Is Gawain A Clone!?

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Is going to clone that's something that I've beencurious about for the longest time with gawain's introduction we all speculated that perhaps sheis the daughter of Merlin or is related to Merlin in some other way with ties to escanor escanormet his end in the seven deadly sins and we all wondered what would happen at the sunshine was itgonna go back to my l or was someone else going to get it and she basically introduced herself as amaster of the sun with powers similar to that of sunshine and even a revived gallon mentioned thatshe reminded him of escanor but she could also be a mixed homunculus clone of escanor and Merlin aswhen gowain ends up shrinking down after using a bunch of magical power she is relatively short nowand in this state she looks a lot like Merlin and even with her new outfit it is a combination ofMerlin's OG outfit with the coat and escanor's.

Pants from the holy war Arc coincidence I thinknot she is probably a clone of the two of them

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  1. Honestly never thought she changed into the daughter of Merlin seeing as how prior to she changed into even equipped that belief what shut down. It's been confirmed a few times that she's linked to Arthur so I never saw the level of to any extent extra theories. Its esteem trying to convey Zeldris could perchance no longer be meliodas precise brother

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