Kitty & Min Ho – Advantageous Match

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Whoa excuse me wait do you go to kiss I'm going to kiss no English okay rude oh my God I'm so sorry what were you going so you do speak English busted.

Welcome to kiss this girl she's carrying on like Pokemon she's trying to catch them all not interested get over yourself okay who are you kitty song coffee your kitty and you must be me now of course you are she did this on purpose to be close to.

The day and me I told you that she was hitting on me on the plane ride over I was not hitting him I thought you left I did but then I decided to stay I'm leaving this open floor.

get out of my life trust me I don't want to be next to you either you're seriously everyone Professor finity I want a new life partner Portland stalker is their remedial classes no how about a hotel my driver can take.

You right now can't afford that for an entire semester I'm sure they can hook you up with a discount at a hot Hotel shut up you know all right just trying to help as a Korean national econolic in good conscience let you desecrate my native Cuisine like this if you want to poison your classmates or do you want my help.

You were the last person that I would expect to know how to cook or like do anything remotely helpful there are these tiny most Gothic moments and I can see why day is friends with you there's an actual person in there oh wait you're leaving hello all day with a pop star.

Later something I don't judge not all people need to be stopped first lovers to be compatible like top people for example we can and want to play the video you must be thinking about your mom too a lot this week yeah I am but in a good way I can feel her all around me here.

Thanks Vino you're welcome what the hell did you put in those potatoes a lot of lactose milk cheese don't try to get me on your side I'm famously anti-kitty no matter how hard they works the sway me you're genius you're okay right now please don't.

Thank you you know can you at least put a shirt on when I'm eating hey it's not my fault you can't handle this it doesn't even matter because dreams don't mean anything she's right they don't mean anything you can have a.

Sex dream about someone you're a pulse by in real life yes yes exactly thank you Amino Mino could have a sex dream about like me on a sex dream about Kitty you're right I can't handle it I'm right if I did have a sex dream.

About Kitty it would be sex nightmare that's odd I'm not hearing a denial it doesn't matter because dreams don't mean anything exactly I hate mayo and I hate Kitty thank you I'm just saying I've seen the magic when people find the one sex dreams mean something.

foreign dude the class trip is camping intense in nature for two days I know that's why I packed light and you're not mother day he lied and lied.

And Lloyd I was mad but then I forgave him Kitty and I are good leave it alone I'm not good you lied to me too a lot I wouldn't do that to a friend or someone I care about bye Kitty be good it's all out you're good thank you.

Realize I'm not coming back you know okay I'm okay I need no help I would have helped her I got here first I'm here now I thought maybe you could use a friend.

And I thought you didn't even care enough to say goodbye um who said I could see I need to tell you something oh is that my horse are finally a bit better because I've stolen all your cleansing bottles I think I fell in love with you.

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