Knight Has To Utilize The Rest Of His Life W/ Lovable Elf

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Monsters run rampant and threaten humanlife in this world we're watching right now. Countless adventurers and heroesstep up to fight these beasts. They face these dangerous battles dailyto protect the people and the world. “And I, Alvin, am one of them,” thewarrior in full armor proclaims. As he's in the forest, he encounters aone-horned bear. He faces it valiantly, but alas, it's pretty strong. Despite having such cute eyes,the bear proves to be a worthy opponent for Alvin. Or a too-strong opponent, as he's having such ahard time defeating one single bear. It flings his sword away from him and surges forward.Oh, no! The hero has no choice but to face it with his brute strength, which isn't enough,by the way. Man and bear are at a stalemate when.

A dark elf approaches him and asks if he's introuble. Her name's Carla, and she's a healer. Alvin introduces himself despite the situationhe's in. Carla asks him if he's alright, and he replies, “Does it look like I'm alright? Quitstanding there and help me already!” She tells him that if he wants to ask for someone'shelp, shouldn't he kneel and kowtow to them? Man and bear are too stunned to speak. Thewarrior tells the bear to give him a moment, which the bear readily accepts. At that,Alvin then proceeds to shout at Carla. People immediately help at times like this!Why the heck is she asking him to grovel? The dark elf gets frightened at this. Why isAlvin yelling at her? Is he overly stressed, perhaps? He retorts that he's onlystressed because of the situation.

Carla then delivers a sick burn: “Areyou taking it out on me as you're about to lose to the monster? Pleaseaccept the fact that you're weak.” The warrior yells for her toshut up. At that, Carla cries, declaring that humans are scary and shouldjust go extinct. Alvin tells her to stop crying and that it's his bad. This confusesCarla because “his bad?” He should apologize! This annoys Alvin further, but he tries to calmdown. Carla is naturally annoying, though, so it's useless. The bear reminds them of its presence,but Alvin wants more time with the annoying elf. He tells her that if she helps him, he'lldo one thing she asks. Carla initially wants him to apologize, but now she'dlike him to form a party with her. She's.

Never been in one before! He agrees,thinking that he can just ditch her. The bear lies on the ground, watching thetwo go at it. Do you want some popcorn, Mr. Bear? Alvin tells Carla to heal him,which she does. But instead of curing him, she accidentally places a curse on him. Thewarrior has a meltdown over this. Carla assures him it's not much of a curse. He'll just unaliveif he's 300 meters away from Carla, no biggie. Alvin is sent to a state of despair upon hearingthis. As the two fight over Alvin's curse, the bear interrupts once again, nowspeaking human language. The bear tells them to calm down and to getalong since they're in a party now. Alvin and Carla, together with the bear,who for some reason is still there,.

Decide to talk things over civilly. Alvin askswhat the bear's name is, and it replies that their species doesn't have names, but humanscall them the 'Mostly Bear.' Alvin comments that it's pretty darn lazy. Calling the bear'Mostly-san,' Carla asks him what he will say. Referring to the situation between the two,Mostly says that Carla's healer class is a very vulnerable one and the purpose of the warrioris to protect her. So if Alvin the warrior passes, that would put her in danger. And Alvin usedextremely abusive language towards someone he had just met. His speech seemed to suggest”all healers are expected to heal all warriors, even ones they've just met,”which is a very arrogant mindset. The bear adds that elves are very sensitiveto negative emotions. Carla may have picked.

Up on that hostility. If they're going to be aparty, they'll need each other. And it appears that Alvin will have to remain within 300meters of Carla for the foreseeable future. The bear thinks that it's important to approacheach day with a spirit of respect and gratitude. Not at how the bear's the most rationalbeing out of them. Good job, Mostly-san! Alvin thinks that the bear's long lifespanafforded him great wisdom indeed. Meanwhile, Carla was sleeping throughout the whole speech.She asks Alvin, “Don't tell me… you've never heard of sleep learning?” This ticks Alvin off,and he asks Carla to sit down. Now it's his time to give her a good lecture! He tells her,”It's like you don't even care that you cursed me!” Aside from this, he's also mad about howshe slept throughout the bear's whole speech.

He tells her that she should give her respectto Mostly, who's lived a very long life and is, therefore, her elder. For some reason, this makesMostly upset and strikes Alvin while exclaiming, “Never discuss a lady's age!” The bear hits himso hard that his headgear falls off, and there's blood on his head. Mostly realizes what he hasdone and decides to keep up the 'terrifying bear act.' Meanwhile, Carla's legs are numbfrom sitting down, and she can't move them. — After all… that, Mostly decides to take Alvinto his home, with Carla tagging along. Alvin wakes up just as Mostly comes into theroom. The bear gives him an orange and apologizes for hurting him. We then find outthat Mostly is actually a female bear. Ah,.

That's why she got angry when Alvinsaid she's old… He asks if she was the one who nursed him back to health andMostly says that it was actually Carla, who's sound asleep. The dark elf spent theentire time treating him with healing spells. Speaking of the elf, she finally wakes up! Carlatells Alvin that she did her best to cast healing spells on him, but the damage was just so bad.She did manage to fix his body, but his face was so unsightly. The wounds on his face were sobad, and she at least wanted the general layout back to normal. Carla cries and says that nowhis face looks really stupid. Mostly adds that his face just looked so awful there was nothingthey could do. The bear then hands him a mirror. As Carla and Mostly grieve over the supposedunsightly condition of Alvin's face,.

He checks his reflection in the mirror andfinds that it's his normal face. He has to say this twice before it sinks in for theelf and bear. Carla praises her skills, all while ignoring Alvin's questionsregarding what she said about his face. Just let it go, man. — The two are now preparing to leave Mostly'shouse. Alvin remarks about the variety of weapons in Mostly's possession, and the bearshares that those are spoils of war. Carla then sees a mace among the bear's things andthinks that it would be of great use to her. Mostly asks Alvin if they're actually leaving,which he confirms. The bear tells him to stay.

One more night, but Alvin tells her it'sunnatural for them, a monster and human, to get along. But! Alvin promiseshe'll be back for a rematch with her. She better be ready! The two share alaugh at this, truly having camaraderie. Carla interrupts them and sadly asks why theyhave to fight. She misunderstands and thinks that the two don't get along. Alvin says thatthey get along and are just pretending to be enemies for appearance's sake. Carlatells him to be grateful to Mostly, because she brought him to her home. But actually,it's her who actually healed Alvin. She deserves a compliment for that! A reward, even! She'llaccept the mace she's holding for her efforts. Once again, man and bear are too stunned to speak.

Ultimately, she gets the coveted mace,and the two of them leave Mostly's place. As the two are walking in the moonlit forest,Alvin asks Carla how long the “I d-word if we split up” curse lasts and if there's any wayto lift it. She gestures that she doesn't know, and he says everything she does ticks himoff. But since she healed his injuries, he agrees to form a party with her. Heextends his hand to her. Carla readily agrees, but she doesn't shake his hand – shepainfully tweaks his thumb instead. You've got your work cut outfor you, Alvin. Good luck! As the two continue their journey on foot,Carla asks Alvin where exactly they are going and what they are doing. He repliesthat they're gathering antidote herbs,.

A quest he received from the AdventurersGuild. His fight with Mostly Bear kept him from reaching his destination yesterday. Carlaremarks that since it's a quest for beginners, it's just the right level of difficulty fora rookie adventurer like Alvin. Affronted, Alvin complains, “Aren't you a healer? Shouldn'tthe things you say make people feel better?” Still annoyed, he thinks that he'dhave ditched her ages ago if not for that stupid curse. Carla asks if they'regoing the right way. Alvin affirms this, but Carla points out what'sahead. A graveyard full of ghosts! Alvin tries his hardest to fight off the ghostsas Carla chills and has a picnic with one of the ghosts. As usual, this frustrates him. Sheresponds she's just taking a little break,.

And he comments that she's got a wholebrunch set up there. She tells him she made enough sandwiches for him too. It'snot what he's mad about! Well, Carla ate it. Now, he's mad about it!! Unfortunately, they can't moveon unless they beat the ghosts, but he's stuck fighting them all alone. He asksCarla if she can help him a little. Carla says, “You're aware that physical attacks don't workon ghosts, right?” He needs silver weapons or magic. This is news to Alvin, so he asks one ofthe ghosts if this is true, and the ghost nods. Carla apologizes and says that she knew Alvinwas a beginner. Had she told him that in advance, he wouldn't have been forced to humiliatehimself like this. He maintains that he.

Didn't humiliate himself. And besides, it'shis first time fighting ghosts! He asks her to at least contribute, and she replies,”Excuse me? Have you forgotten my class?” He responds, “Stress-maker?” “At least call me a stress goddess!” Carla says ghosts are fated to wander thisworld due to unfinished business. All they need to do is resolve whatever's botheringthem. Alvin asks her if she thinks she can do that. She replies that if she just listens totheir stories and says things like “poor thing!” and “that's pretty rough!” they'll pass on. Hecomments, “What is this, a girls' night out?” She starts by asking the ghost closestto her if he has any regrets in life..

The ghost replies yes and shares that hewas twenty years old when he passed. Just two weeks after getting his first girlfriend!She replies, “Poor thing! That's pretty rough! Superbad times!” Alvin tells her not tomock the dead. She tells the ghost that Alvin is thirty years old and he's never dated awoman! Alvin comments that she mocks the living, too. After hearing that, the ghost seemsto feel better and begins ascending into the heavens while saying he's a lucky man.Alvin adds that now the dead is mocking him. Another ghost tells Carlathat he used to be a warrior, but a golem took him out. Carlaasks Alvin if he can defeat a golem, but he replies that right now, five slimesare the best he can do. After hearing this,.

The ghost feels better and passes on to theheavens as if laughing at Alvin's skills. They finally make it through thegraveyard by helping the ghosts pass on. The duo is now in a forest riddled withgoblins and traps they set up. Carla thinks that they might fall into one if theyaren't careful. Just like Alvin did. The elf does nothing but stare at him for a good fewminutes before asking him if he's alright. He sends her to look for a rope or a vine hecan use to get out of the hole, but instead, she brings a goblin with her. And what'smore, he's the one who dug the hole! She asks if it's bad that she brought a goblinwith her. Alvin is angry again and replies that yes, it's very bad! He asks why she calleda monster there. She asks him if he's really.

In a position to be choosy right now. Suddenly,the goblin starts crying. Carla asks the goblin, Gobkichi, what's wrong. Gobkichi says that hedug that hole to catch wild boars and now finds a human in his trap instead. Gobkichi and hisbuddies end up taking Alvin out of the trap. As the two resume their quest to find antidoteherbs, they encounter a cyclops. Alvin says that they need to get out of there before he sees them.Carla asks him if he's sure that's what he wants to do. This is not the right time for lectures,but Carla still says that a person can't mature if they avoid anything that might challengethem. In short, they might end up like Alvin! What Carla means is they should beat thecyclops. Alvin asks her if she has a plan to beat him or something. She responds, “Ihave the ultimate, secret plan known as me!”.

She'll use summoning magic! He asks if healersdo that, and she replies that all the hip, young healers are into summoning magic. Alvinwishes they were into common sense instead. She says that with a ritual, she can summona proper beast. It'll take some time, though! Alvin just can't keep his voice down ashe expresses his frustration toward his lone party member. The result? TheCyclops has already noticed them! He tells the Cyclops they're not actuallyready, and the Cyclops says he'll wait. What a nice Cyclops. For the summoning, Carla launches a paperplane into the air, and it will travel through dimensions and reach the summoned beast. The paperplane comes back immediately with a note from.

The summoned beast. It says, “I've been asked tobabysit the neighborhood kids, so I can't come.” The Cyclops asks Alvin if heneeds something from these rocks, making him cower in fear. It turns out theCyclops isn't a hostile one! The kind Cyclops tells them they should've told him earlierthat they're trying to gather antidote herbs. He leads them to the area where the herbsgrow without any issues. Alvin thanks him for showing them the way. They finally arriveat the place where the antidote herbs grow. After they've gathered enough herbs, they beginthe journey back to town. It's already sundown, and they're still far from their destination.So, they decide to camp out for the night. —.

Since forming a party with Carla, Alvin hasfelt forms of exhaustion he never knew. Being in a party is way harder than he expected.Is she really even a healer? He contemplates so hard that he turns into a conspiracytheorist. Maybe he's always exhausted because Carla is an evil witch draininghis life force. Take the tinhat off, Alvin! He asks her what's with all the fidgeting,and she replies that they're supposed to talk about who they like at times likethese. It's not a dang sleepover! She giggles when Alvin tells herabout the dangers of camping in the woods at night. What's she laughing for?Apparently, it's her first time camping out, so it feels like a new experience. She feelskind of like a real adventurer. It's exciting!.

She asks Alvin about his experience, andhe replies that he's camped out several times. It's his first time doingit with a real companion, though. “Mr. Alvin… You don't havefriends, do you?” Carla jibes. “You don't either,” Alvin fires back. He decides to sleep first as Carlastays wide awake to keep an eye out for danger. For some reason, she volunteersto sing a lullaby. He gives her a chance, but she goes hard and starts singinga rock lullaby. Which, what!? Next, she tries a calmer song;while the melody is peaceful, the lyrics are threatening. Not goodfor sleeping at all! Just for stress!.

Alvin, of course, starts chewing Carla out forthe terrifying “lullaby.” Is she really a healer!? Their loud shenanigans attract a very angrymonster. It approaches them and yells, “Could you people shut up? Don't you knowwhat time it is?! Get to sleep already!” If an angry monster tells youto shut up and go to sleep, you shut up and go to sleep. Alvinand Carla aren't that stupid! Alvin has been taking an L after L after L aftermeeting Carla and getting cursed by her. Well, it seems like he's been taking L's way before hemet Carla, but his bad luck is definitely worse with the blunt and sassy dark elf “healer”by his side. May you get a dub soon, Alvin!

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