“KONOSUBA: An Explosion on This Pretty World!” | ANIME TRAILER | #konosuba #konosubamegumin

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[music]Father, mother, I will study at school from now on AdmirableBecome an Explosion Wizard [music] Explosion magic means throwing everything in your life into a stickI learned it by doing it, but I have no chance to use it at all It's just sleeping magic[music] Explosion magic is sleeping magicIt doesn't matter if it's a joke or not IA wizard like that person who learned explosion magic becomeAcquire the special magic of cooking power much more That's why I'm talking about that explosion magic.I was serious.

I think Megumin is not a genius but an idiotyou warned me [music][applause] Even though I'm confused, I can't keep walking[applause] It doesn't matter if it's covered in mud, it's the beginning[music] The wall of departure will never forget its nameMy home is the calculation of Megumin mask sweets touse explosive magic Good Ex plosion KonoSuba: Explosive flames in this wonderful world

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