KEIMI 47 [ THE CONCLUSION ] (Subtitles Updating )

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Uncle Keimi, Panthoiba! Keimi! Leirumba! Uncle Keimi had thrown Kei-chinglai into that river of hot lava, Father Sanglingba. Now that Keilakpa and Kei-chinglai are gone, we won't be troubled by them anymore. You did the job the sky god wanted you to do, Keimi. Your bravery has shown your service to mankind, Keimi, I salute you. It's a shame, Father Sanglingba, that Kei-chinglai has killed so many innocent people. Eshingchaoba is also one of his victims.

Uncle Keimi, my brother isn't dead. Let's go find him. I'm sorry your brother died at the hands of Keilakpa, it's time to move on. My brother isn't dead. He's alive. Panthoiba! Let Panthoiba know you care, he's in pain. Keimi, go and comfort him. Thanks again, Leirumba, for helping Keimi. Sanglingba, I just followed what the sky god said. I'll bring Laijalembi and her mom back then. OH KING OF FISH, I want my daughters back. Please give them back to me.

Victory is ours. The battle is over. Keimi beat Kei-chinglai. Father, that's great news. I'm ecstatic. We won the battle all because of the sky god's blessings, heavenly father, thank you for everything. O great fish king, I appreciate your help. It's time to go, my daughters. Where has my brother gone? What's this? Where's Eshingchaoba? Eshingchaoba! Leirumba, Eshingchao ba is gone. Can you tell me where he is?.

I told you he isn't dead, if he was dead, he'd be here. I'm sure he went somewhere else. My brother's missing, Uncle Keimi. Let's go find him. There's a chance what Panthoiba says is true, Leirumba. Brother! Brother! Eshingchaoba! Eshingchaoba! That's my brother, uncle Keimi! Brother! Eshingchaoba! Keimi has fulfilled all my wishes today, queen. Kei-chinglai and Keilakpa have been defeated. Oh, that's great news, I'm very happy to hear it.

Your devotees won't have to worry about Keilakpa anymore. To show my appreciation, I'll go meet Keimi and his friends. Keimi, I can feel his pulse, he's fine. There was only a brief fainting spell. After some time, he'll regain consciousness. Please wake up, brother. Panthoiba. Uncle Keimi, my brother woke up. He's fine. Brother, brother.

Please accept my regards, heavenly father. I bow down to you, heavenly father. My wishes have been fulfilled, Keimi, and I'm thankful for that. Is there anything you want from me, Keimi? Father, I don't want anything from you, but I want Eshingchaoba's health back. It's my pleasure to fulfill your wish, Keimi. It looks like my brother's injury is all healed, Uncle Keimi. Keimi, if there's anything else you want me to do, let me know. Father, I could not fulfill a promise I made to a friend.

Isn't that the one you're talking about? Hey, Keimi. My friend, is that you? Uncle Keimi, here's your buddy. It's all the blessings from the sky god that we get to meet again. It's all the sky god's blessings, my friend. Your centaur friend has a lot of tasks to do with you in the future, so I brought him back. People who have finished their work on this world won't be brought back. Keimi, you're one of those few chosen ones. I wish you success in everything you do.

What about me, father? Aren't I supposed to get blessings from you? Even though you disobeyed me for a while, you changed your mind and helped Keimi, so I lifted your curse. I bless you for being able to live a normal life again. My blessings go out to you, Leirumba, that you stay a normal peaceful life again. Thanks for helping Keimi. O father, now that Kei-chinglai and Keilakpa have been defeated by Keimi, he's fulfilled his promise. Now that Keimi's work is done, it's time for him to go. He's done with his work, so it's time to let him go. Keimi's the chosen one, sweety. According to the sky god's order, he must go to other places as well.

It's the law of nature that we eventually have to part, no matter who we meet in this life. This isn't something you can deny. Come on, Keimi must be waiting for us. He's leaving now, so let's say goodbye. Your help is the only reason I'm free from the sky god's curse, Keimi. Thanks for helping me, Chingkhuba. I owe my victory to you. It's been a pleasure working with you. You're free now from the curse of the sky god, so you can have a peaceful and prosperous life. I've got to go. It's time to go, uncle Keimi. We owe our lives to you, Keimi, so we'll always be grateful.

You'll be remembered in our hearts for saving our lives by defeating Kei-chinglai. Mother queen, I just did my duty as instructed by the sky god. Help the poor and fight for their justice, Keimi. May you bless me, Father Sanglingba, so I can do what you want. Now that you've done your duty as instructed by the sky god, I know it's time for you to leave. I'm sure we'll meet again soon, God willing. Goodbye, everyone. We have to go, Sister Laijalembi.

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