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Today we will be going over and talking aboutthe new blue lock chapter 203 now there was supposed to be another videocoming out today but i reaziled that i woudn't be able to finsih it in time so instead ithought about doing a chapter review if you have watched my channel for a whilethen you might know that i used to make chapters reviews for tokyo revengers and it was reallyfun so i thought why not just make it on blue lock aswellbefore we jump into chapter 203 lets make a quick summary of chapter 202 so that everyoneis up to speed so chapter 202 starts with isagi getting thebad from noel noa before kaiser bumps into isagi telling him that this is his endbut just then isagi tells kaiser that its.

All acording to plan and that everything isgoing perfect as he makes a back heal pass to yukimiyaafter that isagi turns around to kaiser making it almost look like they are gonna make out,after that yukimiya takes the ball and shots it against the goalthe goalkeepr says that its a gyroshot and that he won't be able to reach it but justthen reo comes forward he tells isagi that he saw that shot comingand that he will make it but just as he is about to catch the ballit dropps even more and bounches on the ground right into thegoal making an abosutly crazy goal, giving bastard muchen the win.

Now lets move onto chapter 203 called overheatit says “after isagi devours kaiser, yukimiya devivers the finishing blow! as the ball whistles into the back of thenet, the world is left amazed at the game they had just witnessedboth yukimiya and isagi is over the moon about their goal, the comments taitors say goalfrom isagi yoichis super assist, yukimiya kenyu scores an abosulte gem of a goalwith that the game ends! after a spectacular see-saw battle, aftereveryone have celebarted yukimiya goes forward to isagi and they start a staring contesntbefore isagi tells yukimiya that he is sorry yukimiya looks happly suprised as he tellsisagi that if he hadn't passed him, he would.

Have been finshed yukimiya also aplogizesfor the terrible things he said before but isagi tells him that he needed yukimiyasstrenght in that last play. isagi tells him that to beat kaiser as a play-makerhe simply used yuikimiya as a tool and that everything was going according to plan execptthe end becuase isagi didn't excpet reo to come incharging like he did, but despite that yukimiya managed to score a super goal and isagi tellshim thats its his win yukimiya asks isagi how he managed to drawup that crazy last play, he also asks isagi if he didn't draw it up so that isagi couldbe the one to score the winning goal isagi tells him that he would have scoredif kaiser hadn't gotten in his way, kaiser.

Saw what isagi has up to and efficently movedto crushed his goal isagi also says that right now he can't beatkaiser in a straight up battle, and thats why he passed to yukimiya, his own trump cardthat only he had envisioned and it was all to destroy kaiserand of course to show the world that isagi was the best player on the field by far, yukimiyais shocked at isagis ability to think this far ahead and he tells him that he is a realpain in the ass and that he is far too clever for his owngood however he admits that isagi was without a doubt the man of the matchisagi tells yukimiya to keep on being that same bream-obsessed idiot that he has alwaysbeen and to not even dare become a player.

Which isagi can simply manipulateyukimiya smiles and says that this twisated relation ship suits them before giving eachothera highfive and says to eachother that they will devour eachother until only one of usis left standing ness sees this and thinks to himself how disgustingthis is before telling them that they are wrong and that a striker would never passin that situation he tells them that all this about destroyingkaiser is false and that isagi just couldn't hack it so he chickended out and went withan assit isagi calls ness kaisers stupid lacky andtells that he simply coudn't understand his last play and asks if he should dumb it downfor him.

Ness gets furious before kaiser comes andshuts him down, kaiser complemts isagi and tells him that in the last play in that splitsecond isagi saw further into the future than he managed to doand tells him that this match is isagis win however he also tells him that this time hehad noa backing him up and that the next time they fight will be without noa backing eitherone of them up and ends it with saying that they are bothstriker and to see which one of them scores the most goals, when he awaits isagis respondshe can see isagi falling to the ground so he lets ness go and catches isagi by hishair, yukimiya is in shock and noa asks kaiser whats wrong but kaiser just tells him thathe is overheated.

Kaiser tells him that he has recklessly pushedpast his limits and calls him the goddamn egoist which sounds pretty coolwith that the neo egoist league match 3 is finishedthe end text at the bottom says as follows “despite collapsing from exhuastion what hegained from the match was worth its weight in gold, tonight rest and recover. tomorrow resume your journey in becoming theworlds number 1 striker and yeah that was that, this chapter was reallygood in my opinion we got to see the redemtion between yukimiya and isagi who is now rivalsagain we also got to see ness acting like a dogas always, but now i am left wondering whats.

About to happen next because this match hasfinally finished so i am really intrestted in seeing what match will be nextwill it be paris or the ubers or something else maybe, i have absoultuy no idea so iwould love to hear what you think will happen next in blue lock and also what you thoughtabout this chapter also if you have any ideas on how i couldimprove to my next chapter review i would love to hear becuase this was really fun soi will defently do more and If you like blue lock and videos likethis then I would highly suggest you subscribe to this channel and while you are at it leavea comment a like as it helps out with the algorthym a toonand if you are intressted to see another one.

Of my videos then please watch one of thevideos which will be poping up at the screen nowanyway thanks for watching and have a great day bye

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