Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny | Official Trailer

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♫ [“Sympathy for the Devil”by The Rolling Stones playing] ♫ PROFESSORSSurprise! ♫ Please allow me to introduce myself ♫ INDIANA JONESI'm retiring. HELENAWell in that case, what are we drinking? INDIANA JONESSame for the goddaughter. HELENADad told me you found something… …on a train during the war. A dial that could changethe course of history.

INDIANA JONESWhy are you chasing the thing that drove your father crazy? KLABERDon't move. HELENAWe need to get out of here. AGENT MASONStop! HELENASorry! INDIANA JONESHelena! ♫ Hope you guess my name ♫ JÜRGEN VOLLERDr. Jones, get him.

♫ What's puzzling youis the nature of my game ♫ ♫ Oh, yeah ♫ ♫ Oh, yeah ♫ [Train horn blaring] INDIANA JONESHiya! JÜRGEN VOLLERHitler made mistakes, and with this,I will correct them all. INDIANA JONESYou stole it! JÜRGEN VOLLERThen you stole it.

HELENAAnd then I stole it. It's called capitalism. ♪♪ TEDDYThis way! JÜRGEN VOLLERFasten your seat belt, there might be some turbulence. HELENAYou've taken your chances… …made your mistakes…

…and now, a final triumph! RENALDOIndy! SALLAHGive 'em hell, Indiana Jones! INDIANA JONESA few times in my life, I've seen things. I've been tortured with voodoo. I've been shot nine times, including once by your father. Ow! BASILSorry!.

INDIANA JONESBut I've been looking for this… …all my life. ♪♪

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