Isekaid Pastry Chef Will get The Ability To Reproduction Others Magic [Full Recap]

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The story begins with a pastry tournament,where the greatest pastries in the world created exquisite sweets. Among themthere was a pastry chef who crafted majestic-looking treats with his exceptionalskills, and was sure to win the grand title. His goal is to make a land of sweets, wherethe whole world can taste his desserts. However, when he attempted to present his finishedpieces to the judges, there was an accident, and one of his own creations fell ontop of him, and his life was cut short. But his desire to give the whole world diabeteswas so strong that God chose to isekai him to a new world. He was granted a new life as a babyboy named Pastry Mille Morteln, son of a noble General Casserole Mille Morteln. When he becamethe lord of the territory, it was a barren land,.

But with his hard work he cultivated the landalongside the villagers. After 20 years now they have 3 villages with 40 people in each, and nowthey are capable of growing both wheat and barley. As he grew, Pastry was raised by his fatherwith the goal of becoming a great military hero. He has five older sisters, and a kind mother.It's been nine years since Pastry was born, and we see him receiving sword training from hisfather. Although he tried to dodge his father's attacks during their training sessions, hecouldn't help but daydream about creating sweets. His distraction led to hisdefeat in the practice match. Following this, the head retainer, Feuille,appears to inform them that breakfast is ready. He then shares the news that the bean fieldis expected to yield a significant harvest,.

Thanks to Pastry’s advice. However, he also bringsworrying news that 50 bandits have escaped and are heading toward their property. They are expectedto arrive in two months. Knowing that his father's forces will be insufficient to win the battle,Pastry is worried. This situation could lead to the destruction of their bean fields, along withthe wheat they produce, jeopardizing his dream of creating a land of sweets. Feuille suggests thatPastry undergo a sanctification ceremony which grants the individual a unique magic ability.During breakfast, Cass informs about Pastry undergoing the ceremony to his wife, Agnes,and his daughter, Josephine. Agnes is worried as the ceremony is usually for adults, and shewished for more time with her son as a child. Cass tells them they will leave in 3 days, andshe can do anything with him in the meantime..

We then learn that Pastry's mother and sisterhave the hobby of crossdressing him as a girl. Since they have only 3 more days left,they are trying to make the most out of it, while Pastry can’t wait to undergo the ceremony.The day of their departure arrives, and Pastry is already exhausted from being used as a dress-updoll by his mother and sister. Agnes wishes her son to have fun and take care of himself, and hisfriends bid him farewell, wishing him good luck. However, all Pastry could think about was eating alot of sweets in town. Cass then uses his ability to teleport them to the capital. Pastry noticesthat there are a lot of things here that he has never seen before, and thinks that he can makea lot of different kinds of sweets with these. His father promises to buy him anything he likesif he successfully completes the sanctification.

Ceremony. He looks around, and sees theapple, known as Bonka in the isekai world. He expresses his desire to grow them on the field,and Cass thinks he's already getting the instinct of a true lord. But Pastry's plan is to use themto make different types of desserts like tarts, baked apples, and apple pie. As his father dreamsto build a land with a strong army, Pastry wishes to build a land of sweets. Afterward, they meet apanda-like priest, who is surprised about Pastry undergoing the ceremony at such a young age.Meanwhile, we see Josie is worried about her brother, as when she went for the ceremony lasttime, she was told that she had no magic power. After that, we see Pastry all tied up, andwonder if the priest is into bondage plays. It's revealed that, in order to draw out one'smagic, the person has to be confined in darkness,.

Without seeing or hearing anything. More than aday passes, and Cass grows concerned because the expected magic awakening has not occurred. Pastry,on the other hand, spent his time dreaming about making delicious sweets. During his dream, heopens a door and awakens his magic. We then see Cass waking up Pastry, and it's been 2 days.The priest brings a scripture to bless him, and as he chants his prayers, Pastry sees the magiclight from the scripture being absorbed into him. Both Cass and Priest are amazed by the magic lightbeing absorbed by Pastry. Priest remarks that he has acquired the power that no one has heardto this day. Cass then gives some donations to the priests, and takes Pastry to buy the Bonkas.Meanwhile, the stingy priest is not happy with the donation, as it was all silver coins, and mentionsthat this won't be enough to keep him quiet. Later.

We see Pastry enjoying the Bonkas, and he hopes tobuild his land of sweets, and make big mom proud. Afterward, we witness a village coming underattack by bandits, with plans to target Pastry's village next. In Pastry's village, the villagersare constructing a defensive wall in anticipation of the bandits' arrival. Feuille reports thebandit attack on a nearby village to Cass, which shocks him. He realizes that at this rate,the bandits will reach their village much sooner than the estimated two months. Cass then assignsPastry the task of reporting the situation to the leaders of each village. Within the village, theresidents are busy preparing their defense line. Cass assesses the situation, and decides to sealoff the smaller towns. The people from the sealed villages are relocated to the main one, and theyplan to lure the bandits to a specific location..

Pastry analyzes the situation and realizesthat the majority of the fighters are ordinary villagers. Pastry's friends, Lumi and Marc arriveoffering their assistance, and express their desire to become his future retainers. Pastryassigns them the task of gathering rocks from outside the village. During this time, Lumiasks Marc if he knows about Pastry's magic, to which he tells her that he doesn't know becausePastry has been practicing his magic alone. They gathered many rocks until evening, but thenthey spotted the bandits approaching and rushed back to the village to warn everyone. Marcus'sfather instructed the kids to remain with Pastry. Meanwhile, Pastry was with his family, but thevillagers were frightened. Cass and Feuille managed to calm the villagers and motivated themto prepare for battle. Feuille and Cass discussed.

Their plan, and Cass believed the attack wouldhappen that night, so they needed to be ready. However, Feuille mentioned that if thebandit attack occurred in the morning, the villagers would be exhausted if they stayedup all night. They asked for Pastry's opinion, and he suggested determining the extent of the enemy'ssupplies and forces. Pastry realized that this was similar to making sweets, where he would need toknow the quantity of his ingredients beforehand, and starts getting lost in his thoughts ofmaking a creampie, but manages to refocus. Following this, his father decides to gather moreinformation by conducting a hit-and-run operation on the bandits, taking Feuille with him. He placedPastry in charge and left. Pastry was determined to help his father and devise countermeasuresagainst the enemies. He plans to prepare some.

Fire arrows to provide cover for his father duringthe attack. Lumi expressed concern that the arrows might accidentally hit his father, but Pastrywas confident that his father could dodge them. We then see two little girls are frightened by thebandit attack, but Josie and Agnes calm them down. Agnes wishes her son good luck andadvises him to take care of himself. Afterward, Pastry planned his counter-attackto support his father in battle. Meanwhile, we see Feuille using his ability, and activatinghis magical eye to locate the bandits. He reported that there were about 70 of them, with a fewappearing to be trained cavalrymen. They possessed five horses and had also captured individualsfrom the previous village, whom they intended to use for the slave trade. We then see the leader ofthe bandits receiving a report about the village..

Suddenly, Cass and Feuille appeared and launchedan attack on the bandit group, inflicting injuries on many of them. The bandit boss believed thatthey were dealing with trained riders and advised his men to be cautious. Cass and Feuille thenattempted to retreat while luring the bandits. The bandit boss tried to stop them, but theysuccessfully led the bandits into a trap and started heading toward the village. One of thewatchmen heard the sound of the horses, and fired an arrow into the sky to alert others. Cassunderstood that Pastry had provided the idea of using a fire arrow to guide him home. Meanwhile,Pastry received a report that his father was being pursued by the bandits. He ordered his friends toprepare to attack the bandits. Cass and Feuille led the bandits toward the village, while Pastrysignaled to start the attack. They managed to.

Injure many of the enemies. Pastry ordered anotherattack, and the kids threw rocks at the bandits. We learned that before the battle, Pastryhad explained his strategy to the villagers. The adults initially had doubts about whether thekids could execute the plan, but Pastry managed to convince all the villagers of its advantages.In the present, Pastry supported his father, and Feuille was impressed by his tactics. The banditsstruggled in the battle, but their leader didn't give up. He jumped over the river and made hisway to the village, with his men following him. He managed to climb up the wall. He then attackedmany villagers and threatened to kill them all. The knights of Pastry's family foughtagainst the bandits, and suddenly, the village kids also joined the battle. TheBandit boss became angry and targeted the kids..

Just as he was about to attack a boy, Pastrysaved the boy but got injured in the process. The Bandit boss took him as a hostage, however,Pastry had a unique spell that allowed him to transfer the pain of an injured manto the bandits, including their boss. The Bandit boss's face was burned, and he wasshocked to learn that Pastry was a magic user. The next morning, Agnes received thereport that they had won the battle, but Pastry had sustained an injury to his arm.She gets worried, but Josie and the villager assure her that it was just a scratch. Then,we see Pastry distribute food to the villagers. Later, the bandits were apprehended, and theyplan to hand them over to countess Retes. Feuille hopes to get a good reward, and Cassmentions that it will depend on the negotiation,.

But he hopes that she covers at leastthe cost of the war. Following this, Cass rewards the villager, Glacage for hissignificant contribution to frontline defense. He also awards Marc and Lumi for assistingPastry. As they carry out their reward food they were given, Pastry also assists them andexpresses his happiness at having them as friends. Afterward, they carried the reward to Marc'shome. His mother didn't care about the reward, she was just happy that her son had returned homesafely. She also inquired if Marc had caused any trouble for Pastry, but he replied that both hisbest friends had been a tremendous support in the fight. Later, Lumi's Grandpa was delightedto hear about his grandchild's great work. However, many villagers wanted to celebrate withLumi's family and invited Pastry as well. Marc.

Asked if they are allowed to drink, but since theyare kids, they only allowed them to have milk. They celebrated the victory together, and allthe villagers praised the children's courage. Suddenly, Pastry started daydreamingbecause he was planning to bake sweets with the delicious ingredients from his village.Meanwhile, his friends sneak outside to play. Then, Marc gets a stupid idea to visit thearrested bandits because they both aspired to become Pastry's future retainers. They requestedto see the bandits, but the guardians instructed the children to play in another area. But thecocky brat still didn't give up, he hid with Lumina behind a bush, and threw rocks to distractthe guardians. They both entered the barn, intending to witness the situation of the bandits.The Bandit Boss noticed his sword on Marc,.

And devised a plan. He informs him that his swordis special, and with a spell he can use its magic. Since he's facing execution, he wants to tellMarc the secret spell, and asks to come closer. Although Lumi warns him not to go, Marcbeing the greedy idiot goes up to him. As a result, the Bandit boss managed to freehimself, and launched an attack on Lumi. Marc is worried as Lumina got badly injured.Then, a guardian appeared, and the Bandit boss used Marc as his hostage. Another guardianreports to Lumi's Grandpa and Pastry that the bandit boss had freed himself. Meanwhile, theBandit boss is surrounded by many retainers, but he manages to escape, using Marc as hishostage. Pastry arrives, and sees Lumi injured. He instructs a guardian to tend to herwounds, while he attempts to rescue Marc..

Pastry then follows them on a horse, and devisesa strategy to defeat the Bandit boss. Meanwhile, his father is shocked to hear that Pastry wentalone, and wants to go after him. But Feuille stops him, and insists on going for the rescue.He tells Cass that if villagers knew about this they would panic, so he should remain here toprotect the village as its lord. After that, we see the Bandit boss and his stolen horse tripping,followed by Pastry arriving in the nick of time, ready for battle. The Bandit boss was enraged,knowing that Pastry had set up this apparent trap. They engage in a sword fight, and Pastry recallshis father's advice to grip his sword tightly. Although Pastry is able to block some attacks,he's getting overwhelmed by the Bandit's strength. Marc asks Pastry to run away, but he refuses,vowing never to abandon his underlings..

The Bandit boss then attacksPastry, breaking his sword in half. The scene then cuts to Feuille who attempts tolocate the boys but is unable to find them. Later, he discovered Pastry's broken sword and believedthat Pastry had been killed by the Bandit. In the evening, Feuille entered Pastry'shome, and was shocked to see Pastry alive. Cass informed Feuille that he and Marc hadjust returned home. Feuille asks how they never saw him return, when they werethe ones who were coming after them. Casss asked his son to explain himself, andPastry reveals that he had recently replicated his father's magic ability, allowing him toescape safely with Marc. After the incident, Pastry was forbidden from disclosing his magicalpower to replicate someone else's abilities..

However, he was scolded because the abilityis new to him, and he could've got teleported inside a rock or deep under the ground. At night,Cass was worried, knowing his son possessed an overpowered magic ability, and maybe targetedas a human weapon if his ability is known. In the following days, Marc felt remorseful,recognizing that the incident was his fault. Pastry managed to cheer up his friend and assuredhim that Lumi would be happy to see both of them. So, they visited Lumi, who was overjoyedto reunite with her best friends. Afterward, Pastry went to the kitchen, excitedto bake delicious sweets and bring smiles to people's faces. He began mixing the ingredients,aiming to make something special. Meanwhile, Marc is concerned about whether Lumina had forgiven himfor his stupid idea. Marc expressed his apologies,.

But Lumina wasn't upset with him. She assuredhim that there was no need to apologize, and they noticed the nice aroma of the pie. Pastry bakes adelicious Bonka pie, and serves it to his friends. They found it to be very tasty, but they feel thatthe honey pickled is so sour. He explains that there are both sweet and sour bonka fruit, andit's the skill of the chef to maintain the right balance. It's the same with people, and asks Marcto reflect on his shortcomings and work harder. Suddenly, Lumi's father, Glacage appearedbehind Pastry, causing Marc to feel alarmed. However, he isn't angry, instead, he wantshim to marry his daughter as compensation. Lumi also agreed with this decision, andPastry wonders, when will his harem start. Following this, Lumina offered her father a sliceof the Bonka pie, and took Marc's share as well,.

Stating that the husband's share belonged tohis wife. Poor guy learns how marriage works, and Pastry is glad that he's still single.Meanwhile, we see the Countess Retes finds out that the bandits were defeated, and thinksthat dealing with this could be troublesome. A few weeks later, Cass informed Feuillethat they were facing financial troubles. The battle against the bandits had depletedtheir funds as they used the money to rebuild the villages, and securing food for the villagersso that they can get through the upcoming winter. Cass was concerned, especially because theBandit boss had escaped, and Feuille mentions that the Bandit boss's capture would'vefetched them a reward of 200 gold coins, also no one was willing to lend them moneydue to the upcoming winter. Cass thinks about.

Lending it from the royal court's treasure, butFeuille is against it due to the high interest. Pastry wonders why his father didn't seek helpfrom his own parents. He then learns that his father was a true Romeo, and eloped with hismother when their parents didn't accept their relationship. This is why they couldn't turn toPastry's grandparents for assistance. Following this, Marc and Lumi learned about the financialtroubles. Pastry inquired about Lumi's recovery, and she mentioned that she was healing well butstill experienced some pain. Marc tries to comfort Lumi, and Pastry asks him to stop flirting, andMarc tells he's jealous because he's still single. Marc then suggests expanding their farmland asa solution to their money problem, but Pastry mentions that it would require both time andmoney. Lumi suggests selling Pastry's Bonka pies..

Although Pastry loves the idea, he thinks thatthey would have to make a lot of pies to generate any profits. Marc then proposes that Pastry shouldteach magic, but Lumi mocks him, saying that even if he learns it, he would never be able touse it properly because he is a dumbass. Lumi believes that using magic is not a bad idea,so she asks Pastry to demonstrate some magic for inspiration. He recalls brainstorming sweet-makingideas with his friends in his previous life. Pastry then requests Lumi and Marc to sketchpictures in the dirt. They both draw images in the soil, leading to a lovers' quarrel. Subsequently,Pastry employs his magic to tattoo their drawings onto their hands, but it's temporary andwill fade in 2 days. Lumi then suggests that he copy something else directly insteadof their drawings, sparking an idea for Pastry..

After that we see Cass asking Agnes to seek helpfrom her parents, but she thinks it will be too difficult. Just then Pastry arrives with his plan,he reminds Cass about his sister Josie's marriage, and tells him that for her marriage proposalsCass has to introduce her physically everywhere. But Pastry shows his magic, and copieshis mother's image onto a blank wood. He tells Cass, instead of bringing his daughterJosie to every meeting, he can use this picture. Basically, Pastry's idea is to make parents amarriage broker by carrying a picture of their child instead of actually bringing them, and Cassis impressed by this idea of selling the picture to the nobles. They worry about exposing Pastry'smagic, but he mentions that they can tell everyone that his magic ability is to make photos, anduse this as a cover to hide his actual ability..

Agnes then approaches Pastry to do some touchupon her portrait to remove the wrinkles, and looks like Pastry will have to use his magic forphotoshop as well. After some days, Pastry and his father visited Countess Retes to seek compensationfor the damages incurred during the bandit battle. Retes had already expected their visitand planned to smoothly send him away. Pastry and his dad entered the room, and shegreeted them, introducing herself to Pastry. Pastry remembered his dad informing himthat Retes is the current owner of the land, as her predecessors died in conflict. She theninvited them for tea, and Cass praised the flavor and aroma of the tea. Pastry was excited to havea cookie; however, it wasn't up to his standard. Retes complimented Cas for managinghis land, but he credited it to Pastry..

As she complimented Pastry, he took thisopportunity to shift the conversation to the bandit attacks. Retes initially tried toescape the situation by feigning ignorance, but Pastry outsmarted her and told her that theywere ready to hand over the bandits to the King. They also showed a sword with her familycrest, which was carried by one of the bandits, and Retes realized that she was trapped. Pastrymentioned that since they couldn't stop the bandits, the bandits destroyed Pastry'sland, and now they need compensation. She offered 100 gold coins as compensation, butPastry negotiated further and settled on 150 gold coins. Although Retes is a bit annoyed,she thinks that Pastry is an exceptional boy. She then asks him about his weird reactionto tasting her cookies, and he starts giving.

Advice on preparing the cookie, and goes onabout it, only to be stopped by his father. After that, Pastry copies Retes's faceon a scarf and presents it as a gift. In the following weeks, we see Pastry and hisdad invited to a banquet by Duke Kadlecek, who is also the central military commander. Casscongratulates him on his grandson's coming of age. The Duke introduces his grandson, Squale, whograduated from the military boarding school as the top of his class. Squale greets Cass butis very nervous because he admires warriors and was looking forward to meeting Cass, who iswidely popular among youngsters due to his deeds. Following this, Pastry introduced himself andmanaged to impress the Duke with his good manners. He also wished Squale well, who was still nervous.The Duke mentions that Pastry is more dependable.

Than his grandson and asks Pastry about hiscoming of age, as he had heard that Pastry has acquired magic ability. Pastry confirms this,and the Duke asks him to demonstrate his magic. Pastry then uses his copy magic to create a printof a girl on the cloth, and everyone is impressed by the magic. Pastry then mentions it as a giftfor Squale from him and the Margrave of Hubarek. They learn that the girl is Lady Petra,the third daughter of Lord Hubarek. Pastry and his dad had visited Hubarekbefore coming there, and they had asked them to introduce their daughter to them. Squaleseems love-struck by seeing the beauty of Petra, and Pastry mentions that she will be celebratingher coming of age next month. He invites Squale, and before the Duke could say anything, Squaleaccepts it. Duke thinks that Squale answered.

Without considering his position and fell fortheir marriage plan. He thinks that Pastry is not an ordinary boy and shouldn't be underestimated.Duke mentions that it will be trouble for Squale to go to their territory, but Pastry proposesusing his dad's magic for teleportation. Squale is happy about it and immediatelyagrees, much to the Duke's dismay. After that, Pastry whispered secretly to the Duke about LordHuberick's ulterior motives. Pastry explained to him that he believes Lord Hubarek planned to usetheir military power to end the long years of conflict, and for this reason, he may have wishedto join his daughter with the Duke's grandson. The Duke thanked Pastry for the info and decidedto join the celebration. Pastry was happy that his plan worked, and Duke trusted Cass to assist themduring their travel. Later, Squale asked Pastry.

About what Lady Petra likes, and Pastry mentionedthat even though he doesn't know her taste, the last time he presented her with baked sweets.Squale then asked if he could fulfill his request, and Pastry was excited as he thought he was aboutto get an order for making sweets. Unfortunately, the Perv lord wants the loli girl's image to bemore erotic, which he probably plans to use later to build his forearm muscles, and Pastry thinksthat Men will be Men regardless of the world. A few days later, we see how thecitizens repaired the broken buildings. Feuille mentions that the provision of food andfirewood among the citizens is going smoothly, and all expenses are handled by the Mortelnfamily. Feuille asks if it's necessary to spend so much money, to which Cass mentions thatas a leader, he can't allow his people to suffer..

As they talked, Pastry entered the roomwith letters from Duke and Hubarek. Cass read the letters, and they said they wouldreceive 20,000 silver coins. He informs that both Petra and Squale are soon to be engaged. Pastrywas happy to hear that, as he remembered that it took him 2 days to get the photo of Petra becauseher father was too picky. Cass then mentions that they will also receive 30 gold pieces as anadvance, and it's the money for guarding Petra. This is because many parties will be againstthe marriage, especially the ones who want to continue the conflict. Feuille mentionsthat even though the engagement is secret, the news could still spread, and Pastryasks if they are referring to the Church. Cass confirms it and tells him that the Churchcan't be trusted, as they will spill the beans.

If they get enough money. Cass mentions that hewill be able to teleport Petra to the capital, but he wouldn't be able to teleport the guards.Feuille mentions that they can hire mercenaries as guards for Petra in the capital, but therecould be spies among them. Since this is a tricky situation, he suggests rejecting the job, butfor Cass this is the best opportunity for him to gain the trust of the two strongest leadersin the country, so he decides to accept the job. Pastry also thinks they should accept the job, buthis motive is to build the land of sweets. Pastry then gets an idea and asks his father to find aplace that is surrounded by thick walls without windows or an entry. Feuille and Cass understoodhis idea, which is to use the room of the sanctification ceremony as a pretense to prolongPetra’s stay until the time for her engagement..

After that, Pastry gave his father a receiptfor the transactions with the traders. Cass scolded him when he saw that Pastry had spenta lot of money on his sweets ingredients and cut off his allowance. Following that, Cass visitedDonachel Mille Hubarek to escort his daughter. He also brought Pastry along with himunder the pretense of accompanying them, as he couldn't reveal to him thathe's using his 9-year-old son for his plan. Hubarek thanked Pastry because themarriage plan was successful due to his magic. He then invited them to his carriage where hisdaughters were already waiting. Petra thanked him for the baked sweets, and Pastry promised tofill her mouth with his sweet stuff next time. Pastry joined them in the carriage and greetedher sister, Licorice, but she seemed sad for.

Some reason, and Pastry was surprised that hisRizz didn't work on her. The journey started, and their plan was to first go to the nearby churchunder the pretense of a sanctification ceremony. Then they would use teleportation to goto the Capital's city church and use the sanctification ceremony room until the time ofthe engagement, while others would stand guard. On the way, Hubarek was worried andcounting on Cass to protect Petra. Upon arrival, Cass and Hubarek surveyed thearea, and just then, they were attacked. Cass fought with Hubarek against the enemies.Suddenly, one of the men entered the carriage and planned to attack them, but Pastry protectedthe girls and managed to withstand his attacks. When another assassin tried to attackPastry, Cass protected him in time..

As a result, they defeated theassassins and forced them to retreat. After that, Pastry saw the girls' scared faces,and they went into the basement to protect Petra. As they went down, Licorice was lagging behindand she was scared, but Pastry held her hand and comforted her, and it looks like hisRizz is finally working on her. After that, we learn that Petra was sad because she was alwayscomparing herself to her twin sister. Also, she thinks that even though she behaved badly towardsPastry, his attitude towards her hasn't changed. They reach the basement, where they use Cass'sspell to teleport to the Capital city. Meanwhile, we see a nobleman named Armire, who had hired agroup of mercenaries to kidnap Petra, offering them 10 gold coins. However, as the mercenariesleft the house, they found the mission suspicious..

Their leader suspected that Armire had twomotives: first, to disgrace House Kadlecek, and second, to regain his noble title by savingthe girl and marrying her himself. Later, we see many guardss in front of the church, and Pastryis impressed by the security, as their household could never amass such a force. Following that,we see Petra is nervous about her engagement. Pastry approaches her, and she mentions thatSquale seems like a wonderful person based on the photo he showed her, and Pastry is proudof being their marriage broker. Afterward, Feuille reported to Cass that even the noblesfrom far away territories are coming to the event. Cass then asks Pastry to accompany Licoriceuntil Petra's sanctification ceremony is over. Feuille whispers to him to use his Rizz on her,and Cass warns him not to teach his son to be.

A playboy like him. Meanwhile, we see Armire,who thinks that the ceremony should be ending now and is planning to give the Duke a taste ofhis revenge. We then see a central army officer, Vezhen, who is there to escort Petra. Hubarek andhis daughter then go with him in his carriage. Cass is glad that everything is going well, andthey plan to send Licorice after they arrive at their engagement. However, he asks Feuille tokeep his guard up because of the large crowd. Meanwhile, Pastry is in the receptionroom with Petra and her escort, Caera. She keeps a strict guard on Licorice,making Pastry uncomfortable. Just then, Pastry hears something, and the ground below themstarts to shine. A big hole appears, and Pastry and Licorice fall into the dark hole. Cass arrivesand concludes that this was done by magic. He.

Commands Feuille to explain the situation to theDuke and Hubarek, and then he jumps into the hole. After that, we see Pastry waking up, realizingthat they had been kidnapped by the mercenaries. He wonders why he was taken, then realizes thatthey were after Licorice. On the other side, Cass follows through the hole and ends up outsidethe church, realizing that he has lost them. Meanwhile, Licorice wakes up, and Pastry comfortsher. He asks one of the mercenaries about their plan, to which he mentions that unlikethe girl, Pastry will probably be killed. Pastry then puts on an act, and tells him that hewill lose 200 gold coins if he kills him, as he is the son of a noble. Also, if they are kidnappedby a noble, the mercenaries can demand even more. The mercenary wonders how much they can receive,and Pastry realizes that their mastermind is a.

Noble. Pastry then analyzes the place he's heldin, and based on the condition of the mansion, thinks that it's someone who has beenstripped of nobility 10 years ago. He remembers the list of threatening namesfor Petra's escort and deduces that this is done by the former Duke of House Armire. He thenuses his magic to transcribe their location onto the ribbon, and teleports it to his father. Cassreceives the message and plans for the rescue. Feuille asks him to teleport him to the Margraveas that would be faster to receive backup, and he teleports him. We then see that thekidnapper boss arrives. He tries to attack Petra, but Pastry teleports in front of him,surprising them, but he knocks him down. He is angry as they didn't receive any goldbecause they've kidnapped the wrong girl, and.

The engagement is going as planned. Pastry learnsthat their real intention was to kidnap Petra. The boss then plans to eliminate allwitnesses and tries to attack Licorice, but just then Pastry cuts him with his sword.He then gets ready for a face-off with the boss. After that, the boss realized that Pastryhad used the fallen sword to break free and defeat his underling. Suddenly, we hear somevoices outside, and Cass arrives with backup. The boss realizes that he's done for, so hedecides to retreat, but Pastry doesn't plan to let him go. Just then, Cass and Glacage arrive.Pastry asks Glacage to look after Licorice, and he corners the boss with his dad. However, theboss uses his magic to create a hole and escapes. Pastry tries to go after him, but he is stoppedby Cass, who tells him not to chase blindly..

Cass is glad that both his son and Licoriceare fine. Feuille arrives with the knights from Kadlecek and Hubarek House, and theytake Licorice back home. As the captured mercenaries are taken away, Pastry asks Cassabout the mastermind. Cass tells him they have captured a man who tried to escape from theback door; he calls himself Duke Luhaingo Armire. Their nobility status was stripped in the war 20years ago because they leaked information to the enemy, and Cass tells Pastry that one move by theleader can change the fate of an entire family. Just then, the knights arrive and tell them thatthey need to brief the incident to Margrave, who is waiting for them in his estate. Casssuddenly makes up an excuse to go after the boss with Pastry and asks Feuille to handle the report.Following this, Cass wonders where the boss might.

Have gone, and Pastry believes that he couldn'thave escaped since he had little magic left. Also, the place is surrounded by theirforces, so he should've been caught. Suddenly, it hits them, and they immediatelygo back to the room where Pastry was captured. They find the boss hiding in the hole, andthe boss threatens to kill them. Cass tries to make a move, but Pastry wants to fight the bosssolo to build up more suspense for the viewers. The boss reveals his name as Strudel and plansto take Pastry as a hostage for his escape. The boss swings his sword with all his might,but Pastry blocks his attack, which also breaks Strudel's sword. Strudel is surprised, andPastry knocks him out. Cass learns that Pastry used his magic to sabotage the sword, and realizesthat's why he was being so cocky about the fight..

Pastry is then worried because of thisincident as it will delay his dream of building the Land of Sweets. A month later, we seethe official engagement party of Petra and Squale. Pastry is delighted to see Petra looking happy.Duke makes an appearance and expresses his gratitude to Cass and Pastry for protectinghis granddaughter-in-law. At this point, Pastry brings up some suspicions he has about thekidnapping incident. He points out that it was very odd of the mercenaries kidnapping the wrongtarget despite their well calculated plan. Pastry suspects a third party's involvement, someone whoholds a grudge against the Armire house and aims to prevent them from ever rising again. Dukeis taken aback by these suspicions and asks if Pastry believes it's him, but Pastry dismisses theidea, suggesting it's just a child's imagination..

Later on, Pastry asks Duke for financialassistance to cultivate crops in his territory, playfully hinting that his mouth may slip if he'sdenied. Duke realizes that he's outdone by Pastry, and agrees to help him. Thereafter, Kadlecekadmits that he was the mastermind behind the incident. He clarifies that he released falseinformation that led to the kidnapping but had no intention of endangering the two girls, andmentions he needed to reflect on his mistake. Hubarek appears and expresses his gratitudeto Pastry for saving his daughter. He inquires about Pastry's plan for settling down,to which Pastry responds that he's still young and hasn't found anyone yet. Cass becomes awareof Hubarek's plan, but before he can intervene, Hubarek asks Pastry what he thinks of his daughterLicorice. Pastry responds that he's too young,.

And can't even wield his Excalibur yet.Hubarek doesn't give up, and asks if it's because he doesn't like his daughter, andDuke smirks realizing Pastry is trapped. Cass realizes that they've been tricked intoaccepting the marriage proposal. Duke enjoys the opportunity to tease Pastry, and announcesthe engagement to all the guests. Afterward, Licorice arrives, thanking Pastry for savingher life, and Pastry thinks she looks beautiful. Following this, Hubarek toasts to marrying offboth his daughters, while Duke raises a toast to Pastry becoming a part of their family asan in-law. Squale and Petra are also pleased about Pastry becoming their in-law and ask himto call them big bro and big sis. However, Pastry feels that it's a bit sudden. Later that evening,Licorice appears and asks if he doesn't like her..

Pastry replies that he's happy to be engaged toher, and she shares her homemade cookies with him. He tells her that they are delicious, making herhappy. He resolves to protect her smile and build a country of sweets with her. Afterward, Casstells his wife that he has something important to share. Seeing him tense, she wonders if heblew off some money for purchase and assures him it's fine. However, he informs her thatthey have a new daughter in their family. Agnes is shocked and immediatelythinks he's having an affair. He tells her that he couldn't help it,and she asks if the girl is pretty. He explains that she's very pretty and comes froma high noble family, and she also has a twin. Agnes finally loses it, thinking Cass is buildinga harem. He apologizes for not consulting her.

Before accepting the girl into their familyand mentions that Pastry agreed to it as well, believing she would make a good match for theirson. Agnes then realizes Cass was talking about Pastry and walks away. Just then, Pastry arrivesto inquire about the situation, and Cass tells him that it will take her at least a month to get overthis, but Agnes on the other hand is happy about it and can't wait to have a new daughter. We thensee Retes receiving the news about the engagement of House Morteln with the Hubarek family. She'sshocked that the poor village received a proposal from a high noble house and spills her coffee insurprise. The servant suggests that this might be temporary due to the kidnapping incident, andthey may cancel the engagement in 2 or 3 years. However, Retes thinks differently. Shepoints out that when Cass came 20 years ago,.

It took several years for their first harvest,and yet they stopped their wheat production to plant beans for 3 years. This resulted inbeans fertilizing the land and increasing wheat production. She believes that Pastryis behind it and sees his great potential. After all, he was the one who negotiated withher for the bandit reward. She thinks that Lord Huberek has also recognized Pastry's potential andbelieves she's beaten. Back in Morteln Village, we see Pastry setting down some boxes, and hisfriends are curious about what he ordered. He mentions that it's something he obtained from Dukeand his grandson after they promised to support him in developing his land during the engagementparty. The boxes contain small plants known as pseudoacacia, and Lumi wonders if he plans tomake a pie with them. He explains that they can't.

Eat or make anything from these plants, but theywould grow even on barren land and produce nectar. Pastry explains that this nectar will be similarto honey, and he could use it to make many sweets. They wonder how they will grow the plants sincethey need water and soil, which their territory lacks, and it will cause the plants to dry out.But Pastry has a plan; he intends to build a large reservoir that will hold a huge amount of water,and he has chosen this unused part of the land for it. After that, we see Feuille giving a budgetrecap for the past year, and it's the first time they've received profits. Cass is glad that hishard work is finally paying off and believes that his son is a blessing from the Goddess. Feuillethen mentions that he has both good and bad news. The good news is that they have over 40 peoplewilling to move to the new village, Le Lotte, and.

Most of them are refugees who have been victimsof bandit attacks. Additionally, five people have joined them as retainers based on the news aboutthe kidnapping incident, and Glacage is currently training them. Cass is glad to hear this news andbelieves it will help their territory flourish. The bad news is that he heard that Pastryis up to something with his friends. We then see Pastry and his friendsstanding in front of a huge rock. Pastry then uses the magic he copiedfrom Strudel to put a hole on the rock. He believes that his magic will work andbegins to dance around. He then continues to use his punching magic to clear away theboulders. Lumi and Marc are amazed that he was able to do this on his own. Additionally, thebottom and walls are hardened for the reservoir..

Pastry plans to plant the seedlings aroundthe reservoir since it will rain soon, and the collected water will also be used, whichwill double the effect of the plants' growth. If all goes well, he can soon start building hisdreamland of sweets. Lost in his sweet dream, Marc and Lumi ask him to snap out of it, andhe's shocked to see his father, Cass. Cass initially thought that Pastry was demolishing themountain, but thinks this is on another level. He becomes furious and punishesthe three kids for their actions. Later, we see Retes still thinking about theengagement of the Morteln family and mentions that she would have done the same as Hubarek ifshe had a daughter. She's upset about how Hubarek and Duke aligned with the Morteln family withoutinvolving her. Her servant jokes and suggests that.

Maybe she should marry him herself. She mentionsit would have been possible if she were 10 years younger but then thinks of an idea and plans touse it. A month later, we see villagers praising Pastry for creating three water reservoirs withina month when it usually takes months to build just one. Pastry then arrives with his friends and isglad that they've completed planting the seeds. He hopes they can make honey, and his friendscan't wait to taste his sweets. Just then, Josie approaches him with a letter and wonders if it's alove letter from Licorice. Pastry learns that it's from Retes inviting him to a tea tasting party,and she wants him to experience her extravagant taste, while Pastry wonders what kind of plotdevelopment she is planning. After that, we see the new recruit Nicolo, who is overwhelmed withthe paperwork. Feuille tells him that they're busy.

Because of the little devil, referring to Pastry.Just then, Pastry arrives, having overheard his comment, and reminds Feuille that the land belongsto his father, so the responsibility falls on him. Feuille retorts that it was Pastry who startedputting holes in the ground, increasing their workload, and suggests Nicolo take his complaintto him. Following this, Pastry inquires about the whereabouts of his dad because he received aninvitation from Retes. Suddenly, his dad appears from behind and informs Pastry that he has alreadyheard the news. He tells Pastry that they will discuss it later, as they have an importantguest, and that's when Licorice shows up. Pastry is happy to see her, and Feuille teaseshim. He learns that she will be staying there for a while, and Pastry is nervous about the plotdevelopment. After that, we see Lumi rushing to.

Marc to inform him about Pastry's fiancée, butMarc is already aware of it. She tells him that she heard rumors that Licorice is a sexy olderwoman who has Pastry wrapped around her fingers. We then see Pastry taking Licorice to his specialplace, a large kitchen where he makes his sweets. The scene then shifts to Hubarek Castle, wherea man asks Hubarek about sending his daughter to Morteln Village. We learn that Hubarek alreadysuspected that Retes is after Pastry, and it's due to this reason that he sent her there. He plannedit so that Licorice will accompany Pastry to the ceremony, making it difficult for Retes to makeany move on Pastry. Also, he wants his daughter to be safe as there is a threat that the neighboringterritory might attack. We then see Pastry making samples for a gift that he plans to bring tothe ceremony. Licorice notices the Bonkas,.

And Pastry mentions that they're precious to himas he had spent all his allowance to get them. He then continues to prepare the dessert,and Licorice is mesmerized by its aroma. He then drops his sweet liquid onto the plateand calls it hard candy. As finishing touches, he gives them different shapes. Although Licoricerecognizes some of the animal shapes, she fails to recognize a plane and thinks that it's a bird.She mentions that seeing how pretty they are, she doesn't want to eat them, but Pastry tellsher she has to because that's what candy is for. Meanwhile, outside the kitchen, his mother andsister are eavesdropping on them, hoping to see some plot development. Lumi is trying to keep themquiet, while Marc wonders what he is doing here. Pastry then pours the candy syrup onto the Bonkafruits, and Licorice thinks they're beautiful..

He asks her to try it out, and she loves it. Hethen goes to the door and opens it, causing his mom and sister to fall. He confronts them aboutit, but they make up an excuse and run off, leaving Marc and Lumi behind. He mentions thathe planned to give the dessert to them, but since they eavesdropped, he won't give it to them andplans to give them to his dad and Feuille instead. We then see Cass and Feuille discussing the teatasting ceremony. Since it's mainly for young singles, they plan to assign Nicolo as Pastry'sbodyguard. Cass is confident about his son and thinks he can handle himself. However, he's moreworried about Retes making any moves on Licorice. The scene then shifts to the ceremony,where Pastry arrives with Licorice. They are all amazed by the decorations, and theythink it's even better than the Royal capital..

Pastry mentions that it's one of the greatestcastles in the south, also known as the Pirate castle due to its proximity to the ocean. Pastrythen notices that Retes has framed the photo he had gifted her, and thinks she has intentionallyput it there. Just then, Retes's servant, Coaton Engels, arrives and welcomes them. He thenintroduces Pastry and his fiancée to the crowd. Pastry then gifts the crowd with his hardcandy, and they try it out. Everyone loves it, and when Coaton tries it, he enjoys the sensationof Pastry's sweet liquid melting inside his mouth. Pastry then tells the crowd that there are moresamples left, and he would love to send them for free through the merchants, but asks themnot to subject those merchants to sugar taxes. It wouldn't be fair if merchants werecharged every time he sent them gifts..

Just then, Retes arrives hearing hisproposal, and wants to learn more about it. She tells him that all business talks need togo through her, but Pastry clarifies that they were just discussing gifts. She suggests theydiscuss it in private, and Pastry goes with her, leaving Licorice in the care of Nicolo andCaera. Afterward, we see them in a private room, and Pastry asks if she's worried thathe will harm her because of the guards. But Retes tells him that if she were worried,she'd have ten times more guards, considering he is a magic user. Pastry then takes out hishard thing, and asks her to put it in her mouth. I meant the candy. She tastes hishard candy, and finds it delicious. He tells her that he plans to produce all theingredients in his territory, which shocks her..

He explains that he'll be able to mass-produce thecandies in three years, and he wants her support. She thinks that Pastry is planning something bigfor the future, but she can't seem to figure it out. She agrees to assist him but only regardingthe candies, and Pastry thanks her. Meanwhile, in the castle hall, Coaton mentions thatPastry has been the talk of the party and suggests that he will receive many offersto build his harem. This upsets Licorice, and Caera and Nicolo try to comfort her, butshe decides to leave and wants to go home. On the other side, Pastry is walking withRetes and is glad to have her support. Retes then asks him about Licorice and wondersif he loves her. He tries to avoid the question, but she wraps her arm around him, andholds him down with her giant assets..

She tells him that she won't let gountil he admits his true feelings. Just then, Licorice arrives and isshocked to see them in that position. Licorice runs away, and it appears that Retes'plan has succeeded. Pastry goes after her and finds her standing outside. He tries to explain toher that in Retes's eyes, he's just a 9-year-old kid, but Licorice is worried about him leavingher when he gets more girls in his harem. She mentions that she's not as confident asher sister and lacks communication skills. Pastry tells her that he likes her justthe way she is, and his feelings for her will only grow stronger. He asks her to waitfor him and teleports away. After some time, he returns with a Bonka sweet and tells herit's a bit different from what she had before..

He asks her to taste his sweet with her mouthas he has specially prepared it for her. Licorice tries it out and loveshow the sweet spreads in her mouth. It reminds her of the first time she hadit with Pastry, and tears of joy come out. He tells her that this sweet has many names asit's easy to make and produced in many places. The names include Toffee Apple,Apple of Heaven, and Apple of Love. He asks her to put her trust in him, andhe will make her happy. She thanks Pastry, and as they were about to develop some plot,they get interrupted by Caera and Nicolo. Caera is there to take Licorice back, and Nicolois impressed by Pastry's way with the ladies. He calls him the Gigolo of Morteln, andtells him that he's such a womanizer..

Pastry is furious and tells him that he willdouble his workload when they get back home. Nicolo thinks Pastry is joking, but Pastry decidesto increase it to three times, and Nicolo starts begging for mercy. Caera is glad that Licoriceis happy now and gives a serious stare to Pastry. After that, we see Pastry's mom overjoyed withher son's return, and she hugs him tightly. She tells Licorice that she noticed Pastry makingsomething and left in a hurry, so she thinks he has made something for her. Pastry realizes this,and his mother drags him away to learn more about it in detail. Nicolo thinks that Pastry's motheris even harder to handle for him than Retes, and Licorice laughs about it. Later, we seePastry, who is exhausted after having to put up with his mother for two hours. Feuille offershim tea and sees the papers with the photo..

Pastry tells him that those are hard candy wrapperleftovers which they used to wrap candies while he listened to his mother talk. Feuille is shocked tosee his photo with Retes and wonders why he used these as candy wrappers. Pastry mentions that it'sa little payback to Retes for messing with him. After that, we see Retes, who is angrywith Pastry for giving candies wrapped in those papers among nobles. Due to this, arumor has spread that she's into young boys, and they have received many proposals from youngboys from different places. She is furious with Pastry and wants him to pay for his actions. Thescene shifts to Hubarek Castle, and they have received news that their neighboring territory,Margrave of Lutoroute, has made their move. They think that Hubarek's engagement withKadlecek will enhance his power, so Lutoroute.

Plans to attack them first. Hubarek learns thattheir troops consist of over 30,000 men, and they may not be able to defend against that number. Heasks his men to reach out to the Duke for help. Meanwhile, we see Pastry counting his profitsfrom the hard candy and the marriage photos. He takes 4 coins for himself as his reward. Hethen plans to purchase 100 goats, and use its milk and cheese for his sweets. Feuille mentionsthat they initially planned to raise goats, but due to the condition of the territory, theydropped the idea. However, Pastry believes that now, as their territory has improved, theycan use this change to raise livestock. Feuille wonders if they will use chicken and otheranimals for food, but Pastry's plan is to increase their numbers further, especially chickens, whichgive them eggs that he can use for making sweets..

Feuille thinks this kid judges everythingbased on sweets and tells him that they don't have enough manpower to do so.Pastry decides to think about it later and asks Feuille to open his mouth to tastehis sweet liquid, he calls it sweet sorghum. Feuille tastes it and thinks it's too sweet, andPastry mentions that it's a prototype for sugar. His goal is to create a sweet production shopin Morteln. Feuille thinks it quite a goal, but asks him to watch out for hisfathers wrath if he tries anything funny. Later, we see Pastry and his friends buildingsomething, and Licorice wonders what it could be. He tells her that it's a prototype for a juicer,and they complete building it. He tries to show her the demo, but Marc can't reach the handle, andPastry realizes that he miscalculated the size..

Marc asks Lumi to get on his back to reach thehandle. She climbs on his back, and he thinks she's too heavy. They break the handle when tryingto pull it and fall down. Pastry thinks that the mechanism of the prototype was correct, but itlacked strength and thinks about using metal next time. Licorice then tells him that she has seen asimilar juicer in Hubarek for making wine, and it requires 2 people turning a handle. Pastry thenthinks to use the same tool and plans to get one. Lumi thinks that they got hurt for no reason,and Pastry offers her to be his sweet taster and she forgives him. Pastry then runs off to talkabout buying the juicer with his Dad and Feuille. Pastry is happy to see that his Dad has returned,but Cass informs him that war is about to begin. The war will start with Hubarek and Lutorouteterritory, and Pastry is shocked to hear this.

News. Meanwhile, in the Lutoroute Camp, theyreceive news that Hubarek hasn't received any reinforcements from the Duke. Lutoroutethinks that Hubarek may have withdrawn his request when he heard that they haveonly 10,000 men and plans to take care of it without involving the Duke to maintain hisdignity. Just then, a soldier informs Lutoroute that the Duke's grandson is in the territoryfor a visit, and he has an idea. Afterwards, we see Pastry cleaning his kitchen, and Licoricenotices that he's worried about the war. She thinks that instead of spending time wagingwar, people should use that time to make delicious sweets like Pastry, and he thinks that he chosethe right girl for his harem. Then he tells her that today they will get some goats, and heplans to make a cheesecake made out of goat milk..

However, Pastry learns that the goats have beensnatched away by another baron. The peddler tells them that he tried to reject them, but theythreatened to kill him, so he had to obey. They learn that it was bought by Baron Lunzbadge,who is known for picking on new nobles. Feuille mentions that if they had strong support froma noble house, they would never mess with them. Cass mentions that they are not officially tiedto Hubarek yet, so they can't ask for his help. He believes that this incident has occurreddue to the war between Hubarek and Lutoroute, so at the moment, they can't do anything aboutit. Pastry is furious and decides to go to the baron to talk about this, but Cass stops him andtells him that it's common for territories to secure resources as the war is about to begin, andLunzbadge's territory is closer to the war zone,.

So they would have priority. Cass tells him thathe can try to get them back after the war is over. Pastry is sad by this setback, but then Feuilletells him that there's another way they can get prioritized access to the food, and that isto go to war as reinforcements for Hubarek. Pastry is determined to get his goats back atany cost, and his desire to make sweets is so strong that it seems he transformed into a supersaiyan. After that, we see Pastry going with Cass, Nicolo, and Glacage as reinforcements, andthey have also recruited eight other villagers. Marc wishes to go with them, but Lumithinks he'll only mess things up. Marc's dad tells him to protect the villagein Pastry's absence. Licorice is worried, but Agnes comforts her, while Pastry hopes torecover his goats to continue making his sweets..

Meanwhile, in the Hubarek castle, Petra wonderswhy Squale is more interested in her photo when she's right there with him. Since he can'ttell her that he's been thinking of using it to build his forearm muscles, he tells her it'sbecause she's too cute, and Petra is flattered. Just then, Hubarek arrives and teaseshim for flirting with his daughter. Suddenly, they receive news that the Lutoroutearmy has made its move with 10,000 men. Hubarek thinks the initial report of 30,000 menmay be false and decides to face them with his own army. He plans to send Squale to his first battleas the front line defense, and he accepts it. Meanwhile, in the Lutoroute camp, they receivea report that their army is ready to advance. One of his men is concerned that the soldiers areexhausted and thinks it's reckless to continue..

However, Lutoroute has alreadyconsidered this and has a different plan. His current objective is to separateHubarek and the Duke. He knows that Hubarek will send Squale for his first battleto gain Duke's favor when they are victorious. Lutoroute plans to kill Squale, which will angerthe Duke and end Hubarek's relationship with him, and then Hubarek won't be able to strengthen hisarmy, and that's when Lutoroute will attack him. After that, we see Squale is nervous abouthis first battle and hopes for a victory. Meanwhile, in the Hubarek castle, Pastryarrives with his Dad as reinforcements. Hubarek thanks them, and Pastry accidentallymentions it's for the goats. However, he corrects himself and explains that he's herebecause his fiancée's family is in danger. Hubarek.

Briefs them about the current situation,and Pastry thinks their number is small. Hubarek describes the enemy's position,and Cass senses that something is wrong. Pastry is amazed by his Dad's instinct and wonderswhy the enemy is maintaining a defensive position when they are the ones launching the attack.Cass deduces the location they plan to attack, and Hubarek becomes tense because that's wherehe sent Squale to defend in his first battle. They realize Squale is in danger and decide to gosave him. Meanwhile, Squale receives a report that they have spotted the enemy, and they number only20. He decides to attack and leads his army, but they cannot locate the enemy. One of the soldiersinforms him that they are approaching from behind, and there are more than 20 of them. The enemyattacks and breaches their rear defenses..

Squale is shocked and tries to lead his troopsinto the forest for cover, but they spot the enemy emerging from there as well. Squale realizes thathe's in danger. On the other side, we see Glacage telling Cass that the main army is delayed. Cassasks Nicolo to handle the main army and rushes to Squale's aid with Pastry and Glacage. We then seeSquale engaged in combat with the enemy forces. He orders his men to retreat, but theyfind themselves surrounded. Just then, a few arrows fly over, killing the enemies, andCass appears on the scene, attacking the enemy. Pastry appears from above, and tells Squale thatthey're here to support him in his first battle, and Squale is relieved that he's saved.After that, Squale expresses his gratitude for saving him from danger, and we see allthe enemies have been defeated. Meanwhile,.

Lutoroute is shocked by the news of Mortelnjoining Hubarek's forces, and anticipates that Duke will send reinforcements again. He realizesthat his plan has failed and becomes furious. On the other side, Hubarek is relieved to seeSquale safe and apologizes to him for putting him in danger. He expresses his gratitude to Cassand Pastry for rescuing Squale and mentions that Lutoroute's army has withdrawn for the time being.Hubarek announces his intention to reward all the warriors and praises Squale for his fiercefight, though Squale feels he did nothing. Hubarek suggests that Squale should rest,and as he walks away, he encounters Petra. She's relieved to see that he's okay,and offers to escort him to his room, but he prefers to be alone, and Hubarek worriesabout his condition. Since his first battle was.

So harsh, it seems to have traumatized him, butCass believes that he needed this experience as he has to manage the Royal capital army. Petra isconcerned for him and wonders how to comfort him. Cass turns to Pastry and asks how he consoledMarc after the bandit attack incident. Pastry recalls that he made Marc a Bonkapie. Cass then suggests that Pastry help Petra comfort Squale. Pastry has an idea andasks Cass to gather the necessary ingredients. Cass realizes that Pastry wants to make sweetsbut agrees to help this time. Pastry then asks for Bonka, and Cass wonders if he's making Bonka pieagain, but Pastry has something else in his mind. Afterwards, we see Pastry preparing thesweet while thinking about Squale's feelings. He realizes that Squale is hurt andblames himself for his inability..

Pastry hopes to bring a smile to Squale'sface with his dessert. Meanwhile, Hubarek is celebrating their victory with a toast and aparty. During the party, Squale overhears people talking about an outsider boy stealing the glory,which upsets him. Cass tries to console him, but Squale believes their words hold some truth.Hubarek joins them and shares that he also faced challenges during his first battle. He encouragesSquale to take pride in his accomplishments. Squale thanks him but still feels responsiblefor the soldiers' sacrifices. Just then, Pastry arrives at the party, congratulatesHubarek on their victory, and presents a dish he prepared in his kitchen. When Nicolo opensthe lid, a delightful aroma fills the air. Pastry slices a piece and invites Squale to tryit. He tells him that it's called Tarte Tatin,.

Made with Bonka. Squale tastes the Bonka sweet andfinds it delicious. He asks Pastry about the name, and Pastry explains that it's named afterthe Tatin sisters, renowned for making tarts. Pastry narrates an incident about the sistersforgetting to put the dough while baking, leading to the creation of this sweet. He emphasizesthat this sweet was born from a baking mistake and that the sisters didn't let failure definethem. Pastry tells Squale that he thinks of this sweet whenever he experiences a baking failure andreminds himself to move forward despite setbacks. Petra joins the conversation, and tells him thathe's not a failure as he has protected the promise he made to her to return home, and he's the rightperson to lead his people because he values the sacrifices of his subordinates over celebratingvictory. Squale begins to cheer up and expresses.

Gratitude to Petra and Pastry. He decides tolearn from this experience and grow stronger. Squale invites Petra to join him in the garden toeat the sweets together, and also for potential plot development. They leave together, andSquale is much happier. Cass remarks that everyone must overcome their first battle traumaindividually, and Hubarek shares that he had a similar experience when he was young. Pastry alsomentions that he faced a similar situation when he was younger, even though he's still young. Hubarekthanks Pastry and offers to grant him any request. Pastry has something in mind that he needsHubarek to assist him with. After that, we see Pastry back home, where his friends areshocked by the amount of goods he has acquired. He hands Licorice the letter from her father andinforms Feuille that his father stayed behind to.

Teach Lunzbadge a lesson for messing with theireconomy. Pastry explains that their plan is to purchase all the necessary resources, andhis father is handling the negotiations. Just then, his father arrives to collect him andexplains that the negotiations have concluded, but they need Pastry's help to transport theresources. Later, Feuille and the others are shocked to see the numerous goats and horses,and Cass reveals that they purchased everything before Lunzbadge arrived, and now he will feelthe taste to be outdone by a small village. Afterward, Pastry receives wine-making equipmentfrom Hubarek, which they plan to use as a juicer. Later, we learn that Hubarek has requestedLicorice to accompany Petra to the royal capital during the summer. However, they are strugglingto select an appropriate dress for her since their.

Territory lacks tailors for nobles. They askPastry to go and purchase a dress in her size, as he is her fiance, and later we see Pastryuses his magic to show an image of Licorice to the tailor for dress sizing. A month later,Pastry prepares a cheesecake for Licorice, who writes a letter to her father expressing herhappiness with her stay at the Morteln village. On the other hand, Hubarek feels lonely without her.After that, Pastry goes to wake up his sister, who wants to have his cake on the bed. However, she issurprised to see Licorice and becomes embarrassed. Following this, we see Pastry preparing anotherdessert, and Licorice asks him what he's making. Pastry whispers his plans toher, leaving her surprised. This is where the video ends, hope youliked my recap. Thanks for watching.

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