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Good day, gentle viewers. Welcome to scenic my house. The family and I spent the last not insignificant amount of timetrading fevers back and forth. So rather than bother anybodyat the regular studio, we're doing it home style today. Please don't mindthe mess. This is a literal closet,but regardless, in today's news, Konami is suing about horsegirls. Trigun gets an English manga rereleaseand we all love Lain. All that today.

Alongside a look at the Spring 2023anime seasonal rankings. So without any further ado, I am TristanGallant and welcome to Glass Reflection. Let's jam. Let's start todaywith a bit of a recap from a week ago. Since I've been in various levelsof medicinal hell and I'm actually really disappointedthat I missed it when it actually happened a little over a week ago, a hacker gained access to the well-knownlist website, My Anime List, and caused the website to be taken downfor emergency maintenance.

The hackersgoals were not particularly subtle. Their major changes to the website's database includedchanging the title of every anime to Let's All Love Lain. The hacker also madeevery user on the site give glowing reviews of said series. At the time, my anime list made several public announcementsthat didn't really explain the hack, but they did apologize to usersfor the inconvenience.

And saidthat they were working on a solution. It took quite a few daysto actually resolve. You may noticeI've been smiling this whole time while talking about it,so why do I find this so hilarious? Well, first off,you probably need to be enough of an oldtaku to have actually watched the 1998anime series Serial Experiments Lain. It's a series that follows a juniorhigh school student, Lain, who receives an email from a deadclassmate and begins to immerse herself with a late nineties interpretationof the World Wide Web to the point.

Where she begins to questionthe differences between reality and a digital world. This is all before the Matrix came out. By the by it was pretty groundbreakingfor when it aired. And honestly, it's still pretty almost scary with how relevant it still can be. The series is also very well known forbeing one of those that to try to put it simply, is not one of those showsthat you can really describe.

Beyond that very brief synopsisthat I did. So much of this series is steepedin philosophical metaphors. It uses technologythat never really existed, but was where writersthought tech might go in the nineties. It's all from a time when the Internetwas this extremely new thingand nobody knew what it was going to do. Nobody knew just how much of an effectit was going to have, not just on society as a whole,but specifically kids. Protocol seven is expected to allowthe seamless sharing of information,.

Information that will be sharedbetween the Wired and the real world. And now the following message. Let's all love, Lain. Let's all love Lain. Let's all love Lain.Let's all love Lain. Let's all love LainLain Lain Lain Lain Lain Lain Lain Lain. So hacking my anime list and making everybodyall love lain. You know, despite the inconvenience ofscrewing up the site for a couple of days.

And all of thatis still ridiculously hilarious to me because, like,if you ever wanted an excuse to watch this series, this hackkind of put a spotlight on it. The hack itself, some might say, is also a perfectintroduction to the kind of weird stuff this series is about,because I personally love the series even though I can admitit is not for everyone. By now though, yes,my anime list has returned to normal and all of the changes that the hacker hasmade are gone and everything is fine.

Not every show has Lain in the nameanymore. All the scores are back to normal. But I'll leave it to you to determinewhether or not that's a positive. Konami has decided to sue Cygames and its parent company over a disagreementabout Uma Musume Pretty Derby. For some context, Uma Musume Pretty Derby was a gotcha gamethat was supposed to release back in 2018. Star is a bunch of idol horse girlswho also participate in Derby races.

It's a little complicated,but just go with it. So many others have to the pointwhere the franchise is now massively successful between adaptationsand of course, the game itself, which launched in 2021after being delayed. To quote, raise the game's quality,which is not an excuse I'm used to trustingfrom the video games industry. Since the game's launch,it has earned over 2 billion. Yeah, billion U.S. dollars.

As of last March and during its second anniversary event, the two week period where that was happening,it earned another 55 million. Gatcha Games am I right? Frickin cash cows, the lot of them. So that's a lot of money.A really big pie. So to speak. And apparently now Konami would like a piece of saidpie. CyberAgent, CyGames’s.

Parent company did saythat they were in discussion with Konami about some patent rightsfor the game system and program. However, neitherthey nor Konami have publicly stated which patterns are in contention here. Least of all what has been violatedto the point of the ¥4 billion that Konami is askingfor through its court injunction. From my end, having not played the game, in fairness,I can't quite see what Konami is getting at.

Like the game itself is a unity enginegatcha game, and while Konami has helped publish gotcha games in the past,I can't seem to find any conclusive proof that they had any handin the actual development of this game. That said, since so many gotcha gameskind of use the same mechanics all throughout, it would not surprise methat even if Konami did not help develop the Uma Musume gatcha game that parts of their mechanical code were still used. Hence the patent. Rumor has it that Uma Musume usesa similar system to Konami’s.

Power Pro Baseball series. And that could be the patent in question. So they could just be rightfullyasking for payment for use of, you know, their patented technology. Or Konami could have lookedat that really big massive pie and just thought,Hey, if we make a big enough stink, we might get a nice juicy settlementout of it. Who knows? It's not like Konami has been the paragon.

Of righteousnesswith their business dealings since ever. I'm personally leading a little bit moretowards the latter, or at least a part of the latter. It's like they may have a stepto stand on. I feel like it's small because like itjust so happens that Uma Musume is one of the hottest thingsin the Japanese market right now. It just had this wonderful two yearanniversary celebration that raked in quite a bit and now they seem to careabout their patent violation. Like if the patent is validand they were supposed to get paid,.

Why did something not come upa little bit earlier than this? I'll keep an eye on the storythe best that I can and see if anything else comes to light. But it could just, you know, be all sortedout of the public eye with a massive settlement,which I'm sure Konami would prefer. Now, before we continue, I did want to give shoutouts to supportersof this channel over on Patreon because, yes, this video in this closetis not sponsored. And the more support we get over there,.

The less sponsors the Glass Reflection will need at any given time. So an immensethank you, especially to patrons like You cannot do this without your support,So however much you are able to help, I am eternally grateful. Dark Horse Comics has announcedthat they plan to release deluxe hardcovereditions of the Trigun Manga. This includes both the original mangaseries Trigun, which ran back between 1995 and 97,as well as its much longer sequel. Manga Trigun Maximum that was inprint from 1997 all the way until 2007.

Just to be clear, this is only for special editions of the mangain a very similar way. I would assume too, what Dark Horse didwith the Berserk Special Editions. Dark Horse has already published Trigunand Trigun Maximum in English previously, but this deluxe edition is justin their oversize format in a wonderful hardcover bookwith hopefully amazing image quality. If those Berserk Deluxeeditions are anything to go by. It is a good time to be a Trigun fan, and I am actually somewhat surprisedthat these releases are happening at all.

Thoughperhaps it's not all that surprising considering how Trigun is now backinto public consciousness with the release of TrigunStampede from earlier this year. This might just be dark horsetrying to jump onto that particular bandwagonand I am all for it. At least I was until I noticed the major downsidewith this particular announcement. Exactly how long we have to wait for it. The deluxe edition for the original Trigundoes not enter stores.

Until December 5th of this year. Oh yeah. And Trigunmaximum is not set to enter stores until April of next year,which means any excitement that I had upon readingthis announcement was instantly dashed. I am no longer a personwho is willing to jump onto a hype train like six plus monthsbefore it even comes out. Or in the case of Trigun maximum,almost a full year like no. That is way too long for this hype trainto reach its destination.

I would much rather just not know about ituntil either like couple of weeks, maybe a month or two before it comes out,or better yet, when I can actually buy the thing, I want to have itin my hands, not, you know, some figurative imagination of itthat maybe I'll have in a year. I mean, yes, I suppose it'snice to have something to look forward to, but far too often I have seen companiesannounce things that I want years in advance and then expect me to be like,Hey, hey, hey, hey, get excited. Why? It's not here. We'll see how excited I'll get,you know, in December.

Until then, it's just the thing. And now we get to do seasonal rankingsfor this video. It's been a bit of timesince we've got to look at any of them and we are specifically goingto be focusing on week five, which is a little hilariousdepending on how things are counted. So number one is Mobile Suit Gundam Witch from Mercury Season two,which ended on a stupid cliffhanger. It ruined my whole day, by the way. Not going to spoil it, but my God.

And the reason why I saythat this is interesting is because I am assumingthat this number one spot is including the episodewith the cliffhanger. But we also know the last time that we dida news video that last last Sunday this most recent weekend, we had a recapepisode rather than an actual new episode. Now, considering that anime trending usually updatesand like puts out a tweet of the chart on Sundays,and that is also the day that mobile Suit Gundam,Witch from Mercury actually airs.

I can assume that this is because of that cliffhanger episodewe had two Sundays ago. Just happens to be how things line up,which means that the series might actually be due for a bit of a fallbecause, you know, we got to recap episodewho's going to rate that highly unless, you know, people just rate the showhighly in general, which is fair. I mean, that's what I'm doing. But going on the list, we have [OSHI NO KO] continuing. It's absolute supremacyof like being ridiculous and not tied down.

To freaking anything. Skip and Loafer though, is coming up into third place,which I'm quite happy about. Heavenly Delusion in fourthis hilarious to me. I am now caught up fullyon heavenly delusion as I sit here and, you know, for a series that's on Disney,it has a lot of things in it that I would not peg Disney as normally being approving of. Do they know what show they got?.

Beyond that, Hell'sParadise is dumped down to five. I can't tell you why because out ofall the shows, I'm not into that one yet. Hell'sParadise has become the show for me. That it's like I already know I'm goingto, like, already like the type of setting I enjoyed the charactersfrom the first episode when I did my my recap of the entire season. It's a MAPPA series. It's going to be good, though.

Apparently,according to the anime trending people, there are other shows that are better. Cool. Glad we got that sorted. Then we got Demon Slayer, Insomniacsafter school and The Dangers in my heart. Don't have a lot to say oneither of those. I'm not caught up with Demon Slayer at all and I kind of put insomniacsand Dangers in my heart on my drop list. I have other things that I'vebeen watching instead, namely number nine and number ten, which are the reasons whyRaeliana ended up at the Duke's mansion.

And my love story with Yamada-kunat Level 999. I've been keeping up with these for a variety of reasons,Raeliana had a kind of weird start. Didn't really know where it was going. I kind of went with it anyway. But there is a level ofI don't know what it is about some Japanese writers and their take on what some kind of fictional fantasy noble society is like, butI just love their interpretation on it.

It's almost like a genre in and of itself where there are certain themes and tropes,but they're very specific to Japaneseinterpretations of a noble society. So I feel like it's like thisweird combinations of things from actual historical, like European noble society,and then also things from potentially the Shogunate and a bunch of other thingsthat just get melded together. And I just love the flavor of itand how and how it is written and the things that it showed us and Raeliana is a perfect example of that,despite the fact that, you know,.

I don't knowif I actually like the main character. I love the story in the world of the showrather than Raeliana as a character at the moment. But that's mostlyI'm attributing to the fact that she knows what's going to happen ish. She has knowledge of the entire worldbecause she lives currently in an Isekai versionof a book she read. That's where she is. That bit I kind of wish.

Wasn't as much in the spotlight,but you know, it's still a fun watch. And then my love story with Yamada-kunat Level 999 is just a fantastic romp. It is upbeat, it is light. It saddens me that it has dropped downfive positions in one week, apparently,because last week it was it was in the fifth slotand now it's in 10th. So we'll see if that goes down. And I mean, it was in second placeat one point in time and now it's in 10th. We'll see if it even stays on the listnext week.

And of course, yes, I am also truly sadthat one of my favorite shows from the season,Otaku Elf, is all the way down to 26. My God, the anime trending peoplejust don't like my flavor of slice of life apparently, but that is itfor looking at that this week. And of course that is our video for today. So subscribe if you haven't hit thelike button if you enjoyed the video and until next time,whether I am back at the regular studio or still in this closet,.

Watch more anime and stay frosty.

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