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One regular morning at Nagano Public Middle School#4, 14-year-old Ganta Igarashi watches a video on his phone as he sips his drink. His sessionis interrupted when his classmate and friend, Mimi, greets him, noting how he’seating breakfast at school again. She takes a seat in front of him, her wardrobechoices briefly capturing his attention. As they converse, he mentions their upcoming fieldtrip to the infamous prison-turned-theme-park Deadman Wonderland. Mimi admits she’slooking forward to it. On the other hand, Ganta’s lukewarm about coming back toTokyo after ten years of not doing so. Yamakatsu, a member of their trio, instantlychimes in. The boys begin their bickering just as quickly. After stealing what was leftof Ganta’s sandwich, Yamakatsu expects.

Lots of people to visit Tokyo – especiallythose who remember the Red Hole incident. Although for now, Mimi only cares abouthaving a blast with her best friends before hell week starts. All three friendseven share a memento from the last one. The school bell finally rings. Everyonegets into their seats. For some reason, Ganta hears a faint song he’s somehowfamiliar with. To his horror, there’s a bloodied man in a red cape floatingoutside their third-floor classroom. The Red Man activates his power, releasingorbiting purple-colored hexagons. The rest of the class finally notices but it’s already toolate to escape. Blood-red cords are unleashed, shattering the windows and sending glass,tables, and people flying. The last thing.

Ganta remembers is the unbelievableimpact just before passing out. Sometime later, a wounded Ganta regainsconsciousness. He finds his classroom decimated, with blood covering its once-clean walls.Lifeless bodies are scattered everywhere. Upon seeing a familiar face, he checks onMimi. But his eyes widen in shock as he realizes that her head’s no longer connected toher body. Moreover, it’s in the Red Man’s grasp. Our boy scrambles in fear but his legs betray him. He can only crawl back into a corner asthe Red Man approaches. Wasting no time, the Red Man ruthlessly embeds a red amuletonto Ganta’s chest, making the boy faint. He eventually comes to on a hospitalbed. The nurse informs the authorities.

And they come in to arrest him. As thelone survivor of the gruesome incident, Ganta is being charged with his classmates’deaths. It’s all over the news now. The boy’s in handcuffs, hardly able tomake sense of the situation. It’s all a lot to take in, especiallywhen he himself is a victim, too. This is when Tamaki, thecourt-appointed attorney, arrives. As the authorities escort him out, theboy finally speaks up about the Red Man. Flashbacks of the traumatic scene replayin Ganta’s mind, making him want to puke. He recalls being “shot” on the chestas well. As he checks the spot, there are no traces whatsoever. Tamakicreepily smiles at Ganta – who’s in.

Utter shock. He creepily reassures theboy that he’ll do everything to help. Although his typical anime villainface doesn’t give us any faith. Court proceedings take place immediately.Present are his classmates’ parents, still mourning the loss of their children.The overwhelming evidence leads the judge to sentence Ganta to death. The boycan’t believe it. He breaks into tears, screaming and yelling at theinjustice of his situation. Three men, one of which is Mimi’sfather, jump in to assault a child. Mimi’s dad holds Ganta by the collar as he angrilycalls the boy a lunatic before punching him on the face. A phone falls to the floor. On it, anupdated news report plays. Someone’s fabricated.

Footage of an arrogant-looking Ganta talking toTamaki, arrogantly proclaiming his innocence as he’s a lone survivor. It should be easy toget away with murder since he’s a minor. The horrendous clip continues. The villainousGanta claims it’s much more fun annihilating people you actually know; especially “that chickMimi.” If it were up to him, he would’ve banged her brains out before actually, you know, blowingher brains out. The video ends with the crazed Ganta saying he hid the weapon somewhere and wouldonly turn it in if Tamaki gets him off the hook. The grip on Ganta’s collar tightensas Mimi’s dad regrets treating him and Yamakatsu as his own sons.This betrayal has cost him his beloved daughter. A teary Ganta tries toreason with Mimi’s dad, but to no avail.

As soon as the authorities take the fatheraway, Tamaki apologizes. He tried to warn Ganta that someone had taken a stolenvideo and leaked it. This sly man’s unwilling to hear him out. Instead, he tellsthe innocent boy to give up on making excuses. Meanwhile, an albino girl perched atopDeadman Wonderland’s gigantic signage sings her lungs out. The sound ofa nearby truck moving towards the compound causes her to stop. The onlyword that escapes her lips is.. “Ganta?” A little backstory. Ten years ago,the former Tokyo was demolished by an anomalous gravitational collapse known as the“Red Hole.” Deadman Wonderland isn’t only a tourist attraction built to aid Tokyo’s recovery,but also Japan’s only privately-owned prison.

Arriving with other inmates, Ganta meetsMakina, the cold and stern captain of the guards. She immediately notices Gantaand comments that she didn’t expect the infamous boy to look so obedient. Sadly,it’s too late for character development now. Makina proceeds to tell the new inmateshow Deadman Wonderland differs from other facilities. Aside from being a privatebusiness having its own rules, it integrates a penitentiary and a detention house that profitsoff shows and attractions starring the prisoners. One of them asks her cup size outta nowhere.Mama answers ‘G’ without even blinking. Anyway, she further explains that thebags they’ve just received contains the bare necessities. Also, the collars ontheir necks are equipped with RFID tags,.

Tasers, and GPS transmitters. That’s all theyneed to locate and remotely eliminate them. All of a sudden, her crash course is overrun bya literal crash. An inmate’s cart crashes into Ganta, who falls to the floor along with his bag.The inmate rushes to pick it up and hand it back. Makina insults the inmate and warnshim to return what he stole or face the consequences. The accused tries to denythe allegations but receives a crippling slash to the chest. As he quivers inpain, a medical team arrives to help. Later on, Tamaki calls Makina into hisoffice to tell her off about earlier’s events. She even failed to explainthe death sentence to Ganta. Makina finds it unnecessary, knowingPrisoner 5580, Ganta Igarashi,.

Will die in an apparent accident wellbefore his execution. That’s the plan. Naïve to his fate, Ganta’s workinghard and carrying heavy loads to become useful. Happy memories with his friends and the aftermath of their deaths flood hismind. He just wants everything to end. Suddenly, the albino girl from earlier leapsinto the scee. He can’t help but associate her with Mimi. The girl happily tells Ganta thatif he truly wants to die, then she’ll do the honors. Steel pole in hand, she takes a hugeswing but the boy dodges it. This makes Ganta realize that he doesn’t really want to perishjust yet, although he doesn’t want to admit it. The girl’s outstretched hand makes contactwith his chest. She verbalizes his fears.

And empathizes. Looking forlorn,Ganta asks how she found out. “Because Ganta and Shiro are friends!”The girl, whose name is Shiro, exclaims. As Ganta tearily tells Shiro thatfriends don’t try to kill each other, a bunch of prisoners gang up onhim for “slacking off with a girl.” Blondie makes fun of him by condescendingly askingif he enjoyed slaughtering his friends. Ganta just sits there and takes all the bullying when Shiropushes Blondie away. When the bully tries to fight back, he’s quickly countered by her snazzy martialart skills. And the others fall before her too. However, one of Blondie’s cronieshits Shiro’s head with a shovel, causing her to faint. Ganta rushes to Shiro’sattacker to defend her. But he’s no match for.

Them. As they beat him up, Tamaki watchesthe spectacle through the CCTV footage. Tamaki’s been suspish and now it’srevealed why. He’s interested as to how Ganta saw the Wretched Egg’sBranch of Sin and lived to tell the tale. Was it luck or is theresomething hiding within the boy? As Ganta takes a violent beating, his cheststarts to hurt. This is when a bomb planted underneath the Wonderland’s signage blows up,causing the rubble to fall on them. Red light emanates from Ganta’s chest as he vows tolive until he’s made the Red Man pay for his friends’ lives. Blood emerges from his body, likevines creeping out. Using the palm of his hand, Ganta unleashes the Red Man’s familiar hexagons- crushing the falling signage into bits.

But this isn’t the only momentous event happeningon carnival grounds. Another inmate is fried, and villains lurk in the shadows. Shiro wakes up like nothing happened. DeadmanWonderland’s a terrifying place. [Episode 2] That night, Makina reviews footageof the incident, pausing it at the very second Ganta unleashes his power.She’s unsure if this is Tamaki’s doing, recalling what he said about Ganta’s premeditatedassassination. There will be no second attempt if it fails. Moreover, failing would beconsidered the “real success.” What’s so special with this kid that threeother inmates had to be sacrificed?.

It’s the next morning. Ganta getshis face bandaged by a doctor, who asks if he’s eaten his candy yet.What candy? Seeing his confusion, the doctor explains how his firstdose should’ve been in his bag. Doc’s in the middle of explaining howto eat it when the inmate from earlier, who’s still recovering from Makina’sattack, chimes in. He apologizes that his clumsiness might’ve caused thecandy to fall out of Ganta’s bag. Anyway, the two converse until Shiro suddenly popsout of the air vent like a horror movie. She asks the frightened Ganta to join the race with her.The inmate explains that the afternoon Dog Race Show is an athletic obstacle race for the inmates.Victory would earn the winner 100,000 Cast Points.

And because Ganta hasn’t read the handbook yet,he’s lectured about cast points. Considered as currency in Wonderland, it allows the prisoners topurchase meals, clothes, smokes, and even alcohol. And if you really save, you can buy years offyour sentence. Not that it applies to Ganta. Either way, he’s 100% sure of not winningthe race. But the inmate cheers him up by saying they give sweet bean bread justfor participating. What a coincidence, Ganta’s stomach grumbles. Both him and Shironow have inspiration to join: the love of bread! The unlikely duo heads tothe race when Makina and her assistant call Ganta’s attention. They urgehim to examine the manual more carefully. Meanwhile, the injured inmate is making acall to a certain someone to report about.

Ganta’s plans on participatingin today’s race. Definitely sus. The participating prisoners gather in the lockerroom prior to the race. Ganta is busying himself with the handbook when he sees the inmate,who formally introduces himself as Yoh Takami. Yoh is just about to give Ganta a giftwhen the arrogant Kouzuji Kazumasa and his cronies enter the room. All the otherprisoners are afraid to go against Kouzuji, especially that he’s known for being a formergold medalist in taekwondo and a two-time D-1 mixed martial arts champ. Dubbed as“The Ultimate Warrior,” Kouzuji only got dumped in Wonderland he assaultedan actress who rejected his advances. Kouzuji finally notices Ganta– a new face. He introduces.

Himself with a solid punch on the boy’s face. While everyone mocks Ganta’s misfortune,Kouzuji demands everyone to kneel and smile whenever they see him. If one utters asingle word, clams up, laughs, or ignores him, he’ll simply erase their existence. Sheesh,this guy is insecure about something… Kouzuji then proceeds to bully Yoh forignoring him. He cruelly stomps on the guy’s arm. The dude just got out ofthe clinic and now he’s about to be sent back. Kouzuji then tells everyone toparticipate in the race since it might get cancelled if anyone else quits. Their roles aresimple: let him win and hand over their bread. “No one gets ahead of me!That’s the rule for this race!”.

As all this chaos unfolds in front ofhim, Ganta whispers: “He’s insane.” And of course, Kouzuji hears this.His henchmen hold him hostage. The bully isn’t happy with Ganta’s statement,mockingly ordering the boy to “laugh.” As he squeezes Ganta’s face, the boy forceshimself to laugh with tears in his eyes. He’s got to follow the rules to survive this place.Nonetheless, Kouzuji still kicks the boy’s gut. Just then, a chirpy Shiro arrives likenothing’s happening. She approaches her friend and doesn’t realizeshe’s stepped on Kouzuji’s foot. Shiro reminds Kouzuji of the actressthat got him in jail. The resemblance is uncanny. His response is to landa hit, but Makina stops his punch on.

Time. The arrogant man walks away,promising to defeat Makina someday. Sometime later, Ganta findshimself at the starting line, deep in thought. He’s only found out recentlythat death row inmates are constantly fed a steady dose of slow-acting poison throughtheir collars. The antidote comes through the candy that they have to consumeevery three days. Otherwise, they’re dead. THIS is how execution works in DeadmanWonderland. Read the handbook next time, boy! This means Ganta isn’t just aiming for the sweetbean bread now, he HAS to win those 100,000 cast points. Yes, the antidotecandy is just THAT expensive. Meanwhile, Tamaki is in his office, watching overGanta. It’s revealed that Yoh’s been reporting to.

Him. Currently on call with the host, Tamakiinstructs them to get a cleanup crew ready. Today’s obstacles are going to be on their maximumdanger level, just to irk the human rights groups. The host wears a worried look as hetries to reason with Tamaki that there are students from school trips visiting. However, Tamaki reassures the host that “it’s justa show.” Kids, prepare to be traumatized! After the host announces the race’smechanics, gunfire prompts the start. First, the participants must clear HeadsChopper, a series of swinging blades. Ganta barely dodges the first one.He’s shocked to find blood and be in pain. A prisoner gets chopped rightin front of him. One thing’s clear:.

These are REAL obstacles with REAL deaths.Some are terrified and try to escape through the sidelines. Unbeknownst to them, snipershave the green light to take them down. Ganta makes his way to the nextobstacle, the Bungee Lottery. You have to tie yourself to a rope and jump off.If it’s too long…. well, bloody pancakes… Two bird mascots corner Ganta, egging himinto jumping. Luckily, Shiro arrives in time and exclaims they’ll both jump together. It’swell-noted that Shiro had the long rope, but she merely lands on her two feet. No sweat. Meanwhile,Ganta is still tied up and bouncing on his rope. The next obstacle is Arrow Alley. The name’sself-explanatory. The prisoners must dodge a hail of arrows, avoid falling in electrocutionpits, and cross the winding bridge to safety..

In short, if you don’t make it out alive,then you’re getting skewered or roasted. Ganta himself is clearly struggling toavoid the arrows coming his way. Shiro, on the other hand, sees it as playtime,playfully bumping into him. Meanwhile, Kouzuji uses his henchmen as meatshields to get across Arrow Alley. Next up, Ganta leaps through a series ofmean-looking balls. He ultimately slips and is about to fall into the acid whenShiro bounces and bumps into him again, landing them both safely and awkwardly. The two friends overcome a series of fearsomeobstacles before they reach the finale. Looking at the crowd, Ganta spots a group of students happilychatting. He immediately imagines it was him,.

Mimi, and Yamakatsu. Is this what they would’veseen if they really went to the school trip? It’s time for the final battle royale.The three remaining are Ganta, Shiro, and Kouzuji. Whoever holds on to theDeadman ball till the very end wins. By end, it means ‘til time’s upor everyone else is eliminated. How does the latter happen?Well, to add to the challenge, parts of the floor will randomly fall intospikes that are guaranteed instant-kills. All three participants run towards theball. Kouzuji moves in to trip Ganta, but this leads to the boy slipping and getting it. Now Kouzuji’s running after him – as theyboth try to evade the falling tiles. Shiro,.

On the other hand, is only watching thetwo men play cat and mouse. Floor panels fall on either sides, and Ganta’s nowtrapped with Kouzuji towering over him. Kouzuji shares that no one’s lasted thislong with him in the race. Probably ‘cause he’s rigged all of them. He mocks the boyfor being so desperate to be alive as a death row inmate. Even if Ganta wins therace, the bully swears to kill him later. Fed up with living in fear, Ganta screams “I didn’t do it!” andslams the ball into Kouzuji’s face. “I’m fed up with wondering when I’mgoing to die! If you’re gonna execute me, stop waiting. Until then I live bymy own rules!” Our gentle-hearted.

MC just had an awakening, drawing theattention of both Makina and Tamaki. The ball somehow makes it to Shiro. Meanwhile, Kouzuji seems to have forgotten about the ball andbeelines towards Ganta. As each floor panel drops, both men are in a standstill. It’s onlywhen Shiro’s floor panel drops that Ganta’s face fills with worry. Luckily,she’s able to hold on to the next panel. Kouzuji isn’t that lucky though, as allhis floor panels are now beaming red. He tries to outrun the falling floor panelsby sliding himself to safety. However, he miscalculates the distanceand falls to a spiky death. Ganta immediately rushes towardsShiro. Looking at Shiro’s happy face,.

He realizes that she’s been protecting himall this time. As her floor panel drops, she lets out a warm smile beforepassing the ball towards him. Everything appears to be in slo-mo as Gantaextends his hand towards the ball… sike! His outstretched arm is for Shiro. He catchesher but loses the ball and it gets destroyed. Shiro is surprised that Ganta choseto save her instead of catching the ball. He reminds her of their promise to eatbread together, making Shiro smile once more. The race ended with no winner, whichmeans Ganta can’t buy an antidote candy. He accepts that tomorrowwill be his last day of life. [Episode 3].

The next day, the managers call Tamakiin for an urgent meeting. The man tries to explain how yesterday’s race was aform of cutting-edge performance art, and those who don’t understand suchartistry often resort to demeaning it with childish insults. They’re disgustedas Tamaki went too far with the number of prisoners he’s killed during the race. Itwas literally a public massacre. They can only do so much to protect Tamaki. Anotherman demands to speak to the chief warden. A smiling Tamaki refuses this. He’s in-chargehere – so the “old man” is nothing more than a living corpse. He holds out his webbed stringsand tells the board members to squeeze out some funding so they can keep the WretchedEgg locked up in Deadman Wonderland.

Meanwhile, Ganta and Shiro enjoytheir sweet bean bread together. They finish eating and a happyShiro promises they’ll share a snack again sometime. Then she bids himgoodbye and heads towards the building. In the cafeteria, prisoners gossip about theinsane race that’s just passed. It was far more difficult than ever before – and the cleanupcrew was left with a herculean task. Yoh, with his injured arm, sits nearby.He knows he wouldn’t have survived that race and questions if this change hadanything to do with Ganta’s participation. At the same time, Ganta’s writing aletter to Mimi’s father. He tries to apologize and explain hisside before he’s executed.

Staring at the words he wrote, a frustratedGanta crumples the paper. He’s very much still against his unjust execution. His thoughts areinterrupted when his cellmate arrives. It’s Yoh! Coincidentally, he’s been lookingfor Ganta to give him a gift: an antidote candy. It’s his way of apologizingfor causing the loss of his first one. Ganta tearily thanks him, fully showing hisappreciation. He’ll forever be in the guy’s debt. The guy turns his back and shows us asinister smile. Oh no. That candy was VERY hard to get, but there’s surely a reasonwhy everyone’s so enamored with this kid. It’s revealed why Yoh’s helping our boy out.He’s been tasked by Tamaki to keep an eye on Ganta in exchange for cast points. All he has todo is report if the target does anything strange.

The candy’s terrible taste makes Ganta squirm in disgust. Yoh kindly offers tograb a snack to cleanse his mouth. We’re now in Tamaki’s office, which looks morelike a Toys R Us. The manchild’s playing with his toys when he receives a call about theMother Goose System being down. Furthermore, the Wretched Egg is on the loose. Tamakihurriedly enters a hidden elevator and enters a secret wing of Wonderland.It’s all dark and broken glass. Apparently, an unknown error occurred duringa routine check. Tamaki commands his men to do whatever it takes to get it back up immediatelybefore the Wretched Egg cracks a smile. Yoh treats Ganta to some ice cream tocelebrate their new friendship. This.

Makes the boy recall his happy memorieswith his friends. He and Yamakatsu were once left wanting ice cream but had nomoney to get some – so Mimi came along to treat them. In the end, the triohappily munched on their cool snack. The clocks strike 12 and the bells chime.Memories of traumatic events return to Ganta, and his chest starts glowing red.He’s grimacing in extreme pain. The Red Man, who was perchedon the big clock all this time, descends upon the people. He unleashes hissignature hexagons and blood-red cords. This generates a vortex that sliceseverything it comes in contact with. Everything begins to collapse as thekiller tornado consumes whatever’s.

In its path. Yoh gets struck bydebris and loses consciousness. Ganta’s not just going to sit back thistime. The red amulet glows once more and blood-like cords emerge from Ganta’s body. Tamaki, who’s watching from a screen,recognizes the Branch of Sin response. Determined to avenge his friends, Ganta launches ablood projectile at the Red Man. Although the Red Man withstood the hit, he definitely felt itspower. He leaps towards the clock and escapes. Just in time, the Mother Goose is up again. The pros are finally deployedto catch the Wretched Egg. Instead of getting frustrated, acrazed Tamaki appears to be over.

The moon with these events. Ganta’ssurvival isn’t a fluke. It’s a birth of a new player. Welcome to the stage,where dead flesh dances in the light! Yoh finally realizes the actual gravity of the situation. Not even he fully comprehendseverything, but it’s straight up WEIRD. This is Deadman Wonderland, wherereality is nothing but an absurdly blurry line between the real world andhell. And now, the real fun begins.

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