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Spell Returned season 2 was finally here the most powerful spellcaster of all time kojo go he was already Invincible in high school now let's go to gajira's high school years let's see his love-hate relationship with Jay on a sunny afternoon the second year students of spell academy kogi and Hades are on a mission in a building they had been.

Walking for about half an hour but the footprints they left along the way have all disappeared therefore Gekko judged that the Spellbound Spirit boundary that was in this Villa should have been assembled to match their movements so what they should do is to split into two groups as long as one of them can get out of here they can destroy it from the.

Outside in or call for backup after making the decision the two were about to make their move and in the next moment a man wearing glasses appeared in front of them and this man is our awesome Gojira but he's still in high school he asked the girl below if she was crying because if she did would Gojo comfort him this kind of intimate.

Language which implies that he's weak the songstress was Furious she stood up angrily she told gojosiki she didn't need him to save her while she was talking a spell spirit suddenly appeared from behind her but in the next second the spirit behind her was swallowed by another Spirit and the spell that manipulated the spirit was naturally.

Initiated by our own Jay chikri he told the spirit he was controlling not to swallow this one he wanted to use it for himself then Jay told Rule 5 it's not good to bully the weak this seemingly unintentional remark it made the rescued Kagome even more upset this kind of contempt is the worst at that moment nitsuko poked her head out she asked her.

If she was hurt when she saw him goheim immediately hugged her she didn't want her to turn into a bad guy like jumbo 5 and Jay at this moment Hades suddenly felt there was something subtle about the place where they were she asked them if the bill had been activated when they heard that they were stunned all three of them had forgotten that they had to.

Pay their bills before the mission and because of this this demolition incident made the news the principal heard from the auxiliary supervisor that one of the guys had told them that he'd remember to put it in himself and then he ran away without the auxiliary supervisor but the man forgot all about the bill he wanted the three of them to tell him who he was.

At that moment kojo raised his right hand he said he could help find him good man that's a straight up confession so naturally gojosiki was taught by ipe mazumichi's loving guidance afterwards kojo was still not convinced he wondered if the account was really that important it doesn't matter if Ordinary People see it after all ordinary people can't see.

Spells and spells Yuki explained the most effective way to suppress the development of spells is to keep people's minds calm in order to achieve this they have to hide the Invisible Threat as much as possible which Mega jira's sigh what a worry for the weak but Jay believes that the underdog survives that's the way Society should.

Be to help the weak defeat the strong spells exist to protect the flying magicians that's the way gajira sees it but kajira hates rules he thinks that only the weak attach reasons and responsibilities to spells he thinks that only the weak will attach reasons and responsibilities to the Spells who knows KO young goo's words had touched.

The bottom of Jay's heart he asked Gojo to go outside with him he wanted to talk to Gojo about this topic seeing the bad atmosphere nozomi ran away immediately when they were about to fight the teacher suddenly broke in they were on the verge of a fight they became good students the purpose of the teacher's visit he wanted to give them an.

Assignment they have to work together they both look like they don't like each other seeing that they had no motivation the teacher added this mission is a heavy one and it's been ordered by Lord Tian Yuan they were told to protect the new body Lord Tian yuan's adapter a young girl to protect her body and erase her they looked puzzled they don't.

Understand what this means Yuki asked if it was a personal matter for Lord tnuan although Tenzin has an immortal sorcerer but he's not Immortal simply aging is not a problem but when they reach a certain level of Aging the Warlock will rebuild his body he'll evolve away from the human race he'll become a higher dimensional being it's said that Lord.

Tian yuan's existence at that stage he doesn't seem to have any so-called Consciousness he'll cease to be Lord tenmodo the Junctions of the schools that have become the strongholds of spells all of them have been strengthened by Lord tnuan without his power without his power they can't even handle their security and Mission.

Without his power they can't even carry out their security and Mission in the worst case scenario Lord tenmodo could become the enemy of mankind so every 500 years Lord Tian Yuan will assimilate with a suitable new human body and regain his physical body with a new body the Comfort effect will return to its original state it won't cause any.

Evolution kojo said that means it's fine if it turns into a mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex but if it turns into a zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex it'll be a problem in that case ID have to start practicing all over again Mr naziyoshi said it's okay if you look at it that way the location of the girl in the New Frontier has been leaked there are.

Basically two parties who are interested in the girl's life one is a group of spellcasters who are trying to take advantage of Lord T and yuan's Rampage a group of spellcasters who are trying to subvert the spell world the other side is a religious organization that worships the evil Lord tenmodo Lord Tannen will assimilate into the New.

Frontier on the full moon in two days they must deliver the girl to Lord Tian Yuan before that happens before that happens they must deliver the girl to Lord tnu on failure to do so will affect the general Society so be careful kojo was very confused the cursed sect is understandable but why would the pension sect want to kill the girl Mr nazio she.

Said that they worshiped Lord tenmodo they won't allow any new body impurities but the pension sect is a non-curse group it's natsuyoko and who should be wary but but kojo seki is fine with it after all they are the strongest of all that's why that's why Lord Tian Yuan pointed them out while they were talking they noticed an explosion in a distant.

Building it seems that the other side's organization has already begun to take action they saw a young girl falling from the sky in the distance this girl is the new body they are escorting and one of the members of Q organization Kuhn is also standing on the stairs he said if you want to hate him you should hate tea on you on and in the next.

Second chat saved the girl and he told the five Goku not to be too conspicuous after all they were just taught a lesson this morning the members of the Q team knew from the others movements that he was the one sent by the school that he was the spellcaster sent by the school they told him to hand over the girl or he'd kill him but Jay said he couldn't.

Hear much he asked him to come closer on the other side a flying dagger stabbed a gajira but it stopped in midair a member of Q organization appeared in front of him he said that he heard that he was very strong so he wanted to see if the rumors were true and of course kajira couldn't resist but he had one rule if they cried and begged him he would let.

Them go right now in a tall building two men were discussing their strategy pension can't fight the spellcaster that's why they need each other's power with the cooperation of kajira and Jay chukri in the blink of an eye a member of the Q organization is taken care of in the face of his desperate pleas for Mercy Jay pretended not to hear him.

Enraged the cue members began to strike the final blow how Tara mere student looked down on me anyway Mr buyer is already here but Mr Bayer is the strongest fighter in queue however as soon as the words left his mouth Mr J's cell phone rang in the end Q's strongest fighter Mr bear left the organization the organization was disbanded so now.

Only the pension sect remains they want to take the life of New Frontier Rico and the pension sect has nothing only money money they paid 30 million dollars to hire Vernon to accomplish this task but Vernon knows very well what kajira can do as long as he is around no one in the neighborhood can kill the New Frontier so he put up the entire deposit.

He put up a reward on the internet first he sends a few cursors to weaken the five goblins meanwhile as Rico didn't wake up kojo sighed I wish I could use my reversal Comfort like nitsuko unfortunately she can't save people at that moment Rico woke up and the next moment she slapped choco in the face Rico thought he was an enemy who came to.

Take her life that made gajira very angry when he saw that Yuki went up to him and explained weary not the same people who attacked you but Rico didn't believe him she said he was a liar and he had a strange haircut in a short period of time Rico offended two people luckily the maid in charge of Rico's care showed up just in time and solved.

The misunderstanding surprisingly I thought assimilation would make Rico sentimental I didn't expect her to be so energetic that's because for her for her assimilation will make her become Lord tenmodo but tens and Sama will also become her in other words her own Consciousness and heart and her soul will continue to live even after.

Assimilation but what's surprising kojo and natsuya kid didn't listen to her instead they complained about the way she talks she must have no friends then we can get rid of her without any worries Rico argued at school she talks in a normal way talking about school Rico remembered she had a class today that's when she remembered that she had.

A class today everyone came to Rico's college but Mr five thought it would be safer to go back to school early so he called yay she wanted to do the same but this is Lord ten mono's order she must fulfill all of Rico's requests that's a bit too much Jay doesn't think so after all once Rico was assimilated after all once Rico was assimilated she'll never.

See her friends family or any anyone important again let her do what she wants that's their mission and the maid helped Rico Sama has no family her family died in an accident when she was a child since then she's always taken care of her so he wanted her to stay with her friends for at least a little while hearing the words of these two men.

Kojo decided to stop complaining he decided to finish his mission he asked Yuki if there was anything wrong with the spirit he was sent to monitor but as soon as the words left his mouth Jay's face turned serious it turned out that two of the spirits had been removed so the three of them started to divide the work kojo and the maid went to look for.

Rico while Jay went to deal with two Unknown People just around the corner they found the enemy an old man wearing glasses at that moment Jay was thinking once they saw the school uniforms he thought it was a one-on-one situation but he's still guarding his front and back it seems that the opponent is very strong the old man was surprised by Jay.

He doesn't have the power of a medium it's also different from a magician and it seems to be spell manipulation after their opening remarks the old man began to analyze his opponent he's a better sorcerer than I am but a magician thinks like a God and he's a child his thoughts I know it like the back of my hand but it's kid who's on the other side he.

Waved his hand the next moment a ferocious Spirit appeared it was so big it filled the entire hallway which meant there was no way out for the old man seeing no movement so Jay was ready to move on to his next Target and then unbeknownst to him the window behind him suddenly shattered that's right it was the old man who appeared he's smiling he.

Thought he'd made it but then a dog appeared in his mind it was the dog old man had when he was young because his parents only wanted to invest their money in time they only wanted to invest their money and time and their brilliant brother he hated being able to see things that others couldn't that's why the dog was the only friend who was.

Willing to accept Lao 2 in his entirety but he died 50 years ago he died 50 years years ago while the old man was surprised Shea chicory had already defeated him this was all a plan by Jay on the other hand kojo came to the ceremony Hall when he opened the door he became the center of attention in the class kojo called out Rico's name the.

Girls in the class got excited they thought kojo was Rico's boyfriend Rico was so shocked that she explained she's just a friend and Mojo didn't hide his charms she thought the teacher's presence would control the situation but she was so mature and steady at one moment but the next moment she fell right into her trap taking this.

Opportunity kojo took Rico and left he tried to calm her down by saying that he didn't want to hurt the innocent as expected Rico calmed down instantly at that moment another person found him he didn't know gojango's power he was secretly happy he thought that if he killed Gojo and Rico he thought that if he killed Gojo in Rico he'd get a reward.

Of 30 million dollars however just when he was about to go after them the maid appeared in front of him with a mop after recognizing him as the enemy the maid made the first move when he tried to fight back suddenly black tentacles appeared on the ground they pressed him to the ground it's Mr Yuki who's coming he found out that Rico and Gojo left the.

School together they re-going to support them because things were getting a little rough but he suddenly laughed he said that Fuji was the 30 million dollar reward after he said that he disappeared Yuki told Gojo about him there's a 30 million dollar reward for Rico's head they re-offering it for a limited time on the cursed Masters underground.

Website the deadline is 11 A.M The Day After Tomorrow Rico was confused because the gods haven't disappeared she doesn't know which one is the real one but kojo realized that these aren't gods they read doppelgangers he waved his hand the two men on the building were sucked in they collided with each other two of them were eliminated in no time however.

What kojo just said it doesn't matter to the Warlock he told Rico to protect her head and the next moment he broke through the window he attacked as the light Fades the enemy thought he'd be knocked out but nothing happened kajira had to punch him again it turns out that gajira hadn't mastered the reversal yet I don't know if he did it on purpose or.

By accident this made Rico feel helpless but just then Rico received a message from the maid when she opened it she found shocking news the maid had been kidnapped in a matter of seconds kojo had rescued the maid the four of them came to Okinawa to play by the sea but naziyoshi was the only one who was nervous he's worried that kajira's body.

Won't be able to hold up much longer to prevent the Assassin from coming to kill Rico again gojos has been running the technique since the beginning he didn't even sleep but kojo said you're still here aren't you in a few hours Rico will be assimilated into Lord tenmodo Rico will lose her Freedom gojos wanted to make her happy for the last time the.

Four of them went boating together they went to eat delicious Ramen together but kojo didn't know this would be the last good time of his life the next day the four of them went back to school without any problems at this moment Gojo finally let his guard down but the next moment a sharp blade silently pierced Gojo's chest in a Flash everyone was shocked by.

The scene in front of them Che reacted instantly he immediately summoned a spell spirit he swallowed Vol in one gulp but kojo stood up as if he was still alive he told kit to take Rico and go to Lord tenmodo he's more than capable of taking on the enemy on his own the next moment the cursed spirit's body was dismantled by voil he looked.

Like a god of death he looked like a god of death and made gajira's sweat gajira gathered his power they attacked directly but it doesn't work until then kajira realized that there was no spell power in Jin's body at all that means he can't predict his position and Vol had perfected the human body even gojosiki couldn't see his movements clearly.

Gojango knew that the weapon in his hand was designed to kill him he knows that the weapon involves hand is the Ultimate Weapon against him but unfortunately he wouldn't let him come any closer but the next moment KO chango's pupils were suddenly shocked even disappeared completely the surroundings were unusually quiet but the strong murderous.

Aura still surrounded gojosiki's body in that case kajira directly activates his maximum power he must destroy everything around him in front of kajira's power there's no more cover let's see how he's going to sneak up on me now but in the next second behind gojosex body countless spell spirit suddenly appeared they swarmed around him they surrounded.

Gajira but kajira laughed he's using such a lowly spell to bother him he's just looking down on people however even kakajira's flaw he used a special spell in his hand with just one blow he pierced through gajira's throat at this moment there was no chance for gajira to survive he fell into a pool of blood it was as if they had lost all signs of.

Life this time he was completely defeated on the other side the maid bent down to say goodbye to Rico she told her to take care of herself but everyone knew after today Rico would never be the same again but then Chase suddenly told Rico if she wants to go home with the maid now that's fine I see before Jay had asked gojugo what if Rico doesn't.

Want to assimilate gojos didn't even think about it he said then don't assimilate then don't assimilate no matter what she chooses they'll protect her it touched Rico's heart it was the first time since she was born since she was born she didn't have to live like a doll she could choose what she wanted to do with her life when she looked at.

Jay's hand Rico was very excited but the moment she held out her hand an accident happened a bullet hit her in the forehead looking at Vore who came out Yuki was Furious and surprised after learning the news of Gojo's death Shea was Furious a big battle is about to start both of them are ready to fight for their lives they even thought that.

After killing Mojo he killed Rico this enraged Che he's going to show off his skills a couple of special spells are going to take down gin Mr Jay's red dragon is the first to attack he's the first to attack he didn't take any action the red dragon is on top of him smashing through several walls even he can still extend his right hand to fire.

This modern weapon doesn't fit the spell after Charlie blocked the attack he quickly jumps down to see what's going on in the midst of the smoke the red dragon is disappearing in its place is the shadow of Jinn using the advantage of the terrain he started to explain his Specialties he put the spirit of the spell into his stomach in addition his.

Body has no spell power he is transparent to the boundary that's how he had a chance to get close to gajira Mr J asked about the maid he said it with contempt she's probably dead Jay summoned the red dragon again he brought younger into the air then he kept on launching spell attacks even though he is in the air with his body's Talent he.

Kept killing the spell spirits that came at him when he landed on the roof Shea summoned a giant spell spirit destroyed Fierce Landing point he tried to knock him down in the air Veer sprinted along the giant tree he split the hardest red dragon into two halves after that Shea brought out split woman split woman is a hypothetical ghost before answering the.

Question before answering the question she has a simple field that protects both parties from being attacked even after answering a question her hair was trimmed he was surrounded by scissors and Jed has been waiting outside for a long time he can directly absorb Vernon's Arsenal spells when he was about to touch the spirit he was.

Surprised when it bounced off it shocked him for a while then he was killed by Veer it turns out the jet can absorb cursed weapons to avoid trouble vir didn't kill natsatake he just took Rico's body he went to get the reward from the pension sect when Veer left after collecting the reward a revived kajira stopped him it turns out when.

Kajira was stabbed in the neck by the spear Gohan used a reversal technique with all his concentration before he died before he died he realized the reversal technique that could heal him and he became crazy because he had realized the core of the spell he even thought that the victory was not yet decided it's just one more kill he even.

Changed from assassin to Challenger kojo dodged Chin's attack he went around his back he did a reversal the ball knocked him back a few hundred meters at that moment kajira was just in his own world Vol moved his muscles a little bit he chained up the sky reversal spear he's going to use a long range attack to defeat gajira but it doesn't seem to.

Have any effect gochango doesn't care about him even his attack was like transparent gojango just felt that this world is so pleasant the man in front of him has become a ceiling he's no longer a match for gin then kajira used his own moves he combines a reversal with a smooth rotation the Collision releases the energy generated from them that's.

Called virtual stance this blow directly knocked out half of Jin's body all the past has appeared in front of him now before he dies he entrusted his son to gojosiki because in two or three years in two or three years his child will be sold to the Zen family everything will be in gojosiki's hands then this is the path chosen by jira himself it's no.

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