Kaido ăn hành One Half tập 1049 [Review One Piece 1049] #onepiece1049 #shorts #onepiece

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After a twist and swing in the sky. The lustful dragon finally reached the demon island and approached the kaido's castle. But because it couldn't see the road, it crashed into the castle and through the wall to the stage hall where the two beast commanders as well as the samurai were fighting. When everyone saw the pink dragon, everyone was quite surprised. Some people even mistake lust dragon for kaido. Bigmom, kid, law was also very surprised to see Luffy clinging to the dragon's head when it rushed up. Luffy saw that the lust dragon kept stabbing wildly, and told him to be brave and open his eyes. Suddenly, as soon as he opened his eyes, he hit the wall again. At the top of the demon island kaido and yamato both return to human form. While yamato was preparing to use a new attack , the lust dragon and Luffy flew straight up from below the castle. Luffy saw yamato so he.

Turned on gear 4 snake man to match the two swords. Both of them hit so fast that Kaido couldn't defend or dodge, so he was flown quite far and was completely destroyed.

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