Katara’s Most inviting Battle (Avatar: The Final Airbender)

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Fighting against the status quo is one of the hardest things a person can do the established Norm is usually safe lacking in any risk controversy and ensuring that almost everyone is at least moderately content if only because this is how things have always been and therefore they're used to it to go against that is to go against a.

Foundation years in the making and inevitably make at least some people very unhappy even for my own Loosely related experience with YouTube the status co-established on my channel over the course of the last few years at least is the production of mildly edited mildly scripted what-ish scenarios and theories based on one piece any attempts.

To deviate from this Norm a time-consuming effort intensive and usually unsuccessful and yet still I try because while the safety of the known is appealing to most to some it becomes restricted stifling your ability to Branch out and become something more the solution for me at least is simple continue pursuing any idea or video.

Concept I feel passionate for regardless of the reception and while it requires some level of mental fortitude online hate is genuinely detrimental to creators after all ultimately it shouldn't be too hard to achieve for others however fighting against the status quo means something far greater with Stakes far higher and the outcome.

Far more personal and in today's video I want to talk about one of my favorite examples of a character mattify tooth and nail to achieve the change they wanted to see in the world to break down the barriers restricting them that had been put in place well over a century beforehand in pursuit of a goal far more ambitious than any of their peers yes in.

Today's video I am talking about the day that Katara from Avatar The Last Airbender fought against the patriarchy avatar The Last Airbender is a series close to my heart as it is with many people an animated kids show beloved by all ages which managed to address the topics of genocide war or authoritarian and tyrannical governments sexism and.

Ableism all while still maintaining an overall lighthearted tone and one of the key concepts of the show is how the protagonists react to are impacted by and deal with all these issues Ang has to deal with the loss of his people and culture eventually leading to him having to decide between maintaining the pacifistic nature of the air Nomads or.

Killing the fire lord at least before Turtle Jesus got involved tough grows throughout the series from being fiercely independent in an attempt to counteract the overbearing nature of her upbringing on account of her disability to becoming an integral part of the makeup of Team Avatar suko's Fight is between his concept of right and wrong.

His conflicting loyalty between his Nation his father and his morals and his overcoming of a lifetime of propaganda soccer's Journey sees him learn what it means to be a leader the importance of trust faith and not being a complete sexist joke and Katara qatar's journey is special I would say there are two key conflicts Qatar.

Undertakes as a character relating to the preconceived notions in the Avatar world one which is external and one which is internal and if this video somehow manages to get a thousand likes I will do a breakdown on the internal conflict Katara experiences regarding her view of the Fire Nation and the concept of Revenge and her grief over.

Her mother's death but for now I want to talk about the external conflict she faces concerning the sexism inherent in the Water Tribe and her battle for equality against a patriarchal culture now the levels of sexism within the water tribe do differ significantly between the North and South born from the heavily contrasting fortunes they.

Experienced in the war while the strong walls of the north allowed from a culture which prohibited women from occupying the role of a warrior in the South the conflict Allowed no such exceptions with female waterbenders even being shown to be Frontline Fighters and Hammer now soccer's initial sexism in the series could be excused as.

Misguidance from his upbringing by the time he was born almost all water benders in the South had been eliminated leaving behind all the physical Warriors comprised of the men of the village then when all of them left to join the wall he as the son of the chief and last man in quotation marks left in the village came to view himself as the last line of.

Defense against an otherwise defenseless population eventually this became conflated with viewing women as a whole as defenseless which was promptly beaten out of him by Suki in the series unfortunately the northern water tribe had no Suki equivalent to slap some sense into them at least not until Katara herself arrived now just for a.

Quick second here we need to talk about just how damn good a bender Katara was hell just talking about the gang in general and mastered all four elements and the Avatar State half a decade before most avatars even find out that they are the Avatar Zuko managed to beat the Zulu in a one-on-one fight and achieved the acknowledgment of the.

Dragons don't even get me started on the world's strongest earthbender and creator of metal bending Toff and then Katara with next and no formal training became arguably the greatest healer in the world strongest water bender in the world and the wielder of what was ultimately the strongest ability in the Avatar World in blood bending oh yeah.

And she managed all of that in less than a year which is to say that when she encountered blatant discrimination and mockery on account of her sex at the North Pole her immediate response was to throw hands and throw hands she did beating anyone and everyone until eventually her and Ang ran afoul of the strongest water bender in the entire.

Northern water tribe Grandmaster paku now alongside the chief of the northern water tribe Paco essentially acts as the figurehead of the patriarchal system in place he is undoubtedly an extremely powerful Bender even being one of the leading figures in the order of the White Lotus and a member of the team that laid Siege to passing say in the.

Climax of the series but this simply means that his influence is enough that his opinions become fact and to him it is a fact that women have no place on the battlefield and should be reserved solely as heels now as one might expect Qatar had some opinions about this opinions which led her to confront parku in an attempt to talk out.

Their Grievances and come to a compromise no I'm just kidding she threw hands with them too and what a fail it was my ability to Showcase any of this fight is highly doubtful since viacom's copyright team worked for the Devil Himself in which case you may be seeing the live action adaptation which is.

Certainly an adaptation now ultimately Katara does lose the fight against paku which is something we should have expected giving her lack of experience at the time compared to paku's Decades of training in fact it was also something she expected as well going into the fight saying that she is well aware she likely can't defeat Park who.

But what matters is that she fights this is a sentiment that I think truly encapsulates Katara as a character and quite aptly translates closely to the real world suffragette movement the fight for equal rights for women in the 20th century was predicated with violence and boosted significantly from their contribution to the war efforts.

Which I mean does sound slightly familiar and much like in the real world katara's efforts were ultimately successful admittedly With a Little Help from her grandma who literally ran across the entire world to avoid having to maripaku and well when the person you have a crush on literally travels the length of a world embroiled in war just.

To get away from you even the most stubborn of people might just start think that maybe they were the problem now I don't want to delve into it too much since I am considering a separate video solely focusing on it but the actions of Princess UA who sacrificed her life to quite literally Save the World by taking the place of the Moon.

Spirit should also probably be mentioned here I imagine it would be quite hard to think less of the abilities of women when your Patron deity is now a woman you used to know also the fact that her counterpart was capable of waiting out an entire Armada in a matter of minutes probably doesn't help out either in the end qatar's fight.

Against the patriarchy was one which you would have to say she won while the immediate impacts were small come the time of The Legend of Korra and with the help of the rest of the gang and their status as war heroes equality between the Sexes has been improved significantly possibly also helped by the increasing level of cooperation.

Between the Nations like with Republic City although that discrimination had arguably just shifted to a different form as the conflict between Benders and non-benders in the first season of Legend of Korra does show quite well now I do hope you enjoyed this video and again a thousand likes and I will make another video analyzing katara's.

Internal conflicts likewise if there's any other of these types of videos you'd like to see on Avatar or anything else do let me know in the comments I've become burnt out on my standard one-piece content in the last few months and don't see myself wanting to go back to it anytime soon so it's likely I will be testing the waters with different.

Styles of videos in the coming weeks and months and not necessarily just Anime the essays so any feedback on the content you do like will be extremely influential on the direction I choose to take my channel in the future but apart from that all that's left to say is thanks for watching

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