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The whodunit line of detective fiction has been historically seldom trodden ground in the world of Manga and Anime aside from the odd Hidden Gem such as nisho ishin's zare goto decapitation cycle which can only be found by wandering into the murky recesses of obscurity you'd be hard-pressed to come up with a solid detective series of the.

Variety that begs to be experienced through the lens of industrious deduction imploring its audience to flex those mental muscles in a good old-fashioned role-playing session of armchair homicide detective the long-running Detective Conan is probably the Supreme king of whodunit detective manga as it's still chugging.

Along as consistently as ever since its debut in 1994 with its anime counterpart following suit since 1996. but while Conan has managed to carve out a not insignificant overseas fan base under the localized name of case closed it's a little-known fact that a sort of sister series to Conan has been lurking quietly in its shadow the entire time a.

Series by the name of Kim daiichi Shonen jikenbo which translates to the kindaichi Case Files and since the series a more than worthy alternative to the venerable Conan is sorely lacking in both visibility and love outside of Japan this video's goal is to correct that predating Detective Conan by two years.

In 1992 the king daiichi Case Files began serialization in weakly Shonen Jump it was written by samaru amagi and yozaburo kanabi with illustrations by fumiya Sato in the early days of the franchise kanabi took charge of devising the scenarios with amagi handling the.

Plotting out of all the technical minutia in other words all the clever tricks traps and Mind Games employed by the Myriad of criminals in developing kin daiichi case files amagi and Sato would form an enduring collaborative partnership churning out detective School Q in the early 2000s heavily inspired by their time together.

On the King daiichi series kin daiichi Case Files was immensely popular around the time of its Inception managing to score the kodansha manga award in 1995. between kin daiichi and Conan one could easily point to the late 90s as the definitive Heyday for detective manga as noted earlier the popularity of Kim.

Daiichi has waned over recent years however the series still retains a robust and respectable pedigree as one of the best-selling manga of all time with over 100 million copies sold as for how kingdaichi Case Files came to be its Chief inspiration is right there in the name a series of detective stories starring kosuke Kim daiichi.

Which kicked off with the inscrutably complex the hongjin murders in 1946 a perennial classic of Japanese detective fiction featuring one of the most famous locked room murders of all time line of novels was penned by seychi Yoko mizo one of Japan's most prolific and esteemed mystery novelists conceptually Kim daiichi Case Files is.

Conventional young detective fiction fair very much in the vein of Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys with a healthy sprinkling of scooby-doo-esque occult and supernatural horror mixed in the series is ostensibly a light investigative procedural the star of which is our titular hero amateur High School sleuth Hajime kindaichi who.

Claims to be the grandchild of yokomizos kosuke indiaichi a reference which is later retroactively removed due to a copyright dispute befitting of his purported Heritage Hajime kindaichi's deductive instincts are unrivaled he is an immensely talented wounderkin who excels at pacing together the truth from a nefarious web.

Of deception and red herrings a skill which grants him a considerable degree of respect and admiration from local law enforcement which comes in handy considering how hajime's entire adolescence seemingly revolves around how he reluctantly and inadvertently gets dragged into a series of Labyrinth and homicide puzzles on a.

Routine basis throughout his investigative trials Hajime is accompanied by his childhood best friend classmate and unsubtle mutual love interest Miyuki nanasei the hard-headed occasionally brutish But ultimately good-hearted homicide inspector isamu kenmochi and inspector Ken mochi's supervisor the Charming.

Genius detective kengo akichi hajime's unofficial rival named of course after kokoro akichi from The Works of erogawa rampa the series does feature a number of more minor recurring characters such as hajime's celebrity crush pop Idol Reika hayami or his cousin fumi who recur primarily as allies but also.

Occasionally as victims naturally rounding out the recurring cast is a small stable of Villains The most prominent of which is hajime's arch nemesis the professor Moriarty to his Sherlock Holmes yoichi takoto initially introduced as an unassuming easily flustered magician takatoto reveals himself to be a merciless cunning and.

Untouchable criminal mastermind whose penchant for architecting and orchestrating one brutal homicide after another looms over the entirety of the narrative takuto is a cold-blooded serial master manipulator who while entirely unopposed to carrying out murders firsthand finds his true calling to be pulling the.

Strings from the Shadows methodically guiding and goading others to stain their souls with the sin of murder each of the series cases is an entirely self-contained vignette with the only continuity between Stories being the aforementioned Central cast of characters what this means is that barring a few.

Pole Position cases where major events occur such as the introduction of one of these recurring characters each of Kim daiichi's stories can essentially be enjoyed in any order each case kicks off on very similar footing usually with Hajime and Miyuki getting whisked away on some manner of trip or Excursion alongside an ensemble.

Of friends and or complete strangers whereupon the entire crew finds themselves stranded or trapped in a remote location after some time passes a body inevitably turns up and almost always in an utterly baffling and incomprehensible manner such as by way of a classic locked room or in a situation where everyone holds a.

Seemingly airtight alibi the bodies then continue to pile up until Hajime is finally able to piece together all the clues and evidence whereupon he dramatically proclaims all Mysteries have now been solved the finale is always a round table with Hajime Gathering the remaining survivors and cornering and checkmating the.

Culprit with theatrical a plum causing their motivations and checkered backstories to come gushing forth for all to see what sets kin daiichi Case Files apart from your routine detective series however is a combination of two defining elements number one the shockingly intricate and.

Challenging setups behind each crime ranking as some of the most technical and diabolically convoluted to ever grace fair play whodunits even the most straightforward murders are typically founded upon some wickedly clever deception from the gyvering elaborate automated winches out of completely mundane objects to deftly.

Manipulating the surrounding architecture to create mind-bending perspective tricks to leveraging esoteric scientific and Engineering Concepts such as the chemical and physical properties of the elements of the periodic table to literally everything in between for those who Savor a satisfying brain teaser who are.

Keen on playing detective right alongside Hajime and the characters you will absolutely not walk away disappointed and number two the emphasis on sympathetic murderers rarely is one of kin daichi's culprits seeking monetary gain notoriety or looking to make some sort of warped.

Ideological Point instead they are after a sense of personal closure to tame the deeply buried trauma in their souls by carrying out Vengeance against those who had wronged them the victims in contrast are generally portrayed as perfectly normal and upstanding at the outset maybe hiding one or two skeleton bones in their.

Closets but are eventually revealed to be horrific irredeemable monsters in their own right oftentimes completely eclipsing the vileness of the culprits crime making the intentions of said culprit come off as arguably Noble still the atrocity committed by the culprit is never portrayed in a way that glorifies murder and the vast majority.

Of the cases end on a downer note with the culprit acknowledging the impermanence and hollowness of their Victory how nothing can undo what has been done in the past and that their actions have caused the road to recovery to stretch out interminably before them as mentioned King daiichi Case Files began Life as a manga whose publication.

Kicked off in 1992 running in weekly Shonen Jump until 2013. at which point it was rebranded as king daiichi case files are from there case files are would run until 2017 when it switched over to the bi-weekly sainin magazine evening once again rebranded this time as 37 year old kin daiichi taking place 20 years in the.

Future as of 2022 this latest iteration is still published regularly in evening as far as exposure in the western manga scene the original Kim daiichi Case Files was successfully picked up by Tokyo pop for an English release spanning a small handful of volumes between 2003 and 2008.

At this point in time they have naturally long since run their course in terms of circulation though the more persistent and determined Among Us may still be able to snatch lingering physical copies from second-hand sources an anime adaptation that was produced by toei animation aired in 1997 and ran for 148 episodes over three years.

This initial run of King daiichi was accompanied over the years by a handful of ovas and specials in addition to two animated movies despite its lengthy time on the television Airwaves and the popularity of its source material domestically Kim daiichi never garnered enough traction outside of Japan to be adapted for.

Western audiences thus there exists no legal options for watching it though fan Subs do exist after a lengthy dry spell toei would eventually release two more seasons of kindaichi case files in 2014 and 2015. this time covering case files are adapting some of the more recent stories that had been penned in the 14-year.

Hiatus the two new seasons titled kin daiichi case files are would notably be simulcast for English-speaking audiences via Crunchyroll making them the only adaptations outside of the manga to see an official Western release and on the live action side of things Five television dramas were aired between 1995 and 2022.

As mentioned previously only a small portion of the manga was licensed by Tokyo pop and those volumes have long since been out of print because of this though you would have to rely on fan Subs the original kin daiichi Case Files anime series makes for the most readily available starting point.

At the time of this recording except for the final handful of episodes every one of the 148 episode Sports in English fan translation much like cracking open a book from the Golden Age of detective fiction in the present day the Mysteries and cases explored in the king daiichi Case Files anime all hold up quite nicely and as.

They are all in the form of 4 or 5 episode stories they are quite easy to chew through in Rapid succession from there you can hop straight to both seasons of new king daiichi case files are new case files is really just more of the same classic kinayichi with a modern facelift and though most agree it's a.

Step down or two from the original after 140 odd episodes there's little reason not to Simply polish off the remainder of the animated King daiichi content to conclude this video as a teaser I'll end with a few standout stories from King daichi's lengthy history the murders of fudo high school's seven Mysteries.

There's an urban legend floating around fudo high school that seven murders took place Once Upon a Time in the school's sordid history the president of the school's mystery research Club calls upon resident genius student detective Hajime kindaichi to solve the myth's final riddle the mysterious murder of the hanging girl.

However the stakes are raised tremendously when the president is killed and her body is discovered disturbingly arranged in the exact same manner as the unsolved seventh mystery the murders of the gentleman Thief Hajime joins inspector Ken Mochi in cornering the self-proclaimed phantom art Thief laying a trap at the Abode of.

A renowned artist who is the thief's next intended target despite their best efforts the thief strikes swiping a valuable painting and leaving a calling card directly challenging Hajime to a battle of wits as Hajime steps up to the plate he finds that this Shoei and elaborate Art Gallery fleecing is more than meets the.

Eye as The Disappearance of paintings quickly turns into a string of seemingly unrelated murders it's up to Hajime to catch the Phantom thief in the act and determine the connection between these two rapidly escalating crime sprees the murders of hida's House of Tricks inspector Ken Mochi receives a letter.

From his childhood friend who has moved to a traditional Japanese Village tucked away deep in the mountains after marrying into one of The Village's wealthy families upon her husband's death an ongoing dispute has broken out over the rightful heir to the family fortune and the letter reveals that she has been.

Receiving death threats from the mysterious cursed Warrior Hajime and Miyuki travel with kenmochi to the village where they find themselves under constant Siege from the warrior himself and must survive the onslaught while unraveling a series of baffling unnerving Mysteries such as how a corpse came to suddenly appear in a.

Locked room with its head missing and nowhere to be found Kim daiichi the murderer a best-selling non-fiction crime novelist throws what he dubs a mystery Gala inviting all those in attendance to crack his secret code in doing so the dark secrets of someone present at the gala will be revealed but.

The winner will also be granted the publication rights for the author's latest work suspicious Hajime pays a visit to the novelist but soon discovers that he has been murdered and becomes the prime suspect when he spotted with a weapon that claimed his life Hajime now facing Pursuit by the very.

Comrades he relies upon on a regular basis must clear His Name by uncovering the truth behind the murder a feat which becomes ever more challenging as the body count continues to rise and the culprit seems hell-bent on pinning each subsequent murder squarely on him the murders of the Magical Express Hajime Miyuki and inspector kenmochi.

Boarded train for Hokkaido after the police received a Sinister letter from the Puppeteer from hell aboard the train they are accompanied by members of the fantasy magic troupe whose leader winds up murdered after a bomb scare from the puppeteer the body then suddenly vanishes from its resting place leaving no Trace.

Once the train reaches its final destination The Troop Leader's corpse mysteriously resurfaces before them at a local hotel arranged like a marionette in a way that suggests that it had been placed there well ahead of the arrival of the train The Gauntlet is thrown to Hajime to see through the culprit's fiendish trick a.

Trick so impossible that only the hands of a master Illusionist such as those who comprise the illustrious magic troupe could have pulled it off the Reika hayami kidnapping murder case following a film shoot celebrity pop sensation Reika hayami and her manager are kidnapped with a ransom Demand on their heads explicitly calling for.

Hajime kin daichi to be the one to deliver the ransom with reika's life hanging in the balance Hajime finds himself LED around on a wild goose chase by the kidnapper scrambling across the city Ransom in hand desperately attempting to make the drop off in time the kidnapping suddenly goes south and takes an unexpectedly deadly turn and.

With Hajime distracted and out of the picture the truth behind this layered convoluted scheme may be lost forever the murders of the computer Lodge while on a ski trip Hajime and Miyuki find themselves hopelessly lost and Stranded only to stumble upon and take refuge inside the ski lodge on this snowy winter night the Lodge's.

Residents consist of a club of murder mystery enthusiasts who know each other only by their online chat room handles each having borrowed their moniker from a famous detective fiction writer or character such as Agatha rompo or Watson in an homage to yukito ayatsuji's the decagon house murders and like the decagon house murders the.

Purported deductive prowess of these club members is soon put to the test as they slowly and mysteriously find themselves getting picked off one by one the culprit lurking somewhere among them the murders of the Russian dolls a famous mystery novelist passes away leaving his inheritance in the hands of five possible successors with his will.

Stating that a competition will be held to determine who will lay claims of the inheritance one of the successors invites Hajime and Miyuki to observe the competition but things take a turn for the unexpected when hajime's arch nemesis yoichi takuto is also in attendance over the course of the competition the.

Potential Heirs of the inheritance fall victim to the architect of this Twisted scheme the mysterious conductor whose goal is to have takuto take the fall in his stead as The Mastermind and thus the race is on between Hajime and takuto the Sea who will unmask the conductor first

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