J vs Ben: ULTIMATE Encanto Trivialities Quiz [VERY HARD]

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– So do we have a good name for this? – ultimate Encanto quiz. – Ultimate Ultra clickbait Encanto quiz – Welcome to the clickbait Encanto quiz. – You're supposed to say Ultimate. – Ultimate clickbait Encanto quiz. (laughing) – 10 Encanto quizzes youcan't believe are still alive. – 10 Encanto questions,.

And you can't believewhat they look like now. – [Ben And J] (in unison) Hey brother. – And welcome everyone to another edition of J versus Ben, where today we are taking onthe ultimate Encanto quiz. – Ultimate, huh? That'sthe one you went with? – I mean, I could have gone with the world's hardest Encanto quiz. – There are so many options available,.

However, it is going to be difficult. Everybody in the office reminded me of the last time we did an Encanto quiz, and I don't know how muchit showed up on camera, but I was raging by the end of it. It was the finish the lyric quiz. I did really, really poorly. I think everybody's alittle on edge about today, especially me.

Let's dive on in. – Top 10 questions aboutEncanto that drive Ben crazy. (upbeat music) – [Ben And J] (in unison) Hey brother. – In case you guys are newto the J versus Ben format, this is how it is going to work. Kangaroo Kat is on theother end of the microphone, she's waving, but you can't see her, and she's going to be reading us.

Today's 10 standard quiz questions, plus an additional five quiz. (tense music) – Yeah, that was right. Why'd you freeze? – From the top. – Roll it again! – Why did youfreeze, that was right? – All right, three,.

Two, one. Hey brother! – In case you guys are newto the J versus Ben format, this is how it is going to work. Kangaroo Kat is on theother end of the microphone, she's going to be reading us today's 10 standard quiz questions, plus an additional five questions from our quiz masters over on Patreon.

– Ben and I are going to answer all the questions completely from memory, but if neither of us have any idea, we can opt for the multiple choice. If you'd like to play along, there's a link to this quizin the description down below. – When was the lasttime you watched Encanto? – Oh man, I mean, I watched like the first15 minutes of it maybe like.

Last week because I wantedmy kids to watch it, and then they started screaming. They were like, no, we want to watch SuperKitties! And I was like, I hate that show. (Kat and Ben laughing) And then we ended upwatching SuperKitties. – So if we were doing a SuperKitties quiz, you'd be great.

– Lab Rat! (Kat laughing) Some people got it. – Question one. What animal is depictedon the magic candle? – What animal? – Yeah. – Boy, that is a good oldfashioned question right there. – I knew how to do thewhole thing in cursive.

– What question– – Good job. – Thanks.- What is on the candle? – I feel like therearen't any weird ones in there. I feel like Z is theonly letter in cursive that my brain stilldoesn't know how to do. – Yeah, or like X. – Yeah, X is a weird one too. – X is just sort of like…

– Yeah. I will say there are probably some uppercase versions thatI don't remember either. – Oh yeah, absolutely. Like, I don't even know ifI know what an S looks like. – Yeah, fun fact, if you're in second or thirdgrade and watching this, and your teachers arecurrently teaching you cursive, you won't ever use it again.

– I just drew a cursive S on my thing. I was gonna show you, but then I was gonna show you my answer. Couldn't do it. – Now I wanna, yeah. Ready, three, two, one. – A toucan. – A butterfly!.

– Boy, let me tell you what. The word animal is what threw me off. – Instead of insect. – Not like, what insect is on it. Not even what creature is on it. – Gotcha, I guess that's my bad, but also I feel like butterflies are a huge part of the theme of Encanto, which is why I madethis the first question.

– Fine, I'm not upset at all. – I wonder if since the last time we did the Encanto quiz I got really upset, I wonder if today's your day. – Welcome to the J gets angry quiz! – Oh gosh. And it's super fun, 'cause Iwrote both of those quizzes. So I'm not nervous over here at all. It's fine–.

– Take it out on Kat accordingly. – Yeah, it's fine. Question two! Who is the youngest Madrigal? – Okay, I got this one. I feel pretty comfortable about this one. – Yes, yes. So one, two, thee–.

– I put toucan again. (group laughing) – Little Antonio… Banderas. – Antonio. I'm not gonna lie, you guys. I'm wearing extra poofy sleeves today, and there's an open flame, and I write like this and I'm like, I am so, this is not good. – I know, I know–.

– I'm nervous. – The people have seen the candle. You can push it forwardnow if you would like. – No, Ben! It's on theme, okay? This is a Disney movie about a potential, a princess, maybe unconfirmed, Mirabel, it's got a candle in it. Ours has a castle on it, not a butterfly.

– On a completely unrelated note that has absolutely nothing todo with the governing franchise that we're talking about today, we do have these lovelyprincess themed candles available over at CarlinBrothers Mercantile. Link in the description down below! – Not even one of themhas a butterfly on it. (group laughing) – And now it's time for the first.

Quiz master question of the game! This question was submittedby Michaela Henry, and voted on by Patreon. When Augustin has an allergic reaction to bees at the beginning of the movie, which of his body parts swell? – Which of his, like, we have to list all of them? – Yes.

– Can you give us a number of body parts? Does that seem fair? – Four. – Oh, I didn't have enough! – Whoopsie-doosie, I didn't have enough. (groaning) Um… (mumbling) – You don't have to be,.

If there's an option in there that's like it could be on the leftor the right of his body, you don't have to be that specific. I'll give you that. – Okay. – Okay, this is what I'm going with. – I am trying to think of what else. – I know. I feel like the last one Iwrote was kind of like, I guess.

– Okay, we'll we'll see how this goes. Okay, you ready? One, two, three. – I said ear, nose, hand, lips. – Yeah, I said ear, nose, hand, cheek.- Y'all are so close.

It is ear, nose and both hands. – No, that's– – It's one hand and the other hand. – [J] No, that's hand. – That's hands. – I feel like we bothhad nose, ear and hand, and then we both added something else. – Something, yeah. I feel, I don't know.

I feel like… – You know what? Kat doesn't have to give us the point, but like we can know inour heart that we had it. Okay, okay. I thought that your qualifier of, like, you don't need to delineate just meant that your hands was like… – No, I was sayingyou didn't have to.

Say like left ear or right ear. – Oh, okay! I guess I can understandwhere you're coming from. – That's more what I meant. – That qualifier though makes it feel misleading about hands. That you wouldn't have to say? – Yeah, I didn't thinkabout that, that's my bad. – I can feel the J rage coming.

– It's coming! (groaning) My rage burns as hot as this candle, available at CarlinBrothersMercantile.com. (Kat laughing) – Okay. – We're gonna promote these so hard today. – Question four. What did Dolores hear that made her think.

Luisa was worried aboutthe Encanto's magic? – Okay. Do we need to delineate betweenleft and right, or both? – No, no. – Or neither?- I feel good, I feel good, I feel good, all right. Ready, one, two, three. – Her eye twitching.

– Yes, her eye was twitching. That is correct. – Excellent, got it. – Question five. What is the first animal to appear when Antonio touches his door? – Oh man! Ba-boom. – Oh wait.

Oh dear, okay. All right, ready? One, two, three. – Butter, toucan. (Kat laughing) – It is a toucan. Yep. – I couldn't remember what was.

The little critter that runs up to him. – Do you, this isn't a bonus point, but I just thought of this. Do y'all remember the theToucan's name and who voices him? – Alan Tudyk. – It is Alan Tudyk. – I don't remember his name though, unless it's also Alan Tudyk. – No, I believe his name is Pico.

– His name is Alan. – His name is Alan! – His name is Alan. – Raise your hand ifyou got that reference. – Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, anybody? – One of our faves. Andnow it's time for the second quiz master question of the game. This question wassubmitted by Snape's Kat, and voted on by patreons.

During Isabella's song”What else can I do”, a Mickey Mouse Easter egg appears as what object in her room? – Um, I'm gonna go with this. – I'm gonna go with this. I feel like I can't thinkof what else it would be– – It has to be. – Ready? – I feel like y'allhave pointed it out before.

– Okay, one, two, three. – A cactus. – A cactus is a correct. – Ka-blam! – Oh man, we're on a roll. – There you go. – Dude, I will tell you what. That song way grew on me.

I really love Luisa's, ah– – Like plants. – Like candles, no! (group laughing) (indistinct chatting) – Question seven. Which of the following doesnot appear in the quote unquote dream sequence of thesong “Surface Pressure”? – Okay. I like how you say dream sequence,.

As if it's not Mirabel's darkpower completely taking over. – Which it is. – Yeah, I didn't know if I should phrase the question that way, or the way that it'ssort of, I don't know. – Who's canon do you believe, Kat? – Full video by clicking the card. – You know what I mean? Okay, A, an iceberg.

B, coal crushed into diamonds. C, a line of doors. Or D, balance scales. – I got you all day, man. No problem whatsoever, and I even see what you're trying to do. – Thank you. (giggling) – All righty, one,.

Two, three. – It's B. – It's B. – Coal into diamonds. – For sure, she says it out loud. – She talks aboutit, but we never see it. – Yeah! I do love that song. That song, it's like a little too honest.

I think the first, I remember I saw Encanto when it came out in theaters by myself, because like no one else, I think you were doing something. And I was like, I guess I'llgo see this 'cause maybe we should talk about it on the channel. I haven't seen any marketingfor it or anything, but, you know.

And I'm sitting there and I'm watching, and all of a sudden”Surface Pressure” comes on, and it's like I'm feeling like I'm worthless if I can't be of service, and all of a sudden I was like, oh no. – Oh no, it's too real! – Oh no. It's like, I can't bemyself for this song. – I need a movie buddy!.

– I didn't know it was gonna be like this. – Do y'all, I thinkI've told you all this before. Do y'all remember where Isaw it for the first time? – No. – It was on a Disney cruise. – Well, that's cool! – It was super cool. Alrighty, question eight. What tall character does Camilo turn into.

To help hang a banner for Antonio? For Antonio's celebration. – There is just no way Iknow this person's name. Not one– – Multiple choice? – Sure! – Let me write down a guessjust in case, so people can see. All right, people can't read this word, but, okay.

– Is it A, Jose. B, Osvaldo. C, Jorge. Or D, Mariano. – Yeah? – Yeah, ready? One, two, three. – I said C.

– I said B.- It is A, Jose. – Oh man, Jose! – Yeah, I think maybe Abuela says, Camilo, we need another Jose. And then he goes, Jose? And then grows as he's saying it. Yeah. I'll tell you what, out ofall the voice actors in this, Camilo sneakily mightbe one of my favorites.

There's something abouthis voice that's just like, you got a cool voice, man. – He doesn't have nearlyenough speaking in this. – He really doesn't! He is very underutilized in this movie. – Yeah, he definitely, that's sort of like whatI always come back to, is he always just kind of seems like, he's just like a teenager, you know?.

– He's just a teenager, man. – He's just there. – We don't have a house, can'tsay we don't have a house. We don't have a house! – But every line he says, every time I'm just like, I just love the way everyline you say is delivered. – Yeah. There's a scene I think where he's taking.

A ton of arepas to go have breakfast, and someone walks up and is like, hey, don't do that. I know you're not Dolores. And it's just like youlook back at the table, and there's like a mountain of them. It's like, what? Why isn't he allowed to have more? What is the problem?.

– Everyone is entitled toas many arepas as they want! – There's so many. – That is true, there is a lot. And then the Casita just smacks him with the little window pane right there. It's funny. – Casita, AKA Pedro. – AKA Pedro, AKA Pedro. – That's right.

– And now it's time for the third quiz master question of the game. This question was submitted by Dola, and voted on by patreons. What time does Antonio's ceremony begin? – Okay, I got that I think. – Alright. – Maybe? Well, I'm thinking about it–.

– Maybe this is where J comes back. – Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm feeling less good ifbeing really honest with you. I'm changing it. I'm going with a gut change,even though I had it. If I was right, I'm gonna be so upset. – You are. – Ready, one, two, three.

– I said 7:00 PM. – I said 6:00 PM. – It is seven. – Oh yes! – Did you say six originally? – I said five originally. – Okay, okay. – I was like, it's too dark. But then I'm like, would it be dark?.

I'm pretty sure thisis near to the equator, so I don't think so. – I don't think so. – Does that matter? It doesn't matter. It made sense in myhead when I thought it, and so I changed it and I got it right. – There you go. – Well, shucks!.

– Well, shucks! – I was even thinking seven. I was thinking seven. I can't prove it, but I was. – (laughs) You didn't write it down. – Didn't write it down! It's easy to say you were thinking it. (Kat laughing) – I was probably caught up on six,.

Because six times two is 12, and that's the number of candles available in our monthly subscription. (group laughing) – Carlin Brothers Mercantile! (Kat laughing) – Just trying to find as many ways there. – To work that in there! – I know, right?.

This one smells like a wholenew world, like the Encanto! – Actually, speaking ofworking things in there, it's probably about that time, hey chaps? – It is. – Look at this guy, justleaving me here to burn. (chilled music) – Hello, and welcomeeverybody to The Scenic Group, where as you know, I get to step away from the table,.

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All right. Are we on question 10?- We are on question 10. – Huzzah to that! – Huzzah! Question 10. The armed conflictdepicted at the beginning of the movie is likely supposed to be a part of what war thatoccurred in Columbia? – Oh…

– Like in real life. – We've talked about it. – Yeah, we have. – I think that's it. I'm pretty sure that's it. – I think? – Oh boy, I might. (groaning)- I know, I have a feeling we're struggling with the same thing.

– Okay. – Ready? Maybe, one, two, three. – The thousand day conflict? – Oh shoot! – It is the 1000 day war, but yeah, I'll give it to you. – Okay. I think you can look it up,.

And it'll say 1000 day conflict sometimes. But okay. The hundred year war is in Avatar. – Yeah, that's true. – Oh! – Uh-oh, J coming back up! – Boom! – All right. – Must matter, I'm doing a lot better.

– Good job. – That was like one of thosewhere I was like, it's a thing. So 1000 day war is what it is? – Yes, 1000 thousand day war. Then I was like, is it100 day war or 1000? That is a pretty big difference. – That is a big difference. Question 11. At the proposal dinner,.

What food does Mariano passin front of Mirabel's face, forcing her to take hereyes off of Dolores? I'll give you a bit of a hint in that you can't super see it. You kind of just see a bowl,but he says what it is. – I see, okay. – I'm going with this. – I'm going with this too. – You think it's the same this?.

– Yeah, maybe. – Ready, one, two three. – Salad. – Salad? – Oh wow, no! This is weird, it's avocado. – They just have a bowl of avocado? – Yeah, he just says 'avocado',.

And passes it. – Okay, who says it? – Mariano, even though he's liketwo spots away from her, but it's for sure his voice and his hands. – They just have a bowl of, I don't even know what that means. Is it mashed up avocado? Is it just like a bowl with a avocado?.

– It's probably abowl of sliced avocado, I don't know.- A bowl of sliced avocado. – I don't know how they ate avocado back in the whatever hundreds in Columbia. – It'd be surprising to me that all food consumed insideCasita hasn't, like, touched some sort of heating surface as to activate Julieta's powers upon it. You know?.

Like does she have to cookthe food or just prepare it? – I don't know, yeah. It's like one of those things. It's like, what constituteslike healing powers? – Right, yeah. – Also is she the only one that ever cooks anything in the house? That's a lot, that's a lot of food. – That is a lot of food–.

– For one person tocook for a whole family. – Not to mention it seems like she cooks for the whole village, 'cause she's out therefixing broken arms and stuff. – She's a busy lady. – She's busy, man. – And now it's time for the fourth quiz master question of the game. This question was submitted by Savannah,.

And voted on by patreons. How many pieces of Bruno'svision of Mirabel are there? – Oh, dreams. I'm gonna go with thatmany, if I had to guess. If I had to say so. – Ben sitting over here trying to put it together in his head– – He's reassembling the puzzle. – You ready?.

One, two, three. – 12? – Oh, it is my favorite number, which is 18! – 18? – 18. – What, that's way too many! – I will say Ididn't fact check this one,.

But that's what she put. So I'm trusting Savannahto have the right answer, and to have counted this out. – Bravo, Savannah. – I thought it was way fewer than that. – I did too! I was like, that feels like too many– – 18? – Isn't Mirabel in the room,.

And she's piecing it together and like… – Yeah, like a little puzzle. – I feel like an 18 piecepuzzle would take a while, especially when it's madeof green jade material. – I guess you might cutyourself on my glass. – Maybe there'ssome that are just “smol”. – I mean, hard to say. Okay, we'll just have to go. I'll just take your word for it, Savannah.

– I guess so, I guess so. Alright, fine. Fine. – During the breakfast scene, two creatures called Coatis jump on Augustin and steal what? I will say, I thoughtthese things were just like dark colored lemurs until I looked it up. – Okay.

– It's the same animal that warms Abuela's seat or whatever. – Okay, during the breakfast scene, two of these pop up and steal from who? – Augustin, Mirabel's dad. – Okay. – Boy, I'm not payingattention to the food in this movie apparently nearly enough. – I know, yeah.

It's like, you want todig deep into the themes? Let's talk about that all day. – I will say it's not food. – Oh, it's not food. – They stealsomething off of his person. – Okay. – Well then. They steal something off of his person? – Okay, this is my guess.

I have a guess and that'sit, that's all I can do. – Okay. All right. – All right, you ready? – Yeah. – One, two, three. – I said a watch. – I said his glasses.

– It is a pocket watch. – Boom! – So I will give that. They steal it right outof his little pocket. – Yeah, that's what I meant. That's what I was, you can't tell, but I was thinking. Yeah. – That's okay, I'll give it to you.

– Pocketable watch. – Yep. – A watch that can be pocketed. – I did have his glasses as like a– – This is getting realslippery, real fast. – Real slippery! – I'm sorry, guys. – I mean, wow. I feel like I startedstrong and it's ended weak.

– Things are looking down. At least you knew there wasa butterfly on the candle. – Right, there's that. – Question 14. How many times do we see Julieta heal an ailment throughout the movie? – How many times? – And a bonus pointif you can name them all. – What?.

– If you can name them all? That is ridonkulous rightthere, is what I think. (humming) (groaning) Okay, this is my guess. This is my guess. – All right, you ready? One, two, three.

– [J And Ben] Five. – It's actually four. – Four, what really? In the song, it's only two? – Yeah, in the song it's only two. It's a black eye and a broken wrist. There's clearly more people behind her, but we don't see her heal them. I watched it like fourtimes just to make sure.

– Okay. – And then Augustin's firstbee stings at the beginning. He has bee stings at the end, but we don't see her heal them. And Mirabel's cut hand. – Right. Well, those are all theinstances I was thinking of. I just thought it wasthree people in line. – Yeah.

I felt like that sequencein the song was more. – Yeah, I thought it was. I thought it was gonna be three too, but I did re-watch it manytimes just to make sure. And now it's time for the fifth quiz master question of the game. This question was submitted by Kari Elida, Eleeda, apologies ifI'm mispronouncing that, and voted on by patreons.

What types of entertainment does Bruno tell Mirabel the rats can perform? – Okay, I got it. I mean, this, I think. – I have a select all that apply if you would prefer to use that. – All that apply. Oh!.

– It's like boom-boom-boom. – I see what you mean. Okay. – Boom-boom-boom-boom-boom. I don't know how manythere are, question mark. – Okay. Okay. How many? I don't know, I think this is it.

– I thought I felt like I knew what was, I thought I knew, I feltmaybe what was going on. – I thought the answer meant one thing, and now I'm realizingit's a broader thing. Yeah, okay. – Okay, ready? One, two, three. – I said tele novellas,game show and sports.

– I said that. – Yeah, it's tele novellas, game shows and sports. – Boom! – Not in that order, but yeah. – Oh man, I'm pretty proudof myself for that one. – I will hand it to you, that was pretty good, J. That big old brain ofyours is going to work.

– Big old brain. – I love when she's like, I don't get it? And he's like, well, she's his aunt, but she can't remember. – (laughs) Yeah. – About the show! – When y'allstarted like questioning, I was like, y'all definitelygot the tela novellas part, but there are two thingsthat he says before that.

– Oh man. – Boom. – This is unrelated, but if you've ever neverwant a good show to watch, Jane The Virgin is a pure delight. – Oh my gosh, yeah. It is so good. It's a tele novella that makes fun of tele novellas inthe most beautiful way.

– But it is adorable and amazing, and I think you would enjoy it. Okay. Well, at least that's over with. Everybody's gonna havewords once we're done. – Sorry! – First Encanto quiz, make sure everybody's nice andtense here around the office. – I'm really glad thatit's almost five o'clock.

(all laughing) – I'm feeling pretty good. Ihad staged quite a comeback. – You did, you did! That was very impressive. – [J] Thank you, thank you. – I'm proud of you as ever. Guys, be sure to let us know how you did in the towel section down below. Thank you so much for your support to all.

Of our patreons who submittedquestions for today. They were difficult, and awesome, and really cool. If you would ever like tohave a question of your own asked here on one of the J versus Ben's, you can head on over topatreon.com/SuperCarlinBrothers, and select the quiz masters tier. – I want to know what kind of game show questions he's making up for the mice.

Like, how much trivia can you know? – If this is like one ofthose things where, like, how do you come up withentertaining trivia? – I know! His whole life has beeninside the Encanto. I'm surprised he even knows what TV is. So they must have TV? – They must. – They must.

Or he's just like inventedtele novellas on his own. – On his own, yeah. – It's pretty good too. Bruno's a creative guy,he's had a lot of free time. – When is it taking? I thought it was taking placein like the 18 somethings? – It could just be likea little anachronism. – I think it might be– – Just the purposes oflike, just kinda like,.

Ah, that's like it's funny, like what this guy's come up with. – The background istechnically like a little stage. – Yeah, yeah. – It's not like a little TV. – It's kind of fun, anyway. – So until next time. – [Ben, J, And Kat] Bye!

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