Jiraya Chichora nahi hai?! 😂😂 | Naruto and Jiraya Silly moments in hindi | Naruto#6

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What a disgraceful gown-up… Maybe there's nothing special about him, after all. But there's no one else around. An usual ? Does that mean you've been before ? You ! You probably did nothing but peep, right ? You Pervy Sage ! Quiet saying “Perv” in such a loud voice. Shut up !.

I bet that one shot on the Closet Perv was a fluke… Anyway, take responsibility for running my taining ! Anyway, take responsibility for running my taining ! You're a noisy brat. Hey ! Be quiet inside here for a while. Hey ! Let me out, you jerk ! How dare you do that to me earlier ! Substitution Jutsu?!.

I knew it. He's not an ordinary guy. That punk… It's a million years too soon for that kid to take me on. Not really. It seems you've got a bit of talent. Then you'll oversee my training ? It all comes down to quid pro quo. I'm not against listening to your favour as long as you listen to mine.

So what is it ? Listen up… Nice ripe fruit that looks like this, like this and this. I'll watch your training if you bring me that. You really will, right ? The Toad Mountain Sage doesn't lie. Okay, just wait ! Plans are plans.

They don't necessarily have to happen… Hello there, ladies ! Hey, Pervy Sage ! Oh no ! He called him Pervy Sage ! You fool ! Who's Pervy Sage ? I brought the promised item. Nice ripe fruit… Idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot ! That's not it ! Looks good !.

Don't hold back, Help yourself. Thank you ! No ! Where did the ladies go?! I ate so much ! The ladies… Good grief. I've wasted time… Hold it! Where are you going?! What about my training?! I don't care! My research has been ruined thanks to you.

I'm going to train hard, become stronger than anybody, pass the Chunin Exams, and then I'll surpass the Hokage! I don't care about stuff like that. All you do is get in my way… Always stay in that form when you're in front of me! Hey! You're just a pervert! You Pervy Sage! No! I'm not just a pervert! As if you didn't know!.

I'm a super pervert!

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