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As we saw in the last episode that the wholevillage gets destroyed and all the people are dead there. Seeing whom Xiofan and Jingyu get very nervous. So before proceeding further, those who havenot subscribed the channel, subscribe it so that we keep bringing the explanation of animelike this. So now xiofan wakes up after having a nightmareand keeps calling his mummy over and over again saying that he is missing her. That's when he sees Jingyu and hugs him andstarts crying and says that our house is gone. Only then a god comes to him and takes himto Qingyun Sect.

And tells both of them that I saw that bothof you were very nervous after seeing all this, so I brought you this. My name is Xiao Yicai and Maste has somethingto ask you both so come with me. That's why a dragon comes there who attacksthose people due to anger. So that god tells him that master of spiritdon't get angry. The master has called him to ask something. Hearing this, the master of spirit leavesfrom there. Then Xiao Yicai tells them that this is anancient animal which was kept by the master 1000 years ago.

Don't know why he behaved like this. Xiao Yicai says that you people do not needto be afraid, they will never harm you. After that Xiofan thinks that this strangebehavior is not because of the S-beat which was given to me by that monk, then those peopleleave from outside. Then we see that all the people are talkingand say that that killer was very skilful who destroyed the whole village and killedeveryone in one go. There were about 42 houses in that village,out of which only 3 people survived. And one of them was shouting saying 'the ghostwill kill us all'. After which the master of Qingyun sect saysthat I have told my juniors for the last rites.

Then he orders to call Xiofan and Jingyu. So xiofan and jingyu come and tell masterthat everyone in the village has been killed, please find out about it. So the master asks him to tell how you bothsurvived, then jingyu says that I just remember that I slept at night and woke up in the morning,I found under a tree, I do not know what happened, then xiofan woke me up And we ran towardsthe villages and saw that everyone was dead, my father, my mother and started crying sayingthis. Then master asks xiofan do you know anythingabout it? So Xiofan starts thinking that I had promisedthe master that I will keep this thing a secret.

So jingyu tells him to speak that only thenCang song who remains the leader of Dragon Peak says that maybe he doesn't know anything. Then he asks to take both of them. That's why the leader of Bamboo Peak saysthat the Qingyun sect was established long back. Ever since we are people, we have saved thegood by defeating the evil. And now we can't even save a village? So how do we defeat the evil and save thegood. That's why the leader of Fenghui Peak saysthat we have to take care of these remaining.

People, on which everyone agrees. So master says but I have stopped taking disciples,so can any one of you take him. After which Shang, who is the leader of thesenior sect, says that I would like to take Jingyu, please let him be my disciple. On which another leader tianyun who is theleader of sunset peak says that Shang you have 200 disciples and this is very much. To which the leader of Bamboo peak says thatTianyun is right. And if we talk about disciples, then you shouldhave at least 100 and I have only 7 in Bamboo Peak.

To which the leader of Dragon Peak says whynot let Xiofan go to Bamboo Peak with Tian's anger. He will definitely make Bamboo Peak feel proud. On which Tian gets up and says is my anger? Then other leaders say that Jingyu can becomea good leader and I am afraid that you people will not be able to improve his ability. And I think he should go with me. Then master pacifies everyone and says thatjingyu will become your disciple and Xiofan will go with bamboo peak.

And everyone try to find out the truth assoon as possible. Then our scene changes and we see Jingyu andXiofan talking to each other and Xiofan tells Jingyu that I want to go home, Jingyu saysthat now we cannot go home. We have lost our home. Only then the leader of dragon peak comesand tells them that Jingyu will practice under me. Then Jingyu asks about xiofan, then the leaderof Bamboo peak comes and asks xiofan to go with him. Just then Jingyu hugs Xiaofan running andtells him not to let others bother you.

Then both the people go with their respectiveleaders. Then our scene changes and we see that everyonewas harassing xiofan because of his thinness, that's why a girl named Xueqi (joyy) who isthe daughter of their leader comes there. And she starts saying to all of them thatyou people are not ashamed of making fun of your younger ones. If I do this again, I will complain aboutit to my mother and father. That's why the leader of Bamboo peak i.e.his father and mother comes and tells everyone that he is your younger brother. and introduces xiofan to everyone and introduceseveryone.

Then xiofan takes tea for master and madamand after that everyone gathers to eat food. But xiofan is not saying anything that's whenXueqi tells him to eat and then after eating food madam and master go away saying takecare of your younger brother. Then Xueqi stands up and says listen you guys,you guys can't bother Xiaofan and I'll take care of it now. On which everyone says that you are very luckythat the master's daughter herself is taking care of you. Then everyone eats together with Xiofan. Then when xiofan comes from where to eat,he remembers the words of that old monk that.

He has to practice daily at night, so he immediatelysits down and starts his practice. Then it is morning and xiofan reaches in frontof the hall of silence and starts looking at it only then Xueqi comes and a cute littledog also comes whose name is Dahuang who is his father's dog, and then Xueqi gives himShe tells that this is our younger brother and then that dog starts playing with him. Seeing whom Xiofan says that he has neverseen such a big dog before. So Xueqi tells him that he can live for 100years. That's when Song comes there, seeing whichboth run to him and he tells them that today I will teach you how to practice, hearingwhich Xueqi also becomes happy and then he.

Takes them both to the bamboo forest. He takes it and tells Xiofan that the newtrainees practice cutting bamboo every day for 3 years, on which Xiofan tells that hehas already cut wood. Then Xueqi cuts bamboo and shows him how tocut it. Then she tells xiofan to try but poor xiofancould not even cut a thin bamboo. Then he starts doing daily practice and slowlyhe started seeing changes in himself. And in the same way, by practicing everyday,our hero becomes bigger and now his technique also gets better. And now he was able to cut bamboo very easily.

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