Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 – Legit Trailer | English Sub

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Ever since that day, I've been telling myself, what I am seeing is nothing out of ordinary, A hideous, well-known thing. Even though I knew this, I chose to save people as a sorceror. What's so special about this kid? A human, who is compatible to assimilate with “The Star” Tengen-Sama, and is able to rewrite the body's genetic information. I knew it, I want to be more with you, More with everyone,.

More! Let's head home, Riko-chan! Opening theme: Ao no Sumika (Blue dwelling) by Tatsuya Kitani Wait, his target is… Watch out! I was the one who killed Satoru Gojo. I see. Die!.

The fight is just about to start. Really? You're right. YOU'RE SO RIGHT!

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