Instantaneous Millionaire Episode 10 – English Spirited Series with Subtitle

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Chapter 10 – Who Helped Rose After the training session, the other girls fromthe cheerleading squad left with the basketball team. The task of cleaning up the equipmentnaturally fell to Alex, the service assistant. Rachael looked at Alex with pity. She wantedto stay and help him organize the equipment, but Zara pulled her away, saying, “Alex'sonly value to the cheerleading squad is helping us pack up. Otherwise, wewould've kicked him out already.” As Alex was packing up the equipment forthe cheerleading squad and putting it in the storeroom, his phone rang. It was Mark. “Sir,Ken said that the matter has been settled.” “Okay, that's great,” Alex said andhung up the phone. Alex couldn't.

Believe how quickly his family hadsorted it out. It had only been an hour since Alex called them. He guessedthat Rose would soon hear the news. Later, at around five that afternoon,Alex was jogging when he received a call from Joe. Joe seemed veryhappy, “Alex, where are you?” “At the sports field. Why do you soundso happy? Is everything all right now with Rose?” Alex thought that thenews must have reached her by now. “Wow. How did you know? Herdad only called 20 minutes ago, and you already knew?” Joe asked in surprise. “You sound so happy that I knew the problemmust be sorted.” Alex smiled faintly.

“That's true,” Joe raised his voice again andsaid, “Now that you're back in her good books, Rose said she wants to treat you todinner. We're already on our way there.” “You guys go ahead. I don't wantto go.” Rose hated him so much. He knew that if he went, he'd just be miserable. “Oh come on, all your friends arehere. Are you too scared to come?” “I don't want to go. You guys have fun.” “Hey, you loser. If you don't come, you're not ourfriend anymore. You decide what you want to do.” Joe shouted and hung up. Alex smiledwryly as he heard the call end. He walked slowly out of the schoolgate and went to the restaurant..

As soon as he entered, he could hear his friends,and he followed the noise to find their table. More than ten people were sitting around atable. In addition to Rose's dorm mates and his dorm mates, there were alsoa few unfamiliar faces.”*Hmm.. They must be Rose's friends,*” he thought. Alex walked slowly toward the table andeveryone turned and looked at him. Rose, who was chatting with her friends, turnedaround and saw that Alex had arrived. A look of hatred flashed across her eyesas she said, “Did I tell you to come? Fine, I'm in a good mood, so I guess youcan take advantage of that and stay.” Then she resumed her conversation and didn'tgive Alex another look. As Alex stopped walking.

And looked at Rose's back, he felt his heartflutter. “*Forget it,*” he thought. “*Forget that I helped her this time. I won't haveanything to do with her from now on.*” Joe quickly walked over to Alex and whispered tohim, “Leave her alone. Your friends are happy you came. Come and sit with me.” As he spoke, Joepulled Alex over and sat down beside him. As Alex sat down, Rose glanced at him indisgust. Alex didn't even look at her, deciding to save himself from the embarrassment. “Rose, what happened? Why do you hate him?” An unfamiliar girl glanced at Alexand asked Rose in a low voice. The others, who didn't know anythingabout the situation, also looked at Rose, waiting for her explanation. Rose's gaze sweptacross Alex, and then she looked at the others. .

She sneered arrogantly and said, “This guyis unbelievable. He went to the Metro Sky Bank to withdraw money yesterday morning, buthe doesn't even have a card for that bank.” Those who didn't know what had happenedall covered their mouths and smiled when they heard Rose's words. They couldn'thelp but look at Alex. Only Suzan, Joe, and the others who were familiar with thesituation, looked extremely embarrassed. They were all thinking, “*We're all hereeating together. Even if you don't like Alex, Do you have to expose hisweaknesses in front of others?*” One by one, the waiter brought the plates of foodto the table. The ten of them gathered together, chatting and laughing while Alex onlychatted with Joe and Ben beside him,.

Not with Rose and the others. Rose was saying, “Guess what? In the end, the chairman of the Heavenly Lion Group,Donald Brennan, personally came to my dad's office to apologize to him. That'swhat you call humility.” She recounted the news she had heard from her father. Her friends replied, “Awesome, Rose. To be honest, I didn't expect that your family couldsolve this problem so easily. After all, this is the Heavenly Lion Group, one ofthe top ten enterprises in New York City!” “Yeah, Donald has awesome power. It's even onthe internet. He once made a company disappear, but your family problem was solved inless than a day.” Another guy said. “Tell us who exactly helped your family so we can.

Tell everyone,” another boysaid to Rose as he smiled. “Of course, I also wonder who helped mydad. Donald Brennan might be a tough nut to crack for others, but it seems thathe's no match for my dad.” Rose said. “Wait a minute, I'll call my dad and ask him.”She took out her cell phone, dialled her father's number, and turned on thespeaker. “Dad, which uncle did you ask for help this time?”Rose suddenly felt that something wasn't right. “*When dad called me this morning to have ago at me, he said all kinds of mean things,*” She thought. “*He said that he couldn't doanything to make Donald give in after the disaster I've caused. Could it be that lateron, in a flash of inspiration, he's remembered.

Someone powerful that he didn't think aboutbefore?*” An idea flashed through Rose's mind.

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