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Yo what's up guys today we are reacting toJawan this is the new song chalea it's with srk Shahrukh Khan and nayant Hara this isfrom the new upcoming movie one of the most awaited movies the king is back let's checkthis out this looks like it's gonna be a romantic song so hey let's go Arijit Singh oh the Love Is in the Air hey call again bro srk looks like he is 45 yearsold how old is He Man man 45 years old that's the whole look actually he looks like he's40.

Yo this man he he is very well look at thatvery well conserved let's keep going I think they're gonna go into the chorus now but lookat that beautiful beautiful scene oh man this should be a thumbnail let's go back let'slook at this look at this there's a deep of uh depth of field in the back you know blurredthere's wind blowing it's kind of like a zoom blur type of thing going on ah beautiful Ilove the colors in it let's go it's always gonna be famous bro that hotel is about to blow up with customers I mean with customers oh by the way I don't know.

Oh yeah means forever right or worldwide Idon't know you believe everybody that's okay hey one yo this is the one of the most awaitedfilms of this year man are you guys excited.

For Jawan after seeing this I know this isgonna be an action-packed music packed whole round Entertainer bro I'm excited for Jawanbecause um srk is an amazing actor and bro uh I haven't seen most of his films but youknow he has that swag and he has that camera presence you know he knows how to Captivatean audience it is nice guys thank you for watching I'll see on the next video take carenow bye-bye now you can get full access to exclusive content special reactions to showsseries anime full movies and even request a video of your choice just become a YouTubemember or join buy me a coffee today find out more the link is in the description

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3 thoughts on “Jawan: Chaleya (Hindi) | Shah Rukh Khan | Nayanthara | Atlee | Anirudh | Arijit S, Shilpa R | Kumaar

  1. Tbh I didn't treasure Arijit's vocals in this song at all. For me, Shilpa did a considerably greater job than him and her grunt suits the song noteworthy extra as against Arijit Singh. The composition itself is additionally chill and has somewhat a excellent groove however now now not one thing extra special. It's factual an accurate song for me and nothing else. SRK carries the entire song. Obtain him out and this song will fall treasure a pack of playing cards

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