain disperses the light and the ship is surrounded by Volcras. The first monster tries to grab Inej, butKaz comes to the girl's aid. Alina lies on the floor trying to reach Mal. In one second, everything around her disappears,and the girl sees a deer in front of her,.

Which tells her with a look what to do. Grabbing her dagger, the Summoner knocks someof the deer's antlers out of Kirigan, breaking their bond. The girl ignites the sun, dispersing the filtharound the ship. The general raises his hand to punish thetraitor, but he is knocked off the ship by Mal. Both men find themselves on the ground, surroundedby darkness. Alina tries to help her friend when Kirigan'shelper appears behind her back and uses his power to make the Summoner suffer.

Jasper stops the mage, but Alina does notcome to her senses, and the Volcras reappear above them. One of the monsters takes General Kirigan. Mal brings her friend to her senses, and shedisperses the darkness again. The ship makes its way out of the fog. The company builds a fire to take a littlebreak, and everyone feels uncomfortable being so close to Saint Alina. Inej swears allegiance to the girl, promisingto always be there to protect the Summoner. On hearing of Kaz's plans, Alina gives hima precious necklace in exchange for not kidnapping.

Her again and not telling anyone about her. After changing her clothes, Alina burns theexpensive clothes and prepares to set out with Mal. Looking at the canyon, she realizes that thingshave gotten worse, but Mal promises her to return later – until the girl is ready forsuch a battle. Nina visits Matthias in prison, but the boyhates the witch again, believing that she has avenged his captivity on the ship. Grisha vows to make things right, but thehunter no longer believes the girl's words. Alina and Mal get on the ship.

Kaz's detachment is also about to leave thecity. They are all going to gather their strengthand fight a new battle against the canyon, thinking that General Kirigan will no longerbe able to prevent them. But Kirigan gets out of the fog and leadsthe giants created out of darkness behind him.

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