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So, the future of DC movies is about to undergoa serious change, with new leadership and a new direction that should, in theory, allow fornew characters and heroes to get the spotlight. And there’s one hero that I thinkdesperately needs a movie. Something to really understand the character and showthe world just how important he can be. The billionaire turned superhero, theplayboy who underwent a traumatic experience, stranded and trapped away from home, thatforced him to see the error of his ways, and when he returned home he abandoned hisold habits and used his wealth, skills, and resources to make the world a betterplace, all while rocking a signature goatee. No wait hang on not that guy.

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Green Arrow is more than just Batman with abow. Although when he was first created in 1941, that description wasn’t too far off, with anArrow-Cave and an Arrow-Car and an Arrow-Plane, as well as his own young masked sidekick who grewto hate him… and left to join the… Teen Titans. But over time and thanks largely inpart to the late comic legends Neil Adams and Dennis O’Neil, Oliver Queen evolved and changed into his own character thatstands away from the caped crusader. First and foremost, Oliver Queen is incrediblystubborn and headstrong. After his time on the island, he forced himself to take a longlook in the mirror at the person he was. At the decisions he was making, at the ways hewas using his money, and, most importantly,.

At the entirely broken system that existedaround him. A system that oppresses people, takes advantage of the underrepresented,forced people out of their homes for profit, and how he was fundamentally a partof and benefitting fro that system. A lot of people will tell you thatsuperheroes shouldn’t get political, that they're just supposed to be escapism andfun, and the character of Green Arrow kind of spits in the face of that mindset. He’s direct andupfront about his beliefs, even to a fault. He’s the kind of character that will demand the peopleon the ground level be treated equally and fairly, and not be abused by a system or the wealthy orthose in power. And he knows all of this because he used to be a part of that system, and he’llstop at nothing to keep people from using it.

Like he did. Even if that means sendinga boxing glove arrow right to the face. And before you say anything about “Oh that'llnever happen”, James Gunn made a movie where a giant starfish was a blatant in your face metaphorfor the horrors of American Imperialism. I’m going to have to assume he’s cool with going at leasta little to the left for Green [freaking] Arrow. James Gunn has said that he lovesGreen Arrow, so it’s definitely within the realm of possibility to seethe Emerald Archer on the big screen. For the longest time, DC has really emphasized thescale of their characters. An all-powerful alien, a demigod warrior, the world’s greatest detective,the fastest man alive. These core members of the Justice League are put on a pedestal bothin-universe and out, and DC as of late has.

Really leaned heavily into their godhood,especially in the last cinematic universe. But if you ask me, DC characters are at their bestwhen they take a step back, and think smaller. These grand, larger than life gods-on-earth,stopping and saving a cat out of a tree, or making sure that a child is safe. In my opinion,it’s these moments and these character beats, this care for the sanctity of all life,that makes the characters special. And so where does that leave Green Arrow? I think the best way that they’ve used hischaracter in connection to the rest of the universe was in *Justice League: Unlimited*.*JLU* is probably my favorite of all the DC Animated shows. I love the way that it gave lightto lesser known DC characters like the Question,.

Huntress, Booster Gold, Captain Atom, and itprobably has my favorite depiction of Green Arrow. And assuming that we’ll eventually getanother crack at the Justice League on film, I think it’s the perfect starting pointfor how his character should fit within the team and the rest of the universe as a whole. From the opening moments of the first episode,we see Oliver stopping a small time robbery, only to be whisked away to the massive Watchtowerwith thousands of other heroes just like him, as the Justice League has opened up its doors tonearly every hero on the planet as a unified team. Initially, he denies this invitationto the new initiative, saying that he’s there to protect the little guy, anda team this big, with so many moving parts,.

Is undoubtedly going to lose sight ofthat. But over the course of the episode, he realizes what he brings to the table, andwhy Batman was so insistent on this invitation. When people like Batman, Superman, and WonderWoman get put on such a high pedestal, there comes a fear that they’ll lose sight of thosesmaller moments. My favorite thing about those characters is that they never do lose that, butstill, when you sit in a satellite above the earth for so long, realistically it makes senseto forget about the people on the ground. And Green Arrow’s role in all of thisand his role on the Justice League, despite not having super speed or super strengthor being the world’s greatest martial artist, or even being the world's best archer, is tomake sure that that never happens. To make.

Sure that these heroes, no matter how highthe pedestal gets, no matter how big of a threat they may face, to always ground themand remind them who they’re fighting for. The little guy. Now that’s all well and good for agroup setting like the Justice League, but what could a solo Green Arrow movie look like? One of the most important things that theyhave to get right is the relationship with Black Canary. Green Arrow and Black Canary’sromance is one of the most famous in comics, and arguably one of the most important along with Clark Kent and Lois Lane and… hot takehere I guess, Peter Parker and Mary Jane.

I don't know why that's a hot take,when did that become a hot take? And I think if we were to get these charactersin this new DC Universe, we could see that relationship develop and grow over time. Honestly,a good Green Arrow movie should basically be the superhero equivalent of a romcom, as we seethese two form the basis of their relationship. And the same applies to the rest of the Arrowfamily. Sadly they rarely get any chance at spotlight, but characters like Emiko Queen, MiaDearden, Connor Hawke, and especially Roy Harper are so integral to Oliver and his characterthat it would be a shame to leave them out. The other thing they have to get right isthe casting. Now, I’m just going to say it. I really… really… *really* don’t like theCharlie Hunnam fancast that everyone likes.

To throw around. Every time I see someone bringit up or see someone photoshop him into a Green Arrow costume, it feels like it’s done lesswith the character of Oliver Queen in mind and moreso because he’s the only guy with blond hairthat you know of that can rock a goatee. I know fancasts in general tend to just be about looks,but this is one in particular, it just bugs me. Now I’m not a casting director, so I’m not evengoing to begin to try to pick someone, because realistically, this character will probablybe played by an unknown. But in my opinion, to cast a good Green Arrow, you really needsomeone who can fully understand the bleeding heart politics of the character, in addition tothe action and the comedy. Someone who recognizes the system around us is fundamentally brokenand hurting people, and having a desperate.

Need to fix it against all odds, no matterwhat it takes and who it might piss off. Now, of course, actors can act and stufflike that, but I really would love to see this mentality and those beliefs fromthe actor themselves. And I’m not talking just Instagram posts or vague calls to actionduring awards speeches. I’m talking out there, down in the streets, protesting with thepeople, and calling for their governments and their employers to make the changethat the world so desperately needs. At the time of recording this, the only personthat comes to mind that does that is John Boyega. He can rock both the comedic and the serioussides of the character, and the only thing keeping me from going all in on that fancastis uh I haven't seen him with a beard yet.

Grow the beard, John. John. If you're watching this, grow out the beard. And I think that same mentality appliesto the director. I think that the future of DC and superhero media as a whole lies indirector freedom, and so unlike the actor, I would want a more experienced and wellknown director to take on this movie. Unless if it's me in that caseI'll do it for free James Gunn. And my pick for director, is someone who’sproven time and time again to have a deep, and burning hatred for the wealthy. Andmost importantly, someone who would just piss off all the right people, which agood Green Arrow story should always do.

And that is none other than Rian Johnson. Oh boy these comments are gonna be really fun. I mean just take a look at any of hiswork. Even if you don’t love Last Jedi, Knives Out is one of my favorite movies ever, Glass Onion was fantastic, and his showPoker Face is criminally underrated. I was gonna do a video on it and then I rememberednobody watched it because it was on Peacock. And so not only is this guy just a great director, but most importantly he reminds us time andtime again how much he just hates rich people. “Can we just take a second andfully inbreathiate this moment?”.

And before you say anything, yes I know theirony of saying all of this on a sponsored video. As for the plot of the movie, I don’twant to go too in depth with it right now because I would really want to do afull prewrite video. If that’s something you’d like to see let me know down belowand hit the like button so I can tell if Green Arrow content even does well beforeI spend hours of my life making that. But for the villains, Green Arrow hasa really fantastic Rogues Gallery that unfortunately doesn’t everget much spotlight. I mean, the show just used Batman villains for halfof the time. You have Merlyn the Dark Archer, Count Vertigo, Brick, I’m a big fan ofOnomatopoeia, I think he's a really fun.

Character and a really fun concept. Or you couldpull from recent stuff like Ben Percy’s Rebirth Run where they introduced the Ninth Circle,a criminal underground of the wealthy that funds supervillains all over the world likeit's a supervillain bank, it's really fun. I think it could be really interesting to exploreOliver during his first year as Green Arrow, we could spend a little bit of time on the island,meeting Black Canary and figuring out his mission. Maybe he starts out thinking that he can be likeBatman: dark and brooding and mysterious, but he learns to instead be more open and communicatewith the people of Star City on the ground level. Maybe he could even transition from an armoredhooded suit to a more classic “Robin Hood” style of costume to visualize that change. And that waywe can have both costumes, the hood *and* the hat,.

Because honestly I can never decide which oneI like more, it just depends on the context. A lot of people ask me who my favoritesuperhero is. And, like most things, I can’t ever really decide. For the most part,it tends to flip around between Spider-Man, Superman, and Green Arrow. Because,when they’re written right, they each represent an aspect of the superheromyth and the ideology that I really love. There’s a line from Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”that I think about a lot. “Some men are born great, some men achieve greatness, some men havegreatness thrust upon them.” It’s overused like crazy, but it's just stuck with me, and I thinkit perfectly captures those three characters. Spider-Man had his power thrust upon him, hewas a normal kid who was forced to live with.

The consequences and the burden of theresponsibility. Superman was born great, a being that was sent from above, raisedby the kindest souls on the planet, who exists solely to spreadthat same message of kindness. And Oliver Queen achieved his greatness. Not insome “self made billionaire” sense of American individualism or anything, but he truly rose fromnothing into something special. He was a whiny little nepo baby, who had everything given to himand the entire system existed solely to serve him, who underwent something horrifically traumatic,and through that fire and through that hell, recognized those mistakes, androse up and became something great. Is he perfect? No. Absolutely not. Not even.

A little bit. Not even a little bithonestly he [fricks] up all the time. But no matter what, he’s constantly trying,and he never, not even for a second, regresses back to the person hewas before his time on the island. He saw firsthand the injustices of theworld, and was forced to learn that he was, in some way, responsible. And when hereturned home, he made it his goal, his mission, to do everything he canto fix that broken system. Whether that means giving away all of his money to thehomeless, threatening a corrupt politican, punching a dirty cop in the face, even standingup to the entire Justice League on his own, Oliver Queen will stop at nothing to make sure ofthat someone is looking out for the little guy.

And James Gunn, if for any reasonyou might be watching this, I think that would be prettycool to see in a movie. By the way, there’s a new Green Arrow comiccoming out tomorrow, by the time this video releases. It’s just a miniseries for now butthey said it performs well enough then DC will expand it into a full ongoing solo title, whichis something Green Arrow hasn’t had for years. So if you’re a fan of Green Arrow— or if you’re a fan of me and you want to see me happy — please pick up*Green Arrow #1* by Josh Williamson and Sean Izaakse. I have a link downbelow where you can do it digitally, and also links to other Green Arrow comicsthat I would recommend to new readers.

But what would you want to see froma potential Green Arrow movie and what other heroes do you thinkdeserve a shot at this new DCU? Thanks again to Hero Wars for sponsoring thisvideo! Download it and start playing right now! Oh god he's back. If you like this video, be sure tohit the like button and subscribe, special thanks to altothesting, Andz, ArtieDunnet, CabbageBoi, Caiside, Chicken McDoofus, Cosmictragedy, Eden Kenna, Iron-Ninja, JakeSelig, Jonah, KoreysNotFresh, LIMESPICE XL, Logan Triplett Films, Spectacular Clyde, TimNeufeld, TroySaysBiErasureIsLame, Tyler Goodrich, Yash Kapoor, Zachary Stonebreaker, ZeroToHero148,and zZToastie for being Spectacular Fanboys on my.

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