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Hello my people, compulsive gamers, the last chapter or rather, the last two chapters of this year's Kakegurui manga is now available, and we are already here with the summary, so make yourself comfortable and enjoy the chapter, but first if you are If you are new to the channel or you have not subscribed, I recommend that you do so, it is totally free and above all you will be able to keep up to date with the manga, anime, movies, series and all the news from the Kakegurui world. let's get started CHAPTER 97.5 OF THE KAKEGURUI MANGA. Just like last month, two chapters in one were released, the publication contains 43 pages and has a value of 2 dollars, it is available in stores very early, so.

I recommend that you buy it to support the author and this incredible betting history. The synopsis of the chapters is as follows: Kabura approaches Tsugiko Jabami… but is it for her friend's sake, or does she have nefarious motives of her own? Chapter 97.5 is titled: THE SUCCESSION GIRL (PART 2). Yumeko's sister's past continues to be revealed. And this time it begins when Souko and Kabura are inside the Momobami clan mansion. This sure brings back memories, says Souko. Have you been here before? Kabura asks, and Souko replies: Sometimes, when I was little. However, do you wear a kimono? Kabura tells him. Dammit! You're still a teenager. So wear your school uniform,.

Girl. I just want to be formal, Souko replies. Kabura tells him: Don't give me that shit. They move inside the mansion and hear the adults arguing about something. It's not a matter of being qualified or not, even she's too young for that. Only seven years, in fact. But it is the will of our leader. And with her youth, she'll need someone to back her up. We need to be proactive. This dialogue corresponds to a discussion between the adults of the Momobami clan, and it is due to the fact that they have appointed Kirari as clan leader at just seven years old, under the verdict of the current leader, who is supposed to be Kirari's grandmother, such as she had mentioned herself that she inherited the leadership of the clan from her grandmother.

Kabura says: Wow, that scared me. Are they enclosing antlers in there? Or horns? whatever . It is a sudden successor change. Also, they want to skip a generation and name a seven-year-old girl our leader. Everyone is on pins and needles, you know? Not even someone with my guts can just dance there. Come on. I will introduce you later. That sounds better. So, anyone else here? We see Ririka suddenly appear in front of Souko. Souko is intrigued to see her. kabura? This girl… Kabura? Then he realizes that he had fallen far behind Kabura. Ririka motions for him to come with her. You are…? Souko assumes that Ririka is the heir to the clan. Rika leaves. Wait… Souko tells her,.

Then follows her. And he reaches where Kirari is. Hey? Where did the masked girl go? Kirari tells him: Jabami. Souko Jabami, right? Your family tradition is the game. Which means you must be good at it, right? Souko replies: Okay? I dont know. Kirari says: Well, what luck. I am too. Why don't you play a game with me? And so the first chapter ends, with Kirari trying to bet against Souko, who has no idea of ​​the ability of the girl in front of her… It will be that she falls into Kirari's game, because we will find out in the next chapter that continues in another video.

Ready my people, I hope you liked this first chapter, it seems that the pieces are already beginning to be ordered to find out what happened to Yumeko's sister and who was the cause of that, so don't miss the continuation I don't know, miss the next chapter, all you have to do is subscribe and like the video, see you sooner than you think with many more news from the Kakegurui world, blessings.

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