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Hello everyone, I am back again with another video. I can't live without One Piece. Let's move on to the topic of this video, which is about a great man. A character who is very hard but cute. We all have read Munsi Premchand's Jeevani in school. But today we will learn about Kaido's Jeevani. The father of Jeevan Gata Yamato. So before starting the video, if you are new to the.

Channel, then quickly subscribe to it. And you have to like the video. Kaido, who is known as the strongest creature in the world, and is the captain of the Beast Pirates, Kaido, who used to be a soldier in the Vodka Kingdom. The Vodka Kingdom used to loot the nearby kingdom so that he could take membership in the world government. Kaido was said to be the most powerful soldier there at the age of 10.

Three years later, Kaido started raising questions on this system. And the king there could not do anything to Kaido. So he thought of selling Kaido to the Marines, so that he could get a place in the next bravery. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] And no one even helps this poor guy. But somehow he gets out of the Marines' clutches. And immediately a bounty of 70 million is released on him.

[Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] And then he used to run away from there. After this, he starts a pirate journey. And now he wanted wealth, fame, and maybe even a mother. Kaido once happens to be on Hachinosu, i.e. Pirate Paradise Island, where he was beating up a lot of pirates. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] At this time, Kaido was 15 years old.

And where he meets his best friend, Charlotte Linlin. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] Kaido was younger than Linlin, so she gives him an advice that never trust the Rocks Pirate. And 38 years ago, during the God Valley Incident, when Goldie Roger and Monkey D. Garth have a Rocks Pirate fight, where the Rocks Pirates were on their downfall, and they lose. Then Linlin gave Kaido a mythical zone-type fruit, which.

Burned him in his debt for the rest of his life. And from here, the two set out to build their own crew. To build a military force that could face the world government. In the God Valley Incident, Kaido and Big Mom killed a lot of world nobles and their slaves. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] Kaido has lost 7 times so far, and the Marines have caught him 18 times.

And once they catch Kaido and take him to Punk Hazard, where Vegapunk takes out Kaido's lineage factor, because of which he is able to replicate Kaido's fruit. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] And on his way out, he meets a young boy, where he is being tested on that boy as well. Kaido beats up that boy, and asks him his name, where he tells him his real name, Albert. Kaido was very impressed with his strength, and he gives.

Him a new name, King. And he asks him to come with him. King becomes very loyal to Kaido from here. And he feels that Kaido is the only person who can change this world. And he will attain the identity of Joy Boy. From here, King becomes Kaido's right-hand man. Kaido didn't get much recognition before Roger's death. But after his execution, he got the title of Emperor,.

Alongside Shanks and Big Mom. Alongside Shanks and Big Mom. And a few years later, Kurozomi Higashi meets Kaido, and offers him to make Wano his territory, and build a weapon factory with the help of the skilled craftsmen there. And this will help Kaido achieve what he wants to achieve. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] Kaido agrees to this, and here Orochi had taken the power.

Of the country into his own hands. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] And at this time, Kaido had his daughter Yamato. Three years later, Kaido and Oden meet. And later he tries to kill Orochi. Later, Kaido and Orochi deal with Oden, who has to dance naked in front of people every week. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] And they will leave Wano after five years.

[Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] But in this fight, the entire crew of Moria was killed. Only Moria was able to escape from there. And since that day, Moria has been holding a grudge against Kaido. Five years later, when Kaido did not leave Wano, Oden goes to Onigashima with his retainers, where his group fights in Odon.

And Kaido and his fight happens on the same day. Oden shows Kaido his place. Kaido had the major power that no one could cut him. And his skin was very tough. But Oden cleared his misunderstanding from his attack. And here Kaido was afraid of death. To weaken Oden, Higurashi showed Oden that he had kidnapped his son Momonosuke. Seeing this, he became weak.

And Kaido took advantage of this opportunity and defeated Oden. After this battle, Kaido killed Higurashi to interfere in the battle. On the day of Oden's execution, Kaido joins Orochi to see the execution. Orochi makes a deal with Kaido that if he survives the execution, he will free him. Kaido agrees. Oden stands here for an hour in boiling water with his.

Companions. This scene hits a lot. But even after doing this, he is not freed. Oden drives his companions away. But here Oden stands burnt. His willpower is so strong that nothing can break it. But he always thinks too much for others. He apologizes for the interference in the battle. For me, Kaido is the most useless character who took advantage of the opportunity and then apologized. After.

Oden's death, [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] And he tells Momonosuke that your father was a fool. And here he leaves Momonosuke to burn. After all these incidents, Kaido finds the road poneglyph under the water with the help of Jack. Because he is a fisherman. After Oden's death, Yamato was very impressed.

And he always used to say this. Because of which Kaido used to get angry. And he used to keep him hungry for many days so that he would stop being stubborn. One day Yamato uses Conqueror Haki in anger and kills Kaido's subordinates. Seeing this, Kaido is happy but he is irritated because of his continuous Oden. After this, Kaido locks Yamato in Onigashima prison for a month with the rest of the samurai.

Here Kaido thought that Yamato would stop dreaming of becoming Oden but here it is completely opposite. Living with those samurai, Yamato gets to know more about Oden and trains too. Kaido puts swords in his mouth with limited food so that they fight each other for food. But he didn't know the samurai's will. He himself was hungry and gave food to Yamato. And one day he breaks the jail and goes out to fight Kaido.

[Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] Because by the time they return, they will be 20 years old. So they go to fight Kaido and here Kaido does the biggest massacre with his family. After taking Wano under his control, one day Kaido faces Sentemaru who is very powerful. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] At this time, Spade Pirate invades Wano to fight Kaido. But they find out that Kaido is not here.

And when Kaido comes back, he sees that his dragon statue has been broken. Seeing this, he gets very angry. At this time, Kaido collabs with a warlord and a sick marine scientist. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] Kaido knew that Whitebeard would definitely come to save Ace.

Because Kaido always criticized Whitebeard's soft nature. But Kaido still wanted to bring him down. So he thought of bringing him down on Marineford. Where Whitebeard's crew would be fighting the Marines and Kaido would beat Whitebeard. But Sanks changed his plan. Sanks did not let Kaido go to Marineford. Sanks and Kaido's fight has not been revealed yet.

But Sanks reached Marineford in good condition. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] I came to know a new thing that I did not know before. That Kaido had secretly recruited On Air Pirates After this, Kanjiro writes a letter to Orochi that he has come back. Orochi tells this to Kaido. But Kaido does not believe it. So Kaido tells his men to bring the samurai alive.

I want to try something with them. Here, Orochi assures Kaido about Kanjiro and tells everything about him. After this, Kaido goes to the Balloon Terminal where he meets Orochi. Who understands his intention to commit suicide and lets him do it. Kaido jumps from Sky Island. And he falls 10,000 meters on the ground. But nothing.

Happens to him. Just a little headache. From this, you can imagine what Kaido is. After falling from the sky, he gets a little headache. After getting up, Kaido finds himself in the hideout of Kid Pirates. Here, Kaido tells Whitebeard that he was successful in dying. And he also shouts at Doflamingo that he is taking more.

Time to go to a massive war. After this, Kaido offers Kid and Hawkins to become his subordinates. Here, Hawkins agrees, but Kid and Killer refuse and they fight with the Emperor. Kaido easily defeats them and locks Kid in jail. And locks Kid in jail and keeps his Kuru as a servant. Here, on the other side, Jack, who had gone in search of the samurai and had destroyed the zoo once.

[Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] After defeating Doflamingo, Nephew takes him away. Kaido tries to save Jack from Kamsopter, but Jack fails in this. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] Here, Kaido's subordinates mention about Luffy and Law. On this, Kaido says that they don't stand anywhere in front of my power.

And he shows Kid as an example. That's when the news of Luffy's death spreads all over the world. Hearing this, Kaido goes into thought about what Luffy was doing there. A few days later, Kaido contacts Big Mom where Big Mom tells Kaido that she will kill Luffy. First, Kaido refuses, but Kaido is in his debt. Do you remember? So he has to do this.

And one day we see that Kaido is drunk. He was flying over the Kuri of Vano. Where he sees Speed and Tama. And he attacks them. After that, he goes to Hokobori Town. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] While flying, he notices Usante Maru. And he tells him to join his crew again. Here Jack knew Kaido's violent nature.

That refusing him means the end of this town. That's when Basil Hawkins comes forward. And tells Kaido that Luffy and his crew are in Odin's broken castle. Kaido immediately takes a deep breath and hits that side. Not Luffy, but his crew was there. And seeing the intensity of the attack, Luffy feels that his friends are finished. And in anger, he punches Kaido.

Here Law tries to stop him. But no one has been able to stop Luffy. And here his crew also survives. After that punch, Kaido falls to the ground. Kaido attacks Luffy with a fire breath. He dodges Luffy. And hits Kaido with an elephant gatling. Here Kaido comes in human form. And Luffy also comes in the form of a Boundman.

And attacks Kaido. But nothing happens to Kaido. Here Kaido makes Luffy unconscious in a hit. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] That they will defeat me so easily. And here Kaido's attitude was on a different level. Even though Luffy was unconscious. Still he was staring at Kaido. Seeing this, Kaido tells his men to put him in jail.

He thought that if Luffy goes to jail, he will lose his courage. And he will also join his crew. While going from there, Kaido feels that Luffy possesses Konkara Haki. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] And he goes to drink alcohol from here. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] After hearing this, he tells him to stop her.

And King throws Queen Mama Chanter from the waterfall. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] And after this, when Kaido's Queen is in Udon, Kaido tells her about Komura Saki's death. And after this, he starts watching Yasui Shimotsugi's execution. After coming to Big Mom's Onigashima, Kaido opens his handcuffs. And both of them fight here.

Night and day. And in the end, they come to this conclusion that they will make an alliance to rule this world. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] Then everyone starts preparing for the feast. And Kaido asks about his son Yamato. Don't get confused. Yamato is a girl. She considers herself a boy. And Kaido too.

Here, King and Jack meet Tobi Roppo to find Yamato. And they say that if they succeed in finding him, they will get a chance to battle for the all-star position. After this, Kaido is enjoying the festival with Orochi. That's when Kanjiro comes there with Momonosuke. And Kaido then stops people from killing him because he is Orochi's ally. As soon as Kanjiro brings Momonosuke, Kaido starts teasing Momonosuke and starts saying bad.

Things about him. That's when Kaido finds out that the plan to stop Luffy and his allies has failed. After this, Kaido comes to the performance stage and tells his plan to find [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] And after this, he will transform Vano. And when Orochi objects to this, Kaido separates his neck and tells him that he will take.

Flower capital to Nagashima and make Vano a pirate nation. After this, Kaido tells Orochi's men to either join his crew or get killed. Orochi's subordinates join Kaido. After this, Kaido turns to Momonosuke and asks his name. And says that if he refuses to be Oden's son, he will leave him alive. But he doesn't do that. And then Kaido gets attacked by a sword and it damages.

Kaido. Kaido tries to discourage everyone that all these pirates will leave us. After hearing Kaido's articulation, Kaido comes in the form of a dragon and goes to Mings. Mings comes in the form of a [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] Here, Kaido also has Jack. In this fight, Jack's light is turned on.

Kaido then comes forward to save Jack. Kaido attacks him with a flame. But Kinemon cuts him. And Kaido's face too. Kaido attacks with lightning. But all of them dodge it and attack Kaido. Kaido gets worried that how they are dodging it. Kaido uses his flame breath attack. Kaido uses his flame breath attack.

And then Ashura, Kinemon, Danjiro, [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] And do it on the same scar that Oden gave him. After the recovery time, Kaido says that your attack reminded him of Oden. But you don't have that strength. Kaido then summons lightning. One of which cuts Keiko's hand. Kaido treats Keiko.

Kaido praises all the samurai for their determination. After this, Kaido starts his attack again. Here, Kaido was in upper hand. And he puts all of them in a bad condition. After this, Kaido uses his power to lift the whole Onigashima in the air. He floats and takes it to the flower capital. Here, Kaido and Big Mom talk. Here, Big Mom tells him to save Nico Robin.

On this, Kaido says that you have your daughter Pudding who can read On this, Big Mom says that we can't wait for her power to awaken when we have Robin. Later, Kid, Law, Killer, Zoro and Luffy arrive. Luffy is very sad to see the samurai's condition. And he talks to Kinemon. After this, Law transports them to a safe place. After this, Law teleports them to a safe place.

Here, Kaido attacks Luffy. But dodges Luffy and punches Kaido with Gear 3. Due to which his blood comes out. Kaido takes care of himself. He attacks Luffy with a weapon. Luffy tries to save him. But he doesn't succeed. Kaido is happy that Luffy didn't get down easily. After this, Kaido tells Big Mom because he wanted to see.

The power of the first generation. After this, everyone starts their attack. But Kaido comes in his dragon form and goes up. Here, Kaido uses Kaifu which makes a lot of wind blades and leaves them. But they all avoid it. After this, Luffy reaches near Kaido and attacks with his Kong Rifle attack. And also injures him.

After this, Kid comes under Kaido and grabs his neck with his robot and hits it on the ground. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] But he avoids it. Then Killer tries to attack with his Kama Sonic attack due to which he can damage his body from inside. But Killer gets hit by Big Mom's Indra attack due to which he starts falling. And Kaido was about to attack him.

[Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] Kaido attacks Luffy with his Flame Breath. And Law tells Zoro to teleport in front of Luffy. And he cuts the flame. But his attack misses Kaido and hits him in the skull dome. Here, Kaido feels Odin in Zoro's sword because he was using Anima at that time. This fight continues like this. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai].

And Zoro blocks this attack due to which he takes a lot of damage. And here Luffy starts attacking Kaido. Kaido and Luffy were trying to hit each other. And in the end, Kaido beats Luffy. And in the end, Kaido beats Luffy again. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] Then Kaido attacks Zoro so that Prometheus can help Big Mom.

So that Prometheus can go and help Big Mom. Then Law attacks Kaido with his Injection Sword. And Kaido immediately attacks against him. And then he sees Luffy and makes fun of him. And then he tells Zoro and Law to crush Luffy's eyes, heart and brain first. Before that, Kaido can do something to Luffy. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] And he uses his Conqueror Haki to give him proper damage.

And then Kaido tells Luffy that if he could join his crew, then he could rule the world. And then Luffy stands up again and says that now he has understood how Kaido infuses his Conqueror Haki into an attack. And then Kaido says that Luffy is a threat to Kaido. And then Kaido attacks Luffy. But Luffy blocks him and attacks him. And then Kaido falls down.

And then he stands up and says that he is having fun in this fight because Luffy was continuously laughing even after increasing his risk. So they clash a lot. But in the end, Luffy falls down because of Kaido's attack. And then Kaido announces his victory. And then Kaido goes behind Momonosuke. This part is not that interesting. And then Kaido says to Yamato that you should stop this.

Drama and do as I say. And then Yamato says that she is with Luffy and she will throw Kaido out of Wano. And then Kaido tells him how difficult it was for him to find Inu Inu Nomi which Yamato ate. Both father and daughter come in their hybrid form. And while fighting, Yamato says that this devil fruit belongs to Wano's guardian deity and she should protect Wano.

And this devil fruit belongs to Wano and she has ruined her country. And here they clash for a long time. And here they clash for a long time. And here they clash for a long time. Yamato and Kaido are fighting and then they see Luffy and Momonosuke in the sky. Yamato is happy to see that Luffy is alive. And here Kaido gets Yamato and Luffy's punch at the same.

Time and then he takes his dragon form. Kaido is surprised by their attack and sees Momonosuke's adult dragon form and says that there is no need for two dragons in this world. And now Luffy increases his courage to defeat Momonosuke And here Luffy uses Momonosuke as a distraction and drinks Kaido. Which bothers Kaido which bothers Kaido and then Kaido comes back to his hybrid form.

[Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] And then they both were constantly fighting each other And then they both were constantly fighting each other And then they both were constantly fighting each other And then Kaido gets frustrated and drinks alcohol and gets even more drunk Here it looks like Kaido becomes more powerful in Nashi. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] Here in the fight, Kaido starts changing color.

Here in the fight, Kaido starts changing color in Nashi. Luffy then attacks Kaido with full force, which damages Kaido's soul. Kaido attacks Luffy crying, Luffy escapes and kicks Kaido in the face. And in such a furious battle, Luffy comes and uses his gear 2nd and 3rd to cause damage. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] Both were clashing with Haki at that time.

And he throws Luffy back. Kaido uses Conqueror Haki in rage. Luffy was happy that Kido and Law have defeated Big Mom. And now he has to defeat Kaido. And then Kaido remembers the time when Big Mom was with him. And now Luffy was in his last gear 4 and he wanted to defeat Kaido. And now Luffy was in his last gear 4 and he wanted to defeat Kaido.

[Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] And Luffy… And then Kaido comes in his dragon form. And he takes Luffy in his mouth and takes him to the sky. Luffy succeeds in escaping here. Luffy succeeds in escaping here. Luffy succeeds in escaping here. Luffy succeeds in escaping here. And he comes back flying on the ground.

And then he uses Kong Gun on Kaido. And Kaido recovers fast from this attack. And now Luffy and Kaido were about to use their final attack. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] But then… But then… CP0 agent Goenika grabs his hand. And he is unable to attack.

But Kaido's attack hits him directly. And he falls unconscious. And here Kaido gets angry again. That he was interfered in a good battle again. And he hits Goenika with a solid punch. And his game is over. And then Kaido comes inside the castle. And he declares Luffy dead. And everyone starts losing their courage.

[Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] Kaido here asks Momonosuki to surrender. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] Those who survive will be used to make weapons. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] And until Momonosuki doesn't surrender himself… He won't stop the fight. But Luffy turns him into a rubber and pulls his hand out of.

Kaido's eyes, and then Luffy comes out. After this, Luffy grabs Kaido like a rope and starts jumping. Here, Kaido throws him away using his last breath, but Luffy comes back. Kaido attacks Luffy here, which makes Luffy's eyes come out like Tom and Jerry. After this, Luffy gets tired and comes back to normal. Here, Kaido says, after your death, I will tell everyone.

How bravely you fought. But he doesn't listen to Luffy and comes back in the form of his Gear 5. Kaido then succeeds in hitting Luffy, but Luffy flies back like a plane. Kaido tries to escape his attack, but Luffy directly attacks his face. Kaido then stands up and Luffy says to him that he is the one who will surpass you and become the Pirate King.

Kaido then stands up and Luffy says to him that he is the one who will surpass you and become the Pirate King. Kaido is shocked to see Luffy's power here that something like this can happen. Kaido attacks Luffy again, but Luffy catches the thunder and throws it towards Kaido. Kaido escapes it and hits Luffy again, but Luffy catches a lightning and comes back to Kaido. Here, Kaido says to Luffy that a strong devil fruit doesn't.

Mean that you will conquer the sea. Brother didn't have any devil fruit, but still he became the Pirate King. Luffy attacks Kaido with a very big punch. [Subtitles Powered by Dubverse.ai] And he says to Luffy that his fist will never be able to reach him because Kaido's fire will burn him to ashes. Luffy uses the most powerful attack of Bajrang and till now. This punch was so strong that Kaido's horn broke and he.

Fell directly into the volcano. Where Big Mom fell and there was an explosion. And here Kaido's story ends for now. How did you like the video? If you like the video, then do like it. And if you want to see more videos like this, then subscribe to the channel.

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