Kicked out by her fiance Chapter 43-44 (English Sub)

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Chapter 43 Mr Lu just pull himstop it jamming is still looking I am not a coward don't underestimate mejamming not everyone doesn't believe you don't be influenced by people likeWang Lee and his mom you must be strong your mom and I will always stand by you you needto protect yourself not only with your feet but also with a strong heart she seems to help changeto another person not bad this is my woman yummy wait for me at the chat after school after schoolwhy is that it's a secret you will know by then well it's a deal remember to tell me after schoolokay let's go I will walk you to the classroom it knows again thank you Mr Lu I willdo my best today do what sister emo interesting hello is anyone is there.

Who are you it's all that don't bother me comeback tomorrow wait a minute hello principal I am Mr Lu sent me here to discuss the smartcampus project with you huh Mr love yes may I come in suddenly thanks yes yes comingplease sorry for my attitude just now you see I am Miss yet oh sorry I'm old and suffering fromhearing loss missing have something no thank you I need a copy of the corporation information betweenyour school and find your Miracle as a company

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