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This video will contain spoilersfor Jujutsu Kaisen chapters 76, 77, and 78, and season 2 episode 5 aka episode29, and Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie. So the new season of JujutsuKaisen has started and in this series, I’m gonna be analyzing the story of the seriesas it airs and, as a manga reader, comparing the anime to the mangato see what they pulled over directly, what they modified or expanded,and what they just straight up removed. So let’s begin with the fifth episodeof Season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen. First, I’ll recap the plotand explain what chapters it covered.

We jump to a year later, in August 2007. We see as Gojo has Shoko and Geto throwa pen and an eraser at him, respectively. His Infinity stops the pen,but the eraser makes it through and bounces off his head. He explains how he’s been trainingto increase the efficiency of his cursed energy output and can not only keepLimitless active at all times, but also has managed to develop an automatictargeting system for Limitless so it will stop dangerous things from hurting him while allowingnon-dangerous things through.

He also adds that he’s masteredreverse cursed technique to such an extent that he hasit going around the clock to keep his mind fresh and allow him to keep Limitlessand the Six Eyes active at all times. He goes on, explaining how his skillsare coming along to make him as strong as we see him in the present,while Geto seems checked out. Gojo notices and asks if he’s okay,and though he says he’s fine, his inner monologuebrings us back to where the season began. He speaks about frequent disastersfrom the previous year (I couldn’t find anything other than an earthquakeand a typhoon in 2006, maybe that’s.

What he’s referring to) causing a largeamount of cursed spirits to be born. Over the course of the last year,the fallout from the Star Religious Group’s assassination of Rikohas weighed on him to such an extent that his ideals have started to crumble,and he’s even started referring to non-sorcerersas monkeys, just like in the movie. We cut to him meetingYu before he goes off on a mission. He asks Yuif he’s satisfied being a sorcerer, but Yu considers himself a simple manwho’s just happy giving his all doing something to help others.

Suddenly, a woman chimes in, and askswhat kind of women he’s into, revealing herself to be Todo’s teacher. Yu responds to her,with Geto admonishing him for being so comfortablewith her, and asks who she is. Yu dips, and the woman takes a seat nextto Geto, reiterating her question. He demands she respond first,and she introduces herself as special-grade sorcerer Tsukumo Yuki. Geto recognizes the name and she excitedlywaits to hear what he’s heard about her, only to be disappointedwhen he touts the Jujutsu High party line.

By claiming she’s a useless special-gradewho just bums around overseas. She explains that the school and herselfdon’t see eye to eye, as the school is focusedon what she calls “treating symptoms”, whereas she’s interestedin “treating the root cause”. She explains that she wants to createa world where curses don’t exist. She asks Geto how curses are formed,and he recounts that cursed energy leaks from humans and then collects like sediment in a river, coalescinginto cursed spirits. Yuki confirms he is correct,and says with that being the case,.

There’s 2 ways to remove cursed spiritsfrom the world: eliminate cursed energy from humanity, or teach all humansto use their cursed energy. She mentions that there was a good modelcase for the first option in a personGeto was familiar with: Toji Zen’in, who we know actually wentby his married name Fushiguro. She mentions that Heavenly Restrictionoften reduces cursed energy to normal levels,but despite everywhere she’s looked, she has yet to uncover someone like Tojiwho had it eliminated completely. She mentions that he always blew her offwhen she asked to research him, and it’s.

Unfortunate he died, but anywaybecause Heavenly Restriction is rare, she’sdecided her best bet to achieve her vision is option 2. She tells Geto that jujutsu sorcerersdon’t create curses, barring the instances where they come backas a cursed spirit after death. She states that dueto the sorcerers’ profession, they mainly retain cursed energywithin themselves and keep it from leaking out,so if every human were to be taught to control their cursed energy,cursed spirits would cease to exist.

This is the moment where Geto’s modernphilosophy is born: he responds by asking why you wouldn’tjust kill all non-sorcerers. Yuki’s responsemakes him realize what he just said, before she agrees and saysit may even be the easiest way to do it, but that she’snot crazy enough for such a drastic plan. She asks Geto if he hates non-sorcerers,and he says he doesn’t know. He tells her about his formerphilosophy of sorcerers existing to protect non-sorcerers, buthe says he’s reaching a point where he can no longer tell the difference betweenthe preciousness and ugliness of the weak.

And is questioning whether non-sorcerersare even worth protecting. Yuki tells himthat nothing is set in stone yet, and he still has timeto figure out what he truly believes. Before she goes, she lets Geto know that somehow Tengenwas stabilized, one way or another, then she hops on her motorcycle and ridesout of this story for a nice, long time. We cut to the Jujutsu High morgue,where we see Nanami complaining that the curseYu was sent to deal with should’ve been a grade 1, even though it was labeleda grade 2, as we see.

Geto covering Yu up and telling Nanamithat Gojo took the mission. Nanami asks why they don’t just let Gojotake care of everything from now on if he’s so strong. Geto thinks to himself, wonderingif the marathon of being a sorcerer only leads to a finish lineof their fellow sorcerer’s corpses. Finally, we’re shown the inciting incidentthat led to Geto’s turn against the jujutsu establishment. He’s sent on a missionto a town out in the middle of nowhere, where a curse has apparently been causingdisappearances and deaths.

After dealing with the curse, he stumbles across a cagewhere they’ve been holding two little girls, who the townspeoplehave been abusing in the belief that they were the cause of the curse,since they can see cursed spirits. Finally hitting his limitin putting up with the abuse of non-sorcerers towards thosehe sees as just trying to protect them, he massacres the entire townand takes the two girls in. With this act, he has attacked non-sorcerersand is excommunicado.

From the jujutsu world,branded a curse user, and subject to execution. We cut to Masamichi giving Gojothe bad news, stating that Geto probably even killedhis own parents. Gojo is clearly stressed about the matter. We cut again to a smoking area near Seibu Shinjuku Station,where Geto appears before Shoko. He lights her cigarette, and she asksif the accusations leveled against him are true.

He confirms they are, and tellsShoko his plan to eliminate non-sorcerers from the world. She thinks of the plan as childish, and in general pretty much just dismissesGeto as being childish altogether. She calls Gojo. Nearby, in front of a fateful KFC,Gojo confronts Geto. Gojo’s attitudeunfortunately gets in his way and only ends uppushing Geto further away. Geto leaves,and Gojo ends up choosing not to kill him.

Later, a conversationbetween Masamichi and Gojo reveals that Gojo has realizedbeing strong alone is not enough, because it doesn’t give him the powerto save those who do not want to be saved. We see Geto has finally adopted his modernlook at the former Star Religious Group HQ,which is apparently housing some kind of off-shoot religious groupat this point in time. Geto’s talking to the suited manwho worked as an intermediary for Toji, who has apparently arrangedsome kind of conference or meeting for him to secure fundingand a good way to collect curses.

Geto walks out on stage and proclaims to the religious groupthat he’s in charge now. Many voices oppose him,and he calls onto stage the representative we saw Toji report toafter he killed Riko. He drops a statue-like curseonto his head, brutally murdering the manin front of the audience, and through his might commands the people,who he refers to as monkeys, to obey him. The last thing we cut to is Gojogoing to meet Megumi for the first time,.

As he expresses his distaste for the factthat Megumi looks just like Toji. He goes on to explain Megumi’s situationregarding the Zen’in clan to him, but Megumi’s primary concern iswhether Tsumiki will be able to be happy. Gojo tells him going into the Zen’inclan has a 0% chance of ensuring her happiness, which explains whyMegumi ends up deciding to go with Gojo. Then, we see as Gojowakes up in the present, just before Halloween in 2018, as he’s being pesteredawake by Yuji, Nobara, and Megumi. Megumi asks him what he’s smiling about,and he says nothing. With the recap out of the way, let’sgo over the basic points of the plot: 1.

Gojo has more or less mastered all the skillswe know him to have in the modern day. 2. Geto interacts with Tsukumo Yukiand their discussion over her ideal leads Geto to realize his own new idealof wiping out non-sorcerers. 3. A mission to the sticks endswith Geto massacring a village for abusing two jujutsu-sensitive little girlsand he becomes a curse user. 4. Gojo confronts Geto,who is unable to sway him from his dark path, and is also unableto bring himself to kill him. 5. Geto takes over what remains of the StarReligious Group through brute force.

And begins using it as a means to supporthis ongoing activities as a curse user. 6. Gojo goes to meet Megumi,which obviously leads to Gojo taking him in and raising him. 7. Gojo wakes up in the present,implying that this whole flashback was a dreamhe was having, somehow. Now let’s get into some analysis. The first thing I want to talk aboutis Geto’s descent into darkness. There’s some disagreement amongst fansjust how much the different aspects of Geto’s circumstancescontribute to his turn.

Some contend that his particular cursedtechnique plays a big role, making him feel isolated from othersbecause they can’t understand how the specifics of using his technique affects him, specificallyregarding the way he describes the taste. Others argue that it’s more to dowith his growing disconnect from Gojo, as evidenced by him switching from usingthe phrase, “We’re the strongest,” to just, “Gojo is the strongest,”highlighting how someone he could look to and find camaraderie with was nowbeyond him and too busy to support him. I think it’s important to notethat either way,.

The crux of his spiral is catalyzedby his growing sense of isolation, making him also come to see non-sorcerersas monkeys as well due to feeling alienatedfrom the rest of humanity. It’s also interestinghow the first time we encounter someone who uses the term “monkey”to refer to someone without jujutsu capabilities is actually Toji, who uses itwhen talking to Geto, so it’s pretty likely Geto picked upthat word from Toji’s use of it. Another important noteis how his interaction with Tsukumo Yuki brought about his planattached to his new ideology.

His reactions in that conversationappear to either show that she is telling him things he didn’t know regarding sorcerersnot producing curses, or perhaps it’s merely meant to imply that he’s reaching the conclusion she’sbuilding towards before she gets there, or that the conclusion he arrivedat was different from hers. When he says she could just kill all non-sorcerers,he seems somewhat disappointed that she actually ended upsaying something different,.

Like he was hopingshe would agree with him but was let down when she finished speakingand it turned out she didn’t. His reaction to Yu’s death is alsoan important factor to take into account, as it seems to push his thinkingin the direction that sorcerers also seem to diepointlessly, protecting non-sorcerers who don’t appreciate them at alland would just as soon lock them up or do away with themif they could. This lines up with how he stateshe still maintains empathy or at least compassionfor sorcerers in the movie, when he tells.

Gojo at the end that he never held anyill will towards anyone at Jujutsu High, adding this layer of complexity to himso he’s not just “stereotypical anime villain who wants to wipe out humanitybecause they’re bad.” Another thing I want to address,and this is something that will continue to come up from here on out throughoutthe season given the nature of it, is how the establishing shotsmake it clear just exactly where some of these scenestake place in the real world. Of course, this is something JujutsuKaisen has done throughout the manga, and many times in Season 1,.

But it’s been a little lighter this seasongiven the formatting of the story. For the sake of transparency, my sourcefor this is going to be a Reddit post on the r/Jujutsushisubreddit, “Virtual Field Trip – photos and maps of IRL JujutsuKaisen Locations,” which has a list of of the locations and some have their GoogleMaps links to go see them on Street View. The post itself has manga spoilers though,so I wouldn’t recommend checking it out unless you’re a manga reader. So far,.

The only one we’ve had this seasonbefore this episode is the aquarium Riko looked at in Okinawa duringthe montage of the group having fun. Good times, right guys? Sure am glad that’s a thingthat we’ll definitely get to see again. Anyway, the aquarium in questioncan be found in real life under the name “Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.”It used to be the largest aquarium in the world, and there is indeed a tankcontaining the fish that Riko looks at. In this episode, I mentioned during the recapthat the smoking area where Geto meets.

Shoko is outside of SeibuShinjuku Station, as evidenced by the buildings in the establishing shotbeing just across the street. The street Geto and Gojo havetheir confrontation on is actually known as Memory Lane,which has some funny implications, and it does indeed happenin front of where a KFC is in real life, as I mentioned,as well as a kaisendon restaurant, which is why you can seethe images of the food behind Geto. I looked up what kaisendon is,and while a lot of Japanese culinary talk can go a lot deeper than I’mwilling to go in any of these videos,.

It can be most easilyexplained as a type of fresh seafood dish that is usually composedof freshly sliced sashimi, a type of sushi that is just thinly sliced raw fish as-is,over a bed of rice served in a bowl. That’s all for now, but after the break in the new arcthere will be plenty more. Finally,I just wanna go over the in-between pages for these chaptersin the volume release of the manga. This weekwe mostly just have character sketches. After Chapter 76, we get a first-yearIjichi (which is the older-looking guy.

With glasses that servesas an assistant manager to Yuji in Season 1) making a commentabout his upperclassmen. After Chapter 77,we get a character sketch for Yu Haibara in street clothes, with some additionalinfo for the short-lived character. He doesn’t come from a family well-knownfor their jujutsu history, though his younger sister can see curses, who he sternly forbadefrom attending Jujutsu High. We’re also told he likes rice, and people. Well,actually it should say liked, technically.

After Chapter 78, we’refinally told the name of the suited man, Shiu Kong, with the Korean hangulwritten above it. Wow, it would’ve been greatif his name was ever used in the main body of the workso I wouldn’t have had to keep referring to himas “the suited man” every time. Anyway, the page also tells us he’sa Korean citizen, and a former detective. It also says Akutami thinks he’sthe coolest character in the backstory, which is funny to meconsidering we’re literally.

Never going to see him again(I don’t consider that a spoiler). According to the wiki, the fanbook alsohas some more information on him. His hobby is collecting tropical fish. His favorite dish is Cheeseand Cigarettes. Yummy. I’ve never really considered how the flavor of tobaccowould go with a nice Gruyere. His least favorite dish is black beans. The cause of his stress is entertainingcustomers,.

Probably at those nice restaurantsToji mentioned. It also says Shiu met Megumiwhen the latter was very young, as he visited Toji's house sincehe didn't know how to care for a child. Despite this, Megumi doesn't rememberShiu, which makes sense if he was that young. Apparently, Shiu had known Tojifor 10 years at the time of his death. Finally, the reason for him being Koreanis because of Akutami’s liking. Akutami likes Korean movies,and his favorites are the works of Bong.

Joon-ho. I’m quite fond of their noodles, myself. Anyway, that’smy episode recap and story analysis for the fifth episodeof the new season of Jujutsu Kaisen. Make sure to subscribeand turn on bell notifications if you wanna be here as soon as possibleeach week as I put out new videos for each episode as it airs, and feel free to drop a commentwith suggestions as to other videos you might like to see such as characteranalysis videos or explanations.

Thanks for watching.

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