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Now the earth was a formless void. There was darkness was over thedeep. And God's spirit hovered over thewater. And God said, let there be light. And there was light. God said, Let there bea vault in the waters. To divide the waters in two. And so it was. Then God said,.

Let the waters under heaven cometogether into a single mass. And let dry land appear. And so it was. God said, let the earth producevegetation. Seed bearing plants andfruit trees bearing fruit. With their seed inside on the earth. God said, let there be lights in thevaults heaven to divide day from night. And let them indicateseasons, days and years. Let them be lights in the vaultof heaven to shine on the earth.

God made two great lights. The greater light to govern the day. The smaller light to governthe night and the stars. God said, let the watersteam with living creatures. And let birds fly above the earthwithin the vault of heaven. Let the earth produceevery kind of living creature. Cattle, reptiles, andevery kind of wild beast. God said, let us makeman in our own image. In the likeness of ourselves.

God fashioned man of dust from thesoil. Then he breathed into hisnostrils the breath of life. And thus man became a livingbeing. The Lord God said, it is notgood that man should be alone. So he made him fall into a deepsleep. And while he slept he took one ofhis ribs and enclosed it in flesh and madewoman. And God blessed them. Saying to them, be fruitful, multiply,fill the earth and conquer it.

Be masters of the fish of the sea, the birds of heaven and allliving animals on the earth. I give you all the seed bearingplants that are upon the whole earth. The Lord God planted a garden inEden. And there he put the man he hadfashioned. And he warned him, you may eat indeedoi a“ the trees “m the garden, but of the tree of the knowledge ofgood and evil, you are not to eat. For on the day you eat of it,you shall most surely die. The serpent was the most subtle of allthe wild beasts that God had rnade.

It said to the woman, no you will notdie. God knows that on the day youeat of it your eyes will be opened. And you will be like God,knowing good and evil. So she took some of the fruit andate it. She gave some also toher husband and he ate it. Then the eyes of both of them wereopened. And they realized that they werenaked. And they hid from God amongthe trees of the garden. Then God said to the serpent,.

Because you have done this,be a cursed be on all wild beasts. I will make you enemies, you andthe woman. Your offspring and hers. It will crush your headand you will strike its heel. To the woman he said, I will multiply your pains inchildbearing. You shall give birth toyour children in pain. To the man he said, with sweat on your browshall you eat your bread.

Until you return to the soil. For dust you are andto dust you shall return. And he expelled him fromEden to till the soil. He banished the man. And in front of the gardenhe posted Cherubs With flashing swords to guardthe way to the tree of life. We've told you the old story with the help of theimaginative illustration that Raphael painted on avaulted ceiling in the Vatican.

Paintings now known as Raphael'sbible. For the bible itself providesus with imaginative illustration. With poetic fables andprovocative allegories. The garden of Eden. The tree of the knowledge of goodand evil. The cunning serpent. The forbidden fruit. But reality lies beneath the dyadic and popular forms of storytelling's.

Suited to the unsophisticatedmentality of a primitive people. The reality of the divineorigin of the world. Of the rebellion of man against God. Of God's punishing justice and his promise of the redeemer. It sounds like a fabulouslegend or a fanciful myth. But it is history. Passed down to us in abook that we call holy because it's inspiration is from God.

And because it's messageto mankind is holy. It tell the story of divine love. Rejected by mans rebellious pride. And then jealously sought froma merciful and forgiving God. The heroes of the story are all men, chosen, summoned, and loved by God. The first of these are thepatriarchs. They begin the historyof the chosen people.

And at the same timethe history of all people. Because the salvation promised toIsrael is the salvation of the whole world. Back. That's it. Move along. What offerings are these Cain?They're unworthy of the Lord. Cain! Why are you angry and downcast? If you are well disposed would you not lift up your head.

But if you are ill disposed is not sin at the door like acrouching beast hungering for you. Which you must master. Come on. I want to talk to you. Come on! Hurry “P! Aaah! Aaah! Ah! Ah! Ah!.

Aah! Aaaah! Cain! Where is your brother Abel? Why ask, am I… my brothers keeper? What have you done! Listen to the sound of your brothersblood crying out to me from the ground! And now be accursed and driven fromthe ground that has opened its mouth.

To receive your brothersblood at your hands. When you till the ground it shall no longer yieldyou any of it's produce. You shall be a fugitive and a wanderer over the earth. The end has come for all things offlesh. I have decided this because the earthis full of violence of rnans rnaking. And I will deface them from theearth. I need to bring a flood andsend the waters over the earth.

To destroy all flesh on it. Every living creature under heaven. Everything on earth shall perish! And I will establish my covenantwith you. Make yourself an ark out of cypresswood. Noah, are you going tosail your boat in the field? What's the thing on your shoulders?I bet it doesn't weigh much. Where's the sails go? Where's themast? That isn't a boat. There's no rudder.

What else did you forget? Where's the anchor?Where's the anchor? Ha ha. Now stop the nonsense, Noah. Stop trying to frighten thesepoor simple souls with these stories about Jehovah, the Lordsanchor. Stop it, I $3!!- This God, Jehovah is nothing to us. So why should we have him tellingus to reform or be punished? Ask God to punish you for yourarrogance.

This is enough. He deserves a goodlashing. God has spoken to me. And said… I have prepared to send downon the earth the great flood. Man shall perish and Ishall destroy all living things. Mankind shall vanishfrom the face of the earth. But I will establish a covenant withyou! That you may be saved. Brethren turn again to repentance.

Ask pardon of the true and only God and honor his holy name. Aah'. Aah'. Aah'… Come on! Come on! Come on! Get a move on! Follow them. Hurry! Up the ramps! Hurry!.

Into the holds. Well these stay here. Move them along. In there. Here's Tubalcain! Hooray! Tubalcain. Tubalcain! Come back Tubalcain! Come back!.

Tubalcain! Let it down. Wait! – Wait! Wait tor me. Let me go with you.- Let him in. Don't shut the door. Have mercy. Thou must save me! Open it. After a hundred and fifty days, Noah opened the portholehe had made in the ark. And he sent out a raven.

And it did not return. Then he sent out a dove. To see whether the waterswere receding from the earth. The dove finding nowhere toperch returned to him in the ark. For there was water over thewhole surface of the earth. After waiting seven more days again he sent out the dove from theark. In the evening the dove came backto him with a new olive branch in its feet.

God blessed Noah and his sons, saying to them, be fruitful,multiply, and fill the earth. And the descendants of Noah said, let us build ourselves a town. And a tower with its top reachingheaven. Let us make a name for ourselves so that we may not be scatteredabout the whole earth. When God saw this, he said, So they're all a single peoplewith a single language.

And God confused theirlanguage on the spot. So that they could no longerunderstand one another. He scattered them dense overthe whole face of the earth and they stopped building the town. It was named Babel. Because there God confusedthe language of the whole earth. And of the descendants of Noah, God chose Abraham and said tohim, leave your country, your familyand your father's house.

For the land I will show you I will make you a great nation. I will bless you and makeyour name so famous that it will be used as a blessing. I will bless those who bless you. I will curse those who slight you. All the tribes of the earth shallbless themselves by you. When Abraham had reached thecountry of Haran with his father, he set out on his way again.

Following the commandants of theLord. He led his people into the land ofCanaan. And then from Canaan on intoEgypt- For there was a famine in the land. From Egypt Abraham returned tothe Negeb with his wife and all he possessed and his nephew Lot was with him. Years and years of wandering, ofstruggle, of worrisome pilgrimage.

Undertaken because Abrahamwas obedient to the will of God. At last he found hisway into Palestine again. Back to the land of Canaan. For this was the placeGod intended him to have. This was the Promised Land. There now… we've arrived. And you'll soon see Sarah dear… we'll be bored with thislife of ease before long.

– Get out of my way, you!- Why should I? – I'll show you why!- Ah! Abraham, one of your herdsmanis fighting with one of Lot's. We“ Abraham, is this another gift of God,just to make sure that we don't get bored'!? Slop! You men there, what's the meaningof this? You men obey me! At once! What's the excuse for this? That shepherd is the man whostarted it.

And you, how often havethese fights broken out? And instead of stopping them,you cheer them on. Yes, well that shepherdwanted to water his animal, – before we watered ours.- What about it? On top of that they maintainthat your nephew, Lot, is the… – is the real master here.- What's going on? Two of our shepherds were fightingover a stupid question of precedence. Between us these argumentsshould not arise. Because all of us are brothers.

Lot. Here we are, we've reachedthe end of our journey. A great land spreads out ahead ofus. Pick the area that you want. And let us celebrate in peace. Who's next? Come forward. The rest of you, wait your turn. We'll do this in order.

Five. Another five come forward. Move quickly! Don't waste time. Ten. Three. Four. Get some water! He's one of Lot's warriors. In the valley of Siddim,.

The Kings of the east defeated us. And sacked the cities ofSodom and Gomorrah. And Lot, is he still alive? He is a prisoner… with all the rest of Sodom. The Elamites are takingthem all to the north. There are a good many of them,and they are well armed. Lets attack them immediately,while they're tired. It's not the right moment yet.

Oh! Lot! Lot! Come back the camphas been attacked. Ahh! The son who has beenpromised has been born. And he is called Isaac. Yeah'… But God wished to test onceagain the faith of Abraham.

Pile on the kindling woodand don't make any noise. Hold it steady. Take your son, your only child, Isaac, whom youlove and go to the land of Moriah. There you shall offerhim as a burnt offering. On a mountain I will point out toyou. Wait for us here. The boy and I will goup to the mountain top…

And make our sacrifice. I won't take long. Come, Isaac. Shall I come along, Abraham,you might have some need of me? No. I'll be alright alone Stay here. Get busy you! What are you waitingfor? You turn to stone? Take that saddleoff that beast and find sorne fire for.

Father? What do you want, my son? What about wood and fire? And whereis the lamb for our sacrifice? God will provide thelamb for the sacrifice. No! Abraham! Abraham, do not raiseyour hand against the boy. Do not harm him. For now I know you fear God.

You have not refused me your son. Your only son. Abraham wanted his son to marrya girl from his own homeland. And so he sent Eliezer, who foundRebekah of the tribe of Nahor, Abraham's brother andbrought her back for Isaac. Rebekah bore him two sons, Esauand Jacob. We're here Rebekah. Fine. Now Deborah go immediatelyand prepare what I told you.

And take care no one finds out. Jacob, I want to speak to you. The moment has cometo make a vital decision. This morning your father had along talk with your brother, Esau. I overheard them. I heard your father ask him tobring the game he had killed. For some kind of special supper. Your father said he would eatand put his blessing on Esau. The blessing of the Lord because yourfather is an old man and he may die.

Now, do just what I tell you. Go to the flock, select two of thebest sheep and bring them here. I shall prepare a stew cookedwith herbs and delicate spices. And you will offer him this specialdish. And his blessing then will fall onyou. Why must I play a tricklike this on my brother? Have you decided to disobey the LordGod and put your will before his? No. Certainly not.

When you were conceived, you andEsau, I heard the Lords voice. Uttering a prophecyconcerning your lives. Let me repeat it to you. Two great nations will be repeated. And two populous lands willflourish out of the sons of Isaac. The first born shall beservant of the second. Because Jacob will takeaway his father's blessing. You are my second born son, Jacob.

Besides Esau has already showedyou his birthright, hasn't he? But we were only jesting together. Esau happened to behungry and began to shout. So I thought that I wanted to… to have some amusement at hisexpense. But Esau was serious in what hedid. He gave you his rights to primogeniturefor merely somthing to eat. – It was a joke.- No! It was because the Lord put intoyour mouth and that of your brother,.

The question he wanted you to askas well as your brothers answer. Your voice your voice is Jacobs. Your arms… your arms are like those of Esau. Are are you really my son, Esau? Yes. Yes, your Esau. Kiss me and I shall giveyou my blessing now. To this my son. Because it's oder is likethe fields of Gods blessing.

I ask the Lord to sendrains into your lands. And to fertilize your grounds. With abundance to yourharvest and unending change. Nations shall bow before you. And your line shall extendall over the earth. Your brother shall serve in yourheart. And the children of your mother… shall have you as sovereign. God will curse those who curse you.

And bless those who bless you. Discovering Jacobs deceit Esau threatens to kill the brotherwho has stolen his birthright. And so Isaac decides to send Jacobaway. And the young man goes tothe land of Laban, his uncle. My God'.! My God, you are with me! I didn't dare hope that you werewith me! What I see! This land it's yours!.

Leading men to you! Oh Lord… Grant me your grace andprotection on this journey. Give me enough bread that I mayeat and raiment to cover me. So that I may return tothe house of my father and I here promise to you that Ishall raise up a temple in this place. And of all that I may obtain, I promise that a sizablepart shall be set aside… Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha… If I wanted to kill you Icould have done it already. Or do you think I missed my aim? You just remember I'venever missed in my life. “As ha; ha; ha, ha. Twice now I've been cheated. You stole my right to primogeniture But but it was your doing. You traded it for something to eat.

You miserably took advantageof a starving man. You helped yourself tothe blessing of my father. A blessing that rightly belonged tome. I'm going now Esau. It's yourresponsibility to lead the tribe now. – I'm leaving.- And never come back. I don't want to see you again. This is what I came to tell you. Don't return! Don't return everagain! Wait! Wait a mornent Esau. You …you mustn't say words like that.

The Lord appeared tome in a dream last night. I saw a ladder, reaching up to thesky. And on it there were angels,ascending and descending. And at the top there was the Lord. And he said to me, I am the LordGod of Abraham and Isaac. And I will give you and to yourprogeny the land where you are sleeping. And one day your children yourdescendants shall be spread in alldirections across the earth.

Chosen race. I will watch over youand guard you with care. And not abandon you wherever youmay go for I want you to return to this landand receive all I have promised you. Jacob let me see you here again and I'll show you what it isto have to fight like a man. Because I'll be here and I'llbe waiting to kill you, Jacob! We must part here friend. Keep heading straight on towardsthe west.

A days journey will bring you to thewell where your uncle watersthe animals of his flock. I thank you. And the Lord repay your generosity andreward you with profitable trades. Let's hope so. As long as we don't deal withyour uncle we should be well off. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha… – Farewell.- Farewell. Brothers, where do you come from?.

– Haran.- Do you know a certain Laban, – the son of Nahor?- Yes, we know him well. Ah, I hope he's in good health. Oh, he couldn't be better.Couldn't be any better. Would you be kind enough to point outwhere he lives or even show me the way? There, that's his daughter, Rachel. She'll be glad to take you to herfather. – Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. That's funny. I haven't hada thing to drink for hours.

I'm a stranger.Please, could I have some water? There's all you want, there. Why don't you just waitfor them to open it up? Why not open it up now? The sunshot. It's time I should think to provide theanimals with water and lead them to pasture If you think you can lift up the stonethat's over the well, go ahead. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha… We've got to wait for all the shepherds.It takes twelve men to lift it. If you'll help me we'll manage.Get me some more of these sticks.

Why? Who are you to give usorders? Go ahead. Do what the strangersays. It might be a lot of fun to see it. Ooh! Ah! We'll put the first stick right abouthere. Well, let's go. Put it in here. Here, just between the starand the rim of the well. Give him a hand. You, come here.

Grab hold of that andpush with all your might. Go on. Fine. Slip it underand push. Push hard. Now you can shove the stakesunder. Good. Good work. Get me anotherstake please and put it in here. What are you trying to stranger,squeeze youself under the stone? You would need to be a wizard to dothat. That will be all. Now put this one here. And here. Here.

Push hard. Down . Lift. Hard. Harder. Come on, push a little harder. Perfect. Now out of the way. Thanks a lot. That will be all. Um!.

Oh! Get your buckets. Let's go! We're almost like brothers. The same house. The same blood. The Lord has blessed my humbledwelling with your presence. Jacob, I've heard how youremoved the top of the well with only three men to help you doit. It amazed me. You must havemagical powers. No at all Laban.

It was the Lord God who inspired it. He used wooden stakes father. Get out of here! What doyou think you're doing? Idiot! Used wooden stakes, did he? Mm mm. The Lord should be more generous with these inspirations. We'd be able to save time andeffort. Hurry Leah, bring some breadand fresh milk for your cousin.

That he may refresh himselfand ease his hunger. You must be tired too. Um, are you planning to stay fora while here, with us, nephew? I'll stay as long as you permit me tostay. Ah! Oh, naturally. If you'll say yes… I'll work happily for you asan unpaid servant, Laban. Oh my goodness man,you're a guest in my house.

The place is humble.We're just simple folk. I'm just a poor shepardas you've found by now. In my house everybody works. There aren't many servants. And God knows we can always usehelp. Another pair of hands. Jacob, you'll be just likeone of my own sons. There they are. They don't spare themselveswhen it comes to work.

Uhh? It's time you said something to him. – He's been here a month already.- Yeah, and he's so bossy. Yes, and every day it's somethingnew. – He'll end up changing everything.- For the better. – You must admit it's for the better.- For the better! But what's it leading up to? What's he going to ask for in return? I haven't promised him anythingand he hasn't asked for anything.

Wrong! You said young Jacob,you'll be like one of my own sons. Or don't you remember? – Jacob?- Oh! – Oh, that's my father. I better go.- Jacob? Till this afternoon, Rachel. “III. Huh! I had an idea for you, Laban, lookhere. Hey, you up there!.

Open up the first canal. See, with this system we'llbe able to fill all the troughs. So a brook that wasgoing completely to waste, and thriving disappearing again intothe dry ground has become a precious – reserve supply for your flocks.- Wonderful! And now the poor animalsdon't need to trek all that way. There's water enough for them righthere. Right. Right. – Now listen to me Jacob.- The sheep get more rest and get bigger..

Their milk increases andtheir meat is more tender. Their fleece gets thicker andstonger. Hm, another inspirationfrom the Lord God, Jacob? Another inspiration from God,Laban. Er, listen to me Jacob, yoursituation here bothers my sense of,what am I trying to say… of justice. After all, just because you're mynephew, doesn't mean you have to work fornothing.

– Oh, no.- You've been here a month now. I really think it's about time wesettle the question of your salary. I'll serve you, Laban, aslong as you think I should. But then I'd like to marryyour lovely daughter. You're in love with Rachel? Hm, how much do I think you shouldserve for my daughter Rachel? H m, seven years? Oh. Doesn't that seem reasonable,Jacob?.

You'll be taking away my lovely girl. My lovely daughter, Rachel. Huh? Yes, do as you wish. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha… Have a look. You see, what wonderfulsons I have. What fine sons. What do you think you're doing? Ah, Jacob…

Now i'rn certain the Lord wanted to blessmy hurnble house with your IJTQSQIICG- My heart bleeds with sadness when I think about losingmy daughter whom I love. But I'm glad she's going to you. Savior of my house. Jacob the wise. Jacob the just. Come friends let's drink tohis health and his happiness. To my nephew, Jacob!.

He's stealing my beautiful girls. I'm sorry Laban, I don't want to interruptthe fun but the dinner is allmost And I don't yet see my bride. That's true. That's true as can be, Jacob. Inside there. Attenders! Bring for the the bride of mynephew, Jacob. My sweet and lovely daughter.

Bring her out! Go on. Go on, Jacob. Run to her and embrace her. You earned her. My dear bride. I managed to pay my debtto your father completely. But the entire life of one muchmore worthy than me… could not pay the price for the happinessthat for now I'm going to possess.

Dying with love for you Rachelthese seven years were endless. But if I had to do it allover again, I would. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha… What is this? Is this some kind of a joke, Laban? “As ha; ha; ha, ha. No, Jacob. But our agreement wasfor your younger daughter. – Rachel.- The law prohibits.

Marrying off the younger before theolder. You should have known that. But if you don't want her, I must ask you to be patientand wait till she finds a husband. Er, as soon as that happens… I'll be glad to let you marrymy daughter, Rachel. But look at the poor creature. Look at poor little Leah. I'm afraid your patienceis going to be sorely tried.

I'm afraid your going to haveto wait a long, long time. That is unless… I'll make you a proposition, Jacob. You mearly go ahead and marryLeah. And after the honeymoon isover you may have Rachel. And for this favor, I'm only asking… seven more years of work. What do you… What do you say? Jacob?.

Laban, let it be as you wish. Because this is the will of the Lord. Mmm. Ah ha, little one. Go and play. My pretty little Joseph. What is it? Huh? Good news! Good news, mychildren! Another good business affairconcluded.

Ha! These caravan people can be sogreedy. So greedy. But Laban knows how to bargain. Ah, the little rascal. The littlerascal. You like that thumb, eh? You know what's in here, don't you? Gold! Gold. You don't know what that is yet,.

But when you're old enough, youwill. Laban. Laban, the time agreed uponbetween us has passed now. Meaning what? I'm ready to go back to myhomeland. I ask you to release meand my wives and children and what belongs to us and let usgo. But you… You mean I haven't foundfavor in your eyes, Jacob?.

You know what I've done. You realize your herds have morethan doubled under my care. My work and effort have helped you toprosper and to become rich and wealthy. You admit, that it'sthanks to me that you've been able to enjoy theblessings of God almighty. I admit it. I admit it. Just tellme how much I owe you. When will I be able towork for my own family? – Laban, I have twelve children.- How much shall I give you? You don't have to give me anything.There's another way to pay.

I'll go on looking after your sheep alittle while longer, just as I used to do. Tonight I'll put aside for myself a sheepwhose coats are streaked and spotted and those that are black. And then I'll pick out as minethe goats that are spotted too. That's all I ask as my salary. These animals and any theygive birth to shall belong to me. Fine Jacob. Let it be as you say. It's an unfair pact. There's not many spottedsheep and you know it.

Spots are not worh anything. Let me explain why I did it. Last night the angel of the Lordappeared to me in a dream. Jacob, he said to me. See what has happenedto the flocks of Laban. How all of his animals arenow streaked and spotted. The Lord God has seen howLaban has treated you. Is it the work of God, how elsecould the sheep change colors? I'll explain to you.

Animals are bred the same as men. The young have thecharacteristics of their parents. You'll see have patience. He's taking what was ours andchanged the color of our flocks. – The sheep are all spotted.- He peeled the bark off the stick so they would stripe it and thenput them in the drinking water. And put the sticks wherethe goats would see them. The mother sheep are underthe influence of those sticks. And every single one that was born.

Has either a dark coat or streak. That's not all. Bring me one of those animals. You too! And you get me some water. I want to check on something. Try harder. Oh, he's black all right. It's Jacob.

Very kind of you, Laban,to give my goats a bath. Er, well I was just er…I was trying to… Just happened to be…You've got work to do! Go and do it! Go off! Now listen, Jacob, it's notwhat you think I am. – My Laban.- It's just that in certain situations – certain types of men behave themselves…- Laban. I'm aware that your attitudetowards me isn't what it once was. You don't trust me as you did.

In spite of the service I'verendered you with Gods help and all my strength for over twentyyears. You've tried to deceive me. Every year you've changedthe agreement between us. I had to. We agreed that you could have thesheep and goats that were spotted. And what happens, they were allspotted. And so you decided to keep all the spottedsheep and to give me those with stripes. – And I went along with you.- And then they were all like that.

Then you decided to keep all the ones thatwere striped and to give me the black. And as soon as we agreed uponthat all the lambs were black. And seven times more youchanged our agreement. And I went along with you.And every time you complained. But you want to take allmy herds away from me. No I don't. It's God thatwants to give them to me. Because he's seen the work I'vedone and how you've treated me. Jacob, let's not argue about it. Tomorrow is the day we shear thesheep.

We can examine the situation. Give me time to think. At least let me think it over. And tomorrow we can calmly come tosome decision once and for all, eh? Will you propose another pact? And tell me that it's beenchanged afterwards? Once and for all doesn'texist for you, Laban. No, no, no. This time it does. Very well.

We'll settle it tomorrow. At the shearing. Hurry “P- Hurry “P- Where are you men? Keep your eyes open, my son. These hired hands aren't to betrusted. They'll stuff their pockets full ofwool if you don't watch them. Don't let them pull anything over onyou.

Point your eyes in both directions. One right, one left. Where have you been? What'shappened? What's wrong? Where is he? – What's the matter?- Laban, he's not there. He's gone! He took he took everything! The flocks, the tents, his wives andchildren, the servants and headed west He took everything, you say? – Yes.- Oooh!.

Woe, to my house. Ah! Ah! He's ruined me! He's a traitor. He is… oh! Oh! Father, what is it? We shall bury all these foreignGods. Let us purify ourselves. When at long last wereach the Promised Land.

We shall raise an alterto the only true God. The God of Abraham and Isaac. Bury them. Fording the river. We better divide the caravaninto two sections. To manage things easier. Let the first complete the crossingbefore you start the second. Now, get started. If Esau gets to the firstgroup and destroys it.

At least the second is safe. Are you convinced your brother iscoming here just to fight against us'!? All I have is appearances to go on. He's coming towards us withan army of four hundred men. But you sent him two hundred animalsand father took Esau's side. – Isn't that enough?- I don't know Rachel. Go now. You go andcatch up with the others. I'll stay here until the twogroups have forded the river. Then I'll cross myself.

Don't be afraid. The others are waiting for you. Forward! Send the second group over. Oh God of Abraham and Isaac, myFather… you said, Jacob return to yourhomeland. The place of your ancestorsand I will bless you. I wasn't worthy of your favor. Or of the trust granted to yourservant.

I was alone when I first crossedto Jordan so many years ago. And now I need a multitude. I beg you to deliver me Oh MightyGod. From the hand of Easu. I'm afraid… that he might come and killmothers and sons without mercy. I'm afraid, Oh Lord. Lord, your promise… When you blessed me…

Telling me that my progenyshall grow beyond number. Hold your promise Oh Lord. And save us. Save us and help us. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha… Who are you? Come over here and I'll tell you. Why did you do that? And you, aren't you good atfighting?.

Go on, gel up- Defend yourself. Why must I fight with you? Who are you? If you prefer to get beaten,there's nothing I can say. – So be it!- Oh! No more. I beg you. Afraid?.

Come over here. Fight! You're not tired, are you? Shall we begin again? Ah! Who are you? What do you want? Your breathing is regular. Your not… You don't struggle like a man.

You don't make any effort. Who are you? Who are you? Let me go now. Dawn is justbreaking. No! You can't go. Not yet. Not until you tell me whoyou are. Who are you? Answer. In God's name answer?.

Please, bless me. Don't leave without givingme your benediction. What is your name? Jacob. From this time on youshall be called Israel. Because you have fought with yourGod and among men are victorious. I'm surprised you're not afraid of usJacob. I have returned to carryout the will of the Lord.

I have been staying with Laban. The brother of Rebekah, our mother. I have remained with them all thistime. What was the point ofthose animals you sent me? I'd hoped to find favorin your sight, my Lord. Well, you can keep them. I have plenty of my own. No, I beg you. I've worked now for twenty years.

And because of God's graceI am well supplied in all things. But, I have been put to the testbrother. For all the treachery I haveemployed upon others I have suffered even more. And now by the great benevolenceof God my sins are washed away in hissight. Receive my gifts and show to me I beg you that they too are washedclean in your sight.

Yeah… Let me come with you my brother. My men shall be your escort. No! I thank you for your kindness. But as you see I have youngchildren in the caravan. Sheep with lambs and sucklingcalfs. If I force them on even one moreday all my herds will perish. Esau you go on ahead of us.

I'll follow but slowly. No faster than the young onesand my animals can travel. And I'll join you later in Sahur. At least let me give you afew of my men as an escort. Don't trouble youself Easu. No harm can come to my peopleever again. And our differences are settled. Jacob let be as you wish. I'll meet you in Sahur and God gowith us.

To Sahur. To Sahur! I was afraid for you Racheland for the child yet to be born. I wasn't afraid Jacob. I've never seen a man… A man with so much courage. Lets go. Get on. Are we going to follow them myLord.

No, instead we're heading towardsthe west. And almighty God will guide us. Our son will see the light ofday in the Promised Land. My land. And we shall name the boy… Benjamin. Because he has the blessing of theLord.

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