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In my last video I talked about how winner 2023 was one of the best seasons mainly because I for the first time was watching 10 new airing shows working total if you count second quarters or second seasons and pretty much enjoyed all of them if you haven't already please watch that video since this video released that one.

I also talked about the amount of solid romance shows that we had seen this past season and if you've noticed wasn't there one that was missing yep I thought Cooper won't let me be invisible it was probably my favorite so I legit put it separately from my main video there were a lot of spectacular shows.

This season but this to me was by far the show that I wanted to watch weekly coupon won't let me be invisible it's about a student named shiraishi who due to his appearance and how he acts is completely invisible to everyone in society the only time that he can be seen if he does something embarrassing maybe when he has a friend or sibling.

Next to him or in shiraishi's case someone who can actually notice him that's the role of nagisakubu the main heroine of the series despite what people say about shiraishi Kubo is the only one that seems to actually find shiraji and often tries to tease him for it now you may be wondering isn't this literally just takagisan or nagatoro.

Yeah it kinda is you've seen this premise a lot especially recently but Kubo and shiraishi's relationship isn't exactly the same as Takagi or nagatoro's relationships with their respective main characters she himself doesn't exactly want to be necessarily invisible he just simply was born with it and it isn't necessarily in.

His control that people can't see him Kubo acknowledges this and learns about shiraishi more and more even though she does tea shirai she At first she grows to take the situation more seriously never amounting to the teasing of Takagi and nagatoro at times she wants to help shiraishi and his ability to be invisible while they just can't seem to.

Find a way to do so kuwa tries to get into shiraishi's life so that he is able to have a fun high school life something that he seems to not have while he was growing up if you're growing up and you're just invisible to everyone it would probably make you depressing that people just don't acknowledge who you are she had actually had a lot of.

Inconveniences throughout the anime and seeing Kubo help shiraishi is very wholesome I wanted to introduce this series to a lot of people because not only is it one of the cutest rom-coms this season but more importantly it's thoughtful intentions and its adaptation from the manga naturally when there's an anime.

That comes out that you really like and wanted to have an anime adaptation everyone typically gets excited for it like chainsaw man this show to me was exactly the same thing when I was reading this throughout the you know what era it simply was too cute and also for me to handle this show in itself is a very straightforward slow burnout.

Romance with a lot of cute moments between the main Duo that I couldn't help but smile at everything that I read and saw when the show got announced from Winter of 2023 I was super excited for it to come out pretty much even The Fall season of 2022 I completely phased over it once the show started airing there are two main comparisons that I.

Want to talk about in this video it simply had a lot of love for one is the dedication for this show Pine gel has recently been doing a lot with his recent anime do it yourself and kage Shojo are two anime that have come out in recent years with such fluffy emotions all over them Kubo is no different the amount of care and.

Attention that came from the manga is pretty much exactly the same the Expressions the art even the way that some characters act such as SATA or akina all feel right to their respective characters to be honest when I saw that the director was going to be the same person that did rent a girlfriend that didn't.

Really give too much hope for me however I'm glad that the show didn't turn out bad and I'm really happy to see that the show did well in general every single chapter has been adapted and even some anime original stuff was put into it making it feel natural as a whole one thing I wanted to note was that this.

Anime technically was introduced a while back in 2019. hanakana is a legendary voice actor and when the manga first came out during 2019 she was asked to do ASMR videos about kubosan and a few of them were from the manga the amount of dedication that she had three years before the anime aired is incredible and the detail in her voice as Kubo is done.

Really well once the anime was announced she immediately took the role as Kubo and I'm glad that she is enjoying the show and or Manga a lot this applies to a lot of the cast as they started reading Kubo and enjoyed a lot of the manga the second thing that I wanted to talk.

About was the chibi R star this is so freaking cute I I literally can't say anything the Chibi art style in itself was probably the main concern that I had with the show how would the studio be able to animate the TVR Styles and if they did how was it going to work would it be fully TV for five minutes or the.

Main which was the main thought that I had or would it just be removed entirely based on what I heard from the director did for red and girlfriend I was genuinely scared that they would just remove it entirely however I'm satisfied that they did not remove it and even times did more than what the manga did the times when they changed to the TBR.

Style was absolutely what the manga had distinguished itself from other series and even though a lot of people prefer having whole dedicated scenes without switching art styles having the Chibi art style in the first place is very dedicated to its source material it is one of the things that made Kubo Kubo and every time you can see the pout.

Straight or bad faces they feel wholesome as heck I haven't talked about the characters that much but the two stand-ups besides the main two are definitely SATA and akina being the siblings on the main Duo they introduced almost the scent of fresh air seita in itself is a being that has to be protected the way that he.

Says shows his bond with shiraishi and is genuinely a fun and cute character he does a lot of things to get shiraishi to do something for the first time and is also there almost as a support for him akina however is legit a bulldozer storming through a school it's funny how Kubo at times does tea shiraishi but gets teased by akina a hundred times.

More than what she does to shiraishi if you're talking about teasing in the show don't talk about Kubo and shiraishi it's Kubo and akina akina knows a lot about Google and the weaknesses that she has from akina it also tells us that Kubo isn't exactly the perfect person that shirai she thinks she is and she can definitely be uncomfortable at times.

This is something that differentiates this anime and a lot of other anime specifically when we are introduced to a main heroine we believe that they are this being that can pretty much do anything almost as if it was like an isakai character who can chant incantations without saying anything the bond between the two is definitely.

Weird at first but you can definitely see how one of these two are I also never thought that Miku Ito would be good for this role but she is actually the perfect person to play akina this is the series that absolutely has a lot of potential to become the next takagi-san there's a lot of content that can be adapted and when talking you saw.

In closing or ending Kubo can definitely take that role a lot of people think that Takagi is superior to Kubo I definitely agree with that in terms of the anime in terms of the manga I've run to like who a better she'd actually finally learns more and more about himself and finally finds a life that he's satisfied with this show with the.

Help of Studio Pine gem can absolutely reach as one of the best romance shows we've seen of course this is just my opinion but it definitely has the feel to become one but then of course nothing can go the right way Kubo won't let me be invisible has been delayed episode 7 and onwards and will be broadcasted during the Spring season starting at.

Episode one again there are a couple series that were delayed and this show was one of them I was saddened to see the news since this is probably my most anticipated adaptation for winter 2023. this doesn't mean that it's bad since playing Jam could use that time to essentially create better drawings and styles that we could have not seen if.

They aired it all at once Additionally the manga just recently finished and pretty much dying to see the rest of the episodes because I no longer have any more content to look forward to this season I felt like Kubo genuinely was one of the only series that I thought to myself why has it only been 13 minutes even.

Though it feels like 30 minutes when we watch anime it often passes by so fast but Kubo broke the strike for me even though I have a lot of buys for this show these six episodes felt like 12 episodes and it was just a nice cozy experience to have this season literally episode 6 you could call that a season and you could probably still be.

Satisfied with it yet we still have six more episodes despite the first season only having 12 episodes I'm anticipating that there will be probably be more seasons since there's a lot of source material and there's a hidden spoiler within the opening that was honestly genius to put I've never seen this much dedication to.

Its source material and a lot of the time we never get that with anime however Kubo definitely is one of those anime that has had almost a perfect adaptation with only about two or three chapters being skipped from the series and some you can just look at the ASMR videos this was by far the most unwatched rom-com this season mostly due.

To delays but even then this still has to be one of my favorites this season

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